Global Taubah - Malaysia 2014

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Event Name: Global Taubah - Malaysia 2014
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you will see

religion become a source of fitna and

tribulation you are Shafi this is your

tradition your Activa is a sound a PITA

and you believe in two skia this is your

tradition hold to your tradition and

don't let people pervert your tradition

and all traditions need reassessing this

is the job of the scholars you have to

reassess things always there's TV you

need renovation things get in that maybe

should not be in that's true all that is

true but don't let that be an excuse to

throw the baby out with the bathwater no

don't let that be an excuse this is my

warning to you because you're the people

of Malaysia are good people generally

everybody has bad people and all of us

have some some bad qualities in us but

generally that I've been here three

times I'm amazed at the kindness of your

people I'm amazed at their

thoughtfulness I'm amazed at your add up

I'm amazed at your gentleness well I I'm

telling you the truth I'm and you still

have smiles on your face despite what's

happening in the world you hold on to

what you have hold on to the love in

your hearts this religion is about

loving each other in the medmont monona

aqua the the movements are brothers and

sisters were in solidarity and anyone

that wants to so division and strife be

reminded of what imam ali said aljahmeir

to massif wa Maluku Dora

Hiram men El Fattah man a Massif wa that

the group with its impurities is better

than the sect or sectarianism with its

purity did you hear that the group with

its impurities is better than

sectarianism with its purity so one to

those people that tell you that we're

following the the Panaji that were the

only people that are rightly guided all

these people are astray no

these are Muslims they say Lenehan Allah

Muhammad Rasul Allah they deserve

dignity they deserve their honor some of

them are astray at Hanukkah Ramadan

se-yeon hassanover ofrece yeah they mix

good and bad that's true

Allah says surah al kitab and ladina of

afina many budino we have given this

book to those we have chosen from our

people from our servants Furman who

amongst them very mundane FCE he's wrong

in himself he's still Mustafa Allah spa

Fajo he is still from the chosen men

whom Wadi Meninas woman who mocked us

hidden woman whom sat upon bare Herat be

is in Allah and amongst them are the out

strippers all of them are from this

Ummah and we should love all of them and

care about all of them and have rahman

our hearts for them and want to see them

make tawba and now in conclusion

towba if you look at this planet

everywhere you look we have strife

everywhere you look we're seeing

environmental degradation you're a fish

people you you historically Malaysia has

has lived on fish

we've lost 80 to 90 percent of the fish

in the oceans that people eat 80 to 90

percent the fish have been completely

depleted from the ocean there's us us

the foremost expert on jellyfish lives

nearby in new zealand nearby relative to

where i'm from

she did her PhD at UC berkeley and she

wrote a book called bloom about the

jellyfish that are taking over the ocean

the jellyfish are now taking over the

oceans jellyfish are spineless mindless

they have no brain and they have no

spinal course and and their consumers

they just eat plankton they're taking

over the ocean because this is the ocean

is metaphysically representative of

human consciousness and this is what's

happened to the human being we have

become spineless mindless consumers like

jellyfish we're like jellyfish and just


the jellyfish are taking over the oceans

the spineless mindless consumption is

taking over the ocean of consciousness

people now without thinking they consume

they don't think about future

generations all of this all of this

that's happening on the planet it can't

go on

you cannot keep producing the garbage

that you're producing we cannot keep

consuming at the levels we're consuming

if people consume at the level of the

average American around the globe we

will need three Earth's to supply all

the goods we represent five percent of

the population we consume over twenty

percent of the world's natural resources

we are mobile Jeanine and Allah says in

and mobile arena counter wanna shell

pain that those who are extravagant are

like brethren to the demons they're like

brethren to the demons we should be

turning away from this fortunately we

have people in the United States that

are speaking out against this

consciously we have people that are now

where I come from we have people that

are downsizing that are going to small

houses that are getting off the grid we

have people going back to simple farming

techniques because they realize this is

untenable it can't continue on but

they're not enough and this is why

you've here in Malaysia you have to

think all of this affects all of us

we're a global community the part and

the whole cannot be separate anymore and

those that are polluting in one place

the pollution is affecting others in

other places we have now radiation has

affected us we know that the Fukien what

happened in Japan it's affected us the

radiation is levels of increase there's

a massive the size of Texas there's a

garbage pit in the middle of the Pacific

Ocean between you and my country is a

massive garbage pit the size of Texas

this is what we're doing to the planet

Allah says the herald facade Oh Phil

Baroni well bury bamako Sabbath Eden s

the you the poem bag on the emiru

landowners your own and this is in Sura


in the in the chapter called the

Europeans that corruption has manifests

on the land and in the ocean because of

what humans are doing with their own

hands and a lot allows that to happen do

you the poem in order to let them taste

the harm of what they were doing that

perhaps they might make Toba that

perhaps they might turn to God we have

problems all over the planet we need a

global Toba we need people to turn back

to a loss of Hannah Montana we need

people to understand we cannot continue

we have children I have children I think

about my children's future I think about

the world that they're going to inherit

but not just my children I think about

children all over the world I travel all

over the world and I see education

levels in Africa are abysmal education

levels in Ferguson America in Missouri

are abysmal that there are there are

people that are neglected simply because

of the color of their skin there are

people that are neglected because they

don't have that socioeconomic status

these things are wrong and we need to

work as a community the Muslims should

be sure had that an S we should be the

witnesses unto humanity we should be the

ones showing the world

that's what allah subhanhu wa tada

quantum hydrometer Aquajet Vanessa you

are the best OMA that came out for

humanity not for yourselves

he didn't say quantum hair omitted

origin liam Fujiko he said the mask for

Humanity why because you enjoying what's

right you forbid what's wrong you

condemned vice when you see it and you

believe in allah subhanho wa tada this

is the function of our community we

should be condemning what's wrong we

should be encouraging what's right but

the prophets all the lights have warned

us he said man to me the Mirage Adina

come what Sufi could be man

well the Hara to Xena was sheriffin

Bunyan he said what are you he used mad

he didn't even say man who are you he

said what are you if your religion

becomes confused and you start shedding

blood and you your luxurious and you

manifest all your luxury and your

buildings become exceedingly tall what

are you man - are you fulfilling your

purpose this plan

NEADS global Tova there was a time in my

country in the United States where the

presidents used to tell people when they

had difficulties to fast they had days

of fasting that were actually national

days of fasting in the nineteenth

century where they told everybody to

fast and to ask God forgiveness this is

a United States of America it's no

longer a Christian country we don't even

know what it is I don't know what's

happened to my country all I noticed

when I was a kid

nobody had tattoos now everybody has

tattoos when I was a kid everybody got

married now people don't get married

other than homosexuals like nobody gets

married the only people that want to get

married are the people that used to not

want to get married

Annie Leibowitz brilliant writer from

New York Annie Leibovitz

was asked about that she's a lesbian she

was asked about she said when I was

young that's why you were a lesbian so

you didn't have to get married and she

said or you said you were a homosexual

just to get out of the army he said now

that's what everybody wants to do so I

don't know what's happened to my country

it's changed a lot and you're going to

get the same diseases in this country

you will get the same thing if you allow

these things in without thinking about

what you have your families will break

down you'll start building old folks

homes instead of taking care of your

parents you'll just put them in to let a

caretaker take care of them this is

already happening in some Muslim

countries this is what happens because

the Western civilization is a package

deal don't think you could just take

part of it Arnold Toynbee said it

doesn't work like that you get the whole

thing and that's why you you you're a

creative people you need to be more

creative really you need to be more

creative you need to think about

Malaysia being a model country you're

one of the best Muslim countries there

there's a few Muslim countries on this

earth that that I go to and I I think

and I'm do that there's there's some

Muslims that are actually normal and

they're funky

and Malaysia is one of them and may

Allah bless you and keep that will lion

may Allah bless you and keep that so

Imam and Noah we in his in his famous

book called really sorry mean he has an

introduction the first Bab is applause

that's the first chapter is sincerity we

need sincerity but the second chapter is

Toba we need a sincere Toba to belittle

aji Yemen you know turn all of you

together back to allah subhanaw taala

the Prophet said a stop few durable

convenience tough little ma Sabrina Mara

as forgiveness of your lord because I

asked forgiveness every day at least 70

times the prophet who was sinless he had

no sin and yet he's asking forgiveness

of our Lord we need to ask forgiveness

Allah the Prophet SAW I sent him told us

he gave all the diseases of the world in

his final address he said that the blood

of jahiliya is over there's no more

revenge in my religion and he's the

first blood he put down with Robbie


even at hadith then I've been a part of

his own family so if anybody was going

to take vengeance it would have been his

family he said no and then he said so

this jihad Lee hatred it has to end and

in our tradition we have the ability and

dr. Elahi who's one of your Muftis here

will confirm this the prophets all I

said I'm said that it was permitted for

a Muslim to give security to anybody he

can give security to people but these

people don't know the Sunnah of the

Prophet if we give security then they're

supposed to honor that and let those

people go they don't do that anymore

because they don't know the Sunnah this

woman who went on television on YouTube

to speak to these people that are

holding her son hostage she had a better

understanding of Islam as a non-muslim

than these people in in Iraq had she

said I studied your religion and your

religion says that one soul is not held

to account for what other Souls do

that's a zero a zero to Mesirow ultra

and she said my son's not responsible

for what American foreign policy does

and then she said and then I read that

your Prophet Muhammad he had amnesty and

he and he forgave people so I'm asking

for my son back she said I just want to

hug him

now that's one woman and I know that

Muslims have untold suffering I know

that if you look at what's happened to

the Iraqi Muslims at the hands of these

people it's worse than all of the

Christians but they only talk about the

Christians I'm aware of that I'm very

aware of that and it should all stop but

for me the most important thing in this

religion is the preservation of the

honor of our prophet sala de san em when

we harm each other that's what we do

amongst ourselves but when we harm

peoples from other religions and other

cultures it harms our religion it harms

our religion and that's why it's so

odious to me all of it is bad what the

Jews in Israel have done to the

Palestinians is is heinous and

condemnable it's heinous and condemnable

but what muslims who claim to be muslims

are doing to people in these places is

to me more heinous because when it

Israeli attacks a Muslim it doesn't

affect the religion of Islam but when

these people attack innocent people

it makes our prophet people think that

his religion was a cruel religion and I

want to end with a quote by Amir on the

father of Josiah one of the great

Muslims of the 19th century who died in

1883 he said when we think how few men

of real religion there are how small the

numbers of defenders and champions of

the truth when one sees ignorant persons

imagining that the principles of Islam

are hardness severity extravagance and

barbarity it is time to repeat these

words Sabra and Jamil Ilan Mazda and

beautiful patients and our help is with

God does our Kamala Harris in America