Changing the Perception of Reality

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Event Name: Changing the Perception of Reality
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stem because

the job means imposter it's not ante

it's not again it is imposter business

the job is the imposter Messiah in other

words he acts as the Messiah would act

but he's an imposter

because he does it on his own authority

not on the authority of allah subhana wa

ta'ala when allah brought life through a

phase that have asa

understood that allah is the bringer of

life and he told people this is by this

illness by the power and the authority

of allah azza panel data when the doctor

with his when he when he brings the

heart the dead heart you see back to

life with this electrical stimulus he

doesn't do it bismillah you see unless

he's a Muslim and then we have a

different perspective and even a lot of

them unfortunately aren't doing it

bismillah anymore but he does it in the

name of technology because that's where

he's put his trust because if the

machine doesn't work get another machine

but the unfortunate scenario here is

that it doesn't always work and even

replacing it with another machine

doesn't work either benefit for both

when the soul reaches the home and it's

about to leave

what until we've seen the events of guru

and you're looking at that point all of

you in the intensive care units and in

the emergency room we run Sylvania

events on but all you see you're looking

upon this acts this awesome Act which is


meaning of this sacred creation of allah

subhanho wa taala from the body for

Girona return put it back

in kuntum Saudi team if you're really

truthful about being all-powerful put it

back they're working on it

you see they're really don't think

they're not working out there very

seriously thinking about these things I

mean we have people in this country

chronically involved in freezers many of

them just their brains because they

figured by the time that they'll work

out the technology they can build a new

box this is legal I mean the Canadians

have enough sense to outlaw that thing

but in this country it's legal if you

have the money you see what whoo-hah and

Omaha do ruin our data we're almost

there the secret of life has been

revealed to us we know that genetic the

genetic transformation all of these

things we know all of these secrets of

life and we're finding more and more

Tomatoes there's a problem they get

bruised well all we have to do is take

out the gene that causes the bruising

and then we have a brutalist tomato you

see is much better than the one that

bruises and it doesn't really change the

tape shelf life whether it's problematic

strawberries have a very short shelf

life we can radiate them you see we just

zap them with radiation and it kills all

life you see so you're eating dead food

to nourish living cell it's very


I mean milk used to be one of the most

nurse includes in the world and still to

this day people that this octogenarian

tetsujin areas these people in the

Caucasus Mountains and

the tribal lands their main staple of

diet is milk but it's got two things

that are different from our milk

it generally goat and sheep's milk which

is very different from cow's milk and

it's raw it's raw raw milk has 32

enzymes that are killed at the point of

homogenized aged pasteurization you see

and now milk is actually a disease

causing food for many people seriously

milk causes a lot of problems and they

don't think well what what's different

from milk now as it used to be what has

changed on top of the hormones look at

the immigrants there when I went on


I literally towered over people I mean I

suddenly felt tall and I'm short for

most American immigrants who have come

here their children 6263

and the father's 5 foot 8 easy and they

kind of hmm it must be some atavistic

gene here no that's well can they say in

Arabic go back to some it is the

hormones in the meat and the milk

nothing mysterious going on here they're

called growth hormones have you ever

seen what they call now it used to be

called just a turkey now they call the

organic turkey an organic surgery looked

like a store-bought chicken because

chicken look like turkey used to look

and pigeon look like chickens used to

look and the very sad thing about it is

is it seems that as our broad gets

bigger our brains seem to get smaller I

wonder if there's some correlation there

so at this point when they think that

the world they're all over power all

over it at Omaha's Eiland Omaha then the

command of Allah to panic a Leila Inara

by night or by day why is my night or by

day because now we know through

telecommunications that for some people

when a loud command comes it will be

daytime and for some people it will be

night time if you are here we're in day

time is the command King now it would be

nice time for the people in Pakistan

cha-cha am Runa Leyland or najara

sadhana and then we made the earth

hafidah like a harvest clean mode how

seed is after the harvest when you've

taken all everything away what's that

that's what the earth will become

because of Technology and these things

that people are abusing without

knowledge you see I mean it's happening

whether we like it or not folks and if

you want to remain in some delusion that

technology is going to say that as these

people believe then that is your

prerogative to remain in that delusion

and this is not and I don't want anybody

to take this as being anticodon cult

science there's not what I'm saying

what I'm saying is is that if you

believe that our our safety if what what

is going to heal ailing humanity is more

technological solutions then you're from

this group of people that allows us


adoha unknown other on alaihe you're not

from that group of people that turn to

allah subhanho wa taala in absolute

sincerity now the difference between the

technology that was developed by muslims

and the compatibility of science with

islam because we say that islam is

compatible with science this is a very

common coin that is used amongst the

Muslims but Islamic science is based on

a different premise and the permit is

that there is a difference between

subjective knowledge and objective

knowledge there the difference between

reality and our perception of reality

there is a difference between true

knowledge and one me knowledge true

knowledge is through revelation it is

the revelatory faculty that the human

being is endowed with we have had

literally hundreds of thousands possibly

there is a narration that says two

hundred and twenty four thousand one

hundred and twenty four thousand but

there has been an unbroken chain of

human messengers that have come given a

knowledge of reality as it is not as we

perceive it and then we are challenged

by those messengers to take what our

perceptions of reality are to cast them

out and these are called janilla and

then to imbue ourselves with the

perception of reality as it is in

reality and this is the revelatory

process you see because it doesn't

happen overnight it happens through a

serious engagement with the human being

and the message from his Lord this is

the only way that this can happen is a

serious engagement as the individual

human being perceiving his convention

that there is a way out and the way out

is the book of allah and this is not a

past statement that we say when people

say what's the solution what the answer

was and we say the book of allah this is

the answer that the messenger of allah

gave us in a hadith that is related by

timothy when he talked about the end of

time being so full of all of those

things we saw on this bill this is what

he said a large which is riotous killing

when people are rioting that is called

an harsh they didn't even have a word

word in arabic the prophets borrowed a

word from the Habashi ethiopian language

because the elf didn't even understand

that concept of riotous killing and

harsh when the prophet Elijah and said

al artists layer-3 lima patella will

mock to lima putida on that day when the

killer does not know why he's killing

and we had in Newsweek this story about

this 11 year old boy 11 years old

I don't did some of you see that story

11-year old boy who at the age of three

is practicing a social worker that he's

going to slit her throat

that language was acquired from

somewhere you see in that same article

one of these people who has thirty-one

thousand in Cook County one hour away

folks I think that right Cook County six

hour sick now Chicago's in Cook County

to cook six hours away he had 31,000

abused children that his people are

responsible for no there was no 31,000

he said then we have thousands of time

bombs waiting to happen

now what did our prophet polite to them

say EDA

special vehicle eben Rosina Yu Shu ku

and Yahoo Mahal I've ever lost when the

bastard children become prevalent

amongst you be prepared for the

punishment for the wrath of Allah

sanitize where do you think these

children are coming from most of them

are born is not the vast majority the

majority of them are born out of wedlock

and in the article they said absent

father it means there's no legitimacy

there you see now the Islamic

perspective is is that morality is as

real as the laws of physics that if you

if you have an action if you have

evolved like they say a body tends to

remain at rest unless acted upon by a

body in motion this is a physical law

that we can repeat over and over again

you hit if I take a billiard ball and

knock it and it hits the ball one in

motion one stationary it acts upon it

determined by the velocity and the mass

it's going to send that thing moving

that is as

deal as individual morale

if you as the prophet Elijah and says

either fascistic rimmel party sure to

follow either fashion is a special

performance statutory our proper home

um rather than Tecumseh as latinum is

perversion manifest in people they will

be affected by diseases that their

predecessors had no knowledge of we have

literally twenty million people

suffering from herpes device not only

that we have different forms now because

these viruses changed we have people

suffering from forms of gonorrhea that

were unknown that are not that they

don't respond to antibiotic therapy we

have forms of nail TB is coming back

with the rain the a no one knew of a

before 1982 you see now they will tell

us what it existed in the Reese monkey

and this and that or we weren't

identifying it this again is what one

man do have an embodied on a disease it

is their conjecture

half my a severe only in the once they

only follow their own conjectures and

run according to allah subhanaw taala

layer when I'm at half Shia it doesn't

increase reality one iota so this is the

react this is the state of affairs you

see this is the state of affairs so my

point of all of this is that it is not

an anti scientific mode that Muslims are

in but it is a different perception of

science and this is why the science that

the Muslims were created was based on

human human kind on bettering the human

condition not profit you see medicine

now is all profit I mean this is a


they have vaccinations that can treat

people in many sizes why don't they do

it because there's no profitability

this is reality folks this is not


you see research is done there are

researchers that are can because they

are not marketable there are medicines

that have been discovered and you can

look at the research of chlorophyll done

in the 1940 coral has a extraordinary

impact on altars which are very

difficult to treat and yet all of the

research was can because they could not

market chlorophyll because its viability

is only a half an hour and there was no

way of refrigerating it in a way because

it's like liquid oxygen it just

dissipated and so all of that research

was can and allah says in the quran

dawood in turn it up army in now

probably muhabba from a shop owner of

the chakra and paternity haka where in a

bellhops I was a tuna run Akana waha die

acaba was bad huh

perfect hadn't water fruit and the last

thing about almond said at bat he

couldn't even understand the ayah other

because it says meta and welcome Willy

and Anakin this is benefit for you and

your life stock after is grass it's the

grass that life that beat in other words

it's chlorophyll you see something to

think about

especially the physicians I'm going to

finish very quickly I've been given and

I appreciate the indulgence you go I'm

now because I can sleep deprived for

about several hours I took an all-night

flight so now I'm going on energy and I

don't know where it's coming from

I will end this shallow with two things

one is an ayah that met some of you may

have heard this from me before but I was

said because I believe that this ayah is

the ayah of our time I believe that this

ayah embodies so much the time we live

in one after that attended inna 44 and

on those three who stayed behind and

these were three people that did not go

on the jihad on the hwacha fight who

interestingly enough the Romans the

Europeans had said in a bar patent

Hector Avella at the other humor up

until the point or to such a degree that

the earth seemed to constrain be

constricting for them back leg up they

were feeling this constriction be

malleable that this earth with all this

fastness and all that it contains began

to feel constricting for that what I am

an apostle and their own cell became

constricting their own cells became

constricting what one rule now here's

one means something different in the

Arabic language is called minute

alphabat it's from the opposite world

one can mean absolute certainty because

people that have one like Vanna and you

imagine on a layer they had absolute

certainty but really in reality it was

only conjecture but here is absolute

certainty they had absolute certainty

what one rule and I level Jeremy who in

that unit at that point they realize

that there was no fleeing from a lot of

hand with Allah except to Allah at that

point there was no fleeing from Allah so

this is

the world is doing they're fleeing from

their Lord now that'll be optical

kidding what has deluded you on from

your Lord your generous Lord that has

given you life that has given you breath

that is giving you eye all of these

gifts and we should refrain from being


despite all of the negativity of this

age because Muslims are people Excel can

do boohoo from alanis talents and seven

he loves optimism he loves good only

this is the nature of our Blessed

prophet in the mid of all the trouble

that he lives were a Shadrin Hezbollah

and an MBA the worst people in

tribulation all the prophets shall

answer well I'm done and then the best

closest to them and then the best

closest to them so they became certain

that there was no thing from Allah to

permit a valium via to boo at that point

Allah turned to them at that point at

the point when the Muslim turned to

Allah and leave behind all other hopes

of safety and leave those people that

run on added on Aleya

that they think they have their own

answers and their own solution until we

leave those people behind and and turn

it's a turning you see Tobit as a means

to turn it is turning from one direction

to another direction

Leah to who in order that they might

turn to us in Allah who was a water

Allah is the off turning and the

compassionate the compassionate and

ar-rahim is specific for the meaning not


however writing brahim is the mercy that

he shows those people that believe in

him and this is the only way this is the

only way in the hadith that I wanted to

mention that I

left out was that finale asked the

prophet Elijah when he was describing

all of these bitten and tribulations at

the end of time he asked him know

Mahavira evangelist or allah what is the

way out

and maha comes from the flower the rest

of the place the way out is the place of

Islam Muhammad is what they call isn't

McCann in the Arabic language

it's a a noun of place the Muslim is the

place of the class that allah ma li seen

they call on Allah with Allah love Dean

and they were in total submission to

Allah and Allah to Adam and then he says

Allah values to them and he's the one

who is the giver of the best advice to

people when a bath is uncle asked him

for ja he said he said Allah as you ask

Allah for the happiest for general

well-being the ulama said what like if

there was a better thing to ask he would

have told his uncle at Bath that thing

and then the final thing I want to

recite a poem by Persian pose it also

has relevance to this topic on

Resurrection Day God will say what did

you do with the strength and the energy

that your food gave you on earth how did

you use your eyes what did you make with

your five senses while they were dimming

and playing out and this comes from the

hadith that the first thing a man will

be asked about a Shabbat FEMA earth not

just youth how did he spend it I give

you hands and feet as tools for

preparing the ground for planting sowing

the seeds of righteous action to be

harvested in the algebra in the next


you will not be able to stand when you

hear those questions you will not be

able to stand when you hear those

questions you will then double with

shame and finally acknowledge and

finally acknowledge the glory of a

muscle Amazon God will then say lift

your head and answer these questions

your heads will rise a little and then

slump again look at me

tell me what you've done you try but you

fall back flat as a snake

I want every detail tell me eventually

you'll be able to get to a sitting

position be plain and clear I have given

you such gift

what did you do with them then you will

turn to the right

looking to the prophets for help as

though to say I am stuck in the mud of

my life help me out of this I am stuck

in the mud of my life help me out of


I mean humanity now is stuck in the mud

of its own hubris its own pride help me

out of this they're asking the Prophet

for help when they should have taken

their help in this world and the

prophets will answer those kings those

kings the times we're helping is past

the plough stands there in the field on

the earth the plough stands there in the

field you should have used it then you

will turn to the left where your family


but you are the tribe the relation to

people all these people the day of

nesting up see myself myself and they

will say don't look at us your own

family your mother your father everybody

they will say don't look at us this

conversation is between you and your

Creator then you will pray the prayer

and this is

talking to the people of prep then you

will pray the prayer that is the effort

of every ritual you will pray the prayer

that is the essence of every ritual god

I have no hope I am torn to shreds you

are my first and my last and my only


Bhavana and lanolin who is not even and

they recognized that there was no refuge

from Allah except to allah Sopranos

honor and this is the essence of every

ritual this is the essence of our prayer

five times a day

a yak and I'll go do what yak in the

signs this is the essence of our humor

going before the community this is the

essence of our house this is the essence

of our fasting one month out of the year

leading off food that gives us our

temporary strict and recognizing where

the real strength is without loss of

hand without leaving our food this is

the essence of the hatch when you go to

the house of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

and before Allah in your rack in your -

I need some pieces of cloth and you say

the bacon automatic I'm here answering

your call this is the essence of every

ritual Allah I have no hope I am torn to

shreds you are my first and my last and

my only refuge don't do daily prayers

like a bird pecking its head up and down

don't do daily prayers like a bird

checking his head up and down prayer is

an egg hatch out the total helplessness

inside a photo probably had Allah

stuffed with almighty radical decided

nice things welcomed the most