Zaytuna Fundraiser - New Brunswick, NJ 2011

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Event Name: Zaytuna Fundraiser - New Brunswick, NJ 2011
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first of all, from the bottom of my heart from the staff that has worked very hard, also from the local community that worked with them the.  Also community from Long Island some of them are here tonight to this afternoon, they were there last night we went late into the morning and just mashallah.  We've been overwhelmed at the East Coast.  the West Coast might not be the best coast but the East Coast is not the least coast.  So you have been really really supportive and we're fortunate to have

to support in our community but I have

to say in all honesty that this doctor

would be Musa and if you if you noted

the if you noted the lecture series I'm

getting some feedback

oh hello nothing worse we have more

engineers in our community yet our

losses have the worst sound systems Tony

rasigan clock button is crushed it with

a thousand engineers and and I could

always if these dead I would always get

these horrible reverbs and I'll tell

your story about the hog and Medina is

absolute true story they had a massive

problem with the feedback the true story

because I heard this from one of the

engineers inside the room and when they

first built the message they had safety

our they brought in German technology

everything they could not figure out the

feedback profit well one day this man

came from Europe I think was from

Germany at the Turkish man came from

Europe and he was really bothered by the

feedback so he went and he told them

that you can solve their problem and

they said how do you know about this he

said yes I have a discotheque in her

head and we

we had that problem and I solved it so

he actually solved the problem in Medina

for the feedback it was a sound engineer

from Germany was working in a

discotheque so it's weird things about

being on planet Earth this trans things

happen d so i have to tell you we need

your help we need your support because

this institute is growing at dr

everybody musa who was there and if you

notice the lecture series this year has

been extraordinary we have had some of

the best scholars come to california and

fortunately a lot of them come for other

things because we have several majors

universities in the bay area so we get

these visiting scholars coming to


stanford and we have the opportunity to

bring them over and they can give

lecture ism and they've been very

accommodating so far so our students

have really benefited from that aspect

but we are going to grow we're bringing

in a second year now the freshman of

next year and then this freshman class

is working into a sophomore year we need

to hire we need infrastructure the only

thing that I can really promise you I

have been working with this project for

several years we have made a lot of

mistakes we were on learning curves and

we have tried to be as transparent as

possible we have an assembly I can

obviously I do not believe as far as I

know that there has been any misuse of

funds there has been inefficient use in

the past undeniable that has bothered me

and has bothered other people but we

have not had any problems we've had

internal audits we've kept it at we're

trying to run it like the best

professions in the United States are

being run we have adjusted those things

that the internal auditors said needed

to be

Justin and we feel confident that the

501 C 3 which is the tax-exempt status

in the state of California I don't know

what they call it here that's a federal

designation but that's what they talked

to California this last year though has

been a transitional year the watershed

is a Twitter one of the interesting

things if people a lot of people didn't

notice this but our logo and many Muslim

logos do this our local has a crescent

moon actually for the first 10 years of

crescent moon was the wrong way it was a

waning moon and somebody noticed that

brought it to our attention so they

actually had hitched the right way

everything changed after that it's been

waxing sense but I can honestly say that

we caught in a first-rate director for

the Institute for the College and owner

was in the met him he was an

award-winning manager at Microsoft he

was at I think HP before that Cisco or

HP Cisco so he has worked in the best of

the corporations in his

knows how to do things at that level and

he really turned it Institute around and

since he's been with us and it's been a

great blessing our commitment is to get

better and better now what I'd like to

talk about this is three things right

now the first thing I want to talk about

it's just education and the idea of

Education and the problem education the

second thing just so i can remember so

people keep me clean here the second

thing i want to talk about is where we

are and finally I'd like to talk a

little bit about where we're going the

the whole I the concept of education is

in the Islamic tradition central the

profitable ideas that are said in a

sound heavy in them kumar and lima for

those of you who know arabic you know

what in them amines in tonight is what

they call it's a it's a vehicle of

encompass meant it means oh I was only

sent as a teacher and if you get into

rhetoric people who know these Sciences

you have a lot of empathy p so it's an

evolving but it's emphasizing the fact

that he is saying I was only sent to

teach I am a teacher that is essentially

what our office and I said it was he

said kingdom of Egyptian whereas nima in

the movie

cotterman hoffman i was also sent to

perfect noble character using in them

again education and morality are

inextricably bound together in our

tradition we do not separate the idea of

education from morality there was a time

in this country that is not that long

ago when that they had that idea that is

no longer the case in higher education

even in high schools today it is simply

not the case I think you have to be

aware of what's happening in this

country because we are seeing a downward

spiral that has been increasing since my

youth and getting worse and worse and

each year they say the good news right

the bad news is this year's first and

last year but the good news is it's

better than next year this is where

we're going as a society all you have to

do is look out and around you look at

the television programming there's an

amazing statement that Alexander hope he

was a great poet from the 18th century

died in 1744 days of British on the

Great British poet he's famous for

possessing on man but he said ice is a

monster of so frightful me meaning place

ntin ice is a monster of so fight

frightful mean as to be hated needs only

to be seen all you have to do is see

twice and you hate it because it's it's

ugly vice is ugly then he said but

seemed too oft it becomes a familiar

face if you see it too much it becomes a

familiar face and then first endured you

put up with it be tolerated then pity

you start feeling sorry

and then embrace its embraced it becomes

normal the prophet sallallahu

sensitivity home in that aspect and mom

car ready to come Marvin how does it be

when what is vice to you today comes

virtue tomorrow and they said a good day