ISNA 2003: Ethnic Jihad

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Event Name: ISNA 2003: Ethnic Jihad
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bismillahir rahmanir boy


so I'm on

Mercato smilla Ram and Rahim was a lot

more honest even a Muhammad Ali was like

you send him sistema where I own over a

Fattah endeavour honey and our team

Aloha mr. Elena hikmah to ensure Elena

motoki adelgid arrive electron or

sallallaahu madison muhammad wa

l-akhirin warbot Erica rivinoja or Hamid

Rahimi ravenna Tina min ladunka Rama was

a Jelena marina Rashida I would like to

talk about a few things but one of the

things that I would like to talk about

is all of you who are you where did you

come from and where are you going

because ultimately the important

questions in life can be reduced down to

five that's it

just five just like the five pillars

there's only five questions and that's

another lecture to actually deal with

those questions so I'm not going to do

that but what I'm going to talk about is

who you are where you came from and

where you're going because you are an

extraordinary group of people just as Dr

Omar said for those of you who have come

from other lands either because of your

parents migration and you were born in

this country which is probably the case

for a lot of people in this room who are

actually born in this country in this

country has become their land

this country has almost entirely

identified itself since the Revolution

as a white country and there was a

Naturalization Act in 79

inde prohibiting citizenship for this

country for anyone other than a white

person and the Irish just barely were

able to get in the back door because

although they were considered savages by

the anglo-saxons they're actually wider

than the anglo-saxons the Irish er pale

is moons which is why they historically

were noted to drink a lot because it

reddened up their face a little bit and

matched the hair and and I have a

grandmother who's a field so I've got

enough Irish in me that I can tell an

Irish joke

I want to talk about ethnic jihad this

country is a country of struggle there's

no people that have come to this country

historically that have not had to

struggle including oddly enough the

anglo-saxons in 1607 if some of you

remember your high school history there

was a colony founded in a place in

Virginia Virginia wasn't called Virginia

before the English got there the native

peoples had their own name for that and

that's one of the odd things about this

country is that all the names of the

places were changed at least most of

them Massachusetts is actually an Indian

name and there are a few others but

Columbus who arrived in Hispaniola

actually thought he was in Japan and

which is very interesting because he was

just lost and he was asking for

directions and he's called the

Discoverer of America as if the people

that were here hadn't discovered that

they were actually here so Columbus did

not discover America Columbus stumbled

on to this country and there's evidence

now that it was actually seen before by

a Muslim Chinese explorer in 1421 and

there's a book that's just come out with

extensive research on that when the

Chinese discovered America and the head

of that naval expedition was a Chinese

Muslim so I want to talk about the false

identification of America as a white

country because America is not a white

country it was not a white country

before the Europeans came here

and Jamestown which was founded in 1607

had 20 black people that were brought

from Africa so the black people have

been here right from the beginning

before the pilgrims arrived at Plymouth

Rock by one year there were African

peoples here in this country there were

Turkish people at Jamestown and if

people know the history of Captain Smith

captain Smith was actually captured by

the Turks he fought with the Turks he's

also one of the people that began to

import coffee into Europe which was

called The Devil's cup because a lot of

English people that were drinking coffee

were actually began to convert to Islam

and there was rumors in England that the

Ottomans were actually putting magical

spells on those beans and there was a

move by the Christians to get coffee

outlawed but he brought the coffee beans

to America and South America is very

fertile soil for that so early on there

was Africans that came with the whites

that came here they did not come in in

the same compartments they came in the

hull of the ship as opposed to being on

top of the ship but they were here from

the start now one of the things about

this country is it's radically changing

and we're celebrating Martin Luther

King's 40th anniversary of the march on

Washington and dr. King said somewhere

we must come to see that human progress

never rolls in on the wheels of

inevitability it comes through the

tireless efforts and the persistent work

of dedicated individuals who are willing

to be co-workers with God unsubtle law

and with this hard work time come time

itself be

comes an ally of the primitive forces of

social stagnation so we must help time

and realize that the time is always

right to do the right so if we look at

minorities in America what we find is an

ethnic struggle an ethnic jihad now if

you look where we are today and where

we're going 72% of this country right

now is considered to be of European

descent by 2050 and then you have

Africans 12% Hispanics have actually

achieved parity according to the latest

statistics with the African American

actually surpassed and then Asian and

then other that's us

I always put other on those things

because we don't traditionally the

midlet system is to identify you

according to what you believe not

according to something as arbitrary as

the color of your skin because Caucasian

is Caucasus Mountains and I'm not from

the Caucasus I'm not a Russian with no

offense to the Russians Haji Murad in

2020 and 2050 and some of you in this

room will probably be alive at that time

and and I hope you remember these words

because I probably won't be around to

see that in fact I'm almost positive but

Allah knows best you are going to see a

shift in this country in which half of

the population of this country will not

be European their origins will be from

Africa from Asia and then from Mexico

Mexican Indians

native peoples Arabs and the Asians are

included the South Asians if you look

presently at where we're at obviously

the white community is still more

educated with the exception of the Asian

community 46% graduate from college in

the Asian community and they're

considered to be a model community in in

these pundits that study minority groups

the Asians are considered to be a model

community an example for other

communities including the white

community they have become a model

community and you have to understand the

significance of that in relation to the

history of the Asian peoples in this

country again white people average forty

thousand six hundred the Asians now are

earning more money than white people

again you have to remember this in

relation to what the Asians went through

now the foreign born in 1998 the Asians

still have large numbers of foreign-born

so there is a immigration of Asians and

this includes the South Asian if you

look at the minority groups again

eighteen fifty three percent if you look

here 1890 we had the Ellis Island when a

lot of people came in from Eastern

Europe poles and Jews Italians began to

come in in larger numbers it goes down

and there was a lot of backlash during

that period and my grandfather on my

mother's side came through Ellis Island

and I heard stories of it they had to

eat horse meat on the ship I mean my

grandfather actually told me those

stories of them coming to this country

and going through Ellis Island so this

is not ancient history

if you look at the demographics here

african-americans look at these areas

there are whole areas up in that white

part of the map they're lacking color

and color is beautiful nobody wants

black and white TV they want color TV in

living color seriously nobody wants

black-and-white TV look at the Hispanic

is all in that area and then the Asian

and Pacific Islanders largely in

California but in other places as well

and these are mainly in the major cities

Native Americans if you notice there

they've been moved west

do you see because they were literally

during Andrew Jackson's period there was

a movement just to move all of the

Indians and the Trail of Tears as part

of that and if you're here you should

know about the Trail of Tears you should

know about the Five Civilized Nation you

should know about the six Iroquois

nations you should know about the Ghana

WIDA you should know what these people

did and who they were and you should

also know why the Yuriko nation was

destroyed it was destroyed because of

breaking the promise that they had made

with the peace giver to Ghana WIDA he he

made them promise that they would never

ally with anyone outside the Six Nations

against a member of the nations and if

they did he said God would destroy your

strength and in the French English war

this is when they split the tribal

councils split and the Iroquois nation

some sided with the French and others

sided with the British and they began to

fight each other and that was the end of

the Iroquois nation although there are

still Iroquois people in America the

nation as a political entity that was

actually very sick

kated is no longer in existence the

Native American struggle you should know

about this struggle because the Native

Americans and there were belligerent

tribe there were also very arenak tribes

there were there were beautiful

agricultural tribes and the Plains

Indians were largely a benevolent people

the Horan's for instance the people of

de gana WIDA were actually quite

belligerent and he got so fed up with

them and their inability to recognize

that alliance with other Indian peoples

was a good thing and not a bad thing

that war amongst people was a negative

thing and this is what he was trying to

teach people and the and the man that

heard it from him Hiawatha who listened

to this message he was not a Whore on so

the gana we do was a stranger who came

to the Iroquois people and gave them a

message of peace and lying with each

other in order to prevent bloodshed

because it was a jihad a system of blood

vengeance and endless cycles of violence

and this is what he ended and it's a

glorious history the Native American

people's if we look at Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark understood the native

peoples very well they traveled during

Jefferson's administration from the East

Coast all the way to Washington State

unchartered why did they do that because

they knew that the native peoples in

this country were by and large a

benevolent people and one of the things

that they did to ensure the safety of

their trip was they took a Native

American woman with a child because it

was well known that native peoples if

they traveled with women and children

were not a war party they were not a

malevolent force and for that reason

they took a woman and a child and there

is an extraordinary scene where they

meet some Shoshone Indians who are

carrying their weapons and they see them

and Lewis and Clark are tear

f I'd and they think that because these

men were dressed for hunt they were

terrified and there's the point where

the this this chief comes up to Clark

and embraces him and in his language

said welcome and he'd never seen a white

person because that is Benny Adam that

is essential to our nature we are in

sanh where people have punts and were

largely people of goodness and this is

why they were able to make it all the

way to Washington State they met with

the what were later termed the Nez Perce

Indians and one of the great leaders of

the Nez Perce with chief Chief Joseph

and people should know about this man

they should read his speech when he said

where the Sun now stands I shall fight

no more forever when he finally

surrendered after several years of

resistance against colonization of his

land and his people's and he refused to

become a Christian because he was a

Unitarian and most of those native

peoples were Unitarians they did not

believe in a Trinity chief Sitting Bull

one of the great warriors and these

people at the time were considered

terrorists they were considered evil

people and now they're lionized Geronimo

was considered a terrorist during his

time and now he's seen as somebody who

was nobly fighting for his people

and he was an extremely noble person

many of these people if you if you look

at Crazy Horse who was one of the

leaders of the resistance against

General Custer Crazy Horse his war cry

on the day that General Custer with all

respect to my dear brother dr. okay

on that day

Crazy Horse's war-cry was this is a good

day to die and because he refused to be

humiliated he was actually stabbed once

he was in captivity but there were many

noble peoples amongst these people and

their resistance is in essence still

going on in 1891 this is a massacre so

this was going on there are people alive

today who heard stories of those wars

against the plain Indians the Native

Americans were put on reservations their

lands were taken from them many of them

still live on these reservations and

unfortunately have learned the ways of

gambling and other things the African

struggle and I want to really focus on

this in order for you to understand a

few things that I consider extremely

important and great lessons to be

learned the the slave trade the

transatlantic slave trade we cannot

imagine the horrors of that trade if you

look at this man in this picture in the

back with the chain around his neck he's

wearing a turban and it is estimated

liberal estimation is that about 20

percent of the people that were brought

over here at certain periods of time

were Muslim but at least 10 percent that

means one out of ten people of African

American descent here and probably

almost all of the African American

peoples in this country now have Muslim

ancestors because of the nature of

lineage and marriage everyone and that

is one of the probably one of the

secrets for the return of many

african-americans to Islam because of

the prayers that were made by many of

those people that they're the rear that

their offspring would be Muslim and some

of these people suffered death to

preserve their religion bought and sold

there were people from early on this was

actually a group of African Americans

that decided they wanted to actually

migrate and they would go to establish

their own places and get their land and

so there were always in the African

American community there has always been

resistance always and the history of the

resistance has not been well studied but

there has always been resistance and the

Muslims were particularly intractable

they were they were considered to be

very difficult slaves because one of the

things about Muslims that makes us

difficult people is that we are taught

that allah subhanho wa taala is our lord

and we can be slave to no man in reality

and even the bondsman ship in Islam was

never understood to be Rodya it was

understood to be ripped it is a economic

weakness and the prophets of allah wa

allahu alahi wa sallam said in a true

hadith let Apollo Abdi Abdi what I can

who know who la me who la me for kun

lucuma be doon lila do not say my slave

my slave but say my servant my servant

my my boy my boy or my youth because all

of you are slaves of God and that is the

reality and and Muslims had a very

different conception of the idea of Rick

and that's why slavery is a problematic

word for us to use this was happening it

my mother lived during this period my

grandmother because the South was

so unbearable to my grandmother she

migrated from Atlanta