Zaytuna College Commencement 2019

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Event Name: Zaytuna College Commencement 2019
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and though the last lights

of the black west went a warning at the

brown brink eastward Springs because the

Holy Ghost over the bent world broods

the warm breast and with our bright

wings thank you


mr. Bernardo Hanrahan we're going to

before we hear the commencement speaker

and then issue the diplomas we're

actually going to just pause to honor

somebody who I think has really helped

to make Zaytuna what it is in a cello

what it will become and that's dr. mark

damien Delp dr. del came to us over five

years ago and it was actually through

sister Maryanne Farina

and I told sister Maryanne if she's ever

canonized that I'll testify to at least

two of her four miracles necessary

because she she was the one that put in

dr. Hatton and my mind I think although

probably dr. Hatton might have had it

before me but she put it into our minds

in a in a in a yurt that some of you

remember down in Fremont or Hayward how

you watered and and and she was the one

that said you know you should consider

starting a Muslim college up on holy

hill and then she told me about this

building being available and then she

told me about that other building being

available then she told me one day I was

telling her that it was really hard to

find somebody that could teach

traditional logic most logic they teach

propositional logic but to find somebody

that really understood traditional logic

both in its material and formal which

our students have studied was very

difficult she said I know just the

person and it was dr. Delp and dr. to

helped came here and taught and became

one of the favorite favorite teachers at

the school but then when we had a crises

and we lost our Deen to Notre Dame a

Catholic college so our Muslim Dean went

to a Catholic College I went to a

Catholic asking him to become the Dean

of a Muslim college so these are the

days of miracles and wonders the world's

very topsy-turvy and we we relish it

yeah so dr. Delp came and he's done a

remarkable job

unfortunately it's bittersweet because

he's retiring this year but we want to

retire him as a distinguished professor

emeritus and so I'll just read what it

says in in grateful recognition of his

many years of dedicated service to this

institution mark Damien Delp is hereby

designate a distinguished professor

emeritus as dean of faculty dr. mark

damien dell infused his sincere

commitment to the liberal arts in all

aspects of the academic program as a

tuna and ensured that the college met

the highest academic and administrative

standards as faculty member dr. Deb's

depth of knowledge and philosophy and

logic fortified the College in these

philosophically impoverished times we

will miss dr. Dell his Grace and gentle

demeanor and we are forever grateful to

God for the time he granted us to learn

and benefit from him and then I want

this is a little surprise too

I was recently with my teacher who

received from the hand of Pope Francis

this little gift which has the Pope's

seal on it and it's a medallion of st.

Francis meeting upon kamon

and I think only God can arrange this


God got a little emotional there he's

been a really good friend for me

personally and and certainly for the

college so it's it really is a

bittersweet moment I'd like to introduce

a dear brother and colleague and friend

who said that would bethe Evans he's the

first scholar in residence at the