Al-Miraj - A Night of Advice

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Event Name: Al-Miraj - A Night of Advice
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Bismillah r-rahman r-rahim was of the

law and I see the O Muhammad what an

evil zombie was Selim sistema what I

heard about for what any loving I had

earlier doll theme Allah whom Allah in


ulema I'll antenna in the cantilever

Hakim Allahu Alem them I am Pharaoh

known for an edema an antenna was in

Alma or solid ahumada season o Muhammad

water and he was happy will send him to

SEMA super Honora beaker of the city I'm

Mayu no sediment animal sitting on the

layer of Brad I mean what how would our

Hawaiian we let honey in our name but

hamdulillah want to first of all thank

everybody for coming today masalas as

you know 27th of Rajab which is the

night of the is Ron Raj took place

according to most of our scholars on

this blessed day and these are what the

qur'an bi yeah Mila remind people of the

days of our loss of the Hanna with Anna

in the days of Allah or the days in

which anything great or momentous

happened and in essence really every day

is a day of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala but

those days that Allah has put that

barakah zemana in are certainly ones

that we should remember and our prophet

sallallaahu Adi was sending them I mean

the more that you contemplate him the

more you think about him the more you

think about him and contemplate his

purpose in existence I think the more

you come to not only realize that he is

indeed Rama that I mean but I think more

importantly he is your own personal

means and cause of guidance and for that

you can never really fulfill that right

that he has over you because if you look

at your father or your mother

there the reason for your physical

existence which comes to termination you

know everything of the world ends but by

the nature of the world but the spirit

is one of those eight things that Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala has made that we

believe do not come to an end and


is the spiritual father he is the father

of meaning he's not the father McKenna

Mohammed Nava I had a memory daddy come

he is not the father of any of your men

in other words that's not his role what

I can rustle a lot but he is the

Messenger of Allah who Hatem and more

sudden he ends the matter I mean that's

our belief is that the prophet Elijah

said I'm sealed and put a finality to

prophetic dispensations in the world and

one of the culminating events in his

spiritual life was the astronomer Raj

because it was the culmination of his

inward ascension but it was the

beginning of his outward ascension he

had reached the rock bottom of his

outward point in the world because

thought it was the most difficult day of

his life according to I shuttle Dena

when she asked him he said that if was

the most difficult day and so his

movement away from by if and on his way

back he meets with the unseen realm the

jinn and so what that is an amazing

recognition of is that even though the

outward the things that you can see are

not conforming to your truth the inward

reality is conforming to your truth they

want to be part of the truth and then he

goes and he has this experience which

really is we believe that he actually

visited his Lord there is a spatio

temporal aspect to the journey that is

raw I mean he goes from Mecca to the

Haram in Jerusalem but there's also

something that's outside of time-space

and that's very clear and so we do not

believe that the Prophet SAW SM went to

a physical place because Allah is beyond

physical space and place I mean Allah we

do not give our God any physicality he

has complete and absolute transcendence

and incorporate allottee he doesn't have

a body a body needs a place he's

infinite so there are no limits to God

and I did a course in New Mexico

recently and there was a Jewish man

there he came out to me after a class

that where I talked about theology in

Islam and he said you know it's really

clear to me that the

God of Islam is much bigger than the

other religions realize he's even bigger

than Islam that's what he said to me

this Jewish man and I said it's

absolutely true because he's not just

the God of Muslims robinus medicai nest

yeah he nests I mean just to remind

Muslims that he's the God of humanity so

indeed his divine reality transcends

even the outward aspects of this world

so at one mile kalapa thirty they did

not give God his true estimation they

did not because you can so anything you

say about God you've already limited God

and that's why the only things that

Muslims are allowed to say about God are

the things that God said about himself

even recognizing them that they're

limited by language so that's why the

things that language creates any kind of

obfuscation in the mind eschew Baha in

the mind that odama either say be lack

eighth we can't say what how this is we

just say the outward of it we don't

interpret it or some of the elements

said no we interpret it and they're both

positions that our scholars took so just

in recognizing that position of our

prophet slice em and what this day means

in relation to our prophet it is the day

in which he was really given the

cornerstone of this tradition which

after tawheed is the prayer itself this

is a celebration of the prayer and

clinging to the prayer so because he was

given no see aha on that day by mu

saddest and most I gave him advice

gibreel gave him advice when they were

in the Haram in Jerusalem he was offered

milk or wine and he looked at gibreel

ishara alayan ya Holly he took the milk

and this was before the prohibition of

wine by the way so it's very interesting

even though the Prophet never drank wine

it was prohibited in Medina but he chose

the milk and then Jibril Adam said you

chose fitrah which is interesting too

because what that indicates is what you

do even though somebody else might

advise you to do it what you do is

you're you get the action it's not the

person that advised

to you in other words the moral agency

is always functioning so if I advise you

to do good and you do that good you are

the moral agent but addenda otto

heydrich of out of hidden cafe Eddie the

one who tells people to do good also

gets that reward of doing it he's like

the one who did it

do you see so the Provencal I am chose

the Fatah the natural state and if you

gave a child a choice between wine or

milk every time they're gonna choose

milk because wine it's what they call an

acquired taste whenever you hear that

acquired taste you should avoid it you

know when people say that that's an

acquired taste it's usually things like

tobacco and alcohol and cocaine and all

those other things right yeah the fitrah

is what you have a natural inclination

for so what I wanted to do because it

was a night of null see AHA of counsel I

wanted to just give some counsel to

myself first and foremost and then to

all of you and it's the counsel of who I

consider one of the greatest scholars in

the history of Islam see ya tomorrow so

bismillah ar-rahman ar-rahim this is the

end of his book which is an amazing book

called kita Brianna and it's I think one

of his if not his greatest work I mean

how I'd is considered to be really his

great one but this is certainly an

extraordinary work so he says bismillah

ar-rahman ar-rahim

and imma allahu wa iyyaka lima

you say houdina Nevadan yana warez ah

cannot even and happy phonetically bina

Weymouth Juana and the Toba tamil' ta'

what aqua bra Wistia comma y la mer

Abdullah who means Ellison attacks Iran

of adoration faretta coming Kihara tuna

a nativity were a Arizona and oppa will

a Mariner poor ba Coulomb avocado to

Varsha vicuna ma Tata

first mat will appear so he says no and

may Allah give you to fear and also to

me that what rectifies your Deen and

your dunya because those are your two

concerns I mean we're not just our only

concern isn't just Dean it's also being

in the world that's

part of it and in reality it's part of

Dean but these are the two concerns what

also connected happy fumitaka Davina and

may we be provided given the

providential care of following the truth

in our journeys and in our sojourn zhh

when we move and when we're resident in

a place you should know a Toba miffed ah

that repentance to Allah turning back to

Allah is a key it's the key to every

good towba is a human phenomenon you

have to have Toba if you do not have

Toba you cannot live you will be in pain

and suffering because the human soul by

its nature has to be returned to its

Lord in a restored State and the only

way that you can do that is to rectify

what you have done and the soul knows

wrongs it's part of natural law your

soul knows when you have wronged it and

that's why people suffer depression I

mean you can look enjoyable caffee if

you look at mo kamo josiya Kula a

morality Tenth Avenue in San min do nu B

he 4 : a Havana B then B he everybody is

getting what they deserve because of

their sins their wrong actions and

that's why people will suffer because of

not being in conformity with divine law

with natural law and natural law is not

simply the Sharia because Aboriginal

peoples who don't have a Shetty a

conform to natural law and that's why I

wanna Ferelden Londo considered that

what people who had not given messengers

what they were obliged to do was follow

to heed and then the basic principles

what are called in Judaism the Noah hid

a clause of not killing not stealing not

lying not cheating treating parents

correctly setting up laws to redress

wrongs I mean those are universals so

the Sharia is the way that we go back

with taqwa bra and taqwa is expansion if

you're in a state of taqwa Romania

tequila Elohim Maharaja if you have

taqwa you will be in an expanded state

if you don't have taqwa you'll be in a

constricted State well dockets be

humidor Doby Morocco but the people of


the whole earth filled constrained for

them because of their state what is

Japan Allah Allah if you look at the two

wings of this religion the two wings of

Islam tawheed unity of God and morality

that's those are the two wings if you

don't have those you can't take off in

this religion the prophets Allah is a

man man said I was in he asked him to

give him some advice

he said that all about don't get angry

but in another hadith he said pull a man

to be nothing must stop him say I

believe in God and then be morally

correct in your behavior be morally

upright that's it

but Amman to be dead too messed up him I

mean that's it it's believing in the

unity of allah subhana wa ta'ala and

then being morally upright so it is

jicama slaw it will rectify your state

well abdullah a human's endotoxin an

Avatara that you will either be the by

your nature you cannot free yourself

from wrongs from shortcomings and from

lassitude in other words you just get

worn out right it's by the nature of

being alive there are times you're going

to have a lot of energy for worship

you're gonna feel closer to a lot

devotionally you're gonna have energy

you think and then there's other times

where the lassitude sets in and these

are the aqua of a human being so you

can't free yourself from faretta

kaminnikov Allatoona ana Toba because of

that don't be heedless about Toba to God

in other words because your state is

then Zelda tuxedo and Vitara don't be

heedless of October that's why toboe was

given to you in order to rectify those

periods when you're not straight with

your Lord when you're not in a sound

state so it's not a negative thing it's

a good thing and that's why CD even a

paella about Delano he said rumba Marcia

tan aura that luna esta fara human

thought an aura that isn't with stick


sometimes a wrong action that results in

a feeling of humbleness before God and a

desire to ask forgiveness is better than

a right action that leads to arrogance

and to huffed up pride spiritual pride

so then he says so anything that happens

from you make Toba and return to God

what Kuna I thought of a smile up there

and everytime you do

wrong here and obey some and whatnot and

we hear God and we obey his command so

that's just part of your natural state

and then he says vicuna maka sorta of a

Tata ferret and kappa and every time you

feel exhausted every death faith

ephoralty fansub waited arabic afar bub

you know when you've emptied out in the

working of the day then restore your

purpose again and to your Lord that your

goal be so what he's saying is whenever

you feel tired whenever you feel

exhausted don't don't let that prevent

you from continuing Ferriero Konohamaru

kavita deity of Arica Anna Baba if he

thermophilic Amati Russ muhiuddin

Messiah so let your concern be removing

from your outward all of these things

that are ugly you know the things that

are not in conformity with divine law

and then establishing a sound state so

that your description is a sound

descriptor form and your description our

sound and then he says be was you the

Messiah by always being sincere and

listening to the advice that you need

and that's why one of the things about

these books sheikh muhammad hasaan well

Kadeem ulema dream in mauritania Cara

Lee Jameer a Takuto Tawhid min ha ha

Mohini Allah ah ha

bad the key today was unity Rasool Allah

khuda Bertus kiya except for the

kuttappa test get those books that help

us to repair our inward States

he said Lee Ann naka fee Sara

Monica madam - hyah that you're in a

struggle with your soul as long as

you're alive

the struggles there and satan abu bakr

said if one foot was in paradise and one

foot was out I still wouldn't feel safe

it's once both feet are firmly planted

in paradise then you can say

alhamdulillah you know that's the time

to say well hello that one home that

while an alhamdulillah Harold Brown I

mean then you can do that so then he

says hat

the Soraa local ferraro men and papa

mera cotton were honored who do dish

evocation toward Japan Vika barabar

Toluca barabar so once you can flee from

those wrongs and it becomes a faculty

that you now possess it's something that

you actually possess the ability not to

do these outward things and that your

remaining in the hadoo devala super on

over to Anna at that point direct

yourself to your heart and its presence

with its Lord I mean that's where you go

so this is called Thalia and Thalia

Thalia is removing it's emptying out its

Farokh and then the Talia so that's what

you have to do and then he says rahim

allah the Apiata he but Vicki would it

car in order to achieve this state of

awareness both through contemplation and

remembering Allah what Itachi Lindy hyah

do not hasten to the end this is a slow

process table to me cannot be daya what

I thought it might be daya wait until

you're firmly rooted in this but also

don't stop at the beginning in other

words towba is the beginning don't stop

there you've got a long way to go don't

think it's enough to be in that state of

wrong actions Toba wrong actions tava

rolling action so that's like the rat

who's just going over and over and over

again you want to get off that and move

on a path to allah so that your wrongs

become finer and finer and that's what

they mean by saith Abraha senate animal

caribbean hasanat cerebral saya Telmo

carribine the good actions of righteous

people are the bad actions of people

that are very close to Allah super Hanoi

to Ana because their awareness is so

much finer so that's what he's saying

what I'm a better color either I can act

according to the kawaii and the acam

learn the collide of this Deen and act

according to them and also he's

referring to the kaleidos su duke of

journeying labid hai cái' at what l

homme not with stories and fantasies

don't be<