Zaytuna College Convocation 2018

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Event Name: Zaytuna College Convocation 2018
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um takbir Allahu Akber Salam aleikum


Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

jazakallah khair for the song for the

nasheed this is a celebration for the

beginning of the master degree program

at Zaytuna College and we have our first

incoming class this would not have been

possible without the hard work of a

number of people that I would like to

recognize to begin with and I think one

is dr. mark Delp who really took on the

forging of our own independent master

degree we were thinking about creating

an MA degree jointly with GTU so that's

still in the backburner and we forged

ahead with our own independent MA degree

which required a far more work than

possibly would have been needed to do so

so really we have to recognize that work

sumaya sitting in the back she became

our in-house expert on WASC so much so

that now wasps have taken her to

actually become part of visitation team

and she just had lost past week training

so she would become she would go visit

other institutions to be part of the

accreditation process so in here we

her work is tremendous and now for us

we're actually going to have another was

visit for the BA degree in the

institution next February so we're

beginning the work right now to prepare

our files and our documents

institutionally for WASC visit so this

is very important that we have someone

in-house that is able to know the

topography of the accreditation process

as well as the inside work working of

WASC the same institution that accredits

UC Berkeley Stanford and other

institution is accrediting us as an

institution so the master degree really

owes a lot to the work that have made it

possible for this Catherine just for

those who can the students in the MA

degree this morning when we had our

first orientation they received the

catalog and it just was hot of the print

print of the press that the first page

table of content was missing so talk