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Event Name: Talking about Islam Violence
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divine laws working in the universe and

and if we forget those laws and we get

to see that our loss of Hannah Madonna

is is is is is the the real fire the

real doer in creation the Prophet

Muhammad's Eliza and said unity ulmerton

mar thoma Derrida Addabbo javi goon

yahuh myoma is is a oma that allah has

shown mercy to its punishment is in this

world Allah Subhan Allah Tala says

either that it does that mean the Muslim

should accept whatever kind of they have

the heaviest Islam we have to accept

that everything is from Allah

subhanAllah Dada it doesn't mean that

you don't do something about it but if

you don't have supper when Allah Subhan

without a says Ln a cup of olive on

Kauai lima and the freaking bafa right

he said into coming calm me attune

chavira if there's 100 of you Sabra

there's a an act that is called Asifa in

the Arabic language but you have to have

that attribute so if you're not sob you

don you're not going to overcome 200

people who d serum here there's sunam in

the creation and it's this alarm is the

most important thing for the Muslims to

do enter into a state of submission to

Allah subhanAllah Oba Diah if we realize

our servanthood to Allah subhanAllah

Dada Allah elevates the servant but if

you continue to be in this type of you

will not get anywhere you won't get

anywhere and we're just spinning our

real disappointed a very interesting

point he said of course this conspiracy

theory something needs to be done so

you're suggesting a submission to God

and for every Muslim to to check his

actions and to see whether it's in the

right pattern the I believe that the

most important thing in the Muslim world

is that Muslims first of all realize

that it is behavior that elevates people

the the Egyptian poets and in them at

Omaha ahaha coma but yet the in home of

the habit of lapa home debo that nations

are nothing other than their morals and

their ethics and if their morals and

their ethics go the nation's go with it

and and what we have to realize is is

that the Muslim world the ethical

standards of the Muslim world have

reached such a low level

our position in the world now as objects

of history and no longer subjects of

history is a direct result of our

ethical and moral standards that we

allow in the world I mean if you go out

into the Muslim world I'll give you an

example we were in the marketplace in an

Arab country not buying but nearby and I

won't say which one okay and there was a

man there who was selling goods from

Italy and after the conversation opened

up and he admitted that they weren't

actually made in Italy they were made in

indonesia that people wouldn't buy

things that were made in indonesia so

they had made in italy put on him well

it was mentioned to him in Russia

nepotism anything it's cheating manifest

jennifer de semaine de whoever cheats us

is not from amongst us and he said who

you had the tee shot us know if that is

kiana wish it's not tisha we have a Paul

say it hello hello ah yes yeah hi flower

alaikum brother hamza tikka masala I

have a question with you actually I was

listening to your interview with Tim

Sebastian hot tech program in babies a

CALLER: couple of days back during that interview he was cutting that you are an advisor to george bush on islam i would like to know is that true if yes how do you the present on behalf of muslim community living in united states

HOST: ok thank you thanks then

Shaykh Hamza: I was invited and the invitation came through a person who works inside the White House.  He's a Muslim, his father who is a very active Muslim; one of the founding members of the Muslim Student Association in America.  He was a close friend of mine and his son was asked to find a scholar in the United States to meet with the President and express views and the president wanted to express his views.

So, I was asked to do that.  I took counsel with my Shaykh, Shaykh Abdullah Bin Bayyah about doing that.  And he told me that that I should do it.  So I went to the White House I did meet with the President and I did talk i was given an opportunity, it's quite extensive.

The name of the operation: I did mention that Infinite Justice was an attribute of God and that it was prohibited, not only in Islam but in Christianity as well.  To use this idea That human justice is always effected.

HOST: I think that think versus the bush said that the Pentagon doesn't have to load you he didn't but he said that unfortunately there was not theologians in the in the Pentagon and that that they would change it and they did change it to something else enduring freedom or something and

mr. house that I just

wanted to ask a question of course we

spoke about the September 11th attacks

which which happened the United States

and beginning of our talk and yesterday

you had a discussion at a vital Quran of

the aftermath of the September 11

attacks as an American Muslim can you

describe what was the feelings in

America for sure we all saw it on

television as you said yesterday most of

the Arab in the Islamic world and the

rest of the world saw it through

television how was the situation down

there in America for yeah I think the

American went into the state of deep

shock when it was shocked I think for

the Muslim world there are a lot of

Muslims that feel that this has been

business as usual in in many parts of

the Muslim world I think there's

something qualitatively different about

what happened on sep tember 11 then what

has happened in other places

unfortunately the Americans and I think

this is one of the shameful parts of our

history the Americans bombed Hiroshima

and Nagasaki with an atomic bomb over a

hundred thousand people died from the

atomic devastation that occurred there

most of them were actually civilians and

many of them were old people so I think

that you know unfortunately that

tragedies do happen and I think for from

my perspective there's metaphysical

implications that are important about

what happened on sep tember 11 run from

a religious perspective whether you're a

Christian a Jew or a Muslim we do view

the world in metaphysical terms the

secular materialist does not so I think

because of secularism and materialism

being the dominant philosophy

particularly in the West it's difficult

for people to view this in metaphysical

terms from Muslims they tend to view

things in metaphysic

terms I mean there


fundamentalism cable is dr. sorry can
you repeat the question yeah why don't
you object to the emphasis being made on
Islam when you talk about terrorism and
fundamentalism and this local problem in
modeling Muslims because there are
dozens and dozens of Terry flag all over
the world not at all emotional icing
alert Moses when it is happening if it's
a Muslim bubble very correct all right I
think you might see it's a good point i
mean you asked me the question earlier
we didn't really address it but you know
is there an idea of terrorism in his
song terrorism again is a 19th century
phenomenon it came out of the reign of
terror in in france with robes Pierre
and who ended up being killed yeah he
was guillotine after guillotine half the
aristocracy of France so this is what
happens to terrorists it usually will
end up there's a saying in the in the
New Testament that he who takes up the
sword dies by the sword in other words
if that's your way of life it's
ultimately going to kill you and but the
idea of you have in the Arabic language
is a Quranic idea the Torah the Torah
hero I do a logarithm ever have is the
idea of building up for socially another
failure in order to be a deterrent sir
you don't want to fight people because
they're strong it's a powerful deterrent
and this is America's philosophy and is
actually what Muslims did at the
beginning in the beginning yes it's
better to be there with our Roman Empire
or a week you see a week people become a
fits now they become a tribulation for
strong people because the nature is the
law of the jungle the strong overcomes
the week unless you have real deep
religious principles that prevent you
from becoming oppressors or aggressors
so it's a problem and that's why the
Muslim should be strong the Quran says
Rob been alerted Janice it's Nutella
Davina capital don't make us a
tribulation for those who aren't Muslim
and and when we become weak we become
possible objects of aggression from
outside of us which is what occurred in
the 19th century with colonialism I
think the Americans really are a
reluctant power that they don't have the
same philosophy as the Europeans do
and I think it's important to recognize
that America does not like the idea of
colonization I think there's if so facto
some a superbug being the super power
that the control and the influence that
America has a rope but the American
tradition is not a tradition of
colonization and aggression if you look
at the founding fathers they were
actually very opposed to the idea of
interfering in foreign States and in
George Washington's final address which
I mentioned the other night he actually
warned America of getting involved in
foreign wars and isolationism was a very
important part of American foreign
policy for for a long long time and in
fact prior to World War two the
isolationists were very very strong but
Pearl Harbor changed the answer of yes
we have another call from Saudi Arabia
hello hello you were a one-guy request
please yes please I have no comment and
no question just please don't disturb
our marvelous guest let him speak freely
sure unstable with phone calls please
okay and tell him I greet all right dr.
hunter of course we was talking about
this number 11th attacks after that we
saw a wave throughout the world accusing
Islam and Muslims of being and the
mentalists terrorist extremist of
violence and a lot a lot of people have
actually been in different parts of the
world many Muslims were attacked and
Australia for example their incidents in
the United States and Texas there were
shootings and so forth and in addition
to that for example there was Franklin
Graham he issued a statement about Islam
when they when the incidents happened of
course saying things as for example
Islam is a wicked religion and evil
religion and so forth I'm had him by the
way me shook my hand he didn't tell me
that at the time but he was one of the
few today I mean he had John day it is
Sunday he issued a statement saying it's
not my calling to analyze Islam or any
other religions though I recognize that
all original have differences and so
forth any saying that I believe that
Islam is evil and a wicked religion
well I mean I did Ian feeds the
conspiracy well this is also problem
because there are many Muslims that feel
that the same towards Jews and
Christians and this is a problem it's a
problem of a type of provincial is
really the westin me is also playing its
religious provisions absolutely and I
think that the Western media
particularly and I'll mention them Fox
media has been outrageous in its in its
presentation of Islam in America I mean
it really has i think i'll give you an
example I some of my illusions about the
media were shattered after September 11
because I have tended to view the
media's very evil like that when I
actually began to get involved in
getting on some major programming I was
actually struck by the goodwill of quite
a few people in there the CBS one of the
producers at CBS Vince Gonzalez
contacted me about a piece in which I
had said that America stands condemned
and a great tribulation is coming to
America that's right it was a secret
camera had filmed this talk and somebody
had sent this to several of the news
agencies in the United States CBS called
me and asked me about this statement and
I told them it was said in a certain
context it was a religious statement i
would say it about the muslims as well
i'd say it about my own cell that and I
said it doesn't reflect my teaching or
my philosophy and and I and I think to
take it out of context like that as a
disservice especially at this time he
told me let me check you out and get
back to you he got back to me at the end
of the day and said I've listened to a
couple of your talks I looked at your
website and you I recognize your all
philosophy isn't this so I'm canning
this story and he actually didn't run
the story it was the Washington Post
that did it the next day so I was struck
by the man having some moral compunction
there about doing something that was
that was not right and I think that we
have to recognize bridges need to be
made we need to reach out to people
there are good people out there there
are good people in the government's
there are good people not just in in in
I mean there's good people and and the
thing is that you know there's a small
segment of people on this planet that
really do have very very bad intentions
and that's unfortunate but they're there
and we should be aware of that but i
think that the overwhelming majority of
people i really feel that if they're
treated well if they're treated with
respect and dignity they tend to respond
with a mutual type of respect and
dignity to

being for his life from Mecca really by
outward appearance has no power no
strength but because of his absolute
firm conviction about Allah he knew very
well what would happen and and that was
his long sightedness and he was teaching
that to this man who was a Bedouin
warrior and a trapper and he and he was
giving a new way of looking at the world
so I think that strategic planning is
absolutely essential the United States
of America is not in the position that
it's in because of some miracle that came down from heaven it the United States is one of has massive strategic planning.  In the united states there are 40,000 think tanks. Think tanks are taking scholars who all they do is think, research papers.   When we go for
instance, in many muslim conferences you will go and people give talks, and there's no papers presented there's no and and not a whole lot comes out of it. If you go to
a conference in the west it's very different there's papers there's a synopsis of what's given there's planning there's networking there's always fruit that comes out of it.  And I
think that we have to begin, we have to to raise the level of our standards. Personally one of my concerns is drity japanic and and i have brought this up on several occasions in many many events and with many Muslims and i'm hoping that there will be more cooperation in this area unfortunately muslims are afflicted by a lot of diseases of the heart like envy and so what happens when when muslims attempt to work together they actually ends up being a kind of undermining because people don't recognize that that that there has to be
a subduing of the ego when you're doing islamic work you have to really put aside your ego.  The ultimate goal for much greater great losses and greater concerns and if we're constantly involved in this pettiness of our own projects and unwilling to sacrifice i
think just to use an example.  I think the most profound aspect of bLaden for the Muslims
because if it was on bin Laden was an Egyptian cobbler who went to Afghanistan to fight in the jihad he wouldn't be in his position the reason that he has been such a romantic figure for so many Muslims is because here's a man who gave up three hundred million dollars living in palaces in Saudi Arabia to live in a cave.  That's called sacrifice when people see real sacrifice they're inspired by
it and they want to follow it and that
is the strength of Muslim work when
Muslims see the leaders of Islam the
scholars of Islam sacrificing in a real
way then they're inspired to follow them
but when you have people that that don't
sacrifice for the sake of Islam I mean
Christians when I was in Africa and I
studied in Africa I met Christians with
degrees in medicine from Stanford who
were who were treating Africans living
in huts in Africa sacrificing these were
Americans that could be living in inland
areas luxuries making two hundred
thousand dollars a year driving a
Mercedes but because of their commitment
to Christianity they were living in an
African village treating the most
destitute people on the planet that is
inspiring when you see that I don't care
if it's a Christian or a Jew or anybody
else that does that that is inspiring
because you're seeing real sacrifice and
I think the spirit of pavia have
sacrifice has in a large way than lost
amongst a lot of the Muslim