Global Taubah - Malaysia 2014

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Event Name: Global Taubah - Malaysia 2014
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ladies gentlemen now this earlier was

the introduction without the shield now

is the introduction with the ship

alhamdulillah and as I was saying

earlier in fact with the ship himself

that the last time we were together in

fact in Abu Dhabi as the guests of the

Foreign Minister there and al merini

Mikasa Teja enamel Armellini at

masha'Allah who are in a molecule in

Ramona was so every action is by

intention and every man and woman will

get what he or she intended so I was

just wanting she hands us lake so to

speak when I met use it last few months

so you must come to Malaysia and do

something actually alhamdulillah ladies

and gentlemen he is here so without

further ado we indeed this night of

Leyla to Jamaa mallum Jamaat so we have

this intellectual seeker tonight

hamdulillah to replace our spiritual

decay they're Christians Salam alaikum

warahmatullahi wabarakatu

Sarah matpat hang up a:hover

I that's the extent of my Malay although

I will say bismillah ar-rahman rahim

we took a malay word from you via the

English in America when people go crazy

they say he ran amok so I Marcus yeah a

MOOC which is from a mock Arabic

alhamdulillah wa salatu was-salam ala

rasulina muhammadin wa rida re wasabi

was said unto Simon Kira what I heard

about the water level and honey and our


Allah Allah in Marana aluminum tonight

in the current era anamur Hakim along

aluminum I am fair enough and I limped

and I was in there in my also deal of my

Odyssey then I'm mohamed anwar i that

annual cyber you said i'm Tasneem and

get here

what I hold up or what they never had a

lien of him at home did I want to talk

in China about just a few things one of

them is the purpose of human beings

which is a metaphysical question and

then I also want to talk about the how

we're doing as human beings and then

finally I want to talk about what

perhaps we should be doing as human

beings the first question is what is the

purpose of human beings unfortunately

for the first time in human history

there are civilizations that do not

really have any answer whatsoever to

this question this is actually unique in

human history because human beings have

always had some reason for existence

whereas the current dominant model in

the Western civilization is really

untenable metaphysically because the

argument that you will find amongst

Western people is essentially what they

would call in their term an

existentialist problem in other words

that each person has to work out what

the meaning of his life is for him or

herself that nobody's going to tell you

what your life means you simply have to

work it out for yourself and this is why

suicide is actually a very serious

option in that culture we recently had

in our in my country I'm from we had a

very famous person commit suicide and

there were actually articles arguing

that this was his choice and people

should be allowed to have this choice

and and you can't refute that argument

unless you have a metaphysical argument

to counter that argument Camus is a good

example in the West

he was a French Algerian philosopher

he's famous for a book called the plague

the myth of sisyphus also but he also

eventually committed suicide and

so in essence the the philosophy the

dominant philosophy that is is in many

many parts of the world is actually a

philosophy of kneel ISM it's a

philosophy of what the Arabs would term

Adhamiya that there's really no purpose

to existence if we look at our tradition

most people if you ask them why why are

we here

most Muslims would say Omaha dr. Jana

wouldn't say Allah yeah Badoon we only

created humans and the spirit world -

for ebody and they would actually

believe that this was essentially the

purpose of our existence is Avada but

there are other reasons that our

scholars gave from the quran for human

existence because if somebody was not a

conscious worshipper then that would

mean essentially that their purpose

would be null and void and this would

mean that people outside of the faith

whatever the true faith would be at the

time at one time it was the way of Moses

at another time the way of Jesus at

another time perhaps the way of Buddha

if he was a prophet as some have argued

we have no absolute evidence but there

are some that have made that argument in

the past as far aleni is one of them but

if the the final way the prophetic way

is the way of the Prophet Muhammad then

his way actually describes different

reasons for the creation of human beings

in the Quran one of them is step-mom

that Allah created us from the earth and

then a stock motor confit had that he

gave you is step Mar in the earth and

what that means is he asks that you do

Imran that you actually build and

cultivate the earth this is called Imran

and the prophets aligning Saddam he came

as a prophet of the city first and

foremost he's a prophet also of the

Bedouin he's a prophet of

the farmers but first and foremost he is

a prophet of an medina the city and the

reason for that is because the last

phase of human existence would be a an

urban phase that people all over the

world have increasingly flocked to

cities and the city is it's an ancient

concept but the modern city is a very

new concept the idea of a monopolist

this massive city which allows for

anonymity it allows for people to do

things that they would not normally do

if they were in a small village where

everybody knows who they are so if you

look now the Prophet Elias Adam came to

a city and Medina and he taught people

how to live and behave within that

context and then he also taught the

Bedouin how to live in behavin for that

reason one of the unique aspects of our

thick the jurisprudence of Islam is that

it actually deals with people in


it teaches you how to be even if you're

one person living on a mountain you can

be a Muslim that Robinson Crusoe can be

a Muslim whether or not Friday jumera

comes to the island so this is one of

the interesting aspects of our religion

but primarily Islam as a collective

religion it's a religion of a group of

people an aggregate of people that are

bound together in a milla or a Gemara

and yet the Lama angioma Allah loves the

group he loves unity Allah Himself is

one and he loves unity he loves unity

through diversity just as his attributes

are diverse he is rockman but he's also

moontak him he's the merciful but he's

also the Avenger of wrongs and these are

contradictory they're diverse attributes

but he is one and in the same way the

Muslim civilization is diverse but is

essentially one so if you go to Malaysia

there's a

certain flavor to Islam here your women

wear colorful dresses well some women

have done that in the past you go to

other places and and the Muslim women

wear very plain dresses if you go to

Nigeria the women wear very colorful

dresses so this is but the essence of

the modesty is there whether it's

colorful or whether it's black and white

it's the essence is there and this is

the beauty of the Islamic tradition is

that it has this diversity so one of the

reasons is is that mom is actually to

cultivate the earth through Omron which

is the term that even Halden in his

great work and mocha dima uses for

civilization one of the signs of the end

of time as the prophet sallahu said I'm

said there would be horrible Imran Imran

al Haram the destruction of civilization

and the civilization of destruction the

civilization of destruction in other

words a nihilistic civilization that

tears down to build up this is called

the Hegelian dialectic that'd merely

tamia destroy and tear down to rebuild

to build up and this is one of the

phenomenon that we see around the world

wars come in they destroy everything and

then people make a lot of money

rebuilding those places the real Imran

is cultivation the Prophet SAW I said

was not a revolutionary in that sense of

the word that he turned everything

upside down

in fact the Quran says in Minooka that

the whole kharitonov Sidhu ha which I

adore is it the idea of Allah the Saba

the queen of peace says that that kings

when they enter into cities they turn

everything upside down they make the

high people low they make the low people

high and allah confirms that what

cathartica me if i don't like that they

do so Allah actually confirm what this

woman said in the Quran the Prophet when

he went into Mecca he said man Tejada

bata Abu Sufian canna

Amina he took the disease of the Quraish

and he held him in that position when he

took the keys of the Kaaba and Abdur

family been robbed are these were the

the abdul door people and paul ha even


to him and asked for the keys Allah

commanded him and to Edwin Amana ta da

le ha give the keys back to the people

who have the the sacred trust and he

gave the keys back to pal ha and he said

no one will take these keys until the

end of time this is how the man became

Muslim so the Prophet did not turn

everything upside down in Mecca he

purified he made to heave

he said innama bu'ithtu you tell me mama

karemera Halep I was sent to restore to

complete the good character of the Arabs

the Arabs had good character they word

Islam did not come into an ethical

vacuum it actually came into a society

that had very very high qualities and

this is very important to remember that

Islam cannot function in an ethical

vacuum in the same way that it cannot

function where there's mercy is absent

in the hearts of people when the Prophet

kissed one of his grandchildren

one of the Bedouin desert Arabs said

atop Abdul Allah do you kiss children he

said I have ten children and I've never

kissed one of them the prophet sal i

said i'm said do I have anything in my

religion for somebody who has no mercy

in his heart in other words if you're a

cruel person this religion has nothing

for you it has nothing for you because

it's a it's a religion based on Rama

it's a religion based on muhabba and and

those things are the things that unite

people the prophets of Allah I said I'm

told us that Allah chakra is more rama

is some around men is mcmanus me iraq

man that he derived the womb from his


the Rahman and this is why kinship bonds

bind us first and foremost as Ben Oh

Adam Kula cumin Adam Mahalo

could you come in Adam were adamant to

rob if all of you are from Adam and Adam

is from Torah he's from death

so outwardly we are all the same

there's no superiority of one group over

another group I'll get to that so this

is is that mod is very important this is

why anybody that is cultivating the

earth that's doing something benefit

is fulfilling a divine function he has a

purpose in life whether he's worshiping

or not the second reason is is stiff

laugh now is Stefan laughs has a couple

of different meanings but one of them is

this is I'm taking this from the great

ethicist raava Buddhist fahan II he was

also a master of Quran one of the

teachers through books of Imam

al-ghazali relevance Mahan Ian Dury I am

mechana machete and says that the second

reason that Allah created human beings

was for istic laughs that they actually

are replacements for the previous

generation so as a new generation comes

they replaced the previous terrorism

when you look at your children you're

seeing your replacements they're going

to take your place one day because you

will die and they will take that fulfill

that function that you were fulfilling

before that's one of the meanings

another meaning is to act as a steward

in a genuine fit or the Haditha I'm

placing in the earth a Calif

so Allah gives us these tools he gives

us the means that we need to fulfill

this function to be ha'la'tha

in the earth and when Dawud was told

that he was being made a Calif he Allah

told him to to judge with justice and

not follow his Hawaa because this is

what will divert you from justice so

this is the second purpose that we are

created the third purpose that Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala created us is that we

are here to adore allah subhanho wa

taala to know Allah subhana WA Ta'ala to

know our Creator Allah super Hannah with

the other one he said that Maha doctor

in so an agenda will insa illa liya

boyhood I only created the sprites and

the the spirits and the humans to

worship even a basset via a typhoon in

order to know me

so the avada comes out of knowledge you

have to know Allah subhana WA Ta'ala now

the way that we know allah subhana wa

tada according to our anima is through

the optima it's actually through the

intellect it's not through nothing which

is revelation the way that we know allah


fanon a new hula Aida in Baba no have

they in that there is no god except

allah subhana wa ta'ala and the ulama

derived different proofs for this

Borana tamanna Veronica Juarez for

people that have studied some al Qaeda

they know these these proofs they have

looked at different proofs the intellect

can arrive at an understanding through

thought that you have to have a creator

nothing can come out of nothing you

cannot get something from nothing there

has to be a source behind this if which

my 15 year old was studying biology and

his teacher was an atheist and he came

and told me that he was he was studying

biology and he said that his teacher

said that we can explain life without

God and I said that that biologists

should not interfere with cosmology a

biologist should stay in biology and not

start talking about cosmology because

that's another science cosmology and it

reminded me of the the joke about the

biologist that meet God and God asked

them what they're up to and they said

well we've gotten rid of you and God

asked the biologist how did you get rid

of me and they said well we can explain

how we got here without you and he said

well how would you do that is it well

first we take some cosmic dust and God

says no no wait a second get your own

dust right you see because where where

did it all start where did we come from

even if evolution explained how we have

evolved as a species it doesn't explain

where the original material came from

man cannot bring anything into existence

from nothing he makes organs from

already existing cells the cloning comes

from already existing cells

he's now in stem cell research and doing

all of these things everything that he

makes has pre-existing materials we

cannot make anything out of out of

nothing it's impossible for humans to do

that because

nothing comes from nothing and this is

why my own teacher said ketab and


the Atheist are liars allowed to move

their ug that would non-existence cannot

bring existence L folder that Yuko in on

me ROM Anarchy or chaos cannot bring

order into existence and Jaggu Laird led

yet lie a leader in ignorance cannot

bring knowledge into existence and then

he said inna Mejia in takasu a Klingon

command MC Adara

see here what is love and hawa this is

the inversion this is an intellectual

inversion of reality like somebody who's

walking on his head and his feet are in

the air that this is something that

humans have never believed and and this

argument now of the modern atheists the

this is an ancient argument atheists

have always been around

in fact atheists were actually more

sophisticated a hundred years ago than

they are today and this is the truth

because 100 years ago they were well

versed in philology like Nietzsche they

were well versed in they were they were

profound philosophers even at the time

of Socrates there were atheists people

forget that Marx who was who was an

atheist he did his his PhD dissertation

was on the materialist of the Greek

materialist so he had studied

materialistic philosophy so this

argument this modern argument is not a

new argument it's it'