Islamic RoadMap: Pathways to Excellence

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Event Name: Islamic RoadMap: Pathways to Excellence
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>has to be a high him the Muslims have to

raise their him up not have him that

than hija they have to have him up for a

thorough and not him before dunya him as

your concern and it's related to hum

which is anxiety even what hasn't said

the foundation of the human situation is

anxiety Tocqueville hum is the most

important concern to the human being to

push away anxiety

and this is very interesting because

there's a trade-off I I need to because

we have Asian things which people I'm

afraid Asia's I need to just to stop

mush on them then I'm going to each

other tomorrow time yeah so I'm Dana

upward there is no end they say one of

my shakes he told me that the adhan went

for the prayer and Medina and somebody

was telling a story and he got up to

leave and some other people stay and we

walked out he said I'll pass math and

math impulsive stories never reach a

middle point and I didn't understand it

when I first her eyes him what it meant

he said he said that one story leads to

another right then you never get to a

middle point you're on a journey you

know we're halfway there but when people

are telling stories one story leads to

another and that's what we have things

like prayer to remind us what we're

almost you know we're almost there to

our deaths were all we're all going to

die this mauritania who came when we

were in the airport we were on this

escalator moving along and he'd never

been on one before and he was just

looking at it and we're moving along and

we had the bags and everybody's sitting

there and then he looked at me he said

supanova he said this is exactly like

dunya he said you think you're standing

still but you're headed toward your


vos Ziro I mean that same thing taking a

prop from thing all these you know

people just thinking we're all standing

still and we're all heading towards our

death and what a journey so inshallah

ask Allah Subhan Allah to Anna to give

us to feel and give this omote opieop

and give the Malaysian stolfi up

inshallah right because they're plotting

against them they're bothered I mean the

fact they mentioned that in there don't

be diluted by these they're worried they

don't want a model of a Muslim country

in particular right they do not want a

model which people can say well the

Malaysians did it which means because he

Muslims are so negative now right

everybody just throws up their hands and

say it can't work but then if it

actually begins to you know a society

begins to actually achieve some things

in this world suddenly other other

societies are inspired by it and they

can say 10 well they can do it we can do

it and what we say if the set of could

do it there are example inshallah allah

give us tofique which is our common law

final settlement