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The Perfected Religion

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Event Name: The Perfected Religion
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do labor for you

don't destroy this balance by charging

interest on poor people that are in dire

straits and Allah has given you the

means of money to facilitate exchange

between you and you use it to create

money you take a means and make it an

end don't destroy this balance this is

the message from Allah Subhan Allah Tala

to humankind in surat ar-rahman don't

destroy this balance that we have set up

this is a divine bond that was set up by

the one Allah wha-hoo lovely for Kabir

doesn't he know the one who created this

thing and he's the all-knowing be all

aware don't destroy this balance don't

upset this balance what opinion wasn't a

better person and established this

balance with justice now just as this

word this has to do with portions giving

people their portion this world if you

look at the sea this planet economics is

based on I give scarcity scarcity is an

illusion it is an illusion the only

thing that is scarce on this planet

with Islam that is the only thing that

is scarce on this planet because if

there was a sarong there would be an

abundance of everything there would be

an abundance of everything the rain

would pour down from the skies as a

mussel panel without it says in what it

was if they would just be upright in

their way we would pour down from the


copious rain and this means not simply

the physical rain but the spiritual

nourishment to make life harmonious to

make life beautiful to make life

continue and so unless the panel of town

is telling us there's not scarcity he is

no woman and Arlene the possessor of

overflowing bounty overflowing bounty

his bounty knows no hands because I knew

somehow I do what I can to Allah is the

storehouses of the heavens and the earth

but the hypocrites have no knowledge

they have no understanding these people

that go out and save in their hearts

what they say with their tongues what

they don't believe we want equity we

want to a see this the world manner it

goes around telling people that we want

to set things right

even that's what you do for other when

it said to them don't sow corruption in

the earth they say even a man that when

whilst at home we're just setting things


we're just rectifying we're putting

things straight

that's all we're doing that's why we're

giving you a five-year plan that turns

into a ten-year plan that turns into a

20-year plan and before you know it

people that were once living with human

dignity are now an absolute subjugation

and humiliation so allah subhan allah

tala is telling us that he is the

possessor of overflowing bounty but you

have to

even you have to breathe out in order to

breathe in if you don't give out don't

expect to receive if you don't want to

share the good don't expect to get any

good that is the nature you see the word

for miser in Arabic also means

constipated you see a miser Otto

intoxicates himself you see in other

words because he won't let go of that

foul matter that was good when he when

he swallowed it it was beneficial but

once it's in the bow you have to let it


or it's gonna kill you you see but they

don't want to do now it's not for

nothing also that the Arabic word for

pure gold is the same word for the

people matter of the child when the

purpose of my son was offered as a cat

he said Benny Hashim doesn't take their

cut because it's an ass

now all that in the Arabic language

means it's the wealth that have you have

to let go of it in order to get relief

in order to be healthy in order to

maintain your health and so this is what

I want some kind of diners telling

people follow these things and you will

get all of these wondrous things in

return so establish it with us giving

people their proper proportion there do

what is due to them well that took

several me Zack and again reiterating

don't destroy this balance and we have

placed this earth for every living thing

and nm is everything that has a war

according to Imam Khamenei everything

that has a rule and we are Khalifa we

are responsible for this earth we are

responsible for the life-forms on this

earth we are responsible for maintaining

the balance of this earth and Allah


I said in this forearm in this chapter

that he raised up the heavens and then

he tells us that he placed the earth for

a living thing and between the two is

the museum the balance and he has told

us don't destroy the museum