Faith and the Challenges of Secularism: A Jewish-Christian-Muslim Trialogue

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Event Name: Faith and the Challenges of Secularism: A Jewish-Christian-Muslim Trialogue
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culture when they lose

religion and and in our tradition imam

al-ghazali and this is also probably

from Gregory but Aquinas brings up the

daughters of lust and a mortal sin is a

habitual sin it's something that you do

habitually a lot of people are addicted

to pornography but which is a habitual

sin of lust and being in a state of lust

the the daughters of lust

they're called Bennett o shahe ye in the

Arabic tradition the daughters of lusts

one of them it is is as spiritual

blindness another is distracted

distracted 'no cecilia distractibility

but one of them is is hatred towards the

things sacred and and despairing of God

or animosity towards God and so I think

people don't realize the connection that

we're seeing in our culture that's

directly related to a completely

sexualized civilization if you want to

read a really I think an important

pamela paul that exposed me to a lot of

this she wrote a book called pornified

this is a secular liberal woman who

found out about this world and wrote a

book about how devastating and i don't

think a lot of people realize what's

online and what people exposed to chris

hedges his second chapter in one of his

books goes into graphic detail about

what what young kids are exposed to

today that i think you will have the

last word mmm-hmm

first of all if you want to see what

could be done through this technology go

and look at our website we're working on

this one earlier and we're experimenting

with new forms whiteboard animation

short videos with music and imagery to

create moments of spirituality of myths

and so on and in terms of sexuality

there was a book a couple of years ago

in the states by somebody who became an

orthodox jewish woman just because she

wanted to recover the integrity of a

physical relationship Wendy Shelley

Wendy shallots book modesty and it's a

really good book the three positive

possibilities of this technology are

number one Sergey Brin and Larry Page

his commitment to the democratization of

access to knowledge that is so powerful

the countries that never really had

access to good education and kids who

never had it now have access to it

number two

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has just

changed the mission statement of

Facebook from connecting friends to

creating communities and it was very

interesting the Mark Zuckerberg and

what's her name Sheryl Sandberg both on

our holy day Yom Kippur sent out

religious messages as committed Jews and

I had never seen that actually in public

before so they too are beginning to

realize that they must be responsible

for making sure that things like

Facebook help preserve our basic human

and spiritual

values and I think the third thing is is

simply that you know we are connected

together in a way that no human beings

ever have then Facebook is just about

habits boom its first 30 years it now

reaches 2 billion people just think of

this 2 billion people have the chance to

be rude to one another but I mean very

quick what if we seized that and said we

are going to counter the bad that's out

there and there's a lot that's bad by

showing that the good is really

beautiful life enhancing and inspiring

we can use this technology for the sake

of God and if we don't God will not

forgive us because he gave us this

technology so that it would serve us to

serve Him thank you one more brief last

word from from Robbie Jordan and that

list Lord is simply thank you thanks to

all of you for coming out and being part

of launching our new initiative I also

want to say a big thank you to Dean

Hibbs and to Byron Johnson and the

entire Baylor community cannot tell you

how honored I am to be associated with

this initiative and then finally thanks

to my two beloved friends the busiest

men in the world who made a special

effort to be here to help us launch this

this community and I love you guys and

thank you so so very very much