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First to welcome mr. Yuri it's an honor to have her here and I was just looking I was shown a collection of some of the letters that she received from Malcolm X or Nothing shabbat shalom ah you called him shahida and rica and i was struck by this letter that he wrote her it was from kuwait on the twenty-seventh of September 1864 and it says still trying to travel and broaden my scope since I've learned what a mess can be made by narrow minded people and it's signed by the document and I think that if we look at the current situation that we find ourselves in it's certainly quite a

match and I were confirmed with the Iman

that largely been made by narrow minded

people as a renown said that

provincialism is the enemy and

provincialism is seeing things only from

the earth perspective and so the idea of

traveling in order to broaden one stove

because one of the interesting things

about the world they used to say seeing

is believing but the postmodernist

inverted that and make

breathing is seeing and what they meant

by that is that it is your belief system

which will determine what you see in the

world and one of the trouble that I've

always had is in separating between my

subjective experience and my objective

knowledge my subjective experience of

the world has been largely good and I

can honestly say that the vast majority

of human beings that I have met and

spent any time with I have actually

enjoyed being with them it's the

anomalous experience I've found that

being with people that I did not enjoy

being with and I can't say if I Will

Rogers that picture frame one who said

I've never met a man I didn't like I

wish I could share that that's called a

bomb in the Islamic tradition which is a

station with God and its fish station of

it wasn't video according to give an ID

that he shows in his commentary on the

99 names that the one who realizes the

name and what you which means to loving

God the ones we had the hot bubble

appearance of FIFA he realizes the

reality of that attribute of God you can

have no heat in his heart for anyone and

we notice in the fly when the prophets

tensions the people that he says I gave

your actions the provinces I keep your

actions when you spoke to his people and

the commentators say a proper she's not

taller people to the shoes that he hated

them you would actually have to have

some concerns for them in order to call

them to the truth and therefore what the

prophets hate is not the person or the

human being but they hate the actions to

emanate from them def harm room shelves

and harm others and this is why the

problem hundreds of the lighting


the pocket behind once according to the

hadith which doesn't have to be shown a

deep saw if you go passing and he stood

up and the plow but what if the

companion said to Allah o messenger of

how vicious a Jew and he said Allah

nation next up he didn't get a soul and

this is for something very deep that dr.

are we were talking about earlier and

also amongst Josh when he described

himself as poor thing when I was

studying Arabic logic one of my teachers

explain to me the difference between a

knob and the death something that is

essential and something that's

particular and the example that he used

was a circle or a ball of claw and he

said if you have a lot of red ball if

the redness necessary in order for the

ball to be a ball and I should know and

he said that that's and the hob and then

he said is the circular nature of the

ball necessary in order for it to be a

ball and I said yes and he said that is

essential and that is the difference in

logic between something which is

essential and something was just

particular or not essential and when we

talk about ourselves when FEMA shall I

spoke about being a Muslim and then the

next three things that were mentioned a

black man an African and American now of

all those things there was only one that

was essential and the others were

incidental what would you send to was

his states and relationships which is

created and I know that the Imam was not

free to be a Muslim in the sense that he

claims to be

state of absolute revision with his Lord

but when he said when he said I am a

Muslim I am committed to the path of

surrender to a multiple data and that is

why it's essential because that

according to the Muslim is what goes on

in the next world as for the color as

for the country the Prophet Muhammad

peace be upon said everyone is easily

the passport in order to get into

paradise it's an ayah be systematic

Mataji where they can use the word

collage which is the monitor if it

weren't for passport which did not

excuse that the type of you was speaking

he said everybody is given a passport

and on that passport it says boo boo boo

instead I'm an ending enter into this

place with ease in a state of

tranquility and security and it's saying

one tradition that we the believers

perks coming to paradise they repeat for

what is an untold number or an untold

amount of time the words mmm they just

keep repeating over and over again

shutdown shutdown shutdown which is

peace peace peace because why me what

they were always looking for has been

achieved and this is where we get into

the topic year of between war and

understanding war is very interesting

phenomena it's existed as long as soon

beings according to the piranha

according to the Bible we have at the

outset of this human experience a

conflict between the children of Adam

and I was saying that I had a fist

quality to imam siraj banana Sophia's

add to me that he is a human being he is

a child of Adam and that

essential and not incidental and while

kinkos might differ or Adamic nature

does not differ and that is what really

bothers us at a much deeper reality and

that's why we have her from different

worlds in this country we have different

life experiences and yet we have come

together as floaters the stair something

very powerful and the probability sleep

onset of allah allah and muhammad potato

he has no face the one who has no lock

and add that a merman Demonata potato he

has no taste the one who i build up and

he repeated it three times and he said

Hawaii Latino Center but a decision to

move to have the cooties off can't I

points you people to something that if

you GD you would have love for one

another and he said for my evaluation

them options are available spread peace

amongst yourself and I was this parabola

coffee in beginner at once we were in a

mischief in the mark of the property 31

and they have people at the door that

sometimes a very gruff and there was a

man there at the door well we used to go

through at buzzer which is the dawn

prayer and we would walk in i would say

fell out equal to him and he would say

bye to them and show the next day i

justit's Arabella foggy I wanna

experiment with that happy but the

public said a lot of items for them can

i indicate some g if you did it you

would start loving each other spread

peace and so the next day I saw a shame

that I said teleological you said

why we do sound a little restaurant but

we weren't there yet on the third day I

saw the same man and I was bitch shut up

on a hobby who's my witness and he's a

death one and I said oh Heidi cook and

he said why he in her and he smiled

and then on the fourth day we came in

and a lot of my witness I shall try an

equal and he came up and he hugged you

he gave me the hub and he was a father

and when that indicated to me is human

being can be worn down just if you have

wars of attrition you offer of peace of

a tree in other words you need to wear

your opponent's dinner and sometimes

people are belligerent for very valid

reasons the female was mentioning

earlier but that was insurance can still

be removed with good intentions and

goodwill that it takes effort one of the

interesting things about Jesus is the

war is actually a positive metaphor we

talk about the war on drugs or the war

on terrorism in the arabic language war

is a negative medical there would never

talk about a war against something evil

they would talk about it jihad because

the odd is very different from Warren

easy to be hanging is that according to

the amount of Islam if Ana Lucia said

that the meaning of jihad there are two

names of Jenna there is this the

printable of jihad which is probably

moved up and then there's the

institution of jihad the principle of

jihad is a universal principle that has

nothing to do with military endeavors

smirking what Sherlock that is the

principle of Gaea it is the struggle and

applause what is wrong

yourself and what is around you but then

of the institution of jihad which is a

state institution and according to the

scholars it is instituted by of legal

government for the removal of

belligerent and that is the wording in

the Arabic language as you haggle

without eyes as a weekly disaster to

kill off jihad is approaching enemies in

order to remove belligerent and it is

not one because one of the things that

war does is it destroys human genes and

if you don't anything i would recommend

reading a book called flores of course

that gives us meaning by Chris Hedges

who was a war correspondent for 20 years

he was in Bosnia he was in South America

he was in Central America he was in

Palestine he saw ha una camp he saw 10

year old children produced out into the

open by Lebanese Christian mercenaries

working for his lady troops in the

Arabic language and then shot with m16

with Silas's on this is a New York Times

correspondent a winner of many awards in

journalism who saw that he said it's the

only time in his players of war coverage

where he saw children perfectly seduce

that in order to eliminate he said in

Sarajevo be snipers targeted children

but he said here he he saw with his own

eyes children being seduced now because

their mothers were being cursed in

Arabic and they came out to throw rocks

in that book what he said he talked

about the addiction of war the power of

war the seductive nature of war that

people become seduced by war Charles

Emperor sugar who flew across the


give a seat in 1941 just before the

attack on pearl harbor any nasty she

said why are our cinemas and theatres

being filled with plays and films at war

by war this is propaganda because we

watch Mel Gibson who never seems to die

no matter how many bullets are flying

are glorifying the war in Vietnam which

is a shameful first on the history of

this country glorifying the Lord the

incineration of people that were being

killed and this is a little-known fact

being fueled because of a very rare

metal Zoners tungsten which is actually

in eyes knowledge pt.1 this country

about the military-industrial complex

but also talking about the necessity of

nylons Vietnam football to the Chinese

because they only two major sources of

toasted in the world china and vietnam

and tungsten is a very important metal

for high-tech instance war is something

that people get addicted to and now we

see all of these when I way into barnes

and noble just after September's rabbit

there was all these amazing displays or

World War two and right before that we

had a movie about twelve Harbor which

was a love story isn't that interesting

so you associated the most heinous

attacks on this country with a love

story where the emotions are so this

book is a testimony to the care of war

and it was an American Confederate

General already even said War is hell

and he became the rector on the military

institute in the South Africa

and they said that during the drills use

of purposely marched out of step because

people that have seen what those people

are seen either become a secret and want

more or they become qualified and want

put it into it and those are the choices

tell if you look at the food grade

classes in the Western civilization that

are foundational to what's called the

greco-roman civilization the Iliad and

adoption by the one poet Homer the idiot

is about war but the oddity is about the

attempt to get home after you've been

through of war and what happens to you

didn't throw discus in his attempt to go

back to normality after he's been

through a bloody and carnage field

experience very difficult and when he

gets however first thing he does is

magic for all the guests in the house so

it's interesting when our special forces

fellows get back from Afghanistan go to

Fort Bragg and kill for freedom who

happen to be there why it's very

difficult to come back home after you've

been in a war because war has a very

very terrible effect on the shoulder

it's not easy to kill a person these

were takes it very easy when he says

make my day they don't see pretty good

in those films suffering the addiction

of alcohol or drop to attempt to remove

the memory of that person making his day

fatal tells you that more Vietnam

veterans of committed camera shy since

I'd in Vietnam well that over twenty

percent of the homeless in this country

or Vietnam veterans because those are

the position that nobody cares about

trying to make their way back home after

the carnage so

hear the drums of war being drummed up

its kind of seriously wake up and

competitor who's manipulating mood it's

very easy to manipulate equal son has

anger opponent so as to throw them into

disarray and that was a book called the

art of war anger opponent saw us to

throw them in disarray but the same

philosopher of war also said a wide

general or leader will never start a war

in a state of anger because a nation

which destroyed can never be brought

back and a life once taken can never be

restored so those Afghan ease that were

celebrating their wedding seat when the

collector ball fell on them who can

bring them back and where's the memorial

for them and where are the tubes for

those people one of the things that

Shakespeare said in Henry 261 crop of

blood from my country bosom should

grieve me more than streams of for gore

provincialism is the enemy that might be

fine and dandy in a time when the

English actions were distinct race

defending their short but that is no

longer a sentiment that can be tolerated

in a world in which we all living side

by side because little Kabul is right

down the road in fremont and maybe some

of their relatives were in that wagon

seat there's 10,000 doctors in this

country from pakistan in the arab

countries the person treating your wife

or treating your child when you put

their life into it inland

an American comedian can say on national

television program there's certainly a

lot of Muslims in this country I look to

my doctor the other day you said face

Mecca and cost and everybody not when

that joke is understood by a large

number of Americans you know that Muslim

physicians are having an impact on this

country war is a negative term chef the

forearm talks about war finally putting

down is wrong for its weight 2 o's are

more the rates of war jihad on the other

hand is not like that because jihad is

about fighting for what is right and

english love is not allowed to fight

against descanses he cannot fight for

what he does not believe in it is

praised it it and i take a life unjustly

in this world collateral bubble tea is

an unacceptable concept as a principle

one of the english poet Byron said he

hated them too much to feel remorse and

thought provides of wrath of sacred call

to pay injuries of some on all thinking

that revenge is a which is bad does

anyone have that we have to fulfill

outside and this is unacceptable in our

current situation and that is why we are

indeed between war and understanding but

I would contend that the basket or a

people on this planet do not want war

the vast majority of people on this

planet like those people that we saw in

those films because that's the nitrogen

elusive world people have told me if

you're an American do you ever feel

afraid in the Muslim world and I feel I

feel afraid in downtown San Francisco

blackrock self is raining Cairo I've

never felt afraid in the robot or in

kasha blow

going fast emeka I walked in three in

the morning in those movies in the

booking countries and I've never felt

any sheriff I come home he's walking

down the streets of saying that he's

justin is so radical peace be upon thee

not your money or your life and I know

what to say back why the commercial um

no problems between us I was asked on

the Jazeera which is a narrow job do you

think America's at war with Islam and I

have to depression in but afterwards I

was dressing laughter because I realized

there was a problem and it's a logical

challenges of a fallacy of

personification when we say is America

at war with Islam if you are the first

explain to me what do you mean by

America's you mean emotional I few

introduce viewing of the audience after

doing the earth and healthy who define

what you mean by this negative thing

you're calling America because America

is a tapestry of human being

narrow-minded positional redneck racist

they're all there but there's also all

those other people there are hoses those

narrow minded races before you're trying

to enlighten people know you keep them

and expand their scope and understanding

so we don't have to live in a world will

be fearful our children because of the

color of their skin or the fact that

they're wearing a cookie on their hand

or our dollar so this is something we

ought to ask ourselves with your mark

are you talking about because the

America that I love and I understand is

the America of Emerson and henry davis

erupted and Meldrum and the Daniel

hostel and Sojourner Truth a tower woman

shows your the truth South America

that it's those people that in spite of

the wrongs of this country all you stood

up and invoices the truth and that is

something that we have to get at because

those once again just being in America

Africa and Saudi Arabia staff being

Palestine they have to be in France in

Italy and those wouldn't need to be hurt

and those are the voice of sanity those

are the voyages of healthy it's the

voices that are reminding people of what

is right and they're all popular boys

with long popular but those voices from

employers that are earning there are

lots of people the naysayers at the time

those people it's not the Athenian that

our honor they are your version is it's

the man they kill this already Western

University that's environment because

these both the truth and they sacrifice

it when they ask you because the

Athenians were very civilized in their

barbarity they said what if we will give

you the choice of determining your

punishment for crimes against the state

and Socrates was like you just give me

free meal for the rest of my life and

and you said I'm not being funny I think

you a great service by reminding you

what you're doing wrong I'm fulfilling a

public service and that is like that

voice is a voice that's our adapter is

dead because it is only with the 2020

vision of hindsight does those people

that were seeing down the road are

suddenly she is Visionnaire he was

certainly ahead of his time well it's

about time we caught up with all those

people because so many of them have

already died in the past

so let us know where we should be and

that is why every country has ideal

because you don't measure your success

with your standards you measure the

short-term you measure your inability to

achieve those in and thats why linux

country would form they wrote in their

decorations those founding fathers that

all men are created equal and that ideal

was true but the reality was not sure

still not to NewsCenter but the

recognition of the ideal because

hypocrisy as the fetch water says its

Bahamas to fight a movie the ideal has

to be always there that is what we are

talking about and the ideal be sure to

like and comment as been yeah in Italy

stage in the eleventh hour to the

fighting and tear each other's office

still armed with knives and even learn

those lessons that the strong piracy and

devastate nation the Gulf states now

have untold rates of cancer of genital

deformities all come to go for and get

this country is preparing for a mother

because it's because I a Hollywood movie

they thought you both will want it now

that's what Hollywood does when they

have a successful movie they make a

hemant work why does that yellow glad

you get it back broken you see because

these matter gamblers that's what they

are that's what warmongers are they're

gamblers because the things that were

always got away with it in the paddock

if you get away with it again but

there's going to be a time when you lose

when Gerry Ford gets on national

television and

all a man that launches of the world

considered to be the greatest human

being why doesn't he feel healthy be

professions which I have even on

Christian who have traditionally this

peacefully in those countries because

Christians have been protected in the

Muslim lands for centuries the Coptic

Christians 8 million Christians in Egypt

the Christians in India the Christians

in Pakistan the Christians in truckee

because human beings are easy to get

emotionally roused up in and their

ignorance assoc say something like that

little secret that we forgot into the

house in the problem honesty sleep on

these ships doctor is your father and

the father they said healthy be triggers

our Father because that we don't think

that the lsat no knowledge 0 which is

what we call sillier than tiny a word

this is know how early the news in

english because the congress of honoring

parents has been so far removed from our

society but in arabic is once the seven

major reasons that people destroy their

soul to open body Dame Celia impiety the

problem honestly don't hurt your

graduate exhaustion while help you

because I'll trenches it by trusting the

sounds of another man and then he in

turn churches your parents that is the

preemptive strike that the three of the

front you want to know what a preemptive

strike this is holy people up and giving

them their honor their dignity not

humiliating them not putting them into

work if promising indeed has weapons of

mass destruction on to threaten him with

eliminating him because he would want to

go out every bit of that but if it's

illogical Rockies that are going to get

poisoned by those idiots not that

important because people have addressed

the history of bombing until the zinc

two values your bodies are very


group of the first people Bob Davidians

who evolved by the economy in 1911 as an

experiment they were civilians but the

Italians won't see how effective it was

to drop bombs on people for they went

out and drop bombs on some better work

and the reporting vacuum glorying

calories this is a very effective means

of destroying people and then shower

nobody knows about chefs out everybody

knows about Garrett Kopp because Picasso

painted a tragic picture of the people

of Jack over shuffling the ball but

don't you see the people of chefs chela

women and children in 1925 but were

bombed by American mercenaries pirate

paid by the French government an entire

city that was razed to the ground nobody

remembers the observers of sift shell or

the bombardment of alexandria by debris

asleep all civilians the first according

to spend approaches will just book

review giovanni it's the first actual

aerial bombing that was done

purposefully against the civilian

population and so the believer is the

boys are accused of dissolving

practicing law in the hospital because

if we look at history if you guys are

channeling inside seat and there was a

aneeq and christian and jewish man and

the subject was is wrong and violence i

shall i feel very honored to defend our

position 1 i've got preaching

doing our Muslim brothers in Bosnia I

have is great feeling my Muslim brothers

in Palestine and I got into Chile my

little brothers in India but cash

position was a very intelligent lone the

authority said is human nature to hate

those you hurt you have to be the rain

to other people when you do them wrong

that's human nature but it's also human

nature to forgive it's also human nature

to resolve conflicts humans are very

adept at that if they choose but it is a

choice and it's a conscious choice and

it takes color and it takes effort the

founding fathers of this country George

Washington felt that it was in the

interest of the United States to pay

jizya instead of going to war with the

army and shows his government agrees

with a digit to the honor and devote

that war is you costly and endeavor and

John Adams said that when he feared most

for this country's militarism that if

the economy becomes a military economy

that it would be the destruction in the

end of this country because it's what

the destroying on appointee who studied

21 of civilizations and came to the

conclusion that all exam followed

identical pattern and their destruction

was always the result of the same

circumstances that they themselves

created what the greeks called nemesis

he said the pattern was 12 rubriz and

then the final one wants the Nemesis or

the calamity the college she said was

she SAT a civilization becomes very

successful and then leads to oprah's

with the Greek sometimes called

arrogance but it really meant

extravagant behavior as a result of a

feeling of superiority that we can do

what we want might makes right like the

melians when

facilities the Greek historian in the

Peloponnesian War look at the Athenians

obligation that we have to the hilum of

you though in order to invite them to

join the coalition and the Greeks

ambassador is very invitation went like

this after the money explained to them

that they preferred like Switzerland

they didn't use that as an example but

they prefer like Switzerland to remain

neutral in the conflict between Athens

and Sparta the Athenian ambassadors head

we are strong and therefore we do what

we drilled and you are weak and

therefore you do what you must that was

the invitation to the coalition and the

valley is according to vicinity felt a

very interesting thing they said

basically an American colloquial

language what goes around comes around

and the detective type of attitude it

might be very long if you find

yourselves in a very similar position to

us and by the end of the book those

Athenians are being massacred by the

Spartans and the melions were being

restored to their islands by the

Spartans and that was the lesson from

that historian who Colin Powell said was

worth his inspiration so I'm looking at

he read that part Jordan Washington

preferred the pages yes and to go to war

with the Ottomans because he fell two

hundred fifty thousand dollars a year

from a lot cheaper than creating a

military and suffering the cost of more

lost lives because what is the life work

according to insurance companies in this

country is 150 thousand dollars well if

that's the case then naturally probably

about 138 people so what is a life worth

of life is priceless obviously you can't

replace your life and I have a dear

friend in Iranian whose brother was

killed in the Battle of stop fighting

the Iraqis and you wrote a poem that was

called the flowers of April because he

was killed in April and he said in that

phone and I'm

verified he wrote it in very beautiful

language but he said I see the flowers

of April blooming again this year but I

don't see you moving those flowers come

back but you my boss brother will never

come back and that's something for us to

think about total treaty which every

taxi driver in Egypt can give you an

extended vector on and you'll be

hard-pressed to file of THC in America

this ever heard of it the sykes-picot

treaty was a treaty to split up to look

the world into spheres of influence by

the British and French there's a film

out now and I just saw a trailer for it

with Antonio Banderas and fed on the

film your worst enemies are your friends

you double cloth and I realize that

Hollywood can come up America's problem

in one line did you have to give him

credit so it's time we stop double

clotting people it's time we lived up to

these ideals the farewell address of

George Washington in which he said that

our policy is be with all nations that

of benevolence good bill and commerce

resilient picked a snitch and so does

good state policy but that's what this

country should be doing we're not honest

brokers in the Middle East I solve the

problems and people from now that I was

an advisor to boot you didn't take my

advice and I give a letter in that

letter I clearly say the reasons why I

Afghanistan with sake bomb can't bomb

the country that one ball the drop on

that country cost more than the entire


any that you're longing you can't bother

Daisy cluster fog on a people that have

had 20 years of bombardment that had 80

million landline put there by rightness

in this country we have a former

national security adviser who boasts

about having seduced the Russians in

Afghanistan in an operation that was

called Operation mosquito to give the

Russian bear malaria and walk it drop

and so 1.5 million Afghan you those

notable freedom fighters back in the

Reagan gear same characters that

suddenly became the evil empire at the

same time that the key for entire

looking transform into our best current

and something I feel a little queasy

like I'm in an Orwellian world maybe

it's Allison longer than my slip through

the looking glass and right now who I am

I say I don't know I changed so many

times today but this is the reality of

the situation your worst enemies or the

best friends you double-cross in store

that has it says because the only thing

down on room set up to every people we

have appointed right and she'll know

whom NASA cool which day must follow the

language economy let them they not

dispute with Z about the matter that you

are in to the problem what Rosie

O'Donnell pika in deca Diana weekend was

and call to your laws because

you are on a straight path when you get

a new job would you know about that

metal and if they should argue with you

about what you're calling to them safe

God knows death about what you're doing

a logic from Albania from llamo te amo

mi from comfy custody

God will judge between you about your

differences on the day of judgment and

so that I saw are true what we seek to

be true and I believe that Islam is true

and I believe that it abrogates and I

believe that it is a final message to

humanity but I recognize the right of my

Christian Gregory and purest reference

and prudence and all these other people

to follow our gerontologist cell phone

is true and that is what i was using

teaches us we can invite and I worked

out is but like the great American

calligrapher seven order for invitations

to be real it has to be open to the

Jackson if an invitation is really

intimidated then you have to accept the

fact that some people don't want to tell

me and that's why houses in this phone

says what would you say if you were

invited to a banquet as a guest of job

and when you arrive you found all these

people at that banquet in vain had all

been invited to how his note that the

Jews the Christians the Buddhist they're

all just of God here we're all on this

thing together we've all been invited

here together and the flyer says have

got one he would have made you one uma

the suburb will pay off so by was one

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the challenge is to oppose war because

war is a capitulation to the worst

aspects of humanity war occurs when

people stop talking but will also begin

when people shun the wrong thing and the

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good war is worried so if you want to

make peace with the people that voices

of the world planet

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that they're not people she says that

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buying in the shade of the trees and

looking at those stations and ask

yourself this is the space of an evil

person because I shout at the feet of

mountains and I would just look at that

in all and they were wrong because they

had internalized the way of muhammad