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a hundred serato sarah morris weeda

weina early he was I have the TV woman

wada along in your journal bernovem nosa

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Nadia along in our living for all young

no one say yeah I'm Melina you had

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featherhead yada but hun d-duh first

just not to be self-deprecating but the

attorney institute is myself and one

other share from Mauritania who's

teaching in Santa Clara so it's it

sounds like a big title but it's

actually not don't want give any of the

wrong ideas people this conference is

titled Muslims for more accidents and

it's interesting to note that the

Muslims although we have the greatest

teacher of moral excellence as our guide

than our prophets of Allah and said none

the one which Allah subhanAllah telling

himself the Lord of all the world has

said in which he said about no other

human being in his book were in nica

nada food upon Aldean surely you are on

a great ethic a great self form a great

character and a logical Hannah with

diana has said in his book in our Arab

not a man at RSM elijah wood alcohol

javadi havana yamaha why Amina

Amina Mohamed Atta and in San in Okinawa

Roman yah hula that we have shown to the

heavens and the earth or have offered to

the heavens in the earth bearing the

Amana but the heavens and the earth and

the mountains themselves refused to

carry them

and they also a shock them in her they

saw it as a heavy thing that they could

never bear and then Allah subhanAllah

Diana says hammered I had in San but the

human being took on this amana and then

a lawsuit anima to anna tells us two

important things about this human being

in New who can of volume on yahoo la he

was volume and he was yahoo a lawsuit

Hannah with Diana uses in this verse two

characteristics to describe the human

being and his nature the first is

related to one which is oppression and

the second is related to jihad which is

ignorance and if you look in the quran

allah shukran allah tiana mentions

knowledge over 700 times a lawsuit on

over to a dimensions one oppressors and

oppression around 250 times out of those

250 times that Allah subhanAllah Diana

talks about oppression he mentions one

verse that relates to the wrongdoing of

others he mentioned one verse that

relates to wrongdoing to the signs of

Allah Subhan Allah to Anna and then he

mentions 23 verses that relate to the

wrongdoing of a human being to himself

so out of the 250 versus relating to

oppression allah subhan allah tala

describes 25 times the object of that

oppression and in 23 of them it is the

human being to his own self that the

human being is oppressing himself he's a

volume which in the arabic language

Varun is called its for mobile ala it's

a hyper hyper public expression for

exaggeration to exaggerate the fact that

the human being is deeply oppressed by

his nature he is deeply oppressive by

his nature and he he deeply ignorant and

thus in order for the human being to

bear this amana as allah subhan allah

tala has required him to do then he must

remove oppression from his nature and he

must remove ignorance from his nature

and without the removal

these two characteristics he cannot wear

the amana and a man is related to Eamonn

there amana demanda a man atella he has

no email the one who has no Amana now in

a society if you have oppression the

thing that is missing is emin ominous

security there is no sense of security

and it's interesting that in our

countries we call the police security

forces and in reality in the vast

majority of countries of the world they

are securities in other words they are

securing the countries by force for the

benefit of a few oppressors this is what

they're doing the vast majority of the

world is literally security forces are

securing and exploiting the wealth of

the country for a small handful of

people that are placed over the people

who are oppressors who are Lonnie moon

and one of the people who will never

smell the scent of jenna is the one who

is an imam over a people and heel

presses them so you have in the Muslim

world a state in which people are in a

state of boom they feel them and they

asked constantly where is this

oppression coming from they speak

endlessly about the sources of that

oppression and ultimately it is related

to the human being himself and herself

that we ourselves are oppressing

ourselves and that our primary enemy is

the psyche itself the nerves that I do

with my vein you jam bake the greatest

enemy that you have is between your own

two sides and until that enemy is

conquered nothing can be conquered now

earlier dr. Kemal was mentioning about

moving to another level you see about

that there's individual piety amongst

the Muslim but how do we move to another

level but the individual

piety is often deeply misplaced and the

example that he gave with respect to his

talk the example that he gave was a

perfect example for misplaced piety when

a man will hit the head of his brother

knock a woman aside to kiss the black

stone this is Jehol and balloon not only

is he ignorant but he is oppressing his

brother in his ignorance because we

don't harm a Muslim to draw near to

Allah Subhan Allah to Anna it's men dube

to kiss the Hadoop none of the una mas

say that it's a larger bits are followed

during the Hajj it's men too because the

prophets allah i said unfitted and even

some of the Sahaba left it because they

didn't want to harm other people and yet

it is haram to harm or oppress another

muslim so the deeply embedded sickness

within the Muslim Ummah is the moon and

yell and this is the reason why we no

longer have see ADA of this world nor do

we have dignity within ourselves we fear

other people we feared other nations you

see we fear them Imam Shafi rubble on

who said a man of deep dignity within

himself what has to be hey Gavin Minaya

ha mooney well what else to Arad and

more amana your alia I don't show

dignity I don't have aww or fear of

someone who has no awe and respect of me

and I don't see in any individual things

that he doesn't see in me and this is

somebody who has an ism who has dignity

within himself and then he said in

tekken amin'ny techno income or deti if

you draw near to me then my love draws

near to you for antenna and me alfani

Encana yeah but if you move away from me

then I move away from you shalana honey

young and a Hindi hiya to who both of us

have no need of the

other as long as we're alive well

naturally Dimitra I should do Tonya and

when we die what greater independence do

we have from each other now if you move

from the individual level to the

societal level in these statements

because I think they're important and

not insignificant meanings we have fear

and awe of the so-called super powers of

the so-called developed countries to use

the term of some people who have no

understanding of the aged a linen

developed countries we have all in fear

of them in the Muslim world and yet they

have no respect for us they have no

respect whatsoever for us we show them

our love by imitating them because

imitation is a sign of love and thus we

become quote-unquote a developing nation

you see we want to catch up we want to

catch up catch up with mu what's the

race when somebody from the CNN as he

was doing an interview about religious

tolerance in America and he they came by

to interview me and I I said to him what

what religions are you looking at he

said Christianity Judaism and Islam and

I said you know tolerances big topic and

how long how much time do you have he

said two minutes and I said that's

that's not very much time to cover you

know that subject and he said well

that's all they give us and he said you

know I don't know why they never give us

really hard to get two minutes 30

seconds 60 minutes is considered the

average segment two minutes is a good

amount of time on CNN he said I don't

really know why well one they don't want

anybody to think I mean that's one

reason quite clearly and then he said to

me when we were talking he's asked you

know now Muslims don't they realize do

you think that a lot of the reactionary

politics of Muslim

mentis and things don't you think in

fact that they're not recognizing that

the march of progress moves on that

we're progressing and so I asked him you

know I let me ask you a question if

we're a bunch of lemmings and we're

heading to the cliff that goes over and

down into the sea and we're all marching

along like good lemmings and some of

those lemmings question the wisdom of

doing that act you know what do you call

those reactionaries if the march of

progress is literally taking us to the

brink of destruction then what you say

that's a good point he said

it's a good point now if you look at

morality it's very interesting because

there can be no morality without

knowledge and knowledge has conduits it

has means by which it is acquired

knowledge is not acquired out of a

vacuum the provençal addition of Allah

says about him in the Quran and la

mouche an evil cool he was taught by the

one vast in power the prophets of Allah

dissing him himself had a teacher the

Prophet Solomon had a book that was

transmitted to him orally by his teacher

and he sallallahu Saddam was better in

reality than his teacher jibreel

re-center but Allah establish the sooner

that knowledge is acquired through means

even the best of creation learned

through means now if you look in the

world now the means by which knowledge

is acquired which hopefully the point of

knowledge is not simply to have an

educated person at the end but you have

somebody who is literally substantive in

what he is contributing to the society

that he is not a detriment to the

society and Muslim woman said 'man and

Muslim ona Mindy Santa he way at the

heat the Muslim is the one who Muslims

are safe from his tongue in his hand

from the harm of his tongue and from the

harm of his hand the two ways that a

human being can harm physically and and

verbally so the result of education is

supposed to create an individual who is

hollow who has a lock in the laboratory

you tell me Mom Academy of love I was

sent to create enema is for hustle I

would only send to perfect noble

character of human being and in another

hadith he says in my mother is two more

and Lima I was only sent a teacher what

is he teaching them he is teaching a

lock he is teaching people how to move

into their humanity how to become a

human being how to live in a war

role which necessitates morality by the

fact that we live together we are very

Adam where are the Adamic people where

the people of Ernst we are nest in San

is from ohms we are people of intimacy

we are the people who are our bobbin is

exposed to each other if you look at

animals animals most animals walk on

core or crawl and their back is what

they show they protect their ball pen

they protect this is called button in

arabic this area of the body is called

buffin the human being is the one

literally who comes to people his bath

and is open this is what animals exposed

when they surrender when an animal

surrenders it will often roll on its

back and expose its button to its enemy

as an act of surrender and yet Benny

Adam is the we are human beings we are

people that expose ourselves to each

other in order to gain un's to gain

intimacy to achieve our humanity through

this mutual interaction and relation so

if the conduits of knowledge and

information are controlled by our

enemies by people who do not want to see

us become more the excellent who do not

want to see us achieve sovereignty

ascendancy if the conduits of knowledge

are in their hands then we can never

achieve anything we can never achieve

anything and this is exactly what's

happened and if you look at the

Americans this is a very interesting

article in foreign policy which is an

important magazine put out by an

organization called the Council on

Foreign Relations which is really the

intellectual it's the intellectual

center of the American nervous system

really it's the brain behind policies

they create a policy paper Samuel

Huntington in fact the first the Cold

War paper by mr. X was first published

in form

policy now it's interesting that foreign

policy that it's put out by counsel on

formulation and they always use the in

acronyms CFR the c is for counsel so it

has a car sound the f is for foreign so

it has a first down and the relations is

for relations aura and as a Russell and

that gives you kapha ah right it's a

very I think it's not insignificant

right calf aura is interesting that the

job has calf out are written on his

forehead and the prophet Elijah and I

guarantee you know Arab historically the

Arabs never used an acronyms never view

study Arabic literature they never used

an acronym they didn't use initials

Arabs didn't even have a period where

you could put an initial they didn't

mean anything to them I mean and this is

a society that's based on you have to go

to school to learn initials that's what

you end up doing you go to school and

you learn jargon if you if you go to

medical school you learn things like CPR

right you go into these there's so many

engineering jargon it's unbelievable and

they use all these initials right so the

American ABC CBS NBC average is a land

of initials right calf ara this initial

but this is a very interesting article

by David Roth cop in praise of cultural

in Paris imperialism now this is a

rebuttal because what they do is they

get their intellectuals to talk to each

other and then ultimately they derive

their policies out of these papers this

was written by a man who's really

looking at the samuel huntington

argument about the clash of

civilizations and he's trying to say

really we have to be careful of you know

setting up this civilizational crises

based on conflict because what he's

saying is we actually have within our

power the means to completely avoid

by Americanizing the world this is what

he says so he says for the United States

a central objective of an Information

Age foreign policy must be to win the

battle of the world's information flows

dominating the airways as Great Britain

once ruled the Seas what he's saying in

there is that we will not rule by force

the age of force is over we will rule by

controlling the minds we will rule

through information we will rule by

educating the world falsely through our

ears ATS culture our pseudo culture the

culture of margarine not real butter

margarine you see it tastes just like

butter that's what they say it doesn't

can't get any margarine the tastes like

butter but that's what they say on there

you debt you do right this is what Dad

gel means in Arabic to trick people

right so here's what he says in here

it's very interesting talking about

exporting American ideas American share

of the world market for pre-recorded

music sixty percent music is a very

powerful way of controlling the minds of

the masses music you see spread Michael

Jackson all over the world spread

Madonna all over the world not only you

kill two birds with one stone you

destroy the intellectual people first of

all listening to that you know devolve

it'sit's get people dancing like monkeys

right I mean according to them we came

from monkeys and our human beings right

so why are we why do we go back to that

when we listen to those things right so

this is what they do is get people

listening to monkey music right it's

what it is it's monkey music and then

prepackaged software seventy five

percent of the world right now the book

market is only thirty two percent but

they're working on it they're working on

it because soon

the vast majority of the world will be

reading English as a primary language

this is their goal in fact my friend

professor honey Blankenship gave a talk

at in front of King Hassan in which he

reminded the Moroccans that you should

be ashamed of yourself a country of 30

million people an Arabic country with

one of the greatest scholastic

traditions in the Muslim world and yet

your universities are teaching in French

and we have iceland iceland a country of

250,000 people in which their

universities only teach in icelandic in

other words they take all of the

information from other cultures because

we don't know of any Icelandic right but

I mean what's Iceland doing up there

right no offense to any Icelandic people

but you know they're not producing great

amounts of literature and science and

things like this they're taking other

literature and they're putting it into

their language because they have is a

they're proud of their language they

don't want to be culturally dominated by

another language by a foreign language

alien to them and yet the Muslim world

with the exception of Syria right which

has its all other problems i mean the

Coulee apartment has an ad the exception

of Syria trying to attempt to use only

the Arabic language and end up doing

amount of disservice because they create

these ridiculous types of Terry right

like troubleshooter but Robin and


tsubame very interesting situation we

find ourselves in now the intelligence

they did a test about intelligence in in

Syria where they uh they want to see

which what its intelligence organization

was the most the best the Israelis the

Americans or the Syrians so that they

got three rabbits and they let them go

and then they told the Americans to go

get the rabbit the CIA so they came back

with the rabbit they were reading at its

rights and then the israelis came back

with the rabbit it was dead they'd

beaten it today and the Syrian secret

police came back with a donkey and they

said that's not a rabbit and they said

you know it is we got a confession so we

have a country now that's literally

dominating the world's intellectual

conduits we have to realize that the

media in America which is has massive

power now and I'll just give you one

example if you want to destroy a

people's o'clock all you have to do is

introduce television into their culture

that's all you have to do you don't need

to do anything else there was a rabbi in

London interviewed who was meeting a

Hasidic community in London and the BBC

man asked him why don't you have

television in your community because

they don't allow it he said because who

wants an open sewer in their living room

right I mean this is a Hasidic Jew an

Orthodox Jew that can work that out and

yet Muslims literally we haven't come to

this conclusion yet and people say well

brother there's benefit in it well Allah

says there's benefit in wine right

really if you look at the percentage of

benefit in television and look at the

massive harm that it's doing in the

world now there is a tradition of Satan

Ali that says that Savannah is a facade

for a full debate towards the end of

time the banner of corruption will fly

over every house right you

look at the satellite dish in the last

few years all over the Muslim world

seeing literally Bedouin in the Saharan

desert with a satellite dish outside of

their tent it's not funny at all it's

very devastating I there's no humor in

that whatsoever for me because it's

affecting their children it's affecting

how they see the world the Moroccans you

in the poorest parts of town satellite

dish on every single house go to Syria

satellite dish everywhere Egypt all over

the Muslim world in Arabia the Arabian

Peninsula the land of our prophet and

the Sahaba of the Aloha new land that

was purified with the blood of martyrs

and you see over all of these houses

they caught these right d Shack right

and this what is it going to these

cultures it's destroying them the

gerrymander I somebody who wrote a book

called in the absence of the sacred

documents that within five years

satellite television destroyed the Inuit

culture of northern Canada five years

destroyed their culture completely a

culture an oral tradition reverence of

older people of elders tribal gatherings

all of these things destroyed in five

years you see now in Arab countries

women wearing spandex right seriously

you I mean it's grotesque you don't even

see that in a lot of American cities

still and in Muslim Arab countries and

you wonder where's the Hara where is the

jealousy of the Muslims where is the

jealousy of the Muslim mail for their

own sisters dressed naked like the

Emperor's clothes in a deep sleep not

even aware of how asleep they are look

at our youth in this I in this just in

amongst us look at them with their heads

shaved wearing these ridiculous pants

down to their ankles right imitating the

dregs of this

what's what's happening we have to ask

ourselves really we talk about moral

excellence but look at what's happening

to our culture's look at what's

happening to our people and this is this

is plan this is exactly what these

people want to happen it is in the

general interest of the United States to

encourage the development of a world in

which the fault line separating nations

are bridged by shared interests and it

is in the economic and political

interest of the United States to ensure

that if the world is moving toward a

common language it be English that if

the world is moving towards common

telecommunication safety and quality

standards they be American that if the

world is becoming linked by television

radio and music the programming the

American and that if common values are

being developed they be values with

which Americans are comfortable this is

not a crazy man writing here this this

is what this is what the leaders of this

country read these are the papers they

read right this is policy and this is

what they're doing spreading corruption

in the land now interestingly enough

that he mentions here exporting the

American model the United States should

not hesitate to bravos values in an

effort to be polite or politique

American should not deny the fact that

of all the nations in the history of the

world there's is the most just the most

tolerant the most willing to constantly

reassess and improve itself and the best

model for the future at the same time we

should not fall under the spell of those

like Malaysia's mahathir bin mohamad and

it's interesting what's he doing in

there Malaysia right doctor come out

Subhan Allah who argue that there is an

Asian way of doing things oh there might

be something other than the American Way

my goodness anyway this is this what

we're dealing with right that's a

diversion I'm going to go through this

inshallah very quickly about morality we

have a great history of ethical

tradition a studying deep ethics based

on the Quran I mean it's interesting

this is a work I haven't looked at it

and I'm very impressed just by the

amount but it's interesting that the

Quran in 114 surahs has given the world

literally the greatest encyclopedia of

allah and not only did it give us the

greatest encyclopedia of a flock but it

gave us the greatest model and

embodiment of that allah and aisha of

the lonja jajaja la cara pero Jessa mad

kaha the brilliant young wife of our

beloved prophet who said can a haiku and

Quran Karim AHA needa his character was

the forearm if you want to know the

province of lice em if you want to

understand our prophet read the book of

allah because he was the Orang walking

he was the living embodiment of that

book and so much has been written but if

you look at imam of a hasson and my

worthy the great amount from Baghdad and

may allah help the people about that and

the people of air up in their time of

tribulation a people of sue mood and

nevada noble people and people of smooth

one American in the Christian Science

Monitor said that he could not believe

when he went about that last year that

he did not see prostitution and yet you

find it openly on the streets of the

Arab capitals of the world he did not

see it in airlock and he was expecting

to see if he'd been there in 1958 and

again in 66 and then he visited it last

year and he said he was amazed at the

dignity of those people despite the

incredible suffering that has been

going on in that country massive

suffering that that great Imam of her

husband and my worthy wrote a book

called a debate dunya with Dean the

other the courtesy of the dunya and the

Dean how to live in the world with Adam

and other was nothing other than a flop

it is about a holla in fact in the

Malaysian language I'm told that the

word for somebody without a flop is

called via Doug someone who has no Adam

and our Dean and like Sheikh Abdullah

said that the prophet Elijah have said

at Devon IVA sanity be my Lord has given

me a dub and what a perfect adapt how

perfect his add up for me and the Quran

is called madaba the place where Adam is

learned him a minimal if he says that

the atom of dunya and the ad above being

is based on certain principles the ad of

Athene is based on checking the passions

one must check one's passions and this

is done by distancing oneself from love

of the world when you look at the

disease of the Muslims are diseases not

backwardness under development none of

these intrepid dunya well Cara here tell

malt love of the world and dislike of

death this is the diagnosis if you want

diagnosis for all of our problems you

don't need to read books and books two

words with the provençal item get an one

booty to joanna and tell him i was given

the comprehensive word in two words he

told us the disease of this ummah until

the end of time cooper dunya love of

this world bokaro he attend most and

disliking death and this is where our

affliction comes from because we lose

our o'clock out of love of dunya this is

why people lose their o'clock the

prophet shall I said I'm said mushroom

and Manuel yeah the the love of life the

love of wealth and yeah a position

amongst people is not less

dangerous then too hungry wolves in the

midst of fat sheep so he says that you

have to have brought down at dunya

distance yourself from love of the world

and to understand that to fulfill the

desires of the self will destroy the

cell and then atefeh careful acara so

there he gives you the solution in the

hadith all he's doing is interpreting

the hadith of the Prophet dunya or Cara

Hilton mouth you have to get rid of

yoruba dunya and you have to understand

that your death eternal death is through

giving the self all of its desires and

to Rafael acara think about death

itself and then he says that the atom of

dunya sailaja dunya necessitates six

things there has to be Dean in order to

check the passions because Allah

sandwich at ascent is Dean to check the

passions of human being Allah does not

need worship he gave us worship in order

for us to come to know him through the

subjugation of ourselves because

knowledge of Allah cannot be obtained

except through the subjugation of the

south dr. the Quran joaquin masala in

the Swat attend hanan pacha on one count

prayer itself is to destroy bacha and

one car to create a sila without masuda

hanawa to Anna hoodman awwadi him sada

patent take from there well Sedaka

superhero home which was a key him be ha

you by doing that you purify them and

you give them to skia of the self that

ruthless approvals are taught to purify

the self see ya judi bari como si on

camera and LED public American SAT upon

fasting is in order to gain taqwa agile

base from n ferrata phenyl ha già panera

haha what a few supa what I did Oliphant

hedge whoever wants to go on Hajj and

makes it obligatory by intending it and

going on if then let him not speak of

low thing let him learn to guard the

tongue let him not do anything that is

unbecoming of a Muslim and let him not

argued during the hedge it's teaching us

how to live with people because has is

the greatest demonstration of all of the

people of many Adam coming together but

they're coming together can only be

on purification of the tongue on

purification of the limbs and on leaving

gida leaving argumentation leaving

argumentation the prophet Elijah ham

said an abdominal bait I guarantee a

house in general American mera whoever

leaves argumentation the prophets allah

IBM said ma almond by the Hooton can

elaine in luton jeddah know people ever

go astray after they had guidance except

they're given argumentation one of the

Imam said in arad allahu khayran fatah

hella who are woven Amin Dada da Dada

who shot Ron Donohue above LG doll that

the one who Allah wants good he opens up

for him the doors of action and the one

who Allah wants evil 4 then he opens up

the doors of argumentation then the Dean

is to purify the self and to purify the

society and then the soap on there has

to be a sultan who enforces peace and

justice but yet we're told in hadith in

for analyst hope honest I after athani

Maduro hazel dar al Quran that authority

and the Quran are going to split ways so

go with the Quran and don't go with the

soap on so if you're in an age in which

the salon is unjust and you must follow

the floor and authority Damaja luton

female Seattle hardip and then he said

there must be a rain of justice to

ensure mutual love and Submission where

there's justice there can be loved and

there can be submission to authority and

justice towards those who are less than

us who are lower than that justice to

earth our peers and justice to those who

are above us and then the reign of law

and order to create a sense of security

and then general economic well-being

this is a moment my will be this is 4th

century general economic well-being

there must be general economic

well-being in a culture and this is

achieved through pana through

contentment with what Allah sahana with

anna has given it this is how it is

achieved it's not achieved by everybody

the quote-unquote American Dream the

American Dream is the rest of the world

nightmare and that's the truth the only

reason the Americans can live the way

they're living is because they're

exploiting the rest of the world and if

we don't recognize that we're deluding

ourselves really we're living in a

delusional State how can you live like

this how can you consume sixty percent

of the world's produced energies and

produce good it's what Americans are

doing the food that they're eating

massive consumption one of the ships

from Mauritania when he came here he

couldn't believe the food consumed the

amount of food on the airplane he said

he was so shocked and I said airplane

they consider that little amount of food

is not enough and then he said the last

thing that animal would be out of the

line who gave was there has to be vast

hope there has to be a Rajah I'll leave

you have to have vast hope in two people

the people have to have hope for the

future one of the signs of the demise of

this country is that they're losing hope

in their future really they're losing

hope the US news today had this thing

and everybody's excited about how good

the economy is and immediately blowed it

had an article most Americans feel

insecure in their jobs but see they

don't educate they watch TV for 20 years

and they can't see that there's

something wrong with those ones right

above the other they won't occur to them

right the MTV generation I they can't

they can't think and the I Love Lucy

generation as well the whole lot of them

right it's not just MTV it started long

before that and then he put the stress

on Alpha and he says that the act of

enough's is based on aluminium mom there

has to be a high him the Muslims have to

raise their him up not have him that

than hija they have to have him up for a

thorough and not him before dunya him as

your concern and it's related to hum

which is anxiety even what hasn't said

the foundation of the human situation is

anxiety Tocqueville hum is the most

important concern to the human being to

push away anxiety

and this is very interesting because

there's a trade-off I I need to because

we have Asian things which people I'm

afraid Asia's I need to just to stop

mush on them then I'm going to each

other tomorrow time yeah so I'm Dana

upward there is no end they say one of

my shakes he told me that the adhan went

for the prayer and Medina and somebody

was telling a story and he got up to

leave and some other people stay and we

walked out he said I'll pass math and

math impulsive stories never reach a

middle point and I didn't understand it

when I first her eyes him what it meant

he said he said that one story leads to

another right then you never get to a

middle point you're on a journey you

know we're halfway there but when people

are telling stories one story leads to

another and that's what we have things

like prayer to remind us what we're

almost you know we're almost there to

our deaths were all we're all going to

die this mauritania who came when we

were in the airport we were on this

escalator moving along and he'd never

been on one before and he was just

looking at it and we're moving along and

we had the bags and everybody's sitting

there and then he looked at me he said

supanova he said this is exactly like

dunya he said you think you're standing

still but you're headed toward your


vos Ziro I mean that same thing taking a

prop from thing all these you know

people just thinking we're all standing

still and we're all heading towards our

death and what a journey so inshallah

ask Allah Subhan Allah to Anna to give

us to feel and give this omote opieop

and give the Malaysian stolfi up

inshallah right because they're plotting

against them they're bothered I mean the

fact they mentioned that in there don't

be diluted by these they're worried they

don't want a model of a Muslim country

in particular right they do not want a

model which people can say well the

Malaysians did it which means because he

Muslims are so negative now right

everybody just throws up their hands and

say it can't work but then if it

actually begins to you know a society

begins to actually achieve some things

in this world suddenly other other

societies are inspired by it and they

can say 10 well they can do it we can do

it and what we say if the set of could

do it there are example inshallah allah

give us tofique which is our common law

final settlement