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Event Name: Al-Miraj - A Night of Advice
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don't settle for stories and fantasies

about things that happen to other people

before you what I tell definitely like I

add a lemon hi to a Takuya our amateur


don't even look at stories except as a

way of strengthening yourself so when

you read about our hanifa or imam abu

Hadi Ameri bihari doing a Hatem of Quran

every night do you see what are you

saying is don't be satisfied with

stories do something yourself it's one

thing to read about another person it's

another thing to actually to become your

own story so that's what he's saying so

in other words read those stories but do

it to the takuya as a way of

strengthening your own state and your

own desire and then he says Lana and

Ashley be Mitaka demon of soory

auto-feed also don't be settled for the

outward it exam fee daddy Kapadia can

tell je t'ai so hold to that as a path

that you continually return to also in

202 I would be agua de Conde so it's

also a foundation that you're constantly

depending upon in your States Wow Sano

hyporheic or even a paella the best of

it is even a paella we might see him in

a duality out a lot which is the Hickam

of a banal pie that's a very profound

book well at Holman karaman ave de la

Mer you have your port re-attack so

don't take other people's words unless

it's in accordance with the principles

that you understand the foundations of

your principle what had your hood your

argument attend any type of foul words

leave it abandon it because the tongue

is the foundation of this path

controlling your tongue merica to listen

you have to control your tongue and that

is the foundation from riba from Nima

from zoar from cube from all these

things well Oh Leland a co-host nah I

mean that is a car either for the

Muslims to take walk Oh luli Nancy husna

speak beautifully to humanity I mean

that's a command from Allah that's

armored nobody listens to anymore and

that's a feral armor older lene SE

krishna is federal armored as a command

from allah subhanaw taala

the prophets Allah SM was the most

beautiful of people in speech when he

spoke to people they fell in love with

him so la la they were and he was in

them so that's what he said what madam

testify Arafat either to who the already

wala and anything that you don't feel

there's a benefit in it from the right

immediately just leave it well Yakka

watashi de an enough seek a public

Matar he said aha fish a and Menaka mija

and beware of being too tough on

yourself before you're in absolute

control of yourself and that's what

happens to a lot of people when they

first come to guidance they go to an

extreme and what happens is because they

don't have full capacity over their self

they begin to wear out and some of them

will actually even end up leaving it so

in hatoful Maynard was happy Abbadon

what Herodotus saw after the Hagee what

who that I mean if you just learned this

one Qaeda tonight it's worth everything

that he's saying the self flees from

moderation in everything and it loves

extremism in both guidance and in error

and that is the nature of the human self

and you see Muslims talk about the

multiple phone and motor telephone at

ear habían wahala won't promote a

telephone lakyn and Matata - Ivan Howell

alladhina you've maluna Dino home Ladino

marinum a an okapi had a Dean whom

coderre kiyaah telephone how the Tata of

AHA and people never talk about that

extremism the extremism of ignoring the

fact that you're here for a short time

and you should be getting ready for the

journey so if you're not paying any

attention to the ultimate concerns of

life on earth you're an extremist I

don't care if you're sitting watching

television and your spare time you're an


that's an extremist to me it's a

different type of extremism but it's

still an extremist do you see and what

Islam is about is about moderation it's

about moderation and guidance and that's

why the Prophet laughed he joked he was

with his children he was with his family

he had horse races he had camel races he

went out and did archery he went out

just to go out and sit under a palm tree

that was his state he had a lot of

different states but his essential state

was absolute seriousness in matters that

concern his era and his Lord and the

guidance of people and that's he is the

example even though we believe that the

Prophet was always aware of God and

always in a state of God even when he

was with his family


of it is he was setting examples for us

to be in the world and that's why

moderate and that's why they in enough

the federal minute was up Abaddon always

it will flee from moderation what her

reader is saw after Hagee what who that

it wants extremism in both guidance and

air what Pope so deep and tested over

here at America so seek a friend on this

path to help you waited also hope to

firemen who a ducati Hadi he if you go

with him then you have to treat him in

accordance with his state because people

are different so he says and a puddle in

noxee he become a de Leon NASA deep Alka

Meera madam wore raffia Palermo a few

puffy hadeel as minute e Tala and Yom a

perfected partner on this road of trying

to get straight with your Lord they

don't exist anymore and one whose gentle

and always in conformity and agreement

with you in these days it's rarely going

to last in other words what he's saying

is friendship is a hard thing see we

like to you know we like to say oh I've

got friends lots of you don't have lots

of friends trust me

you might have if you have one friend

count yourself extremely lucky if you

have two friends you should be doing

Suzu the Shuker all day long seriously

because a friend is not an acquaintance

a friend is somebody through thick and

thin they're going to be with you it

doesn't matter what it is that's a

friend and that's why the Prophet said

if I was going to take a friend it would

have been a bucko

that can add a whole width of city you

see now in other words the Prophet his

only fella he was her evil law I mean

that was he was yet team

I mean Allah made him an orphan he

didn't even have an attachment to his

parents so melodia and it was send them

I mean a lot of stuff ah who the NFC he

he was chosen for his Lord and that's

why even as close as Abu Bakr was he had

to say if I were low at the hut to hell

in at the hut to Abu Bakr and what I can

it a hole whatever you see now and he's

my Muslim brother and Brotherhood is

different from the Cydia they say of

Sodom and Baraka non baranov civilian

vac machete Tasha

Merak I mean that's a real cydia and

that's why it's rare it's the one who

will even harm himself to benefit you

and he will lose everything

he'll disperse everything he has in

order to help you get together get

yourself together so it's funny how

these American expressions you know like

I need to get it together I mean that's

an Arab you shaman of who so the Arabs

say even like hit the road man you know

that Hitler doesn't Arab say that not

better but Paria we need to hit the road

they say that in first half it's in the

Quran so then he says oral Delano

he says what are if he could be better

than me I really wanna Allah he this is

a great hikmah in every place be

concerned about what we call it's almost

like the stereotypes of the place be

concerned about what people are like as

a group because individuals are one

thing but people behave differently as

groups but also the characteristics of

Al and know the characteristics of the

people in order to Fedotov an anti

committee life and Holika do not be

heedless of god's wisdom in his creation

he's diversified like the Bay Area has

always in many ways since it's been here

as a city it's been a very progressive

City but there are other places in

America they're not like this Berkeley

for instance has certain qualities it's

been like that even back in the 30s and

40s it was like that Alexandria in Egypt

in the ancient times it was like the

Berkeley of the ancient world and the

people today are still known for that

gentleness and open-mindedness and in

that spirit so you'll find qualities in

different people's the high jazzy's the

meccans are different from the medina

pnes the people from nejd are different

they're Iraqis Fallujah if they would

have asked the British about Fallujah

Fallujah gave the British the worst time

even during the time of Saddam Hussein

he never had a control of Fallujah and

that's something you can ask you Iraqis

it's well known Fallujah they're tough

people they don't like to be pushed

around they don't like people to tell

them what to do and they have a lot of

vases and Kurama and so if you in any

way in front them they're going to fight

to thin out the chase nians garage

the capital of Chechnya means fierce and

certain needs and the great Russian

writer said that when he was in the

gulag he was arrested for his literary

works when he was in the gulag he said

there was only one people that would

never cow tale to the Russian guards

only one he said they would never do it

and they were the chase chins so Utzon

observed that as a prisoner in Siberia

he said that chasing hands would never

allow them to be pushed around even when

they were prisoners and he said and the

strange thing about it is the guards

actually respected them it would

actually ask them to do things as

opposed to telling them do you see so

you have to know people you know if you

look at the Bangladeshis the

Bangladeshis are very gentle people by

nature that it's their nature it's not a

bad thing it's a good thing I mean

they're actually very human they've been

abused a lot in human history because

they're they're just gentle people they

don't like to harm people they're not

aggressive people they're Muslim they're

not aggressive people that's why East

Pakistan when it was East Pakistan the

crimes that were committed against those

people because they were just a pushover

and in a world where ethics and religion

means something those people are always

there beautiful people but in a world

where might makes right there are always

the people that are abused the Shoshone

Indians were like that some of the

Native Americans were a fierce people

the whole Iran people were very fierce

people the Shoshone people were very

peaceful they were gentle people and

they were always being aggressed upon by

other people's the same the Native

Americans here in California the Aloni

people that were here were very gentle

people they were peace-loving people

that's the way the Palestinians were

historically if you study the history of

Palestine Palestinians weren't

aggressive people you can read their

history they were always aggressed upon

so you have to know what type of people

and then honor their good qualities and

beware of their bad ones because people

have bad qualities Americans have good

quality to have bad qualities as

generalities but you can't

stereotypically think that everyone's

going to display those characters but

he's saying but also beware that there

is a reality two qualities in people

they do have these

qualities and you should consider them

and then he says well I had a Yamaha VI

network see the unity in the diversity

so even though all these people are


they're also all human and so they share

these essential human qualities together

well Advanta bioethics it applied so

he's saying with some well sorry but

walked up in waka but if he would act

him al and also concern yourself with

your time and in in in fulfilling your

obligations but do it with temperance

and with gentleness don't be fierce what

Yakka will huva and beware of harshness

will is there Sal or being 2 lakhs so we

were of harshness and laxity the two

again the two extremes fails to San

Telmo Behati is the boob it a health

because going too easy in the things

that are permitted will bring your

hearts back you'll actually regress on

this path where you Cyril Roger that

hasn't Cadwallader health a really

strong man will end up being fifth one

can whether they live like a flighty

weak person Ramallah duniya ke kanaka I

own a burden work for this world as if

you live forever that's a proverb what

am l er karate Kaka Annika may you to

Nevadan and work for your next life as

if you're gonna die tomorrow fella two

men baccarat dunya what a thoughtful and

multiple Abeka wanna thwack so do not

neglect the outward of this world but

also don't be heedless of where you're

going in your final destination why

there are reassess idiotic beware of

being in positions of leadership to the

best of your ability so in bolita behave

out of cut Arakawa deck but if you do

get tried with leadership then know

yourself don't get arrogant it's service

leadership is service that's all it is

you're a servant and that's the position

say that bomb had him home the leader of

a people is their servant and that's a

hadith and so what he's saying is if you

do get tested with that then don't turn

it into making people your servants

you're actually given more

responsibility to serve others so be

very careful about that and then he says

once ugly

be sincere to Allah knows how many

animal under who you available a

sincerity that you know that your Lord

is seeking you and then he says West

Aslam knock me he is dis llama manana

mana Julio hollyball and submit to your

Lord a type of submission that you're

completely aware that you will never be

able to get outside of his power

well Johnny coalition had a tender

minute a fat wallet of eradicated Baraka

tell Pat be consistent in your practice

and give a firm foundation to it and you

will be safe from the pitfalls and also

use your time wisely and organize your

time especially your devotional time and

you will find Baraka in your time if you

organize your time correctly what at

italso via happen with our bobbin tempo

Cassady Masada

don't be a fanatic in truth or falsehood

and this is such wisdom this is the this

is the traditional Islam this is this is

this is not moderate Islam of the New

York Times you know they're moderate

Islam is you know have a beer and watch

the football game and I mean that's

moderate Islam you know when Abdullah

sits down and has a beer and watches the

football game he's a moderate Muslim

right so no he's not saying that he's

saying don't be a fanatic

don't be an extremist whether it's true

or false because one how is sometimes a

relative term your truth might not be

the only truth and you might be very

well deluded and this is what I mean

when I talk about the Quran not being

black and white it is black and white

but it's not black and white and what I

mean by that is it's a nuanced book and

if you read it as as simply good versus

evil and not recognize that in every

human being are the elements of good and

evil that Allah brings the living from

the dead the dead from the living from

people that the the Prophet said in a

sound hadith shadownet's Lee Haddad amar

said to whom at a table who you know the

ones that are most strong in this matter

are the ones that are most against it

before they accept it

that's why I say no mod he was the

strongest against it when he came Muslim

he was the strongest for it so be

careful in that it's very important

because that will keep you in a sound

heart what at the dinette is the echo

hole fatherland a Nevada heat engine and

mockery what about that he don't claim

what you deserve you know don't even

desire what you deserve not to mention

what you don't deserve

and you'll be free of problems in the

world and I will don't expect anything

from this world don't even expect you're

right Shane nominate del carro de hija

para Dooney how a minute dad I know

Roberta he knew geography huh woman walk

of autonomous topography of okema is the

hippo whoever claims to have a rank that

he deserves it'll be taken away from him

and whoever claims his own rank in other

words whoever claims a rank greater than

he deserves it'll be taken away from him

whoever claims a rank that he actually

deserves it will be taken away from him

and whoever claims less than his rank

will be raised up to a higher rank and

look at a memorial of the alanna when a

man asked him in a sound transmission he

said man of darkness he said Abu Bakr

and Thummim and he said that Allah and

then the man said he was his cousin he

said 51s era ho fill my man way upon the

earth man focal - wa anta he was hoping

that he would say he said my honor

olara gentleman and muslimeen I'm just a

Muslim and that's not false humility

that's how he perceived himself which is

why he was raised up to such a high rank

and then he said what I thought the ljd

Simon had Iike Allah my Allah D

yep Ali he had a hood don't give from

the Companions sit with other than what

he deserves

in other words the state that he

deserves don't open up to people that

really don't warrant you're opening up

to them and don't withhold from people

that don't worry you're withholding from


fennekin tada was Tejada kadhi Hadi or

two cooked because if you descend down

to a lower state if somebody's in a

lower state than you are and you go down

to his level he'll have contempt for you

or other people will and then he said

when Raja to be Hadi at a Hanukkah who

jerath but if you try to bring people up

to your state if you're in a good state

and he's talking about devotional say if

you try to bring people up

all the time to your state people will

just leave you they can't take it so he

what he's saying is just treat people

according to the state that they're in

you know try to elevate them but don't

expect it what I thought I hadn't be hot

been but even Canada buried and don't

seek from anybody a do something he owes

you whether it was a relative or a

stranger Leonid Bela ha ha de calais

because strangers you have no real right

over them well our eve as illuminant

orgia had a tub a day and the relative

or somebody who's near to you is it

means too much that you should start

blaming them because they're not

fulfilling rights and things like that I

mean this is high spiritual state it's

really trying to get people to look at a

much higher level of being and behavior

and that's why it's so important these

meetings are revived what a Tavano and a

fedora man Jeff homonka my aunt Fe el

daba ma hua hee hee Fukuda Haddon in the

megaphone mighty very active II never

expect anyone in this world to

understand your individual state because

all he can do is understand it from his

own frames of reference each one of you

has an individual reality that nobody

else knows and just don't expect people

and understand what you're in whether

it's difficult ease whatever it is just

don't do it because you're wasting your


lacking either Toccara Toccara baton

maka said well hmmm Tanner to new foods

BMO up they'll cut them but when people

are similar in their outlooks in other

words when you desire what what others

desire then you can work together and

when your aspirations are similar

there's work together that's why here

you know a lot of these people here that

are working at Zaytuna

we have the similar mikasa and so

despite everything we're able to work

together because of that and that's what

you should find Eldora a - Kaddi hitaka

birds of a feather flock together that's

what the arabs say birds of a feather

flock they stole it from the English

know the English stole it from the Arabs

I don't know but it's a wisdom and it's

true that people tend to flock to people

that are like them so be like good

people and hopefully you'll flock to

good people

and then he says what attica jayandmandy


WOM in Milazzo be he the mayor da hero

home in Albus

I mean that is an important Qaeda do not

belittle anything that you say when

you're talking about people even if

there's no harm in it because of the

harm that can easily come into it

waffle Soraka for in Aminta a day he's

lazy be Amin Macaulay be common to both

the Holladay and guard your secret if

you want it to be sound because it's not

in a safer place in the heart of the one

you're telling it to so Imam Shafi says

oral delano that anybody who tells a

secret and tells the person this is a

secret and then gets angry at them for

telling somebody else there are a mock

they're a fool because he said the same

thing that drove it out of your heart

drove it out of his heart

do you see don't tell anybody well why

are you telling me I mean what what you

know what benefit is it going to do to

me what the information you know but

that's what people do they don't realize

that the same thing that's pushing it

out of their heart takes them to another

person you know so-and-so told me not to

tell anybody so whatever you do don't

tell anybody and then before you know it

it gets back to you somebody else

telling you don't tell anybody then that

was my secret how did it get back it got

back because you let it out and then he

says what I thought about 10 min Vertica

don't leave anything out of what you use

as devotional price if you do 2 rakaats

every night after Asia don't leave those

if you'd fast Mondays and Thursdays or 3

days of the belt don't leave them

whatever you take on as a practice don't

leave it and the Sahaba whatever they

took on is naffy de they never left it

so it's better not to take it on than to

take it on and leave it so whatever you

take on make a commitment to it and

that's why even martial arts the

Provencal I sent him said mentally marry

Maya from e'terica Hadassah Abell Qasim

whoever learns a martial art and then

abandons it has disobeyed of al-qasim so

whatever you learn be committed to it

don't be a dabbler

don't be people that dabble in things

they start something then they stop

be people committed to mastery of

whatever it is you're doing do you know

if you're a cameraman like Brennan

that's what he's doing he's perfecting

his art his craft and Adam and Clive and

the sound people you know this for these

people we've been working with have been

a real I've learned from them because

I've seen people really committed to

their craft and it's an amazing thing to

see that in anybody no matter what they

do when you see people committed to a

craft and really trying their best to

make that the best it's always said and

that's what he's saying what have you

take on don't abandon it really take it

on fully and well that's a smurfy he

Thea Hani rusty Kawa did dica

whenever you're weak or whenever you're

serious don't tolerate that neglect bail

in fact a covey wok-te aesthetical fee

of a te so if you miss it do it later

for so if you have a Hizb of Quran you

read every day and you miss it in the

morning read it in the evening whatever

it is just do it and be consistent in it

that's what he's saying and then he says

but of the Elan what I thought the NFC

Caffey lava don't obey your ego even for

a moment where are two sub Dhaka and

don't believe it FEMA today in anything

it claims water'll as Midea hidaka for


they either identify bad or a blunted or

and beware of you know whenever you

decide something beware of that in other

words don't make a firm intention to do

something unless you're really gonna do

it anyway that as I'm tougher to work at

all along once you've done that you know

once you've done Azzam to work it out a

lot why because people don't know this

but the only Nia that you are Maha Sabha

day is Azzam and that's something really

important to that's why he's saying

beware of Azzam Azima is the last stage

of intention it's where you have

absolutely decided to do something and

even if you don't do it it's written

against you if it was wrong and it's

written for you if it was right so

that's what he's saying beware of Azima

but once you've decided to do it then do

it before you lose it will fit to snuff

60-mile watch your body what booty but

always look at yourself and examine it

in anything that it's obliged to do

okuru see an aunt Ayano Fiorina and

Fatah taco anything that you don't need

to do

don't waste your time well in Kenema new

tip even if it's something that is

encouraged if it's going to prevent you

from doing a fuddy about so don't get

there's people that get involved in

these things anyway he ends it with some

poem he says well I'm at an ass be mad

to hit one to imma to be he what this

tophi treat others as you would like to

be true that's called the Golden Rule

and then he says II - it Antakya Rodino

Casali moon DoCoMo foreign where do cows

say you know lisanna Colette of Corbie

here our Redeemer in the end the cotton

were in SEL suno

Veronica in update alaykum ah Heba menon

SE all yeah i know the nasty i you know

what i shall be my oven well yonder

minute tada

morph our aquatic ability here arsenal

so if you want to live and your dean is

always protected and your portion is

good of this world and your dignity is

preserved guard your tongue and don't

mention anybody's false because others

have faults but others have eyes too in

other words they can see your faults and

your I always guard it and if it sees

faults from people say oh my eye

he says for Endicott rotten within SEL

sooner because you have your fault

and people have tongues and then he says

and if any fault appears to you from

other people say oh i others have eyes

well I shall be my oven what yonder

minute Edda or thought applicability

here so no and live well with people and

avoid aggression and whenever people

aggress on you leave them but do it in

the best of ways right

in other words turn the other cheek

mahalo derrickman earlier also delay it

tequila hey to my

well at me I say at our house Anatomy

hoo-hah have taqwa of Allah hi to

wherever you are and follow wrongs with

rights and they'll obliterate them

well Hadouken SB o hadouken hasson and

treat people well in the best of ways

Vaccaro rasool allah cool louie Bini

adam ha ha well Harold ha ha in Etowah

boon all of the children of Adam make

mistakes and the best are those who make

Tovah makalah add a lot to them

in Nauru hello kudos Nevada February and

then F San Lent amudha hottest ophea

Apsara well idea raha feta cool aha wha

edge middle of the table the holy spirit

breathed into my soul a knowledge that

no soul will die until it's completed

its provision and it's determined time

comes so have taqwa of Allah and always

seek with the most beautiful dignity

whatever you seek in this world

well ha sido to end this at obovata

Cawood is jicama

towba repentance taqwa piety is jicama

moral probity Oh sudo hey rod they are

the foundations of all good in this life

what huh colada hone what a fallacy de

who Jerry de truth is clear its details

are vast and many what unruly laugh the

affair is all to God with toffee apple

VAD he was Salam alaikum warahmatullahi


Salam alaikum do you wanna say when

laugh we leavin so make us terrassa


European Cherica 11 army Mikoto chick

one last sermon Noddy

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may Allah give us our tawheed and our

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