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Bis Millah Ir-rahman Nir rahim


I think is very important for us as a community to realize is that in times of fear, people tend to be hesitant to do things that in other circumstances they would not do.

And one of the beauties of Islam is that at the root of our religion is the removal of fear.  I mean this is really at the root of our

spiritual tradition is the removal of

fear and one of the meanings of McMinn

if you look at the actual arabic verbal

root of a mana it means to make safe and

when you say Amin's would be there it's

literally I made myself safe with God

with Allah subhanAllah Dada and Emin or

security is freedom from fear and this

is one of the reasons a lot of the Hana

lotuses Atta in the audio of la la

Jornada him but on yesenin that the olia

of allah subhana wa to add that they

have no fear and they have no grief and

the ulema say that the grief is about what happened in the past and the health or the fear is the expectation of harm to come in the future and our prophet (SAW) said said ARABIC

"how wondrous is the affair of the believer his affair all of it is good"

And one of the things about our culture here unfortunately is that  there's a lot of fear that is put out often by the masks

Media one of the the actual time or Newsweek magazines on the cover it showed to people average Americans and they were filled with anxiety and the economy is collapsing and it said "Are you scared


And this is what people want to do is create this type of fear and what Islam is telling us is "don't be afraid", "don't be afraid"

And even when these events happened one of the things that happens to Muslims when they have tribulations is that they say <ARABIC>.  The first thing they remember is we belong to God and we're going back to God and the worst thing that can happen is that we go back to God and since we belong to him in the first place we shouldn't be worried about this thing and that's why we have to have strength and courage and one of the interesting things in ethics in the Islamic tradition is generosity is a branch of courage.

That Karim is from Shajaha  because courage is courage.

with your wealth and all the of

evocative and erato be said

sj-o Rajan invader sudhi then he stole

Aloha anyway Eddie was Sydenham cannibal

bucko the most courageous human being

after the messenger of allah sallallahu

alayhi wa sallam was Abu Bakr and when

Abu Bakr came to the Prophet Elisha he

gave all of his wealth and that is a

pure indication of his courage because

what he was doing was showing that he

was not afraid to risk his dollars with

a loss of Manoa to Anna and that is what

courage is and so my my heartfelt hope

from all of us as a Muslim community is

that we look out in our community and we

we recognize

groups and organizations and efforts

that are worthy of our support and I

would say that for the first time and I

really mean this in all honesty for the

first time in the many years that I have

come to isne I have felt that this has

more importance than any other time that

I have felt I really feel that we are

now reaching a threshold of presence in

this country that has not existed before

we have to rise up to the level of that

that is going to take volunteerism and

it's going to take professionalism it's

going to take the efforts of individuals

and groups it's going to take a lot of

collective consultation we have to up

the ante the level because we were and I

told the Imam jihad

that because both of he and I played

baseball and I played Little League and

Babe Ruth and high school baseball I was

actually the captain of my high school

baseball team and in baseball when you

play in the Little League it's split

between you a peewee league Little

League and the majors and in Little

League the balls are very slow when you

move up to high school ball they get

faster by the time you get into college

and pro ball you can barely see them and

I felt in many ways some of all of us

felt in some level that we were people

that have been up at bat against very

slow pitches and suddenly we were thrust

into the major leagues and they're

saying three strikes you're out and you

haven't even seen the first pitch that

you literally haven't seen the first

pitch we need media training we need to

understand the people that we're dealing

with when you go up against these people

these people are paid hundreds of

thousands of dollars sometimes millions

of dollars to elicit from you responses

that they have already predetermined and

if you don't know how to deal with that

if you're not trained to do that you can

easily be manipulated and end up doing

things that are a disservice to yourself

in your community and I have felt the


of that painfully so I would say that we

need to really upgrade our community's

efforts and our understanding and that's

going to take very serious effort and

I'm hoping this year is the year that

this will happen and I'm hoping that

this year will be a threshold year for

this community and when historians look

back they will see an extraordinary

change that occurred in this time in our

leadership and in our communities

because we have an immense role to play

and dr. Omar Abdullah Faro who's one of

the finest historians that I have ever

met and I think I think he's recognized

by all of us as he he received his PhD

from the University of Chicago with the

highest of honors he is a historian of

the first order and he has said

repeatedly that you are the most

significant minority in the history of

Islamic civilization that the American

Muslim community is the most significant

minority in the history of Islamic

civilization and we are a minority of a

minority because the Arabs in this

country who are Muslim represent about

25% of Arabs in the United States so the

Arabs that are Muslims are already a

minority that the the the

african-american Muslims are a minority

within the greater african-american

community and certainly the

euro-american Muslims are a minority

within their commute so we are a

minority of a minority but I would say

that the strength and power that is in

our community the secret of it is that

we believe la hawla wala quwata illa


we believe that la hawla wala quwata

illa billah if you think that you can be

strong with yourself you are weak even

Alpina said Allah he another even

vehicle what the is an akuna by


he boxy I am weak with my strength so

how could I not be weak with my weakness

Elaine and Jaya don't feel me

phallic even Acuna Hulan be jelly my god

I am ignorant in my knowledge so how

could I not be ignorant in my ignorant

he said alayhi Mohini misawa saccades an

otaku no Misawa Misawa my good actions

fall short so how could not my bad

actions be bad not bad but the secret of

that is Oba Diah is servitude to allah

subhana wa tada daddy caddy and ilaha

molality nominee Allah is the Lord and

protector of those who believe and we

should never forget that in allah wa u

da 0 annelid inna amino a lot defense

those who believe we must remember that

we no longer have as as a as a worldwide

community we no longer have the strength

of the philosophy of the earth many

empire to defend the muslims in the past

but we have the belief and strength that

our messenger of allah so licensed

taught us when he was at 5 is in the

lowest point of his Dawa and The

Messenger of Allah solid Islam had rocks

thrown at him he was he was chased out

of the city by children to the point

where qureishi mushrikeen from his own

tribe who witnessed it were so upset

even though they were against the

Prophet their tribalism made them so

upset that sofy fees could treat a

qureishi like he was being treated they

sent him grapes with a servant and where

was that servant from he was from Mosul

from Nineveh and that servant at death

said to the prophet sallallaahu Salam he

offered him the grapes and the prophet

Elijah them in that state said where are

you from

and he said Nina WA and he said that

Iike better Roger

Assad a unit even a meta that is the

land of that righteous

servant of Allah Yunus the son of Metsa

and a death said how do you know about

him and he said I'm a prophet like he

was he was my brother and at that point

he kissed the Messenger of Allah so a

lot a student it's very significant that

that was unisza Brunetta

that was mentioned because Yunus was

chased out by his people and when he was

in the darkest moment of his experience

in the belly of the whale he called on

Allah subhanAllah Donna and Allah

answered him at that point the messenger

of allah sallallahu Shannon said a dua

in which he said

Jana bin Mustafa - O Lord of the weak

and the oppressed elementary loonie -

who will you leave me in I do you to

Germany to a enemy who will treat me so

horribly Oh in a very de niro phony or

to some distant person who has no

knowledge of me either Lincecum even

Aamir Khan Chaka Chaka Elena fennel

Valley as long as you are not upset with

me I have no concern with the conditions

that you place me in and this is why as

a community we have the first and

foremost rectify our relationship with

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala and then after

that everything is easy like the am

Satya who said to the Prophet Allah

light incident after her father died her

sons died and her husband died in the

Battle of a hood and they would tell her

and she said I not a suit Allah and

Allah so Allah where is the Messenger of

Allah and they said your father died he

said Allah Allah I did a walk Shah Baba

Shahada may Allah give him a great

reward he's given this Shahada where is

the Messenger of Allah and when she

finally heard that he was well she said

take me to him so I can see him and when

her eyes fell on the Prophet Elias nm

she said yah Rasool Allah coulomb OC

Burton Baraka jealous every calamity

after you is insignificant this is a

woman who lost her husband

who lost her father and her children and

what she was saying was if you're well

everything is well and so I would hope

that that this is what we inculcate in

our heart is that if our relationship

with Allah is sound we can't be

concerned with the rest of the world

make your Lord content and he will make

people pleased with you and so I really

hope that we identify and I hope that we

support because we need to strengthen

this this body we need to strengthen it

if not is we should resist the

temptation of what the philosophers call

reification where you personify a

disembodied entity you are this

organization that's that's that's what

it is it is a collective group of people

that come together in a very significant

and important meeting a meeting of the

hearts of believers in this country to

feel the solidarity and the strength of

Muslims and that's why I know that

people the alienation during these days

that many of you were feeling in your

homes you don't feel that alienation you

don't feel that weakness you don't feel

that fear when you're here because you

see you have brothers and sisters that

are in the same conditions that you are

in and so I really we need to strengthen

this and that I would also say I believe

that our entire community has done Imams

jaraguá Hajj and injustice and I believe

it needs to be rectified this man has

has helped build more mosque in the

United States I think than probably any

other person we need to build his his

center in in Brooklyn and I want people

to go back to their communities and

their homes and I want we want to make a

jewel in the City of New York a jewel of

Islam that shines in a city that has a

blight on it that unfortunately has been

attributed to Islam and Islam is

innocent of that blight we need to give

them a jewel in which the light of Islam

can shine in that City for all of the

people of

York to see a light that will put out

all the artificial lights and that's the

light of this man's heart and the heart

of the people that are in that moss that

I visited many times and I love and so I

hope that people take that to heart I

hope that you support Q news the English

magazine this is good media care support

care help these people support you know

the organization's all all of them

there's good people out there and don't

be afraid you won't get put on any list

and don't do and if you are don't worry

about that because I'm on it Imam Suraj

is on it Jamal I don't know in Canada if

they have that dr. Jamal's but I know

dr. Musa Musa deity who I'm known for

many years and and he's a gentle soul

he's a studiously from the family of a

vocalist if he's a gentle soul and they

put him on Fox News like a terrorist and

when I saw that I just said this is

injustice it's just wrong it's wrong you

know and and and and we have to

recognize that there are people out

there that are good bad and ugly they're

all from God he made them all and he did

it for a wisdom and a reason and we have

to be patient but we have to strengthen

our community and I hope that we do that

we go back to our homes with plans of

action we need plans of action this is a

time of action and I hope that we we do

that desire below heaven

Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

we have the entertainment session which

will begin within a few minutes but

before that whether Abdul Aziz has to go

to that other mic over there and the

invitation is an international

entertainment decision people have come

concerts have come on the way all the

way from Indianapolis from Indonesia and

from the Arab world and from different

parts of the world so American shallow

there are two segments left one is this

entertainment partnership mother's we

are going to have and then tomorrow they

are going to be a one session as we are

growing to the conclusion of the

conference and knowing that most of the

brothers and sisters will start leaving

in the morning

we just want to actually remind you all

along that from the presentations you

had this evening and even before you can

imagine how much work we can do and how

many things we can actually achieve if

we can put our hands together so I just

want to make one final appeal to you

because last night the brothers in Islam

the rules were taking care of the

organization well not very much

satisfied with what we did and they

expect that actually the more we can

extend our hands our brothers here the

more things can be done during the

business session that we have the

brothers were urging us now to go out in

the communities and to start working out

with like having meetings the

communities out making meetings with

different people some of the sisters and

the brother was saying why don't you

distribute material for us we do have

actually a what we call a rapid response

team this was established state bio dr.


they're both doctor the same man and the

committee has disturbed the for Ingrid

and it has turned yes Ahmed and actually

one of the things that we held held us

back is that although we call it rabbit

or instant response team we couldn't get

them together in many times you couldn't

get out the things we want because we

need the funds to help us to do this so

I just want to make this appeal before

we get a shot line to the program that

we need every one of you and I said this

many times many of us think we have to

give large amounts of money some of us

just want even deleted we can so what we

want you to do is to do the thing that

we have well I I was so moved by a

meeting reminded by Baker about the

words of allah subhanaw taala

shows us in it that the essence of our

faith is sparkling giving so allah

subhana which are here at the verse for

us they said we won two aluminum ago and

Margaret like in alderman and Emily de

lengua do mean Apple well my life is

Mikey genuinely being wattle man and I

hope PE they will put bow on the thermal

Misaki would not remain for sayidina


absolutely this really p