Tafseer of Surah Najam

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Event Name: Tafseer of Surah Najam
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are always finding faults and always

doing things to disrupt human relations

and things and Allah says about them

those who gather wealth and then spend

their time counting it very interesting

phenomenon bloody dimmer a madam what

I'd done he gathers wealth and then he

spends his time counting the well and so

what happens in this culture is you and

every culture you have people who have

massive wealth and they hire accountants

full time who are constantly counting

for them their wealth and their giving

them reports about how where's my wealth

now how much do I have now did it by

this cell that right and they're

constantly assessing this now the Quran

tells us something or almost behind Oh

Donna tells us something about what that

is an attempt at doing why is that

person doing that I ask you wanna matter

a letter does he think that this will

give him permanence in other words that

all of this activity is really the

fundamental reason behind it is an

attempt to a suede that deep existential

fear of his own mortality this is what

that person is doing they are attempting

to us ways the fact that they will die

and it has distorted reality so they

begin to worship money they begin to see

money as being more important than their

own families than their own children and

you can see this there are many people

who sacrifice their children at the

altar of dunya many many of you we have

this situation amongst many people who

come to countries as migrants hoping to

gain dunya and buy it they lose their

children the happens you see they made a

choice they wanted dunya but the the

price for the dunya was so their love of

the dunya created this misperception and

this is why in the beginning of the

Soraa ilaloa that your your companion

the provençal isida has not gone astray

banana and and I related that to one of

the meanings is to be in love that

B'Elanna results from a type of

blindness and it takes place and it's

essential source is love of dunya herba

dunya that this is the greatest but

Allah is her bird dunya because it

blinds you to the reality of ashura it

blinds you to the important the

fundamental importance of Family and

Children and community now the next

thing we're being told there is one

mouth Allah neither was neither to the

Prophet Banda neither did he go straight

nor did he hawa and and what we did was

we looked at the root of that word which

is related to the inability to digest

milk hawea to get indigestion from

mother's milk and the idea there is that

because it all means to go straight with

knowledge the idea there is that

knowledge comes to a person but that

knowledge is not assimilated by the body

in other words when one drinks milk what

should happen is most people have an

enzyme called lactase and the lactase

will break down lactose and and and and

the the digestive enzymes will begin to

break down and digest the proteins and

the sugars and the facts that are in the

milk and then it will be absorbed by the

body and the body is nourished and the

body benefits and grows from them what

happens when you don't have lactase for

instance is the person does not break

down the milk they get ill from it and

so there is in certain human beings an

inability to take knowledge now there

are many reasons for that but probably

one of the most powerful in the Quran is

that Allah subhanAllah data says that he

will yell city folk which means to turn

away his signs I a key his signs from

the people of Chiba lavenia TECA bruna

those who have kibbe so one of the

mechanisms which

hibits a person from gaining knowledge

is arrogance the inability to take that

milk and for the body to absorb it is

similar to the inability of the arrogant

one to take knowledge and for that

knowledge to permeate the soul and there

are other reasons also how I was an

example also one's own caprices and it's

interesting to the word how was related

to wind you see how I own if you have

how on whether you have mock suriname

dude but if you have how out when it's

ready to win and caprices are like winds

they shift their constantly changing

they come and they go and people who

submit to their caprices you see like

the sexual appetite is like a wind we're

not always walking around with strong

sexual appetite there are periods you

see when people have their appetizers

are stronger but if one submits to that

wind when it comes when somebody feels a

strong sexual urge then someone is

submitting to their hawaa right and

allah only permits that in ways that are

pleasing to him subhanim allah tala and

in no other ways and so in a sense

submitting to Allah subhanAllah Diana

does not mean mean completely relinquish

ins appetites and desires but it means

ones willing to control those appetizing

desires and to only explore them in ways

that Allah subhanAllah diana has

permitted so this is this is one of one

of the ideas that work was covered

yesterday another is the idea of

language and the power of language and

the transformative impact of language

and the ability for language and

particularly the language of the

prophets which is to cut through

delusion because the words in Arabic for

language relate ultimately to cutting

Kadima is related to cutting majora unen

the word for Penn had the heart is

related to the edge of a sword which is

used to cut so words themselves cut if

they're used properly they will cut


illusion and this is why the Quran

mobile must be Hannah with a dollop or

on is called kodama law and Kadam as you

look at the root meaning of it is to cut

and then a logic behind with data tells

us that this is washi in Hawaii love

what him you have that the foundation of

our knowledge is revelatory it is not

based on conjecture and this is

important when we come down later so

moving down these eyes and then I think

I tried to express perhaps not well

enough but I turned to express the idea

and I'm going to get to that so I

actually wait about one and conjecture

and the epistemological foundations of

Western knowledge and and other

traditions but towards when we got down

here towards the end we were looking

yesterday at this these gods that they

were looking at matter that affected o

hara i duck from a deck of water hood on

that do you have for you males and for

him the females dedicated enough

estimate on visa this is an unfair

division and unfair in that you don't

like females this was the Jolly Eric did

not like females and yet they attributed

to Allah females they wanted sons for

themselves and they attributed to Allah

females that they did not like and so

this the Quran is saying how do you

attribute to your Lord Most High what

you yourselves don't like this is an

unfair division using your criterion

right so putting it back into the

patient's own schema or their frame of



PArt 2

why I'm Chuck and one Chuck is when it

could be either or I don't know

diagnostic position one is probabilistic

and this is where they go they go with

probabilities the highest probability

here is this this and this what causes

what causes a heart disease well we

think that it has to do with a buildup

of plaque right our theory of sclerosis

well what causes that why is it some

people eat tons of butter tons of it and

they never get heart disease and then

somebody else eats a little bit well

genetics plays a role here as well right

and then they bring in another factor

and then you say bring in something else

well why is it that the Italians eat

this fat and actually they have low well

because this is a you know this type of

lipid actually lowers the cholesterol so

it's doing it's actually kind of

paradoxical and so it just keeps going

and going and going and it ends up all

being a bun it's conjecture is

probabilistic and sometimes it works and

sometimes it doesn't but ultimately it

is conjecture and what the the mediocre

scholars from their tradition want to

make people believe is that we have

absolute certainty and knowledge here

and again reiterating what I said

yesterday was is that the more brilliant

from amongst them are those who are

willing to admit in fact that we know

very little mati two-minute and Mia diva

you've only been given a little bit of

knowledge and they're willing to admit

that and there are some from amongst

them so Allah says about that that they

only follow one and one does not enrich

them I'm mental well I'm victorina what

I'm headed inland higher to dunya so

shun those who turn away from our

message in other words do not take

knowledge from them because they will

lead you astray turn away from these

people because they will lead you astray

and many many Muslims have gone astray

because they have gone into the

thing without a foundation in their own

tradition and they get led astray they

get diluted they enter into a delusional

State right and this is what have many

many people right going into

universities without having any routing

in their own tradition and suddenly

they're filled with ideas that are

actually quite alien and quite dangerous

in terms of the Islamic tradition and

they become confused right really so

happen to many many people so Allah

tells us to shun these people now

traditionally even on Hajj give a fatwa

in his mud hut he said is not

permissible for Muslims to study with a

non-muslim and less that knowledge is

does not exist amongst the Muslims in

other words it becomes permissible when

that knowledge does not exist amongst

the Muslim now what has happened because

of the post-colonial conditions and the

mentality that has set in you will find

Muslims now who are more highly honored

by getting a degree in Islamic studies

from Cambridge University than they

would be from al-azhar university or

zaytuna in Tunisia in the Muslim world

they'll have more credibility and what

dr. cinnamon yang said to me is what do

you think of a Christian group if the if

the minister comes to to the

congregation and they say where do you

study Christianity brother and he says I

studied in Mecca I got a degree in

Christian theology at oman qatar

university how long do you think you

would last as a teacher of Christian

dogma if he learned it from the Muslims

totally unacceptable so this is what's

happened massive just all of our

criterions have been turned completely

upside down our universities were

dismantled so the sources for our

knowledge were literally dismantled and

you have the madrasa system the

university system which was fought and

opposed by the colonialist ultimately

restructured this is what they did and

this is part of the thing if

you want to what like Paul is you can't

beat the Christians get in and just

distort it just change it and this is

what happens in if you look at the

restructuring of allows hada in 1900

when free Masonic infiltration of that

University takes place Lord Cromer and

you can see all of this is completely

documented and really it's all documents

not made up it's not made up our

universities were infiltrated and

restructured this happens in in Morocco

dupatta wien in 1927 the last university

to have a traditional and true Islamic

framework that I know of is the

koutoubia or the you Sofia in Marrakech

which is restructured by the French in

1937 and there are still some graduates

that are alive to this day in Morocco

from that University but they're very

old now the few places where Islam has

maintained a traditional framework our

places where the colonias didn't get to

so if you go for instance to a place

like the deep Sahara