The Qur'an: God's Banquet - Shaykh Hamza Yusuf Podcast S2-E09

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Event Name: The Qur'an: God's Banquet - Shaykh Hamza Yusuf Podcast S2-E09
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ng people have no idea

what what social order is and and when

things break down what happens

and if it's going to happen i mean

there's nothing that can stop it these

are things that allah subhanahu wata'ala

decrees and and when they happened

and they can't bring it forward and they

can't delay it but we should do


to to to want to maintain

social order public order because of the

blessings of living in a time of

of of peace wherever you are and if if

there isn't peace you should be doing

everything you can to work

toward peace because it's it's it's

horrible especially for

uh women and children and and elderly


i mean young people unfortunately

there's a kind of excitement that goes

with war and this is one of the things


dorothy sayers mentions in her book

prisons we choose to live in where she

talks about

nobody ever wants to talk about the

attraction that young people have to war

young men in particular and and until we

deal with that we'll never deal with

with um with preventing wars and this is


uh the jahadi arabs were very well aware

of that

in the in the uh

lines of imminence about war being

seductive to every young

ignoramus are actually mentioned they


lines of poetry but the sahaba

considered them worthy of repeating

during times of fitnah

so just hopefully having a safe and

peaceful time

uh and using this time of ramadan it's a

it's a great time of blessing

so may allah subhanahu wa inshallah make

your ramadan a ramadan of virtue

and of um solace and of

family and and blessings inshallah and

and also supplication is very important

during this time

uh supplicating for our community for


our globe is obviously going through a


and many many places there's incredible

difficulty and hardship and those of us

who are blessed to be in places where

we're not experiencing a lot of things

that other people are experiencing it's

a time to really

magnify those blessings and and avoid


i mean people will complain about the

fact that the samosa wasn't

cooked uh properly or something like

that and really

stupid things to to complain about we

should just

really try to avoid complaining as much

as possible

and then and then also trying to unite

people because

you know i've been thinking a lot just

about uh

you know conflict theory and there there

are real forces out there that are

trying to to

really create a lot of conflict in our

societies all around the world because

there are committed ideologues

enthusiasts that actually believe

that conflict is a good thing until

the great revolution comes and until

the great egalitarian societies created

through some kind of utopian dream

and this is a real problem because these


work towards creating confrontation be

between the

young and the old between the male and

the female between the

the different various ethnicities and

races these are all demonic forces

working in the world

and our tradition is a tradition that

brings people together

our tradition is a tradition that makes

brothers and sisters

of different groups and if people say

that the muslims

themselves don't live up to that it

doesn't matter that's their business

it's not our business it's their

business our business is to do it


for us to live up to the truth of this

faith and and to live according to the

principles that the prophet sam gave us

because that's the religion what people

do is what they do

and whether it's in accordance with the

religion or not

is determined by whether they're

following our prophetic tradition or not

that that's how it's determined uh and


otherwise uh it's it's just a


so those muslims that are dishonoring


or or are

are themselves wrongdoers and sinners

and people of

of arrogance or whatever sinfulness that

they're expressing

those are all in spite of their faith

they're not because of their faith and

so that's where we have to get back to

is recognizing

what does our faith say not what do

muslims do what does our faith say and


each one of us as an individual has to

align with that truth

and that's what this month is all about

it's about realigning ourselves


with the heavens and and inshallah we we


29 or 30 days to do that and and

hopefully we'll

be able to retain as much of that as

possible throughout the rest of the year

until we have inshallah life allah gives

us another opportunity we

none of us know so may allah bless all

of your ramadans

and inshallah may it be a ramadan of t

the polishing of your hearts insha'allah