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Event Name: Respond with What is Better
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say to them nothing will afflict you then you see Bana nothing will afflict us ill a market ofAllah who accept what Allah has decreed

for us nothing will afflict you except

what Allah subhana WA Ta'ala has a Creed

decreed for us who were Mawlana he is

our protector Allah subhana wa tada one

mawlana one Allah he fell yet awakened

in moon and upon Allah let the believers

place their trust to weaken and Allah

when you enter your house you say -

welcome to Allah when you leave your

house you say - welcome to Allah you can

be in your house earthquake comes you

can go out you get hit by a car or you

get something happens to you this is the

nature of dunya dunya

Dorabella is the abode of tribulation

anybody that wants a good ride here

they're in the wrong place

it's as simple as that and this is

something Muslim for centuries they've

known when the Mongols came

invaded the Muslims they knew how to

respond in relay when a lady Raji rune

we belong to Allah and to him we return

this dunya is Fanny Adaro fannia it's a

it's a it's evanescent before our eyes

literally you know one of the

interesting things about humans when we

look at each other all you see is dead

cells you don't even see the living

person in front of you

everything that's that's presented to my

eyes and what's presented to your eyes

is just dead cells we're already dead in

the Camellia tune we know who may you

tune your you're dead and they're dead

this is dunya this is dunya doe dinky

dunya hey this is dunya and so we have

to recognize where we are and then act


so when tribulations happen one of the

things the prophet sallallaahu said him

he saw even at best now you have to

imagine this is his the brother of his

father's son

so you think about the hanan of the

prophet his love in his heart for every

human being because he was Rama for the

entire not just humans trees rivers

mountains stars planets he was Rama

Marcelle NECA in Laura Mathilde dad Amin

so here's even at Beth he's young boy

and the Prophet he loved the Shaban he

said hallelujah Shaban a heart of honey

a shoe he said the young people believed

in me and the old people you know when

he said that verse when Allah super

hanataro revealed not to be like those

who followed him at amber to focus at


that time passed and their hearts became

hard because older people their hearts

get hard but the Shabab they have

brittleness in their hearts still they

have idealism they want to change the

world they want to make it a better

place they see injustice it

upsets them if you don't guide the youth

if you don't guide the youth they will

go astray thinking they're doing right

we have a responsibility towards our you

so he took even at bath and he said

yahoo lon

come here young boy yahoo lamb this is

his cousin yahoo lon

in your LUMO kakheti mad let me teach

you some words and and this is our

prophet Elijah in them a burrito Wylie I

was always said to teach ya who then in

your animal Cal Kerry met yeah Farley

laughs yeah Pollock you take care of

what Allah has told you to preserve from

the ulema and and away he and Allah will

preserve you you take care of what Allah

has told you to do and Allah will take

care of you at Folly left and then he

repeated it again for Lila turgid who to


God Allah meaning God these are well

Matt and Noah he these commands and

prohibitions God these things and you

will find God before you he will be

before you touch it who to Jack either

sent for cellular if you want to ask ask

allah subhanho wa taala way that stands

for stan builder if you need help if you

need out if you need support take your

support from allah subhanho wa taala

Ratlam and no look at these imperatives

wanna know understand louis Dimetrodon

metal allah onion Farooq ax Lennie infer

oka Allah be shaken had cut away Allah

who lek if this Ummah in its entirety

and this was Muslims non-muslims the

owner of the Prophet is the entire world

once he comes into the world as the

prophet his Ummah is all those people

like the the Ummah is is the Ummah of

Dawa st Jabba if the whole world wants

to configure to benefit you and that

benefit was not decreed by Allah

Donna Donna you will not get that

benefit weigh-in is tomorrow

whenever stamina and your DeLuca Laney

or DeLuca in the be shaken at caterwaul

oh hi lake and if they configured if

they got together conspired to harm you

all of them the whole lot of them they

will not harm you except what Allah has

decreed against you

guru Fiat Eric lamb would you fit us

well Jeff fertile socks off the pens

have been lifted and the ink is dry this

is your king he's teaching him you can

be certain about your religion now we

know that towards the latter days and we

know that the prophets license came and

he said burrito was sata2 kaha teeny and

he put his suburban as was thought


I was sent and and and the end of time

is like this

that was fourteen hundred years ago so

all we know is were fourteen one hundred

years closer to that he said Benny a day

Assad harsh

you're going to see in as the hour draws

near you will see heart they said what

is Hajji our Isola he said they'll cut

it but it's Hajj is a specific type of

cutter its indiscriminate killing sorry

Muslim the Prophet Elias Adam said

letter coma Sato hata

Hyuk tellin makuu mock tool wale Halima

cotton right nocturnal cotton Walid real

email cutter why are you tellin mock

tool Valera Lima cotton sorry Hadi the

one killing won't know why he's killing

and the one being killed won't know why

he's being killed

why is this happening all of the things

that happen on this planet that are

negative happened from the sins of

humanity it's as simple as that

human beings we're where there's two

types of humans

there's bees and there's wasps and you

choose which group you want to be in

bees are beneficial wasps are harmful

but Allah created a world with bees and

wasps he's little Jelani the lord of the

bees the lord of the wasps dhul Jalali


Willy Crum and the lord of the bees he's

the lord of both the bees give us honey

we heal our bodies with it nourish our

bodies with it and they give us wax

traditionally wax was used for candles

to light people's houses that's what

bees do wasps they just harm and and and

the world has a lot of wasps in it not

not the kind with wings and stingers

human wasps they just horn people that's

their nature they can't help but it's

like the Scorpion and the Frog he wants

to go across the pond carry me across

the pond the Frog says I'm not stupid

you'll sting me he said that's stupid it

just get me across I wouldn't it will

die so the Frog says hop on halfway

across the pond the scorpion stings him

is why'd you do that

he's in my nature there are some people

they can't help but they're just their

people the puppet called them the method

thr keys to evil right there here

Alana Anna we can Allah created good and


Leah blue will come to test you so

there's a hadith in sahih muslim in

which the prophet Eliza Molly says that

he said about the holodeck Samara to


our dear de aquila Larocque he pointed

his fingers towards Iraq the country

Eric what's now Iraq and he said yahoo

jo minwoo home on ya car owner Quran

Lail joeys Uttara Kia home yamir economy

need Islam maruka semi menorah Mia

these people are

Reeth port on it won't go past their

throats in other words it won't go to

the heart they won't understand it and

then he said they will leave this

religion like a arrow leaves the bow in

another hadith he says sallallaahu sedan

yeah TV algorism an omen

who'da that will as nan young people

superhot would alam the sofia is

somebody who's a he can't control

himself he's mobile their sathya and

wealth is somebody who's extravagant

they waste their money they're

incontinent they can't control

themselves he said they're sooo Faja el

alam yakunin I'm in Haiti only barrier

they'll say the best of words in other

words they'll quote the Quran and hadith

ya'muru innominate islam Kamiyama possum

woman Laura Mia

Larry Josue Eman home and at your home

for an American moon factory room FINA

Qatar go home a job you have to remove

this plague is as simple as that

these are a plague on humanity now

that's what the Prophet SAW isom said

the word suffer have you if you here's

what the anima said in the tafseer of

suffer how to do tipsy Recife FIFA 10

mana epiha damage more Lockhart and

Horvath on Jan they're ignorant people

edema happened they have no internet

have even Lube

their hearts are weak but evil right

they have no opinion or a deal FEM

stupid mister - other low city are then

sinful hockey or Neffs contemptible Maha

do a chef on food by Shaitan is called

tell visu Iblees when she upon plays

with you a Surat OPN Danny Malaysia

Malaysia Mirko Fran Larry you believe in

McCann that's the Sofia now in another

hadith the Prophet Allah dissing him

said in Urbania Deus and ahora para abu

musa al-ashari

to Tierra's ulama large allah katsu

Paulo Ferreira ba da Mousa minyak

rasul-allah in a knock to duel Anna

phenomena Edmond and mushrikeen Cadillac


well we fight the mushriks now the

polytheist they were fighting them they

defend himself he said we kill them

every year some died the prophets Allah

said I'm said Laserbeak uttered in

mushrikeen like in yakeru Bardo home

bada bada boom bada it's not going to be

killing from the mushrikeen some of you

will kill others now look at what he

said had - yuck - the Rajah Rojo with an

am me he'll kill his neighbour

he'll kill his cousin with our Kiribati

and a relative for kalabaw talcum Yaris

who loved a manner of calluna do we have

intellects the the Sahaba were

intelligent people they said do we have

intellectual Azula What did he say la no

brains turn 0 porno actor read Erika's a

man the people of that time the majority

of them are without brains well nah

yahoo-hoo know who how about one minute

Ness let up on Elohim and they'll leave

people have that you know weightless

people without gravity gravitas means

weighty you know we're Allah -

Alain your GN and ins were called

Alain because we're ready we're ready

physically which holds us down to the

earth if you're too light you just fly


you're like the jinn just move up gasp

but we Allah made us thicken


he made us weighty spiritually and

physically but if we lose our spiritual

weight our physical weight has no

meaning in fact all we're doing is space

that's all the prophets alighted senem

said if your Amarra are tyrants and your

agnya are bahala your agnya are bahala

and your Amarra are tyrants

so you're rich are misers your Amir's

are our tyrants he said but malarkey

runic on minbari men behave iike that to

be under the earth is better than being

over the earth this is our tribulation

this is our time Allah put us in this

time he knows why he put us in this time

but the only time I ever saw the Prophet

asked for death in in all the Hadees

that I've read and all the doors of the

Prophet that I've read I only saw one

time that he asked Allah to take him he

said in in one he gives the choice if

it's better for me then take me right

but this hadith he specifically says and

he said it after every prayer according

to 1/3 why--i

he said allahumma inni as her look a

fairly high rod let me do good things

what are called mukarat and let me avoid

bad things give me Tarkan monkara what

been my second let me love poor people

give me love of poor people why because

there are an agenda to Hajj it the

agenda - were not the Jenna and not got

into a debate the Jenna said the nar

said I've got look at these tyrants you

know I've got all these tyrants they

were big people in the earth they ruled

they had power and the Jenna says what

do I have I have all these weak people

poor people oppressed people and Allah

said the nod is my punishment for those

tyrants and the gender is my reward for

those patient ones the Prophet said can

I tell you the people of Jenna

he said Coolibar even with a bath every

week oppressed those are the people of


so right now muslims people think we're

causing the problems seriously it's

amazing how she'll buy these Televisa we

please it breeze has made these people

think we're causing the problem the

Muslims are suffering more twenty people

died yesterday in Cairo in a restaurant

from a bomb thrown into it there's over

a million daddy Iraqis a million daddy

Iraqis even Tony Blair admitted that we

opened the door there's no - without the

American invasion of Iraq right

something horrible has been unleashed on

this planet but unfortunately we have a

lot of angry resentful Muslim and what

when I say a lot it's significantly

insignificant but we are 1.7 billion

people so even our in significant

numbers are significant so you might say

there's only 400,000 that's the latest

estimate of these people there are only

400 that's a lot of people and then you

look at their sympathizers they they

estimate there about 15 million this is

these are estimates although item but

that's a lot of people that is a gross

misunderstanding of our religion because

anybody that can tell me as long as a

cruel thing I will tell you you are a

liar anybody can tell me that the

Prophet was cruel I would tell the you

are a liar

our prophet what Lao Kunta fowl-run

Fatima I met him in awhile into the home

by the mercy of Allah you have a soft

heart without Kunta for one Valley there

I'll be landfill Minho dica if you were

hard-hearted if you were harsh you would

see them fleeing look at the look at

these people and you see if everybody's

flocking around them you look at

everybody fleeing from these people and

if you think and Aloha Adam what

happened down south I don't know you

know we have to these first of all we're

dealing with a demonic element really

there's clearly a demonic that we

believe in the jinn and we believe in

the unseen CNN doesn't know about that

so they're not going to be reporting

about it Bleus activities right that's

an unfortunate thing

they used to believe in the devil in

fact one of their theologian said the

biggest trick that the devil ever pulled

on this civilization

was making them think he didn't exist

but unfortunately it bleeds isn't

doesn't make the news abdullah makes the

news Gulen makes the news say it makes

the news a lot of you have those names

and and some of you have you know you

fit the profile and then they show up

they have like they had somebody dressed

like Osama Bin Ladin

in their minds saying yeah he was a

friend of mine but I I'm I'm a peaceful

Muslim for the guy in Kentucky he looked

just like Usama Bin Ladin this is the

mentality we're dealing with now we have

a responsibility as Muslims in this

country either you pack up and leave

that's an option he Jedi is an option

seriously people can pack up and leave

good luck Syria Libya Yemen Iraq Kashmir

Chechnya Philippines I mean there's a

lot a lot of options here but we have to

deal with the fact that we live in this

country I'm from this country on on my

mother's side all the way back 1764 they

came from Ireland so I go way back I

have a great-grandfather fought in the

Revolutionary War

so I've been here a long time at least

my ancestors have some of you are new

but there this is a land of immigrants

the only people that can honestly say

that they're you know they're from here

are what they call Native Americans and

they're not e