Changing the Perception of Reality

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Event Name: Changing the Perception of Reality
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I think after that film that we saw and they say a picture is worth a thousand words, it tells us a lot about the state of the Muslim community certainly and really of the world at large, because where things are not physically as bad as what we were witnessing; say in Kashmir or in Bosnia or in Palestine or in the Philippines or in Eritrea or the many places where the Muslims have actually been engaged in martial combat in defending themselves.  It's interesting to note that the one of the people before me mentioned that the Muslims are generally seen as terrorists but when you watch the news the little news is actually shown about what's happening in the Muslim world or you look at films like the one we just witnessed it seems that those being

terrorized in fact are the Muslims

themselves and yet it's important also

not to to demonize the one terrorizing

and let that be a barrier for realizing

why that situation exists why does that

situation exist this cycle of the

oppressor and the oppressed the cycle

that in reality the Prophet Elias Adam

came to break that chain and in the

beautiful hadith the Prophet Elias Adam

said and all his things are beautiful

Kankuro a falcon boddyhm animal uma

gives victory or help your brother who

is oppressing or oppress and the Sahaba

asked a very pertinent question we

understand how we can help somebody who

is being oppressed but how do we help an

oppressor a lot give an answer of

Ahriman how do we help an oppressor and

he said by preventing him from his

oppression by stopping him from his

oppression that that is the way you give

help and succour to an oppressor and so

this cycle that all of humanity seems to

be engaged in right now this cycle of

the oppressor and the oppressed is

frightening in its global manifestation

it's frightening when we look at our

Wanda or when we look at the

unbelievable capacity that a human being

has to lose his humanity it is really in

a sense from many offers of our

perspectives beyond our own imagination

it is beyond what we can comprehend when

when I witness what I just witnessed

it's difficult for me to comprehend one

how people can do that to other people

but to how a custom we can become to

that growth transformation of the

nobility and the dignity that is

inherent in the human being that is what

is really frightened to me that this can

become served up for the masses day in

and day out on the media in the

newspapers in the radio and in the

television and that we become inured to

this type of situation where it becomes

the status

in order to understand what's really

troubling I do not believe that there

are a lot of difference sicknesses when

we say the ailing humanity what we're

indicating is that humanity is sick you

can have diseases that have multiple

manifestations a good example is a when

somebody has AIDS they can get what they

call opportunistic infections they get

pneumonia they get skin diseases they

get bacterial diseases of the brain and

the meninges spinal fluid but the

sickness when you look at it with all

its different manifestations you can

really take it down to one thing in the

example of the AIDS patients it's a

breakdown of the immune system you see

this is really the sickness pneumonia is

really secondary in the AIDS patient

it's a secondary ailment what's going on

is not in pneumonia that is a

manifestation of something much deeper

when we look at humanity in a global

perspective what we see is a body a

social body that is ailing in the same

way that that individual is ailing from

AIDS we see all of these different

manifestations like that disease person

has Kaposi sarcoma this cancer of the

skin that might be the first thing you

notice about them and then you notice

that they're John and then you notice

that they're jaundice that they're

yellow of complexion you notice that

they've lost their bodily weights that

they walk weekly you notice that they're

coughing that they have a difficult time

breathing you do tests and you start

finding diseases in the blood you start

finding diseases in the brain they can

have dementia a type of like a

syphilitic dementia that has the disease

has attacked the brain and yet all of

those various manifestations in reality

have one source and that is that this

person's immune system has broken down

you look at human society now our immune

system has broken down you see on a

global scale there is no order in the


I was with recently the

great-granddaughter of actually she's

the granddaughter of soap an alkyl

halide ii who was the she lives in the

united states and she was she had the

whole tree of all of her grandfather's

back to a lodi the first Ottoman Emperor

and I said to one of the people that was

there despite all of the terrible things

that we know about the Ottoman system

especially in its later manifestation

despite all of that there existed in

order in human society and this is not

to romanticize this it's important that

we don't romanticize our own history you

see in the same way that we have a

whitewash history in the United States

you can study go into a university

course and it's changing now because a

lot of people especially what our term

minority people are demanding other

versions of history to start coming up

so we're seeing the black contribution

in American history which was something

never talked about in the history books

of the United States and if you're

interested in that subject and

interesting book is by Howard Zinn

called a people's history of the United

States but the point of that is is that

it's important not to whitewash history

to look Allah says be witnesses even if

it means all against your own cells one

hour an inclusive home even if it means

against your own self you have to be

sure haha witnesses you see to

romanticize is dangerous and we tend to

do that because the past is nostalgic

for most people but if you look at this

Ottoman Empire there was an older in

human society

you see Bosnia could not have happened

at the time of the Ottoman Empire it

could not have happened it could not

have happened at the time of the abyssea

it could not have happened at the time

of any Romania of the Umayyad guided and

it certainly could not have happened at

the time of the whole of ha ha she being

the rightly guided caliphs because there

was some semblance of order now what

that order was based on was a sacred

understanding now if you look at human

societies at large the vast majority of

human societies are religious societies

in their innermost core or nature there

are societies that perceive the sacred

within the secular within the mundane

what this society has so uniquely done

the modern society and it's been termed

the Western society the Euro American

Society the European society America

being one of the mutant children of

Europe the the reality of it is is that

this modern world has made this

extraordinary departure from a sacred

perspective of the world it's not to go

unnoticed that the Americans place on

their dollar and not the American people

but people behind the scene in the

United States because most Americans

don't know what it means

but on the American dollar there is

under the great steel which is actually

the batch of the Great Seal which is

interesting is it's the size you don't

normally see there is a pyramid and at

the top of the pyramid is a disengaged

eye in a one eye and then over it's

there some Latin term that says he is

pleased with our project she's

interesting who that reference goes to

who is he who is pleased with this

project they tell us that he's got one

up which is interesting because there's

we know in our Islamic theology there's

another creature that has one eye that

we certainly don't want him to be

pleased with our project

underneath this eye there says Novus

Ordo seclorum which is translated in

Latin new secular order or new order of

the ages or new world order because

secular means world the mundane as

opposed to the sacred which is when the

other worldliness in views the worldly

aspect with the divine with the sacred

with the holy so what this project was

that this one ice creature is pleased

with is a disengagement from the sacred

that the secular has now completely

disengaged from the sacred it's called

the separation in Western society of

church and state now it's long becomes

problematic for these people because

Muslims don't have a church there is no

church so what do you say separation of

religion and state you see at this point

it becomes problematic when they are

democratic elections in Algeria and as

Metheny rule is he is mr. moderate

compared to people on the wings now that

are moving up a plasma he is a very

moderate person and yet when he was

democratically elected and his party was

democratically elected the military

immediately comes in and subvert the

quote-unquote democratic process and the

world goes silent now we have American

ready to invade Haiti this this great

threat to to the American population

right Heidi and the Americans on Tuesday

I think is the deadline the ultimatum

why because the democratic process was

interrupted by these usurper and the the

rightful democratic ruler must be

reinstated and he was as in the White

House the other day and yet I'm fast

imagine ease

of lingers in a Algerian prison is not

even mentioned not even mentioned most

people don't know who he is and Algeria

is one of the largest countries in the

continent of Africa which is the largest

continent so it's very interesting these

this need to separate religion from the

sacred or secular business the worldly

visit and this is what the American

Society does you see is that

well churches on Sunday and everything

else is business as usual and we have to

be pragmatic we have to be what they

used to call Machiavellian and look at

the real world now there's a very

interesting the whole of the Quran you

just delve into some section and find

you find yourself drowning literally in

meanings but I want to read I would like

to read the Arabic but for times

constraint I'll read the interpretation

here that Allah says it is Allah who has

enabled you to traverse through land and

sea so that you even board ships they

sail with them with a favorable wind and

the full canal I mean we can by analogy

certainly look at the airplane which

also sails with a favorable wind in fact

I was on a flight coming from San

Francisco and they said we have a

favorable wind that we're going to get

in early and they rejoice there then

comes a stormy wind and the waves come

to them and there's waves in the air you

can actually what they call turbulence

so it applies to traveling in an

airplane which makes me very nervous

and the waves come to them from all

sides and they think they are being

overwhelmed at that point what do they

do they cry to Allah human beings very

interesting creature sincerely Mullis

Lee de Foix they call on Allah down love

mulazim love wood beam at that point

they call on Allah and the Dean and Dean

is to go into a state of submission at

that point they are submitted to a lots

of panel data model a scene lower Dean

when everything is in chaos when

everything is interpreted and they know

that there is no health there's no


you see when that's like I think it was

132 took off from Philadelphia and very

shortly after that took a nosedive and I

was as I was flying on this plane coming

from San Jose when we were taking off I

was I closed my eyes and reflected on

that state of suddenly taking a nosedive

what would I do what would be my last

word because it is a it is a possibility

at any given moment I'm in Samantha sama

and yes that'll be coming up do you feel

so safe from the one who is in the

heaven that he doesn't shake up the

earth do you feel so safe I live in

California and we certainly don't feel

safe about shaking of the earth but it's

simply a reminder that that is our state

at all times

that death is as close to you as your

own jugular vein death is what is

imminent it is immediately present at

all times and so they call on a mama

Christina being

and then what do they say if you save us

from this disaster we will show our

gratitude I know that use of Islam when

I heard him give a talk about how he

became Muslim an attorney point for him

was being in Santa Monica and he's a

fairly fragile his body physically and

he was swimming and the the undertow

there is very strong in California

people drown every year and he started

being pulled by the undertow and he was

swimming and it was pulling him further

and he was being pulled away from the

shore and he started to panic as people

do in that state and then he began to

call on God with sincerity and he said

if you just save me at this point he

thought he was going to drown he said if

you saved me and let me just get to the

shore I'll juice I'll do things for you

with my life I'll change and he said at

that point a wave came and took him back

to the to the shore where he was safer

and as he was getting closer to the

shore he said he started thinking and

wanting to just do what they called

renegotiate a bargain

I'll do something today

but he said that was the turning point

but it's very real human emotions you

see to renegotiate

you see if the brain starts becoming

turbulent and you see people change on

planes I've seen this many times maybe

there's a solver lunatic of all the

laughing stops and a somber mood Tagore

and people kind of look at each other

what was going on in the human heart at

that point and what is so different from

that space from every other state in

reality there is nothing different

except there's a reminder of the

presence of death and the prophet Elijah

knows that acts to do musically has

emitted that do much remembrance of the

destroyer of pleasures do much

remembrance of that thing that destroys

all of our pleasures because it puts you

in a different space and a different

perspective of reality if you leave your

family and each time you leave your home

you go into a state of awareness that

this might be the last time I ever see

my wife this might be the last time I

ever touch my child and I don't know

about you but I feel that I when I left

my boy last night maybe I'm thinking

about flight 132 or something but really

I think about that I leave my child and

I think and look at the dua of the

Prophet when he left on a journey he

said I'm so possible you're the the

companion in this journey will howl evo2

with every when malli will want it and

you're the one I'm leaving behind to

take care of my family my wealth and my

children so Hanna that is equally

Mackenzie and me how great is the one

who is in every place with his knowledge

he's our companion on our journey and

yet with overlooking our families that

we leave behind and so this is what they

say and then they say wanna know can and

wanna know can turn on and not finish a

Kadeem and we will be from the those who

show gratitude

is interesting because one of the terms

of castle the meaning of capital is in

Greece a Muslim can be a calculated

karana nama to be in gratitude to show

in gratitude towards the blessing and

that's Cooper and Nana

it's Cooper toward the blessing of Allah

who is in gratitude so Cooper the

disbelief was is normally termed this

but it also means ingratitude and so

they allow this and then when we save

them they begin to transgress Yamuna at

all they begin to transcribe in the

earth going back to their old ways

desire help in defiance of what is true

in defiance of what is right and then

what is Allah say and this is so

important to understand yeah au Hanna in

value Kamala and could become whole


Oh humanity and this address in the for