The Impact of the Quran

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Event Name: The Impact of the Quran
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anna says in the quran there has kind of

know it up from your Lord to human

beings johannes that has come a morir de

from your lord and as she fell in this

more either for what's in the heart

because the hearts are diseased the

hearts are diseased and this book has a

cure for what is in the heart from

disease she found him at the Savoy the

Quran itself is a cure it was sent down

by the knower of every disease

and by the hero of every disease I mean

as mijita adder a Chevy one of the names

of allah shukran allah ta'ala is a

sharpie and all of you know that

diseases are of two types diseases of

the body and diseases of the heart as

for diseases of the body they have their

cures manzil ogden if they're under a

Mahadeva anima woman Adina who's Raja he

to whom India Heda there is no disease

except Allah has sent down at sure he

knows it the one who knows it and he's

ignorant of it the one who's England so

the Book of Allah soprano asada is not

concerned although it does have elements

that relate to the health of the body so

mote acepto fast and be healthy kuru was

Raul in the hadith Fukasaku in the Quran

caruba shabu for ancestry who in Omaha

neosupreme asleep in one of the

Christian believer in the time of

enormous GOP when he heard this ayah he

said Metallica ha the keytab Shaitan the

hypocrite fujairah news this book has

left nothing for Hippocrates and Galen

in this one area eat and drink but not

to access so the Quran even gives us

guidance in how to take care of

ourselves and the hadith user guides but

this is not the primary concern the

primary concern is the healing of the

hearts is to bring the hearts together

under the banner of na iraheta mohammed

rasoolallah under the banner of the Book

of Allah itself and this is the shiva

and a sushi bar for Humanity because

it's Mossad second-team Albania daily it

confirmed the previous revelations that

the Rhine dispensations two communities

that came before the prophet sallallaho

and he was sedan one more Haman and

but it comes to solve the differences

and to be more Heyman a day to be in

charge of those other revelations then

it protects and preserves them their

people have been mom there are the

responsibility of the movement to take

care of the Jew and the Christian of the

other religions because we can see that

they can take care of themselves well mo

hae min and I name the book of the Quran

the book of allah is more hymen it is

the overseer it is the guardian it's the

protector of the other traditions

Boehner whom the mountains of Allah so

decide between them in what Allah has

revealed to you use what Allah has

revealed to you to decide between them a

las vanuatu anna says to his prophet

that this book after telling us it's a

hood n what I'm not good what mean the

people who believe in it it's their

guidance and it's a mercy from Allah

Subhan Allah tana because the book

doesn't indicate anything to do except

that it is beneficial for the human

being to do and it doesn't prohibit

anything except in it is harmful to

human being and many people have

intellect arrive at the same conclusions

that the woman understands when he

believes in the Book of Allah Subhan

Allah to Anna there are many people that

don't drink alcohol because they know

the harm that is inherent in alcohol and

yet we knew from 1300 years ago when

Allah Subhan Allah status says that its

reach to Mohammed Asha farthest any boo

stay away from this palace from chiffon

and how many children have suffered

because their mothers were inviting

alcohol during terms of pregnancy and

now they tell us but we knew from allah

subhanahu wata anna that's on the public

idea yo who this book its wonders will

never end the book of our last wonders

will never end and anything they

discover from the truth will only be

confirmed by the book of all of us who

can / to anna and anything in which they

follow the path of falsehood the book of

allah subhana with diana has already

warned us against it has already warned

us against it so unless you can with

anna says full

yo ma you're letting that Anna means you

have eva la fonda home beefed up any

nanny with the bounty of Allah because

Allah revealed this book out of his

bounty not because it was obligatory for

him like an emergency reclaim from his

mother photo from his overflowing bounty

he sent guidance to humanity good for me

Father his day he will be right Matty he

and by His mercy and many of them off as

you don't say it's the Prophet itself

the Book of Allah and the sooner the

messenger of allah in those two things

his overflowing bounty in the guidance

that he's given us and the mercy that

he's given us in the nature of the

messenger of allah and in his sunnah and

in the way he taught us to be amongst

each other forbid any Caesarea Tahoe let

them rejoice in that huwa hangul Mina is

my own it is better than what they are

gathering from dunya a junior dar una

manera de wereld Jeremy aha a junior

Darwin Amanda darul away Esmeralda has

been there a pelada the dunya is an

abode for the one without an abode and

he gathers for this dunya the one who

has no intellect and how come Whitaker

who had tons of tumor mapa via this

acquisition of wealth is vying with one

another in the acquisition of stuff of

material Wow atacar through whatever

through this vine with one another and

is boasting amongst each other in wealth

and in children and in dunya and

hackable it has entertained you it has

it has diverted you but the whole one of

the names of chiffon is at lahey the

diverter the one who diverts people this

is his game diversion and what this

society offers is diversions and now

they become light our prophet Elijah I'm


the end of time he said that such a

horrible aha that the the human nature

the passion that people would become

dice diverse they would split up in the

old days human being there were limited

things that people were involved in

there were Gorman's who their life was

food there were people that loved women

there were people that loved well but

now look at the hobbies that these

people provide for people look at

there's no end to it go and look at a

magazine rack and see all of the

diversions the dispersions of different

at last and where is it taking them

where is it taking them in the end look

at the internet now all of the websites

anyone who has a disease in their heart

can find something that would increase

his disease on those things they will

find what they're looking for because

it's all there and more they'll even

suggest new things that nobody ever

thought of before they'll give you new

things to think about that no one it

never occurred to anyone's mind the

filth and the sickness and the disease

because this is chiffon this is what she

up on dance this is his game and he he

and his champagne are the only up of

those who do not believe they are the

helping friends of those who do not

believe he gives them help the move

every in Andrew Baterina if wanna

champagne those extravagant gratuitous

consumers they are the brothers of the

champagne so all of the my all of these

things that they're vying with each

other for Allah says don't rejoice like

they rejoice because they have no

internet they haven't thought of what's

coming after those noted up for the word

in Arabic to the port comes from the

roots which is what is either before or

behind to think something out till you

reach its ultimate conclusion and this

is the sign of intellect itself the one

who doesn't you

their internet will do something without

thinking of the consequences and then

they have remorse and the movement is

the one who has to de Fora who has

reflection what is the end result of my

action I'm America of Iran hood it was

said that he didn't speak until he puts

his word before the two angels to see

what his callous was to see what his way

out was would it be accepted or would it

be rejected this is the way of the

Senate they were not frivolous people

they were not empty people they did not

waste their time in Trivial pursuits

they were busy in what concerned and

sharon has only three inroads to the

human being his in road of Islam those

people who are extravagant because the

more extravagant you become the more you

think you need to maintain your

quote-unquote in the language of the age

your lifestyle the more you think you

need so it's rob is one of the ways of

the ship and because severe in his way

and he loves them of evidene and the old

english word for consumer met the devil

you look at an old english dictionary

consumer with the devil because in the

end of the day if you become a consumer

you are consumed by your desire to

consume it will consume you get won't

eat you up you will spend night and day

in tricks stratagems of gaining and

acquiring more and in the end that pass

itself is the path of destruction it's

the fact that on the deathbed they say

and in the Asura they say yo me out the

one in water your day well fool ya li te

atatu mal rasouli suvidha when the

warning and body marina

see the one who transgressed in himself

not just on other people but in himself

we can oppress ourselves what I can room

I'm crucible Gary W moon they were

oppressing themselves body will see this

body says ya eatin you talk tomorrow

sudhi savita Yahweh da late any limit

Mara pune then a fool an

anna polina Oh would that I didn't take

fool and so and so as my friend would

that I didn't take so inside my friend

the one who takes him out the course

Nevada bulimia and his victory by the

journey he took me away from the

reminder from the book of allah he took

him away and he says now in reverse

English Aparna inertia fauna Canada in

seneca gouda she upon his touchless xie

tan betrays the human being she found

you men me without women yendo room i

will give them false hopes i will fill

them with false hopes like the

television that build people with false

hope if you buy this you'll be happy if

you buy this this will happen then you

buy this this will happen in its lies

because it is not stuff that makes

people happy it is not stuff that puts

the heart into a state of tranquility it

is not dunya and it will never be doing

it and it never was dunya it is a loss

of an avocado snicker alone that puts

the heart at ease and this is the

remembrance of allah has sent human

beings as a shiva and the person that

has Quran men Althea for viola and

the afraid of myopia but that assisted

on aldine the one who's been given the

Quran and sees that anyone has something

greater than he has has been little the

bat has been little dat ass the Quran is

Arlene the Quran is our wings of America

that Yahoo literally rejoice with that

not with this empty jr. one of the

meanings of Ramadan is that you learned

that you don't even need much food the

most essential dunya we need after air

itself is food and and the lesson month

shows as how little food we need and yet

people have embraced this world the

ahmadis owner has embraced this world

you go from from Indonesia to Morocco

and you see the satellite dishes on the

chat owner on the rooftops of the

poorest homes people watching and Theory

Y ass empties stories of the Romans of

the Europeans and West empty stories

empty soap operas empty comedies to make

them laugh they're so poorly articulated

that they have to have a soundtrack to

remind them one to laugh this is what

they do they'll amuse you until you die

they'll amuse you until you die don't

who listen to music from amongst you

they'll give you new songs once you

become bored at the old songs you can't

listen to them anymore they'll give you

new ones and they'll keep giving you new

ones but just like the old ones grew all

the new ones grow old because it doesn't

give sustenance it does not nourish the

ROI the public so mellitus adam said

about this quran last battle minus gamma

well I a Mensa would appear the Holly

will never be satiated from it and the

man of taqwa will never grow bored

laughs reponse careful at the Rudd this

Quran does not grow old with continuous

recycle it's not like pop songs

this is how this is the truth from our

loss of hand with Diana the book of our

loss of the handle is Anna and we have

to take this book up and we have to look

at it and study it with Titano to

reflect on the meaning to implement it

in our lives to become people of death

to become people of sustenance to become

people of nourishment that simply don't

nurse themselves but nurse others

through the practice and through the

book of allah until they have a light

and they walk amongst its with people a

woman can a nigga turn back again ah who

would I know who Laura young she benefit

not come and visit come a middle of the

photomask later the hydrogen minutes

he's the one who was dead without he men

and we brought him to write and we gave

my life that he walks amongst the people

with is he like the one who is dead in

the midst of darkness and he can't get

out of it he has no way out because the

only way out is the book of allah ki

tavo la vie he never owned a favor upon

muhammad okung what room are they in

Oakland this is the book of allah it is

his use of those who went before you and

it tells us Allah ocurro if you know the

Quran you're the greatest historians

because you know the patterns of history

you know the cycles of history you know

what happens to nation when they do such

and such and you will see that history

simply confirms what the Quran has told

us the Quran uses limited examples herro

and Moosa the people have had and the

mood the people of elm the people of

sonic it gives us limited examples but

those examples are universals that can

be applied in any particular historical

situation and so you will see the

history of Quran is the truth of history

because it gives us the universals of

history it tells us what happens when

people follow the huff and what happens

when they follow button and it gives us

in great detail what will happen it

tells us what they say that people have

shown amongst themselves it goes into

their innermost heart and tells us what

they think it tells us what they say

private conversation we don't need

wiretaps we don't have to tap the CIA we

don't answer listen to their

conversation because I'm not told us

what they said a lot told us what they

say amongst themselves we don't need

like they need to find out what were

saying and most of what we're saying is

so uninteresting we're just boring them

one of the CIA in a book called in a

book called the Erebus romancing an

American unique by neca me he interviews

a CIA operative in the Riyadh but went

on hatch disguised as a pilgrim and he

talks about listening in on all these

conversations and realizing how we

really don't have a whole lot to fear

from these people because their level of

discourse is so pathetic


so there shall be no keep doing their

work what I'm for bank of you who do

what I honest all i had to be I'm a

letter home all in Naju de la who would

who does well in it director alarmed

identity delica minima in manicott min

allahi man what do you what an awesome

they will never be content with you

until you follow their mid knob is a lot

even say there Dean he said there is

that the new that is their collective

nature until you're with them this is

what they want the Jews don't want any

of your buddy w come a Jew they don't

like converse the Orthodox won't even

take you and the Christians they just

want you to buy their good what they

want to their Dean now is consumption

that's what they do that's Christmas is

their number one holiday and all they do

is go out and buy that's what they do

Susie that's their green there Dean is

worship of stop and if you say God is a

thing a material thing that can be

tangible and touched then move to that

to two other material things is not a

difficult young so this is this is the

reality Allah says say to them the

guidance is allowed guidance they have

no guidance for us but if you follow

their allowed because that's all they

have is a hollow they're just following

their aha in yet cydia in your tip every

dollar one well not what I'm fus they

only followed their conjecture and what

their uncle's tell what their uncle's

what their own selves desire the lower

self how I is to go down it's not in my

yes can be it's what their own pathetic

cells desire that's all they follow

their Allah and their conjecture but

they've convinced the world that somehow

it's half its truth people now think

that people now have more faith in in

these ridiculous propagandists that they

call newscasters than they do in one

hour own book tells

in what society tells us as if that is

BBC told us promise I'll ha Maria BBC

one of the signs of the end of time the

fertilizer i'm selling faverani she'll

find little someone who before at

iranian so your head is an ass japan

will take on the form of a man and he

will give news to people various tener

una he'll know who they'll gather around

him and when they leave they'll say

however watch her budget without who is

no you had the brunette I know his face

but I don't know his name and he gives

news to people these people that people

see day in and day out they don't know

their names they just recognize their

faces in fact they caught there's a

difference in media between name

recognition and face recognition if your

name is recognized and your face that's

the highest you see so people see them

and don't know and they just listen to

them in it to share pond that's all it

is the ideal woman up they promise

them poverty oh the economic forecast is

very gloomy and everybody starts getting

scared whoa the dow jones is down now

dow jones is down what my stocks are

going down and the newscaster said the

economy looks bad at the growth is only

two percent you see and so all you menia

make some promises invest in this it's a

good investment a long never in the

whole book of allah does he tell us one

to invest in dunya he tells us to invest

in al qur'an allah japan with anna says

women and nasty may Allah Allah house

there are those who worship Allah on a

hope just on the edge either a cell

phone I don't notice when good comes to

them oh they feel good about Nina now my

stocks went up this week I'm making a

killing right what its gonna kill you

too really they drop dead these people

cuz what goes up must come down you see

so they say oh

while you warszawa truth it's in a tune

when Allah test them with a pizza nom

forever and our GE he just turns around

and and and gold on his face some

pathetic creature walking on his face

hiciera dunya when ahaha he lost dunya

when all his money goes and he lost our

Hera because what he worshiped is the

dunya very Kahuku ceramic mubeen that is

the real for i'm not losing up not

losing dunya that's not the first time

it's it's losing they don't even get

dunya you see they lose both I mean if

you want for on even the people of dunya

will admit your in-laws so what about

losing both at close ronen mubeen it's

clear to the people of dunya that your

in-laws and it's clear to the people of

Africa that you're in luck Erica who

would host Renee mobeen if you look at

the Arabic language kisara the Arab

before Islam used kisara for loss in

physical material things a lot changed

these messiahs he gave us new criteria

and he told us how far is not good

enough if you lose your dunya that is

not kithara it's losing your answer ah

because even the best of creation there

were times when he had no food and he

tied a stoned his stomach some of our

idea was sadness there were times when

he had no money there were times when he

was indebted to Jewish people and this

is the best of creation showing us that

non hannon dunya is not being enforced

lon because he had on the savanna

wattana because the coupon levelled at a

home they have no Mona and our moda is

Allah because they're Mona will trick

them in the end so he's no moda because

the whole dad's the one who protects you

and in the end she upon says a host of

whom I tricked you you were warned

there's a whole book that came down and

a good part of it deals with my games

and you were warned you were told this

is from Allah and you have a

character that you have to watch out for

so it's rather the way Japan gets in

another way chiffon gets in cloud people

who aren't in a state of remembrance of

almost pan with Diana if you don't

remember a lot and share fine we'll have

you remembering dunya and if you

remember dunya first agua de la mouche

upon foreign Salman foot alone he will

make you forget what's good for yourself

if you look now in Mississippi they

opened up all these gambling casinos in

the small town and because of the tax

revenue they patched all the roads

they've got new roads and everybody's

driving down these nice roads one of the

creatures there he was interviewed in

inner in a an interview and and they

asked him what what do you think of the

new roles he said I'd rather have the

families intact and those potholes back

I'd rather have the families intact and

have those potholes back so chef I'm

comes in and says oh you're going to see

we bring in this gambling and there's

gonna be tax revenue you'll see your

schools will be better provided for your

roads are going to be the children and

those schools are going to be victims of

families in which there's violence or

families in which there's there's a

divorces as a result I you see so if

this is the game he plays how cloud they

don't think they don't think haha and

then the last his last year old is

attica lo peor modern atomic getting

involved in things of no concern to you

and this year our loves to do men Hosni

Islam amake Turco whom Allah yani from

the good of the Islam of an individual

is leaving what he shouldn't be involved

in just leaving it's not our business we

should be involved in what concerns us

not what doesn't concern us gossip LP

well are you see on a food on huh anessa

matter your food okay to Akita huh


man I want a new car dealers are you

truly advisor Sydney hi what's the

what's the benefit in the end what's the

benefit you know I mean even the co

foster row the American philosopher he

said gossip is only good in homeopathic

doses homeopath is when you you you you

dilute it until there's nothing left of

the original thing and that's the

Islamic perspective the only time you're

allowed to to mention thing