Be Peacemakers - Eid 2010

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Event Name: Be Peacemakers - Eid 2010
Description: Eid Sermon
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"Be Peacemakers", Eid 2010 Sermon by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf (Zaytuna)

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  • Noting happens except what Allah (swt) commands. He controls and provides for everything. Imaan increases when you increase your devotion in ibadah. This is why in Ramadan we found we were able to get up early, read Qur'an several times, everybody tasted the Qur'an.
  • Allah (swt) is 'Rabbu Ramadan' but He is also 'Rabbu Shawwal'. Just because Ramadan ends, nothing changes in your state. Allah does not change. Maintain your Ramadan practice. Stay in the momentum.
  • Reading as much as you are able daily: 100 verses, 50 verses, or just Ayatul Kursi or Suratul Mulk (30 verses) each day, this will protect you from heedlnessness, in your grave. The Prophet ? said: 'I wish the 30 verses were in the heart of every Muslim'. 


  1. Muslims are under seige. You can feel it. But who did this? Allah did this! We as a community have been sitting on Islam for so long, and not doing anything about it. The Muslims are getting along as if nothing matter. Finally you can openly practise Islam without getting burned for the FIRST time in history, in a Christian country.
  2. In Surat an-Nahl Allah (swt) says CALL OTHERS TO THE WAY OF YOUR LORD WITH WISDOM. Allah (swt) knows what the people are doing, you don't need to worry, you just tell them about Islam.
  3. Emulate the character of the Prophet ?; do not argue, do not curse, do defend yourself, but be patient for that is better. Dialogue with the people, 'ahsan' - in the most beautiful way, do not argue. You'll hear many obnoxious things from the people, but don't be oppressed or constricted about their plots. Speak to people in the best way. Allah (swt) is with the people of piety - Fasbirr! You be patient!
  4. This is a time when Muslims have to rise above their egos and images of self worth - placed higher than Allah sometimes.. It can't be where they say 'lets burn the Qur'an' so we say 'lets burn the US flag'. Mockery is not acceptable. For some, the US flag is sacred. Allah (swt) said 'Do not curse their idols because then they will curse Allah, out of ignorance... And Like that, we have made every the actions of every ummah - beautiful'.
  5. We are letting other poeple tell us who we are, we are letting others define us. No! We know that Americans are generally patient people, we've been living here for generation. But we are living in an environment where the seeds of hate have grown deep from propaganda and media. Each group of people think they are doing something good, so understand their mindset. We must correct and protect our homes, our masajid.
  6. Benjamin Franklin built a house for free speech for all; Thomas Jefferson endorsed freedom and protection for all including the 'Mohammedans'. Allah (swt) says, 'BUT SAY THE TRUTH FROM YOUR LORD' - whoever disbelieves, let them, whoever believes, let them. If Allah (swt) wanted, wouldn't everyone on earth be believers? Do you think you can force people to convert? That is not our job. You can't convert the world. But you can tell people about Allah (swt) in good conduct and wise words.
  7. Shakespeare said 'Theres a tide in the affairs of men'. We have an opportunity to tell others about Islam. We have the tools, so we have to be creative. If you can't do it yourself, empower others who can. This is not to proselytize others, it is to teach. 
  8. All the Prophet ? asked the Qureysh was to talk to his people, he loved to guide people. He praised the Jews and Christians and Pagans when they did praiseworthy things!
  9. Roosevelt said, "it's not patriotic to agree with the president when he's wrong" - this is descent. We can and must speak out against wrong. A problem in the US is the 'extreme right with a hidden agenda' (war). Now the agenda is 'blame it on the Muslims'. Every time they will stoke the fire of war, Allah (swt) will put it out. 
  10. We should be peacemakers. We have a destiny but we are squandering our power and wealth. Future communities will curse us! Looking at how much we have and wasted.

Allahu Akbar walhamdulillah. Be pious people, be good people, don't cheat the system, be exemplars, we are here to stay, use your wealth for good. Life is short, we are growing old before our eyes, we need to work now to protect our children. Don't ignore the winds that are blowing. It is Allah (swt) that is waking us up and we'll have no-one to blame but ourselves. Empower yourself and one another.

May Allah (swt) accept your Ramadan and fasting, may He protect your home, your women, make your land safe. May Allah bring these leaders to an understanding so they leave people alone. May Allah give those in authority wisdom, may Allah make us people of the Qur'an, may He forgive all of our sins, restore peace and order, and make us leaders in our community. May He protect the people and make us callers to peace. In the end, this world is a place of turmoil, may Allah (swt) make us people of the peace in the akhirah.

Return wrongs with rights.


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Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

I know cool demented Jabbar erotic about

a local woman and our kuffar allahu

akbar allahu super hannah with an ax men

are Adina had a Byung he took a butyl

wah ha anima hadarom unless Rihan which

I gave the blessing of the Eid as a day

to remind ourselves that Allah subhana

WA Ta'ala is greater than anything

conceivable in our imaginations led to

deliver or harm

let available o Muhammad attribute all

of ham among how he says no imagination

can achieve knowledge of Allah and no

understanding can realize the true

nature of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala cool

Umehara by Baraka follow chilla with

erica everything that has occurred to

your heart Allah other than that because

only a created thoughts can come to your

heart and Allah is the uncreated reality

behind creation everything out there is

witnessing that Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

is one everything in the universe is

testifying to the oneness of Allah

subhana wa to anna everything is being

sustained by allah allahu akbar allahu

akbar allahu kan wa ta'ala created the

human being gave him sight gave him

hearing gave him understanding

consciousness in the summer when Basara

one for a de

hula-hula a cacao and hummus una the the

hearing the sight and the understanding

all of those the human being is

responsible for and then through his

Rama through his grace he sent

messengers to teach people how to live

how to behave and he made those

messengers the best examples of how to

live and how to behave nothing that they

commanded they didn't follow they were

the first to follow the words that

a commanded they were the first to

believe a menorah Zulu be Mountain Zeta


the Prophet believed in what was

revealed to him the Prophet himself

believed in what was revealed to him the

Prophet when he heard the Jews tell him

about his descriptions in the Torah when

they would finish he would say as she

had to any Rasul Allah I testify that I

am a Messenger of Allah the prophet

himself his Iman was growing in his

heart and this is the nature of the

believer his Eman should always be in

increase Ramadan is a time for

increasing Eman water jazzy attitude

Imani B Mataji departed in sani the

preferred opinion of our own AMA is that

Iman increases when you increase your

devotion to Allah

Ramadan is a time when you increase your

devotion to Allah super Hannah Wattana

and this is why your iman is higher your

getting up before dawn in times that you

can't do that some people weren't even

getting up for dawn before Ramadan

started some people weren't even getting

up for fudger but in Ramadan they find

they're able to get up before dawn they

have a meal and then they pray there's

people that stay and get the reward of a

hedge and in Umrah by staying until the

Shoob there's people that recited the

Quran in its entirety several times in

Ramadan some people twice some people

one time some people didn't have the

to--they to do that the success from


but everybody had some case of the Quran

who participated in ramadan allah is

horrible rama bond but he's also rubbish

Awad he's the Lord of show al nothing

changes after ramadan the prophet

sallallaahu and he was sent him in the

hadees sorry they said he didn't

increase in his prayer numbers in

ramadan or other than ramadan the

prophet sala lies in him his Eman was

the Eman of Ramadan all through the year

because Allah doesn't change allah

subhan allah tala is the same but he

facilitates ramadan in order to you for

you to prepare for what's coming after

ramadan men Sawa Ramadan

wellit's power sit 10 min chaiwallah

Kanaka see

in the hadith sahih muslim and even

manager relate the hadith whoever fast

Ramadan and then follows it up with six

days in sha well and Imam Malik said six

days any time after that until the next

year debating on what that positive min

means min from so those who want to stay

in their state in Rama bond the best

thing to do is maintain your practice

don't diminish your practice the Prophet

SAW Allah I am reminded us to read the

Quran he said whoever reads a hundred

Quran is written from the highest people

hundred verses of the Quran a day

there's a require 50 verses of a day and

you won't be written from the people of

heedlessness if you just do I said Corsi

and if you do a menorah psuedo every day

which is in many Hadees to do that and

if you do sort of smoke 50 a thirty ayah

the prophets Allah I said I'm said

there's a chapter in the Quran that has

30 verses I wish it was in the heart of

every believer Mook Mook will protect

you in your grave monk will protect you

in your grave the verse the verse 30

verses of multi barek and liddy be ideal

Mook will protect you in your grave

don't lose your momentum you were

gaining momentum and then you get into

ten days don't Ramadan's over now I can

go back to my heedlessness don't be that


this is the time to keep your face

strong by continuing your I bet

esthetical Herat vai in goodness ahmed

el jurado kentucky home do good in order

that you might have success what I want

to talk about this morning is something

very important for this community

Muslims are under siege it's very clear

anybody that reads the news anybody that

sees what's going on there out there you

don't you don't need prognosticators to

tell you what's going on out there you

can feel it you don't need to read your to know what's going on every


the headlines are about Muslims who did

this if you ask me I say Allah subhana

WA Ta'ala did this because Muslims have

been sitting on this religion for so

long and not sharing it the whole world

turning against them because this is the

age of the internet this is the age of

mass communication this is the first

time in human history where you could be

in a Christian country and openly talk

about Islam and know what they won't

burn you they might burn the Quran but

they won't burn you this is the first

time in human history and yet the

Muslims are getting along with their

business as if nothing mattered Coderre

good Yarnell come on madam was ha ha

we made you a moderate nation leta

Koontz Shahada and an S that you might

be a testimony to people about how they

should behave when you're Kunal rizzuto

Anna come shahida and The Messenger will

be a witness over you because you saw

how he behaved

he's the proof against us you saw how

the Messenger of Allah behave you read

his Sarah you know how he dealt with his

enemies he dealt with them with

magnanimity allah subhan allah tala says

in surah 10 Al and the Rua das a video

of B Cobell hikmah call to your Lord to

the way of your lord with wisdom would

ya I did a woman let's see here oxen

well Maury that that has in it which I

did a humble Atia accent and give them a

goodly exhortation and speak with them

dialogue with them not argumentation

dialogue Jagadamba leti here hacen in

the best way accent means the most

beautiful way speak to them in the most

beautiful way lace and Monte knew upon

when a land well elfish well el busy the

prophets and I said I'm said a Muslim a

movement never curses he doesn't curse


he doesn't speak ill of people finding

faults in them he doesn't use foul

language he doesn't use harmful noxious

talk to people cool

necie who's not speak to people in the

best way Allah subhana WA Ta'ala tells

us in the Quran in this verse to talk

with people in the most beautiful way

and then he says in Arabic an imam imam

bunda and severe Allah knows who's gone

astray woven mohtadeen and he knows who

is rightly guided Allah knows who has

gone astray and who is rightly guided

Monica in ledbetter just tell people

don't argue about what they're doing

you'll never find the prophets allah's

him complaining to the mushi be keen

about what they were doing to him every

time you spoke with them he used it as

an opportunity to explain to them what

he believed he didn't say you evil

people don't you see what you're doing

to me you're oppressing my people you're

killing all he said listen to these

words listen to what Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala says in the la llamada good I did

he would accent a lot of joints to good

to justice yup little bit I did what I

said well you tally the Kaabah and he

tells you to take care of your orphans

and relatives the widows the weak

amongst you he calls you to economic

justice he calls you to treating people

in the best way were hard up and ask

your hood up and hasten interact with

people with beautiful character the

prophets Elijah and he McKenna of Sahab

inferred a swap he never raised his

voice in the marketplace and the

marketplace is the one area in

traditional cultures where you could

raise your voice the marketplace but he

didn't raise his voice in the

marketplace can also habituate got a

horn out of our solar in the repeat on

the Sahaba this is Sakia hadith the

Sahaba used to hate raising the voice

when they were in Jihad when they were

in Jihad a time you would think people

would be raising their voices but Allah

super Hanna without a put Sakina in

their hearts

he put tranquility in their hearts right

because they did the kirov Allah Allah

be decreed I hate thought my inner

pollute isn't it with dhikr of Allah

that the hearts are still there made

tranquil the Prophet solanum was then

told we in our custom that our people we

miss me Moroccan be in your dour if they

do things to you then return in respite

you have a right to defend yourself

one in Cybertron no hydrolyse Sabri but

if your patients yes indeed defend

yourself do those things that you have

to do but if your patients that's better

for the people of patients and then the

command loss will you be patient

wha massa broker in double ax and your

patients is only for the sake of Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala your patience is only

for the sake of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

and then Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says

let's accent honor him

don't be Grievous about this he told us

with her much Knox's talk from them

he told us it will hear many things from

them that bother us and then kathira

things that bother us speaking the worst

things the Prophet Elias in him was -

was fear huama so Broca in Debby la

Huerta has an alayhim don't be depressed

about this situation don't be depressed

what ethical fieldata mean I am Quran

don't be in constriction by their plots

don't be constricted by their plots in

Allah Aman ladina Tuckahoe well Ladino

Hamas in own alliance with the people of

taqwa the people of piety the people who

are obeying his command avoiding his

prohibition and he's with the people of

X and its viability here hacen woman

axonal olan in Mandara it Allah Muhammad

Authority and ricotta in any men and

muslimeen who is better than the one who

calls to God to allah subhanhu wa to

Anna and does righteous deeds and says I

am amongst those submitted to the Lord

of the world

I am amongst those submitted to the Lord

of the world but when you do that people

are going to get upset they're going to

harm you so Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says

it fabulous he here accent give a wrong

with a right well yet vonabell hasan

Athiya say ya allah says they fight

wrongs with

they don't fight wrongs with wrongs

henges that will say yeah at the illness

a year to myth raha that's true but the

elements say they say here the second

one is not a say yeah it's a response to

the savior but Allah still says if you

look at all the verses where Allah says

you can have your retribution you can do

these things but he says after it just

look what he says immediately after but

if you're patient woman Kazakh but who

gives out woman Apple what I do know

Allah but those who forgive those who

are righteous those who rectified their

rewards without every single look

throughout the Quran and you see what

Allah Allah Dean is demiran an older

player Tilly Runa Oxana those who

listened to this speech and they follow

the best of this speech they follow the

best of this speech the anima some of

the rudiments say accent who are caught

the one Allah calls you to the higher

way you take that way you don't take the

low way you don't take the lower way

even if it's acceptable you take the

highway this is a time when Muslims have

to rise above their egos they have to

rise above their own tribalism their own

self-identity their own images of a

worse that they put up higher than the

Deen sometimes well mine

we're discussing this religion in many

many places people say oh you know

they're going to burn Quran let's burn

the American flag before they even burn

the hold on just because they say

they're going to let's burn the

Americans like the American flag too

many people in this country is a sacred

thing when I was a boy in in school it

was the tradition when I was a boy the

flag could not touch the ground if it

touch the ground you burnt the flag you

desecrated the flag that that's when I

was growing up I was a flag boy in

school the person that puts the flag up

at the school they used to do that I

don't know if they do that anymore

the flag is something very sacred to

many American patriotic Americans you

burn their flag what do you think

they're going to do seriously what do

you think they're going to do Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala says what after super

ladina Harouna min do Neela say a super

wide one deer a deer in kinetic is a yen

a D cool do met in a meadow home do not

curse the idols of those who call on

other than Allah because they in turn

will curse Allah how do

ignorance in other words you cause them

to curse Allah by your cursing their the

things they hold sacred

that's what Allah says in the Quran that

came because the Prophet used to speak

about the idols and then there the jihad

the Arabs would get angry and they would

say things about his Lord and so Allah

said no don't do that

don't speak about their idol just tell

them about God forget about their idols

tell them about our lawsuit panwa and

then Allah said something very powerful

everything in Quran is powerful but

reflect on this Allah subhana wa tada

says like that we have made every Ummah

every community deem their actions

beautiful they think what they're doing

is right they think what they're doing

is good every group thinks this they

think what they're doing is good many

people that went overseas to Iraq these

soldiers to Iraq and Afghanistan they

thought they were doing good now some of

them have become murderers they have

seven young soldiers who probably were

just like these innocent people here in

this community people that you work with

people that you have transactions with

in stores a 21 year old young man who

should be in college studying or

learning some trade but instead he's

over shooting an Afghani farmer not even

a combatant just for sport seven

soldiers and then they tried to cover

this up mutilating the bodies one of the

positive things despite these terrible

atrocities one of the positive things is

that there are people that have

consciousness they're conscientious

people they reveal these things that's

why we know about them it can enrage

Muslims but that is something that is

positive about this community when

General Patton went to Morocco landed

first in Morocco he begins his memoirs

my war he has a book about the world war

two General George Patton he's

considered one of the greatest generals

in American history his opening

statement in that book as he arrives in


he said just finished reading the Quran

a good and interesting book now you

can't get more American than General

George Patton he's as red white and blue

as the flag but when he went to a Muslim

country he wanted to know what what do

these people believe and so he read the

Quran and he said a good and interesting

book that was his assessment this was a

man who knew Greek who knew Latin who

spoke French

he knew the history of the ancient world

he was a military historian he was an

educated man he read the Quran and he

said a good and interesting book he

didn't say this book should be burnt

when he met with the King of Morocco

he said invariably some of our soldiers

will do heinous things this goes with

any group of people they always have

fools in amongst them and he said but I

want you to immediately tell me of any

incident he said if anyone raped we will

hang them and he said that the King of

Morocco lit up and he said this will

bring great joy to the Moroccan people

if miscreants are dealt with with this

kind of justice we haven't told people

who we are we're letting other people

define who we are we're letting other

people tell us who we are they're saying

this is an evil group these are devil

worshippers these are people that that

are violent people really my love

there's Afghan ease in here

peaceful people trying to get by leaving

their job like the Bengali taxi driver

in New York City

simple Muslim probably prayed five times

a day had a beard and the man says

tomorrow Muslim and he says yes not a

shame he could have said no no I'm not a

Muslim I'm Hindu but he said I'm a


the man said sat on my nickel and then

he took a knife out and slit his throat

and missed his jugular vein he could

have killed that man he could have

killed that man this is the type of

environment that has been created by the

seeds of hatred that have been sown in


parts of too many people in this country

Americans generally are patient people

they're patient people you know that

you've lived in this country those of

you who are immigrants you've lived long

enough to know that that people here

generally are good people they're

patient people but if you brainwash

people if you give them messages day in

and day out they will begin to believe

those messages and then they can do the

most heinous things they can do the most

heinous things our houses are

increasingly becoming less safe in this

country our massages are increasingly

becoming less safe in this country we've

had now several masajid since the mosque

51 the park 51 incident several massager

have been abused in this country

including Fresno California right down

the road the people doing this are often

they're not bad people per se they're

not evil people Kidada cos again the

Cooley Amit and I'm at home we make each

group think what they're doing is good

these people think they're doing

something good these are evil people we

have to stop them because they've been

brainwashed if the Muslims don't wake up

and recognize one the immense

opportunity that we have for the first

time in the history of this country

since the beginning of this country in

which people were very interested in

Islam this is a fact in this country

early on because of the problems with

Libya the problems with Algeria the

first country to recognize the United

States of America was Morocco Benjamin

Franklin in his autobiographies when

there was a preacher that came to

Philadelphia the City of Brotherly Love

the first capital of the United States

there was a preacher that came and he

had such an impact the other preachers

envied him which is often the case when

you have somebody who's effective in

what they do you have the Envy earth and

they wanted to prohibit this person from

speaking anywhere in the city of

Philadelphia Benjamin Franklin said I

noted a change in the character of

people since the coming of this man to

Philadelphia the people were actually

behaving more with brotherly love like

Philadelphia so you know what he said

I'm going to build a house that is free

for anybody to say something good even

if the mufti of Constantinople wanted to

come and tell the American people about

Islam he would find an open place in my

in my setting here this is this is the

founding father Thomas Jefferson who

said that he wanted to see an America

that was safe for every type of

Christian every Jew every Muslim every

Mohammedan this is in his own right

every Mohammedan every Hindu for the

Hindus and for even the Atheist of every

strike this was the dream of these early

people they did not want to see the type

of religious bigotry that there existed

in Europe where people fought wars over

what people believe Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala says al Haqq una Nakamura become

my man chef Edmund woman sha affiliate

or say the truth from your Lord whoever

wants to believe let him believe whoever

wants to disbelieve let him disbelieve

that Achrafieh Deen now a cravat Deen

there's no coercion in this religion cut

the vein almost a minute late things are

clear Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says what

OSHA or Ibuka the armaments that are the

who loom

Jaime and if Allah wanted everybody in

the earth would believe they would all

be believers if Allah wanted he could do

that but what is he saying no when OSHA

are Ibuka the Amana Medford articulo

engineer on a Fanta to Peru NASA hatea :

what meaning do you think you can force

people to become believers we're not out

to convert the world Muslims have never

been out to convert the world really

because our own book tells us you can't

convert the world but all you can do is

tell people if they want to come in

welcome if they want to stay out you're

free to do that Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

says inner ladina aminal wended enojado

wasabi no one knows hara will Medusa

well Nadine assure aku

lajjo Sylvania homeopathy ama those who

believe those who are Jews those who are

sabians those who are Christians those

who are imagines those who are idolaters

polytheists all the groups Allah will

sort them out on the day of judgement

just just be patient be patient nobody's

in a hurry the day is coming and Allah

says I'll make everything clear he'll

make it out of being marjoram and then

on that day I'll send them back to their

Lord then I'll send them back to their

Lord are you in a bit anemic and

Yamanote he will explain to them what

they were doing that's immediately after

to that because again Adi could be

omelet and I'm at home and like that we

made every group think what they were

doing was good and then Allah says I'm

going to explain to them what they were

doing we have an immense opportunity

Shakespeare says there's a tide in the

affairs of men which if taken at the

flood right leads on to ventures a

fortune now you get success omitted then

you spend your life and in shadows

and miseries upon such a sea are we now

afloat this is the time to tell people

about Islam who we are don't let other

people define us they have tools we have

tools to the Internet has democratized

mass media you can have more impact on

the internet and you can on CNN if

you're clever enough there's YouTube

videos now that have more people see

those videos then then see arrivee at

any given time or FoxNews Muslims have

to be creative tell people who you are

meaning if you can't do it yourselves

then empower those who are doing it we

have groups Islamic networks group

that's going on in teaching people about

Islam explaining to them what Islam is

not to proselytize to inform Thomas

Cleary said Americans can't even think

about thinking about Islam so we have to

break down the barriers we have to let

them know who we are this is an

opportunity people the prophets Elias M

asked for one thing from Korres

hallo Vania were bein an ass just let me

talk to people don't don't don't don't

stop me don't prevent me just let me

talk to people that's all the problems

lies and ass have no manual been enough

he didn't want to fight

that's it ameno all I do don't desire to

meet your enemy the Prophet I said

didn't want to fight he was not a


Raja who he was Rama Todd he was modest

unlucky in matenda nana mean he was a

mercy to all the world he loved guidance

for people he loved good for people he

praised the Jews when they did

praiseworthy things he praised the

Christians when they did praiseworthy

things he praised the machine Akeem when

they did praiseworthy things about

hanford Vogel he said I witnessed an

alliance of virtue in the jaw dia if I

was called to it in Islam I would answer

the Prophet was not a fanatic

hasha who he was not a prude he was

never an angry person

he said that talk about don't get angry

outrage is not anger there are times to

be outraged there's times for

indignation Muslims should be outraged

but so should good Americans people that

are out there should be outraged at the

type of prejudice at the type of

violence being directed to Muslims they

should be outraged

is this the country that they want their

children to grow up in increasingly

looking like a fascist country if these

things will continue if these ideas

proliferate is this the type of a

country Chris Hedges wrote a book about

the the right increasingly becoming like

fascists calling any descent treason to

dissent Theodore Roosevelt considered a

great American said it's not patriotic

to agree with the president when he's

wrong this country was about dissent it

began as a movement of dissent

these are reactionary people's there's a

rabbi in Florida that wrote a beautiful

essay and he identified three problems


this country he said the problem in this

country is you have an extreme right

that has an agenda

many of them have alliances with war

mongers who want to sell weapons who

want to create enemies out there Russia

is no longer an enemy let's make the

Muslims an enemy the monterrey Language

Institute went from the dominant

language that was being taught there 15

years ago was Russian now it's Arabic

new enemy is convenient when you have an

industry that thrives on war how do you

convince people to give billions of

dollars every year in taxes over 50% of

the budget of this country of the tax

budget is going to build weapons how do

you convince people when people find out

what has been done to them in this

country the economic injustice all of

these mortgages people losing their jobs

all the jobs being shipped over by the

same corporations that are building the

weapons shipping those jobs over to

China to Indonesia to other places who

cares about the American worker who

cares about the American worker so what

do they do what do they do just like

they did to the poor white southerner

turn all of your anger on the black

people they're the cause of all your

problems you're better than them you

were born with white skin right that's

what they did turn them on that but

they're still on the caboose of the

train right they're still on the caboose

of the Train that's the what they did

that was the strategy of certain

demagogues in this country turn them on

the black people now before that in

Germany when they had hyperinflation

would it Hitler say it's all the Jews

problems it's all the Jews problems is

not the fact that we started a war

against all of the other Western

countries and now they've wiped us out

completely gutted our economy and and

we're stuck to reap the bitter fruit of

World War one no it's the Jews problems

they've done this to us

and what happened they had enough

propaganda they had their FoxNews really

they had their Fox News they had their

propaganda machine Goebbels taught a lot

of these people how the thing works

Jacques Ellul wrote a book called

propaganda which explains how much of

Western propaganda now is based on the

ideas of Joseph Goebbels the only PhD

amongst the inner circle of the Nazis

this is what's happening blame it on the

Muslims they're your problem don't blame

it on all this war mongering don't blame

it on the fact that we have a budget of

defense that usually be called the

department of war now it's called

Department of Defense a budget that is 9

times greater than all of the other

military budgets in the world combined

until a famous author from Boston could

write a book called the abode of war

calling America the abode of war Doral

Harbor and that's an American calling

America the abode of war Kulemin oh

pardon are and allowed me ha ha ha

every time they attempted to to stoke

the flames of war Allah put those flames

out way as an owner that ugly facade and

they sow corruption in the earth wallahu

legitimacy Deen Allah doesn't love

people that so corruption in the earth

we should be peacemakers not war mongers

our religion is a religion that calls to

peace you can say yeah Muslims are being

fought everywhere and you're saying

peace no you think about what what

fighting a machine like this does to

Muslims today you think about that just

think about the suffering that's been

brought on the Iraqi people the

suffering that's been brought on the

Afghani people and then talk to me about

war you know we want to see these wars

end and Muslims have to wake up in this

country because we have a destiny in

this country if we don't rise up to the

destiny that allows you an alert that

has chosen this community to bring peace

the people in the future I believe will

this community they will curse them all

of those things they had all that wealth

all that intelligence all of that power

and yet they squandered it on 401k plans

that dissipated before their eyes

squandered it on a new car that they

could have used their old call to have

squandered it on big entertainment

centers that's not what we were created

for a poodle Cody hada was stuff that a

lot you would a comedy sat in a machine

allahu akbar allah akbar allah akbar

allahu akbar allah akbar allahu akbar

allahu akbar anime Adana

allahu akbar al hamdulillah al

hamdulillah and american-islamic a Kappa

B Hanauma a bad Allah o sequels in a

series of Allah be pious people be good


don't cheat the system live within the

laws this is our religion to be good

citizens this is our religion be

exemplars for this religion you're here

you're not somewhere else you have

immense opportunities many of you have

been blessed greatly use your wealth for

good use your wealth you you get what

you need and then and then use it for

good don't squander this opportunity

life is very short

many of us are growing old before our

eyes really we're getting older this

community has been here now for some

time we have young children we need to

sow the seeds for those young children

to reap the benefits of our hard work

and labor please

take it as an opportunity don't ignore

the winds that are blowing out there

don't ignore these winds really many of

the Jews in Nazi Germany they didn't see

those winds blowing they didn't they

thought they can't get this is this must

be as bad as it's going to get we're

watching it get worse and worse and


at which point at which point really if

we allow this to

happen they will make it impossible for

Muslims to live to live in this in this

land with their children without concern

every time their child goes to school

but I believe in the heart of hearts

it's a loss of hano of data that's

waking us up and if we don't wake up if

we don't wake up we have no one to blame

but ourselves a loss of Hannah with

Dianna is is is has told us tell people

who you are

the Provencal nadia Ali was Adam said

believe or anyone else i empower people

if you can't do it yourself

I mean I lost my hand with that I accept

your Ramadan

now loss of a hand with an accept all of

our fasting or standing in prayer may

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala guard all of

your homes guard your children protect

your women protect the Muslims

everywhere may Allah make this land a

safe land may Allah prevent it from any

harm coming to it may Allah bring these

leaders to the understanding so that

they pull out of places where they

shouldn't be but they leave people alone

may Allah subhana wa tada

- these people rely may Allah give them

wisdom the people that are over us in

authority may Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

protect our women especially those all

of them but those who are openly Muslim

wearing the hijab with great courage may

Allah protect them may Allah protect

them from any harm coming to them may

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala make you people

of the Quran all year long may Allah

give us understanding of the Quran may

Allah make us people of the Quran may

Allah increase our understanding of the

Quran may Allah subhana would not have

forgive all of our sins may Allah Subhan

Allah to either restore peace and order

make us people of peace make us people

of order bring the Muslims back to their

senses if they've lost their senses and

make those have since become leaders in

our community may Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala protect all the people in

Afghanistan all of them may Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala bring these troops

home to their homes where they should be

may he protect the Afghan people from

any harm

may he protect the people who arrived

from any harm the people of Palestine

may Allah Subhan Allah

protect the people of Palestine may

allah subhana wa tada give them wisdom

to come to some kind of agreement

may we be peacemakers may Allah make us

amongst those who call to peace a

Donelson and in the end the ultimate

pieces in the al-shara this war is this

this world is a place of turmoil it's a

place of strife it's a place of grief

may allah subhanallah dynamic all of you

people of acura make all of you people

who know that ultimate peace is with

allah subhana wa tada but as long as

we're in this world may he make us

people who struggle for the best that

call to the best may may he make us

people of Eid fertility here accent who

returned wrongs with rights

Apolo dejado Stopford olala welcome

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

diesel Kumar heron Salam alaykum wa

rahmatullahi Mubarak