Zaytuna Webcast 4: Thoughts on the Science Delusion

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Event Name: Zaytuna Webcast 4: Thoughts on the Science Delusion
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bismillah r-rahman


now one of the things that there is out

there right now is there's this there's

two books on the New York Times

bestseller list right now Dawkins The

God Delusion and the other one is Sam

Harris letter to a Christian nation

now as for mr. Dawkins basically what he

does is he takes the best of science and

says look how great we are rah rah rah

and he takes the worst of religion and

he says look how horrible they are boo

down with religion you know not really

fair it's like putting a 90-pound

weakling in with Muhammad Ali in the

boxing ring and and and watching him

pound him to a pulp that's not fair

if you if you want to put Muhammad Ali's

science or really he should be religion

but if you want to put Muhammad Ali

science in with religion you have to

find the George Foreman of religion or

something just there has to be some

parody or compatibility science is has a

lot of good in it it also has a lot of

bad we tend to forget there's a lot of

bad science in the world for instance

there was a move in the United States in

the early 2020s century in the 1920s to

basically sterilize poor people because

they were seen scientifically as

unworthy of breeding that that was a

scientific theory that scientific theory

manifest in the Nazi movement because

the Nazis believed in the science of

eugenics that they were actually a

superior race and they believed that the

Jews were an inferior race that's

science that's not religion so Dawkins

doesn't talk about that science science

is only what's good and what's wonderful

and what's for instance science creates

things like agricultural systems that

work like now we can put potassium and

we can put phosphates

into a chemical mix and instead of

allowing land to rest they used to have

crop rotation and and allow land to rest

have a period of rest so that it could

they'd let the

come graze they would defecate that

defecation would restore the soil to its

its natural and fertile nature so

science comes along and says hey you

know what we can replicate what the

animals are doing so let's put some

potassium some phosphate put it together

put it in the soil and we can just farm

all year long well then we find out that

the topsoil is eroding all over the

world because soil is not being allowed

to rest it's like having a woman

pregnant all year long for 20-30 years

how's she gonna feel so science has its

downside as well now religion has its

downside also but it's just it's kind of

an unfair fight when you take the best

of science the worst of religion and and

write a book about that and just say hey

religions and the science is the answer

religions evil sam harris another person

gee isn't religion horrible it's caused

all these wars well gee what was the

20th century World War one was that

about religion wasn't that nationalism

World War two was that about religion

wasn't that fascism all the Cold War's

weren't those about communism communism

is anti religion so the 20th century the

bloodiest century in human history is

all wars that weren't thought about

religion they were fought about

ideologies so I think the problem is a

human problem it's not the problem of

religion humans are the problem so

religions okay we need to get rid of all

the humans actually what we need to do

is humanize these people that are

walking around bipeds that are supposed

to be behaving like humans and often are

behaving not like animals I don't like

to discredit animals because I think

it's unfair again to say you know he's

behaving like a dog or he's behaving

like a pig or he's behaving like a lion

I I think it's unfair to the animals to

do that you know when you take the worst

of human beings and compare them to

animals because animals are just being


humans on the other hand are not being

human so whatever you want to call them

they're they're certainly not behaving

like animals they're behaving like

demons so I think that's a better if you

if you want a a good metaphor there it's

it's better call them demons that's

demonic behaviors not animal behavior

animals are creatures that live within

their own limitations and I've never

seen a dog that didn't behave like a dog

I've never seen a cat that didn't behave

like a cat never seen a pig that didn't

behave like a pig I've never seen a

donkey that didn't behave like a donkey

I've never seen a rabbit that didn't

behave like a rabbit or any other animal

but I've seen a lot of humans that don't

seem to be behaving like humans

so it's unfair to call them animals

because animals are just being true to

their nature the question is are we

being true to our nature that's the

question and religion says no and you

know why because God expects a lot more

from you then you expect from yourself

so do you want to ask me I would say

it's not our religions that have failed

as Sam Harris mr. Dawkins it's we that

have failed our religions thank you