Lecture: Respond with What is Better

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Event Date12/25/2015
Event LocationCalifornia
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The Open Society: ""The last interview" is worth reading. Censorship is a good thing"
Shaikh Hamza Yusuf
The Open Society: "In his last interview, he said he was wrong, we have to censor violent media"
The Open Society: "Not recommended, SHY quoted from it, and it was used as a proof for censorship"
The Open Society: "On censorship, and how you need to have censorship "
"We have to obey the law….I said this 3 days before 911. And they didn't report that, they reported something else; In Philadelphia, I have it on tape. Anybody that comes into this country, with a VISA, or is living under the law of this land; And they commit a criminal act or terrorist act. The Prophet (SAW) is against them, because this is our religion."
Shaikh Hamza Yusuf