ISNA 1999: The Beautiful Names of Allah

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Event Name: ISNA 1999: The Beautiful Names of Allah
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allahumma salli ala sayyidina muhammad

what an early season Muhammad come on

Sunday the other save them but I him

already see the behemoth that I had a

minute in the Kremlin Majid

I love women there in the matter and

antenna in the current era and even

Hakeem I love my aluminum and aluminum

tin I was in there enough what's under

him I don't see their mama daddy who

suddenly will send him to steam and

Cathy era when I hold her wonderful word

in there honey in our Deen before I

start I'm not going to talk too long

because we've had several sessions and I

know people have been here patiently

quite a few people I have left already

so I just wanted to say about this this

is a non-profit group I'm not making any

money from that and I also do not make

money from my tapes and it's not that

it's impermissible it's permissible to

do that I've just tried to keep that

separate from my life for personal

reasons but the the the Alejandra has

become a non-profit it was before it was

a business it's become a nonprofit

organization and dedicated to raising

the level of the dissemination of

materials through media like documentary

films and and tape series and I think

that use of Islam may Allah protect him

he has really raised the standard for

all of us in his productions obviously I

mean the man is was a professional

before he became Muslim and

worked at the highest levels of

production but he's he's brought that

over into Islam and the mountain of

light productions have really set a

standard I think and also there's been

efforts in the United States with other

organizations but I really think this is

what we need to do to appeal to the

non-muslims also as well as honoring the

Deen by producing things of xn and it

spawned the hadith says in Allah you

could when add either I'm a dominant

and yet subpoena that Allah loves a

servant that when he does something he

does it with its Khan or perfection and

this is something this was a hallmark of

Muslims wherever you went really the

Muslims did things with such

extraordinary perfection the art that

they created the the building's the

architecture all of these things and we

need to return to that to that level

many of the Muslims in this country it

always surprises me they're working at

the highest levels in the non-muslim

world and yet when they come to Islamic

work somehow all the standards become

back home Ian's standards and and really

they they give to Islam what their own

jobs wouldn't accept as a standard right

the finished product their own jobs and

this is something we have to really get

out of this of this mentality and start

giving Islam the best from our efforts

and and and and and that will reflect

out and people will recognize that the

Muslims should set standard I mean I've

been told that this conference is now

considered one of the most successful

conferences but there's still a lot of

areas I think that they're shortcomings

that we need to focus on and one of the

things that people can do is to write in

constructive criticisms this is

something really important to get

feedback to have post-mortems to dissect

what went right what went wrong this is

part of the the way in which we improve

we can't get content

or become complacent because we've

reached some standard or level there has

to be a commitment to improvement and

this is what Epson is really about a

commitment to improvement now having

said that I'll just briefly about

there's there's no doubt that one of the

secrets of this Dean is the asthma a lot

Krishna Allah subhana WA Ta'ala has

given us these names and he has told us

that he'll a smile Krishna that Allah

has the most beautiful names now one of

the things about the Arabic language is

it and I would recommend all of you if

you don't know Arabic to really commit

to studying the Arabic language and and

even this includes the Arabs because

many Arabs have a compounded ignorance

about Arabic because they can speak

dialectical Arabic they they really make

some assumptions about the language and

there are many Arabs that don't

understand that the the subtleties of

the Arabic language and really miss some

of the extraordinary nuances of the

Quran and rhetoric Bulava and Manny

would bethey it would've been these

Sciences really open up the power of the

Quran to the person who studies it now

in the Arabic language if you look

there's a word that the Arabs used for a

non Arab they call man a Jemmy

now ajami if you look at the there's

another word edge' map by hematin ad map

which means a dumb animal right and I

Jimmy has the idea that it's come to to

mean that but if you look at the

original root meaning of Ajami which is

a non Arab the word comes from edema

which doesn't mean to be dumb it means

to try by biting to try by biting if you

look at the word out of the out of

themselves Arabic means to cut it means

to cut right now or to eat fully as well

to eat fully so the ajami if you look at

the word in arabic for word kolima

or Penn column these come from rude

words that have to do with cutting now

the difference between biting and

cutting is that biting is not precise

whereas cutting is precise so the nature

of the Arabic language is that it's a

precise language it has absolute

precision now another very interesting

thing about language is that if you look

at some of the dominant theories of

language almost all of the Western

theories if you move outside of the

religious realm almost all of the

religious the non-religious linguistic

theories state that the phoneme is a

meaningless symbol the phoneme is is is

something like ooh these are phonemes

and we have in language an extraordinary

thing that they call doubling now one of

the things about languages a lot of

people don't know this but there's only

about a hundred sounds that the human

being can make but a trained voice can

make more but most human beings can only

make about a hundred sounds the average

language has about 45 sounds in it most

animals can only make a handful of

sounds in fact one of the most

sophisticated of all the creatures in

terms of sound are the birds which is

interesting because a lot about month up

a fire that is most adept to linguistic

prowess is the bird not the monkey the

monkey is actually incredibly limited so

this idea of doubling is that we can

actually take phonemes and add them

together to create sounds based on more

than one phoneme and so if you look at

like animals like a dog a dog barks come

back but but you don't notice that if

you listen to a dog's bark he's not

doing this doubling no other creature

can do this they can't do this so a dog

can make these crude sounds but he can't

make subtle sounds he can't say hello

how are you

can't say Kiva Honoka he can just bark

that's all he can do the human being can

do this doubling which gives him a power

because it means that instead of having

100 sounds which would mean the maximum

number of meanings that you could have

in your language is a hundred the

average animal they've got about seven

or eight some of the most sophisticated

monkeys have about 25 in other words

that's all they can say look out that

something like that they could say watch

out or hawk right they can shout

something that has a meaning to the

other animals and they'll run and we

know this in observing and watching them

but human beings have the ability to

produce language now Allah has chosen

the arabic language and and my belief is

that it is in accordance with the

opinion of imams UT and others that the

arabic language is topi thea which means

that it is from Allah Subhan Allah -


the language is not conventional it

didn't come together out of like the

ding dong theory that's a linguistic

theory they called the ding dong theory

so reason they said one heard drop

something like you take two - and they

make that sound they say Clank that

sounds like a Clank you see that's a

ding dong theory of language is that

that originally human beings like a rock

dropped and it went cool and they said

look this this how stupid these people

get right but this is actually a theory

in linguistics now they don't believe

the phoneme has meaning they say the

phoneme is meaningless but when you add

it to other things it becomes meaningful

there is the Quran rejects this and this

is one of the most fascinating things to

me about the Quran is that it begins

with letters and every more Fuster who

has ever existed

and written on the Quran always will say

Eddie's name Allah Adam Beeman ahah or

Allah Adam be Marathi

Allah knows what that means in other

words meaning goes all the way down to

the letter itself there's no other

explanation for that you can't say a

deflower name is meaningless because

that's saying that there's something in

the Quran that doesn't have meaning and

yet these people with their dominant

linguistic theories believe that the

phoneme is meaningless what does that

mean in terms of Arabic language well

for instance you can look at a word in

the Arabic language and understand

something of its meaning because of the

letters like for instance even o fetes

and even Rajini some of our great

linguists and we have we had linguistics

before these people ever knew there was

a word or a science we had linguistics a

thousand years before they were even

thinking about these things in fact

phonetics is a 19th century phenomenon

and our touch weed science preserve the

the sounds of the Arabic language the

points of articulation is what they're

called now in in modern phonetics the

points of articulation

we had maharaja drew over a thousand

years ago this is the in ham from from

God the greatest proof of the truth of

Islam is the preservation of the Arabic

language in that the meanings of Quran

are absolutely preserved the Jewish

people didn't work out until a fancy

jewelry Co in the 9th century worked out

that people was based on try literal

roots they didn't even know that a

thousand years 2,000 years ago the the

the Bible is is over 2500 years that the

Torah and they didn't even know their

words were built on try literal stems

until the Arabs pointed it out to them

the Jews didn't even make a dictionary

to preserve the meanings of the the the

Torah until the Arab all sudden they

start seeing the Arabs making

dictionaries and they said we should

have done that a couple of thousand

years ago all right then I'm not making

this up really

they've made that and that's why the

Jewish people when they study the

meanings of the Semitic roots of their

language they have to go back to the

Arabic dictionaries this is a well-known

fact they have to go back and look at

the try little roots of their and how

they explain them so you take a word for

instance like Neff essa Neff essa is

based on a on a route which is now and

far and then the third letter which is

the the what's known as the lamb letter

it changes as the route changes to give

it different meanings and it's based on

the attributes of the letter so you have

Neff essa is to breathe and then you

have Natha which is to blow lightly and

then you have Neff AHA which is like

enough a hat which are like a wind so

you get the highest aisle which is in

RIA RIA you can hear the wind in it huh

this is not the dingdong theory this is

because it's a divine language and then

you have Neff aha you have is that it's

a strong letter and it becomes ah to

blow with force so you have nafisa NEFAs

ah Neff AHA and Neff a car and and

you'll find this throughout the Arabic

language it's very sophisticated in in

the way that Allah has designed it now

the words that make up the the actual

letters of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala is

named look at these letters Eddie lamb

lamb ha Allah Allah

it begins with a Hamza which is at the

deepest articulation of the throat and

this is where the the name of Allah is

emanating from the point in which human

vocalization is possible it's coming

from the depths of the of the vocal

tract and you say Allah and it goes back

to the ha which is at the deepest of the

the these are called her offal Hulk the

the ha ha and hamza right that's an ox

on hell and so it begins in the up son

Hulk in the in the depths of the throat


returns to the depths of the throat but

in the midst of it you have a letter

which is in the joke or the Nissan Allah

Allah and this is something incredible

because one of the things in the Greek

language Roulin is a greek word and it

means to soothe or comforts because it's

been recognized throughout history that

the the law sound is a soothing and

comforting sound for children and that's

where you get lullaby and you get Lala

like this something mother's will do to

their children lalala like this why

because it's a soothing sound it

actually brings the type of Sakina to

the heart and so the name of Allah is

something that actually brings a

tranquility to the human being when they

say Allah in the Taoist tradition they

have it but what they call the universal

meditation is based on putting the

tongue at the roof of the mouth and

doing that several times la la la la la

like that because they believe that

connects all of the Meridian channels in

the body they actually do that as a

practice when you say mat in LA in la la

it's amazing that Allah has made those

sounds anybody can say those sounds look

at night you know in la la you have la

ilaha illaallah for words comprised

entirely of three letters and lamb and

huh what is Eddie from ha spell in Allen

and what are you saying

la la la la there's no Eli own except

allah and you're doing it with the

letters that comprise the name of allah

this is something incredible who thought

of this do you think a human being

worked all of these things out do you

think the messenger of allah so allah

you sort of worked all these things out

let's see what what can I make a wording

that would use all the letters them this

is not possible you see this is where

you begin to realize this is from Allah

Subhan Allah Tala one of the fascinating

things about that you know look how

light it is on the tongue anybody can


la illaha in the LA but move to

muhammadun Rasulullah suddenly it

becomes waiting see Allah makes it easy

to say toheeb but how to live till he

that's the difficult part how to live

muhammadun Rasulullah now look at the

Islam there why does Allah have an

interim there's no harm in that ilaha

illallah there's no blurring in right

each of the the things are articulated

without the account its ROM is a

simulation in touch we right now look at

muhammadun Rasulullah

he's assimilated into a pseudo law

because that that is who he is he is

Rasul Allah so his name is actually

assimilated into the word itself the the

known of his muhammadun becomes the the

part of the rod muhammadun rasulullah

and then even when you do it with the

the the Muhammadan Rasul Allah or

muhammadur rasulu it all has it run you

have to say that which is amazing thing

is amazing that thing so this is Allah

has made these secrets in the Arabic

language now if you look at the names of

allah subhan allah tala there are

secrets in the name for instance the

word colorful one of the names of allah

is a holic listen to that o na ba those

are powerful words AHA is early it's

stay alive it's it's a heart that has

power and then Lam is in the middle and

then palm powerful color there's there's

Haraka on it right I can call Appa what

does Holika mean to create now what does

it mean when you say a human being you

can't say a human being cannot ah it's

impossible the word kalapa when applied

to a human being means to tell a lie cut

up a whole he he invented he fabricated

it it's a lie because human beings

cannot create Lane Lane

nopal do Baba they won't create even a

fly way in a stem Aruna even if they all

get together to do it they can't create

even a fly

Allah is Harlem and he alone is chronic

Allah is now look at this Allah says

honey palmas over right at Han

Appleberry on mouse over these three

turnip berry

misawa what does that mean honey berry

misawa these are stages of divine

creation colic is when a loss yada when

he decides to create something right and

this is not get out of time because

Allah is not in time but it's it's you

going to swallow hey aunt Angie Xia this

is a it can be explained our Ummah have

explained it but it's not that this

lecture is not that place to explain

that but you have garlic and then you

have baddy baddy is the one who brings

the materials into existence and that's

why we're called Betty

ah right creation is called Betty and

the messenger of Allah's Hyrule Betty

he's the best of the Betty who created

the barrier el badi so this is the

bringing into them that existence the

materials but that's not enough in the

creational process then what happens

Musa will the fashioner of those

materials so Allah is fashioning the the

womb in the womb he's fashioning the

embryo he creates it from a nut farm and

and then look at that not for I'm charge

not far I'm charged a a mixed drop of

fluid now one of the things that the

mofo children had a difficult time

understanding was why Allah uses matzah

and then he uses I'm sad because nutfah

is a singular feminine and it would

necessitate a singular feminine

attribute or a FIFA and yet here I'm

charge is not it's a plural because it's

very up and look for it doesn't have

internet and and this was something they

found difficult but if you look at the

mixing of genetic materials in the

when the male and the female come

together in the DNA begin to mix it is

literally a Miss it's uncharged it's

exactly the way Allah is describing it

and so he brings us together and then

the messenger of allah sallallahu said

I'm said said glory to the one who shut

a semi-rural vasa chakra means to cut

now if you watch and we've seen this now

in in in embryology if you watch when

the ears actually begin to emerge it's a

shock it's like a cutting and you'll see

slits begin to cut out in the actual

embryo and the eyes begin to cut that is

in this that's in a microscopic you

cannot see that with the human eye and

yet The Messenger of Allah said that

Allah is the one who cut the ears and

cut the eyes and this is the beginning

of differentiation this is the most so

well he's the one you so would oh he's

you so little method or ham he is

fashioning what is in the wombs with

perfection and this is a divine name so

these attributes heart if a body more so

well these are differences now if you

look at it I'm just using a metaphor

this is a metaphor so don't don't don't

confuse this with anything other than a

metaphor if you look at light light is

white white they call it white light

white light does not have a color now

what happens is when you get a prism a

prism is a medium of glass and when the

light hits the glass it refracts it

bends there's a bending of the light and

what happens is suddenly the color

spectrum shows up you see a whole

spectrum of colors from violet to red

and everything in between

now what happens in the creation you

have Allah Subhan Allah to Ana's light

he is maneuver Oh somehow that you are

on a long noodle similar to what our but

when his the light of Allah hits his

creation the divine attributes refract

in creation so you get all of these

different manifestations of Allah

subhanAllah Taylor's essence that are

manifesting in his creation

so you see for instance in one instant

Allah is Kareem in another instant he's

Jabbar in another instance he's got him

in another instance he's Aziz in another

instance he's moving in another instance

he more is and only Allah can know all

of them at once you can only know an

attribute because you're seeing a

refraction of the divine of his essence

there and this is not you know don't

mistake this with like inner penetration

of the divine no we are not Hindus we

don't we don't we don't associate

creation without lost behind without and

we believe that there's a there are a

fad of Allah that are created even

though we believe in that the the

essence and the attributes and the

actions of Allah are one we believe that

the third of Allah this is a federal of

Allah all of this but this fit is much

loop it's not a lot and we don't

associate anything with creation with

Allah neither a prophet nor a saint nor

anything and and and and this is

something Islam as is protected from so

don't misunderstand this it has nothing

to do with pantheism or hulu but the the

the world becomes a theater for divine

manifestation of these attributes and

this is how we come to know Allah let's

have a Kuruvilla what I can tell vector

who fear helping laughs don't think

about Allah because like Satan abu bakr

said and at an iraqi he is aku

whoa well hold off we couldn't Hill in a

Scirocco to think about the essence of

allah is shirk its shirk and an agile an

Iraqi intricate the inability to know

Allah is knowledge of Allah which is why

the essential act of worship in Islam is

putting your intellect on the ground and

surrendering the capacity of the

intellect to know Allah but we can know

a lot through the attributes of the

creation rain is a manifestation of

rukmi but it can also be a manifestation

of a dab Allah can manifest rahman in

rain aura can manifest Adam you can look

for instance Imam Abu Zeid he says in

the book the evil will carry mortadella

this man won't talk to me when the

generous one

manifests as the Avenger moon tucked

them is the name of Allah it's when

Allah takes people to account he takes

people to it

but he's still Kareem only his

manifesting as the Avenger because

sometimes that's what the Kareem does

the the curry Malcomb can sometimes do

things that people don't usually

associate with kerim but it's an

attribute that's manifesting and this is

what Allah does what happened in Turkey

is an example of that you see really

what happened in Turkey is an example of

that alliance Kareem be remote monena

Rahim cannon ependymoma Nina

Rehema he's merciful with the believers

The Messenger of Allah surgery da da da

Booma TV Junior ha and he said let me

only almighty I'd evansville Akira we're

in the majority either poha duniya

szelezon will fit in well benaiah well

Cutten allah places the punishment of

this ummah in this world with

earthquakes and tribulations and killing

and and sedition these are ways in which

Allah purified us and we believe this so

what happens to people in these type of

situation we have to see who is

manifesting Allah is manifesting himself

to us and we have to learn to recognize

the names of Allah in his creation and

when you begin to do this then you have

to heed and you begin to see all muscle

behind Allah Tala is revealing himself

to you through these divine attributes

and this is one of the secrets of

learning the names is if you became to

see if a lot of basis you it is Allah

who obeys to you Allah is moving

Allah is moving he is the obey sir you

didn't do many Ishod he abases whom he

pleases so we have to recognize that

allies doing that the the fact that the

Muslims now are based in the earth I

wasn't discarding that but the fact that

that Muslims now are based in the earth

is because Asia comes with little and

Hawaiian to allow when we humble

ourselves before Allah Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala gives us essa and now just

because the time's up I just wanted to

say a few things be very careful with

the names of Allah in other words call

on Allah and call on his name and do it

with sincerity but when you call on the

names know that the names have

tributes you should know the attributes

you're calling on you don't want to call

on al-habib one of the shook once told

me because you could think that who

wants to call on the pub it means the

contractor or the constrictor and yet

one of the shield from Yemen a very

blessed man who died a few years back at

him o Allah said to me that he was once

in the harem and this man was well over

sixty and it was on Juwanna and there

were you know if you're in the harem in

Mecca on Juma he was inside the inner

circle and and suddenly he had a very

strong urge to go to the bathroom and he

was in the harem and he was an old man

and he said Kunta AHA one of Benassi I

thought I was going to - really

denigrate myself degrade myself because

he thought that he couldn't control his

bodily function and then Allah inspired

him to say yeah I'll be low yeah I'll be

able yeah Kabul and he began to call on

this name and that it completely got

removed from him and he was able to sit

through the Joomla without having any

urge so here's an example of somebody

who knows the names and when to use them

the name that we should be calling on

now is yalla thief the thief is the one

who gives you every good and protects

you from every evil and this is what the

Muslims need

yeah a thief from very bad he he ya

Latif ya Latif ya Latif Allah not even

ready unfamiliar Sherwood Khalil Aziz

he's going he can harm you and he's Aziz

so Colin allah fear allah out of

banoffee majority him a katyayana people


I'll not be generous gentle with us in

what you have decreed for us so this is

one of the divine names you should call

on every day jana the-- yatta thief ask

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala for his look and

and even though she have massamba with

all respect about the the numbers

generally this call is good to call a

hundred times 100 is a good number but

66 is a good number also and many of the

scholars have mentioned this it's the

number sixty six is a good number and

it's a shortened version if you want to

call on the name

100 or sixty six time and these things

should understand that these are

mentioned many of our scholars have

mentioned them although there's no doubt

that the Jezza monly comes with the deal

when you have an absolute video from the

messenger Allah

that's when Justin comes and but you can

see a legend Anya and others Imam as

Union Chris Rafa mentions the recitation

of you has seen 40 times for cabal

Hawaii and says that many of the ulama

have have encouraged this and said that

it's majora that this is something

experiential and people should be aware

we know we don't want to go into Vida

and innovation and that comes with their

it's a pod you have to be aware and

recognize that because it becomes

dangerous you make an innovation in the

Deen and we don't want to be people of

innovation now

just in closing a few names that people

don't understand one of them is a Saddam

Saddam does not mean peace Allah is not

called the peace Allah is not the peace

Saddam is the one free of blemishes or

false it's an attribute of Allah the one

who has no false moomin Moltmann does

not mean believer Allah is not the

believer Allah doesn't have Eman

Moltmann means the one who secures

people or makes them safe he gives them

Eman right a lawsuit behind oh it's on

and there are many other names like that

that you have to be aware that they

don't share that the more common

linguistic understanding sabor allah

subhanho wa taala sabor being the idea

of being patient Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

Shakur you have to understand the subtle

meanings here because you'll get into

anthropomorphism and think that allah

subhana wa ta'ala is like his creation

while a second visit ishe on a lot

nothing is like a lot let me put the

hook of one ahead and so learning the

names of Allah is a gift

and I'd like Imam Schiff Mazama sue dfa

havedo Allah mentioned about imam

al-ghazali's book it's been translated

into arab into english a beautiful

translation done very well and and

really that book is a precious book and

you should read it

the insights that the Imam was given

about the divine names are extraordinary

and there

this is an endless topic like imam zaman

mentioned and really we've all we

haven't even scratched the surface here

but inshallah la jolla Tata give us

tophi up and and put these names in our

hearts when we call on the name the

Arabs they say an ism move Thomas EMA

the name is the key to the one name and

one of the gifts of this oma is if we

were given the name of our law we were

given the Jews can't say Allah they

can't say it they can't they can't even

write the tetragram they can't write the

name of God they can't say it on their

tongues the holiest of Holies Allah has

given us the name and if you notice like

respected people they don't tell their

first name usually those that when they

introduce himself they'll just say I'm

dr. Johnson or I'm professor Hendrickson

or something and you don't say what's

your first name because you respect him

and if you respect somebody you don't

call them by their first name you see

unless you become intimate with them and

then they'll let you know call me John

you see what they're telling you is I

want to be intimate with you they're

removing formality and this is what

Allah has done with this Ummah he has

removed formality and he has given us

His divine name to call on him as an

intimate friend Ally is our friend

really Allah is our friend we want to be

a Hilda analyzed and WA dude the one who

loves without any reasons no ulterior

motives like a beautiful woman who loves

her husband without any motives is


an wa dude as the name of a woman who

loves her husband and the Messenger of

Allah said Mary Allah dude because

that's a beautiful a truth and the

secret of marriage is that Allah made


and rukmi mulatto is not Rama what dude

is not Rahman and Rahim are those who

show mercy because people need mercy

what dude shows love and compassion not

out of

but out of desire a poodle cotija that

was for the lodges that come about

Herron and and and thank you all of you

for supporting Imam Suraj and I'm sure

they raised the whole five million

dollars and if they didn't then you'll

find out and and you'll have to do it


all right shout low but we should really

do that and and also I think that the

people here for giving us opportunity

also especially for giving the

opportunity to Imams aide who we have

great hopes and expectations for his

scholarship and the dignity that he he

has come into Islam with and the

humility that he has shown at I won't

mention his age but at his age to go and

study at the hands of hue

even though he was already a professor

at the University and and this is one of

the secrets of knowledge is it's not

given to arrogant people it's not given

to arrogant people and so humble

yourselves before our line is messenger

and before the Deen of Allah and sit

with the people of knowledge to gain

benefit from them and we have many young

people that will be you'll be hearing

their name soon enough people like jihad

cotton and people like Muhammad Abdul

Rahman Dez and and and yeah yeah and and

and others that are that have gone now

and they're really studying seriously

and these youth are going to I think

inshallah make a great impact on this

country America is is finished as a

country this is a post-christian country

and its infrastructure is showing signs

of great stress and the only thing that

can reinvigorate these people is Islam I

believe that with firm conviction and we

should take this message out to the

people be people of Dawa invite people

to the deen of islam many of these

people are looking for the for the deen

of islam and my brother who was here

last night who's who lives in Chicago

who's not a Muslim and he's a young man

and he's

he's a very intelligent person and he

told me hearing use of Islam and Imams

II last night he said he's been hearing

me for the last 35 years it's not much

new but hearing he said he realized the

power of the message of Islam and he

said that this he said why aren't you

getting this out to the American people

he said what there's a book he's a

lawyer and there's a book called should

trees have standing which is should

trees have legal rights and when imam

zain mentioned last night about trees

having rights in Islam they are debating

this question now we resolved this

question centuries ago trees indeed have

rights rivers have rights land has right

these are things we should take to the

environmental movement and and really

take this Deen out to the people so it's

time for us to stop being a insular

community as a community that has been

provincial and distant self and really

engaged these people in debate for the

sake of allah subhana wa ta'ala with

with love and mercy and compassion

Kulik ha dejado which is a common law

Hannah will sit on it