The Critical Importance of Al-Ghazali in Our Times

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Event Name: The Critical Importance of Al-Ghazali in Our Times
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uch money do you have and I looked in

my pocket and I had ten quid and so she

said just give me ten pounds I gave her

ten pounds I think was about fifty five

pounds at the time and she gave me this

two volume which I still have in my

library this was over 20 years ago and

we've been friends a good way of gaining

a friend quickly being generous so she's

been a dear friend she's from a

beautiful family Kentucky and family

from the founders of Louisville and and

I want to also acknowledge another great

Kentuckian family that the Binghams

Eleanor bingham's here tonight these

these are these are the really the the

families that built this city that that

that put their money and their lives and

their civic service into this city and

those of you who have migrated to this

city from other places acknowledging

these are the ioan they're what the

Arabs call the mela and and it's

important to acknowledge these people

and and seek their counsel and and and

work with them to better this community

and also I would have much rather had

the great Coleman barks come up and

recite some Rumi for us but one of the

great poets of America came tonight

dr. Coleman barks and and I just say one

thing roomie like gazali is what I call

a trans historical figure because they

speak across centuries some people speak

to their time in their place but these

people speak to every time in every

place not on on every detail sometimes

they're men or women of their time but

on these great issues they speak across

centuries and that's why when we read

them they affect our hearts and Coleman

really single-handedly has opened up to

a generation of Americans the great

wisdom teachings of our tradition of

which Rumi is only a voice he's one of

the greatest voices because he was

gifted in that but he is part of a

tradition and we forget that Rumi in

that way is not saying anything from

Genaro Deen what he is reiterating is

these eternal truths that were given to

our prophets Aliza them and that's why

he and the end is a student of our

Prophet Muhammad Imam al-ghazali is a

student of our Prophet Muhammad I want

to thank the community for coming out in

support of Zaytuna I really hope that in

the coming years you see the fruit of

this we have immense potential may Allah

give us TOEFL and also Peter from the

careers here he wrote a very nice

article the last time I'm not going to

hold you to that this time you can write

whatever you want so it's a free country

and a Free Press

last I heard anyway so god bless all of

you vertical love feet comb I really

thank you I think dr. Sandberg bee who's

a great servant of this community and

rightly honored tonight may Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala

elevate all of you increase all of you

bring you closer to God you bring you

closer to Allah Allah is closer to us

than our jugular vein it actually says

carotid artery but jugular vein sounds

nicer in English so it's usually

translated a jugular vein but the

carotid artery is the artery of

consciousness because all you have to do

every doctor knows you want to knock

somebody out put your thumb on his

carotid artery and he's gone

and God is closer to us than our

unconsciousness so may Allah make us

conscious servants of the one true

living eternal Lord of all the world's

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