Signs of the end of time

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Event Name: Signs of the end of time
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y realize there

is another world of experience for other

people and for the Muslim it's just by

the fact that they're Muslim it's not

you know yeah it's very interesting so

it's it goes back to some real basic

prejudices and some basic things and

hopefully you know I tend to be an


I'm skeptical a lot of things but I tend

to be an optimist so and and the Quran

does say don't don't despair it's not a

good thing to do it's the only

unforgivable sin for the Catholics

so uh-huh don't despair again it's part

of you know if you go in the way I look

at it humanity had a beginning just like

I had a beginning as a child I've grown

into my adulthood I will grow old if I

have a full life I may even become

decrepit at the end of my life right

this is part of the natural process you

know humanity had its maturity it will

have its it's decay and it will have its

old age and it will have its decrepit

period and then it comes to an end for

something new to happen from my

perspective so you know the way the

Muslims view everything is majesty

beauty and God according to the Quran is

the possessor of majesty and beauty

they're both from God so we are in a

very majestic time we're in a time where

there's a lot of tribulation this

country alone we don't I don't think we

realize the extent of our troubles in

this country if we just look at the

natural disasters in this country you

know in the 1980s insurance companies

were paying out five billion dollars a

week a year in in terms of natural

disasters we're now paying five billion

a week you know we've had a lot of

devastation in this country just in the

last ten years just in terms of naturals

that our topsoil is disappearing right

we're grossly over using our resources

our children are really getting lost in

a lot of very confusing messes our media

is extraordinarily you know pervasive

and in its you know the violence that is

putting out there and a lot of very

negative messages in the midst of that

there are some very positive things

happening you know and I would tend to

rather be identified and be part of

what's positive than just you know what

one man said well Heidegger said as well

we're way beyond pessimism and optimism

depressions a luxury

the world's coming to an end I'm

depressed you know no this is the a

you know this is the age it's like the

way I look at it you know there's a

scene in Gone with the Wind where she's

running through Atlanta and everybody's

just stretched out you know wounded and

dead you can either run through it or

you can just sit and offer somebody

water and Pat them on the back and just

say you know we're human this is it this

is the human condition it's awesome it's

incredible it's glorious

it's majestic it's beautiful it's

intense it's tragic

it's kamek it's all these elements and

and that's part of the the power and the

wonder of the whole thing so I'm going

to choose to remain positive about it

and I hope all of you do to your

teachers you can't get depressed

you know I saw wonderful program once on

PBS which was about the black schools

and and there were very very powerful

experience but there was a white man who

had been teaching in inner cities for a

very long time in since the early 1960s

and he was just saying how bad it was

getting and that he was losing hope and

that this just the faces you know the

lack of light in these young black

children's faces in these inner cities

it was just it was driving and he was

literally saying I'm just losing hope

I'm giving up and the black man jumped

up and he said you know we've suffered

we went we went through slavery went

through coming over the you know the

great crossing he said you're not going

to tell us there's no hope we sang songs

to get us through it you know and that's

the joy of the human you know the human

being is we're people of hope like the

rats and if the rats you know can do it

you know we can do it yeah really

that's that's our greatness that we do

have hope and despite all the odds right

so let's hopefully we're not like the

people on the Titanic that think the

ship is unsinkable and get to

arrogant right the band plays on and we

all go down