Tafseer of Al-Fatiha

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Event Name: Tafseer of Al-Fatiha
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I found in any shop emotional animal him

Osama Mohawk and I said you know

Mohammedan the shot of an MBA one more

study and in the anonymity cinema

cassabi Hannah Anna alumni animal I am

the owner

I live in Milan Panama or of these in

the enema and in the hospital at the

island since the book of allah to

prophet mohammed salah diem and in a

hadith the terminally relates the hadith

eternity relates and Ali was with the

portal and the portal I said and said

sceptic oh no fit alone Coppola and

Muslim that though there will be

tribulation by portions of a dark night

and in another transmission he said

corruptive about eruptive obama hawawa

that one fitna will make the other one

looks very easy and so Sydney probably

law and who or caramel Allah who said

woman colosseo Mohini Allah for Allah or

man nagaraj Allah is in yellow for Allah

what is the way out

on that day in the father like I said

I'm said to have a lot he he never Omaha

blue comb or hovered over at the comb

would help him on my vehicle he said the

book of allah subhana wa to Anna that

that was the way out and he said in it

is news of those who went before you and

also of those who will come after you


oh ma public Omaha bro methodical and

the the way that it's news of the people

that will come after us is that thus

women of our loss of the anna wa ta'ala

don't change so any group mentioned in

the quran that i mentioned not for

historical purposes

forever because the Quran is not a

history book although it has history in

it its function isn't to teach us

history its function is to teach us the

sunan of allah subhanallah diana so that

we can apply that Sunan to any situation

that we find ourselves in because

situations only change in terms of names

places and people but in terms of wealth

or the states there they never change

they're always the same boom is born in

whatever language whatever country

oppression is oppression thrown is a

historical figure but it's also an

archetypal embodiment of a a behavioral

pattern which is oppressive by nature

and so this is what the quran is laying

out and then I'll love the Hannah with

the Anna gave us a book within the book

because in the Quran Allah says it that

he gave us this vast Quran but also

these oft repeated or sub out the sub

and Mitani the oft-repeated dude one or

coupled verses and those are the verses

of surah al-fatiha so what I wanted to

do was just look a little bit about


and just maybe look at it from a

slightly different perspective than some

of us have been used to looking at it

that Fatiha is in the Arabic language

called issome sign and it has to do with

action it's not a it is translated

sometimes as the opening but it actually

is the opener it's an active form it's

it's doing something

al-fatiha is doing something but the Hat

yes tell the whole fact at home the

Arabs would say that it has feminine

because flora is feminine so it's sort

of an Fatiha

and there's difference of opinion about

whether it was a Mecca nor a Metheny

surah we know

most of the Meccans photos deal with a

cottage and things like that and the the

Metheny soul does tend to deal more with

the icon and things like that but the

Fatiha itself is a summation of the

Quran of the entire Quran this is what

it is in seven ayah and it's one of the

characteristic that merges at are those

disempowering elements of the Quran

because the Quran is a book that

completely disempowered creation to come

with the likes of it and the majority of

the people of Bulava are of the opinion

that the incapacitating nature of the

Quran is that it is not within human

capacity to come with the likes of it

linguistically or with its meaning

either one and certainly not the two


the Mozilla believes that it that Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala has just made it made

the creation incapable of doing it and

some are shoddy and others actually

considered that the eloquence it wasn't

that it was incomparable but that human

beings were just unable to come with

likes of it but it's not that's really a

weak opinion so exactly how opens up the

book and it tells us what the book is

about and that's why it begins and

there's difference of opinion again here

at this point because Imam Shafi

although everybody is in agreement that

the disorder has seven verses everybody

because the Quran says that and the

forward soul item said it in the hadith

but the difference of opinion lies in

whether the bismillah nama hain is a

verse from the Quran me mom at Aqaba

Lana did not consider the bismillah I

remember him from the Quran they

considered that was what they call

philosophy Bennis or it was just

something that was a

delimiting the the soap the sewer

themself or breaking them so that we

know where they are

and that's why in the the rewrite of

NASA which is the revived the people of


they don't recite the bismillah nothing

when they move from one surah to another

the other opinion which is amongst a

phrase or the line is that it is a it is

a I affirm the fatiha

and this why even share a considers it

wiser to read this phenomena hain in the

in the prayer and in ematic actually

considered at macro to read it that's

the his his opinion most of the people

the oedema from within his school

consider it good to read the this

phenomena he for a principle little

circle called Mariah xxx where you if

you have a difference of opinion about

time then the Imams tend to say it's

better to do that thing to get you out

of the ass that's why there's a

story of an imam who used to demand that

he lead the prayer which is unbecoming

really of a scholar to want to be

leading the prayer and and some people

asked him about that why he always

walked demanded that he'd be the one

that read the prayer and he said that if

he if he prayed behind the imam and he

didn't read the fatiha out of Omaha nifa

school because our hanifa says you

shouldn't read the fatiha behind the

imam whether it's early or a Gerry

prayer and he was worried that when he

met them on yon Okayama that Imam Shafi

would give him a hard time you're a

typical because he didn't read the fat

ass and he said but if he read the

fatiha he was worried that his Imam Abu

Hanifa would be upset with him that he

left his so he said I worked out that

the only way that I could please both of

them is if I led the prayer

then I read the Fatiha in any case and

they're both agreed upon by that so

these are all variances but in my shadow

above the line considered it begins with

this men outnumber him and this man I'll

remember him is literally beginning with

the name of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala now

this is important in turn of the one the

hadith that says Kudo ammidon vidalin

then you've got the bismillah and I

already this milla organ hamdulillah

there's another ey but I'm doing that

for up top or edge them or there's

different 3-wire but they all have the

basic meaning that any action of any

concern that doesn't begin with

bismillah r-rahman r-rahim has no its

uptil it has no barakah that there's no

good can come out of it so the idea is

that every action that the movement does

because all of his actions should be you

know to abandon

should be worthy of being done that he

does if this mean that and that's why

the photos of myself would say bismillah

constantly his actions were in the name

of Allah and the first revelation we


Okara and then this miracle lady Hana

so even the acara is in the name of

allah the name of our lord the one who

created so the quran begins then with

this Malaya white manual Wahine it comes

with Ishmael gelada which is almost

piano at the Anna and Eastman gelada is

a name that indicates the essence of

allah subhana wa ta'ala it is not an

attribute of name

there is no attribute related to it and

the dominant opinion the most powerful

one is that it is a proper name that has

no oyster pop because we know most of

your arabs if not all of you then in the

arabic language names come out their

derivatives and depending on whether

you're a crew from our bus run in the

grammatical schools whether the Muscat

is from the world

or from the noun is going to you know

change how you how you proceed that but

the point is is that the name of ma who

some especially the most racially thing

the audience's like to say that Allah

came from and Allah and obviously you

can see the Michele akka of Eddie

Flemming ha in Le la and they'd say it

was either arm that you got the

annexation of the the lam and then it

becomes Allah but that really oh they

can't hear they should just the prophets

of lisen he had people sitting this one

alright I'll try to speak up where were

a little is mention Allah Allah subhana

WA Ta'ala is a name that really does not

have ish to hoc a derivative in some of

them say the Quran itself is not a step

up it doesn't it's not derived out of

some say it comes from afar in my

Monsieur he was at the opinion that it

was like a torah or injeel that it was a

proper name and did not it wasn't a

Muscat of Cara but Allah is unique in

that that lamb is the only lamb of to

fame in the Arabic language

it's an emphatic lamb you say Omar and

you don't say a laugh which normally

that's the way the Arabs would pronounce

a word with the lamb but here they say

Allah and that caffeine is in order to

because of the what those tough team

letters do the emphatic letters is that


they give a grandiosity to the world and

so allah then this this beginning in the

name of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala now the

name actually is moon is interesting

also because this is what Adam was given

is that the ability of symbolic thought

which is what the essence of naming is

naming is taking a symbol which is

linguistic and applying it to something

which is either material or empirical

that we can feel or it's abstract

animals can't do that animals cannot use

symbolic language human beings have

basically three dominant modes of

symbolic language we have linguistic

which is the highest and then we have

mathematics which is under linguistics

the 20th century or really the Western

civilization is a civilization which has

elevated mathematics over language

language has taken a secondary place and

even one of the unfortunate travesties


our age is Muslims trying to prove that

the Quran is a mathematical miracle you

see I mean this is something based on

this feeling of inferiority before the

god of science of modern science which

is mathematic and this comes from

Descartes and Newton and all these

people that elevated mathematics as the

only real way of knowing reality because

mathematics was precise and exact when

all those people didn't know Arabic

because Arabic is exact and precise in a

way that language can't come close to

and this is why the Logies of the quran

is a linguistic where Jesus the Prophet

said in psycho-emotional Metin Omiya

land approval what an axial we're an


that does not right meaning the elves

were divided attorney general sulla he

sent from among the unlettered a


he's a nano lady who Allah left to go we

don't calculate and we don't read and

for this reason the alumni traditionally

did not like mathematical formulas with

the Quran because you can go insane

looking at the objetive right every

letter in Arabic has a leaf is one that

is - every letter has a numerical

equivalent and there's whole animal hold

which some other maga involved in its

like Jewish Kabbalistic writings that is

really even a dust when he was asked

about surah in the enzyme now he laid it

for Qatar he said that it's almost 27

tonight and somebody asked him how and

he said because the letter here which

lailatul coded as a feminine here is Val

Merrill and one net it's the feminine

pronoun and here is the 27th letter in

the surah and constantly says how the

momentum relation maneuver and this is

salt that goes on knowledge and it's not

real sound knowledge this is just like

it's interesting but it's not something

that we should go delve deeply into

hurricane both are not they own so this

whole number 19 and the proof of it is

the man who started that whole thing

literally went completely crazy and lost

his whole balance and declared he

actually took I is out because they

didn't fit into his computations and

things like that so the issue in this

mean that there is in the name of Allah

right there is how it begins because we

know our loss of the anima Tana through

the power of symbolic understanding we

cannot know of us of Hanna wa ta'ala as

we know things we cannot know a lot as

we know a tape recorder if the

somebody that knows electrical

engineering or how we know the world

that we're in what grass is the texture

the color the qualities I mean essences

are hard to understand even with things

but without loss of Hanover to honor the

only way we can know Allah is through

symbolic language and this is why I was

behind without a forbade what are called

Kim fad and I feel if Raheem's question

he asked and what are these can idea I

had to hit the Matthew he asked him what

are these Timothy lanta microphone I

they have that you're assiduously

observing now Tim pal in Arabic means to

represent something else in other words

the origin of idols is not that people

worship the idol itself the idol is only

a concrete abstraction it's a concrete

symbol for something other than the idea

itself and this is the beginning of

idolatry is that people want to make

something lyokha Ramona you know Maha

Zuffa just something that will draw us

near this is what the aircraft or even a

fan and this is why Allah strikes about

a ballon netherland see Megan is a an

analogical symbol for something we know

to let us know something we don't know

if you can understand something that you

already know and then the person can

explain to you how it's similar to this

thing that you don't know you say oh

I've got it

it's like this this is what all the

strikes in it but they say committee he

shape and this is why that Tim tile is

impossible for Allah Allah has forbidden

people to make analogies of Allah

subhanAllah Donna but Allah allows

linguistic analogy in the Quran Allah

strikes many similitudes within light

Metrolina Allah has the highest

similitude Allah is called mini Kiyomi

Deen the king of the Day of Judgment

mimic we

and the concept of merit because of

human being laser committed in ishe one

who was Samia Lodi Oh Samia and Vasya

there is no thing like Allah subhana wa

tada no thing because a thing in itself

is comes out of non-existence and Allah

did not blame me I did what I'm you that

he did not come out of non-existence a

thing in itself comes out of

non-existence if you look at the word

thing say it's the must bar or the

verbal noun of shyah shyah shyah in

other words allows mushiya is what

brought the asha into existence and that

is why they succumb it to the shape

there is no thing like Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala and the eye is crucial and height

equal in the ledge up that in that is

called a stiffener because it's

different from Stefan Erdmann

effect is different from is definite and

muscle in the Arabic language in the

English language you can't say that if I

say everything he was perishing except

the witch of Allah in English we

understand that the wedge is like it's a

thing from amongst the thing in the

Arabic language you have a certain type

of a stiffener exception that is broken

it actually breaks it's not from the

Jin's like our law says that he

commanded the angels to bow down to Adam

fest as you do in