Zaytuna College Convocation 2010

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Event Name: Zaytuna College Convocation 2010
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hat is very shocking to a young convert

studying Arabic in in and I and I wasn't

married at the time so reading this

poetry was actually quite quite racy

really but they were certainly not

prudes that that early community and

when religion becomes prudish it also

becomes dangerous it really does and and

so we really want to see a beautiful

type of Islam emerged in America and and

it will and it is the the Prophet once

asked some people were going to a

wedding and he said is there any

entertainment and they said no it he

said find some entertainment because I

want Jews and Christians to see we've

got room in our religion you know that

we're not uptight that it's not an

uptight faith and and that was important

for him of how his religion was

perceived by others that is not an


significant hadith that the Prophet was

concerned with how people saw the

religion there are unfortunately some

Muslims that could care less how other

people view their faith but I care very

deeply about how other people view my

faith because it's a beautiful faith and

whether they embrace it or not I would

like to at least I would like to see

people recognizing the beauty of the

Islamic tradition of its architecture of

its clothing of its calligraphy of its

food of its music of all the various

expressions and of its devotion of its

simplicity all of those things that make

Islam the stunning faith that it is and

that's nourished me for the last 32

years of my life but this poem is a poem

by one of my favorite poets Robert Frost

and it's called the fear of God and I

say this really too as a reminder to us

at Zaytuna at what we're embarking on

Robert Frost writes if you should go

from somewhere from nowhere just up to

somewhere from being no one up to being

someone be sure to repeat to yourself

you owe it to an arbitrary God whose

mercy to you rather than to others won't

bear to critical examination stay

unassuming if for lack of license to

wear the uniform of who you are you

should be tempted to make up for it in a

subordinating look or tone beware of

coming too much to the surface and using

for apparel what was meant to be the

curtain of the inmost soul humility is

the great quality of our prophet he said

I was commanded to be humble so that no

one would show arrogance over any other

he said be humble for the sake of God

and God will elevate you I really hope

that we set out humbled with the task

that is ahead it's an immense task and

and I'm humbled by the presence of the

people that have come by dr. James and

Rabbi Michael Lerner from from these

great faith traditions that went before

Islam Judaism and Christianity and by

all of you for coming out

thank you and and really thank this

extraordinary group of young people it's

very diverse group and and I'm really

hoping that we can serve them as well as

they're expecting us to may Allah bless

all of you mayor Ramadan be blessed

thank you jessica malahide on with South

America to conclude this evening we have

our last speaker which is one of the

faculty who starred Abdullah bin Hamad

Ali is actually the only Western

graduate of the Sharia Faculty of the

University of al-quran located in Fez

Morocco he specializes in Islamic legal

theory dialectical theology and Malachy

jurisprudence he is currently completing

his graduate study at the Graduate

theological Union in Berkeley he would

lead us in the concluding duaa

supplication for concluding this evening

Allahu Akbar now Maureen our kuia how

many other hero allahumma Barrett being

in amber being a cop are you not a man

to be nelma city with Makarov oh allah

distance us from our sins in the same

way that you have created distance

between east and west

allahu - Erica hide in Maserati go hide

at dois Maharaja were hired at a

medieval hide at the Ohio hilarity were

hidin my man or Allah we ask you the

best of petitions the best of

supplications the best of success the

best of works best the best of rewards

and the best in life and the best after

death allahumma thabbitna mahakal amana

ethical know as Inanna Bharathiraja Tina

well children are Katya Tina Allah we

ask you to realize our faith we ask you

to place to place weight on our scale of

good deeds we ask you to forgive us for

our sins Allah watches clear hajima

watcher wha wha wha wha here about Tina

- ah-choo demeanor Geneva manny resada

he managed energy I mean Aloha callosum

in a nursery mean when a janitor meaning

Allah who - Dina vs marina absurd I know


of your health in our same vehicle

latina a FEMA here now more Martina what

the what the bill has an

Athena Allah we ask you for good health

we ask you for well-being in our persons

and enough in our sight in our vision

and our hearing and in our hearts and in

our souls we ask you to correct our

deeds to give his good conduct -

beautiful beautiful our creation as

unify a beautiful our conduct as

beautiful our creation and we ask you to

accept our good deeds

allahumma zid knowledge and Krishna

Oracle never lie to him

Martyna bottom third of normal saline

water die now or allah we ask you

to give us increase in that decrease we

ask from you honor and not dishonor we

asked you to give to us and not to deny

us we ask you to give us preference and

not to prefer others to us and we ask

for your satisfaction we ask you for

your satisfaction Allah who Mubarak

physically it is a true now allahumma

barik fickle it is a tuna wealthy woman

ah AHA or female SEC ha or female not

Vimy ha or FEMA say yeehaw

Buffy mawa burfi ha or Fillmore talimena

men who were mildly mean we are America

our hamara he mean Allah we ask you to

bless is a tuna College we ask you to

bless its founders the best to bless as

trustees we ask you to bless its

managers we ask you to bless his staff

we ask you to bless his faculty and a

student body

well Jimmy and how the Dean if you have

that you German Mubarak you can be

automatically our camera he mean I mean

all shoots aiming also ask you to bless

all of those present in this noble

gathering gathering we ask you by your

mercy o most merciful of those who show

mercy Allah who - erica bhisma Kapaa

here at by even mobile kilocalorie

either duty to be he adept what if

that's for him to be here a hint worried

the stuff reduced refers to be forged

and to suddenly i were to sell him over

to barakah rasulina muhammad water hit

by irina Tajin Wadena ma whom basically

our camera he mean but hamdu lillahi

lady had an ally heard about my new

nanny Listeria Lauder and had an of Lola

and had an a la solana animal serene al

hamdu lillahi rabbil alameen mean

it's actually we have a very good news

we finished the program about 25 minutes

then planned and for a Muslim gathering

and for a Muslim college this is a good

beginning so alhamdulillah thank you all

for being part of this program and we

invite all of you to be part of the

support give us advice give us counsel

keep us on the straight path as we see

and travel to create this great Muslim

institution America Salam alaikum wa

rahmatullah wa barakato