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I want to start with a hadith thats related by imam of Papa Ronnie with a nice knife and it's from of

The hadith says that everything has a bad which is a movement towards something and an eight ball which is a movement away from something and from the bad of this Dean from these beams coming to us moving towards us he said is that you were in blindness and ignorance and then allah subhana allah sent me with what I have to you and from

this beam coming is that a tribe will

learn thick all of them

an entire tribe the LCD huh until you

will not find in that whole tribe one

fashion or two facets one bad person or

two bad persons and then he said if they

speak these two bad persons are maharani

very Lani they're the ones that have to

shut up they're the ones that don't have

any authority and power the bad people

because they're surrounded by too many

good people so they don't have a time to

actually or an opportunity to bring

their filth into the community and then

he said if they speak out they will be

subdued conquered and belittled put down

and then he said from the movement away

of this Dean is that a favela tej fool

by Assyria Jeff a mean they'll become

harsh they'll become harsh they'll the

entire tribe until their will only

remain one or two puppies people who

understand the ding of Islam and if they

speak these two people with good

encouraging them the whole tribe will

attack them and say oh scoot be quiet

don't tell us and then he said some a

lot it was sudden if they command a good

or forbid evil they're overpowered by

these people and their weak amongst them

and you won't and they won't find anyone

to help them and anyone to give them

support I wanna and one sada people to

give them victory people to be a noun a

support for them now I just like to

mention one thing in relation to this

habit I first became Muslim almost 20

years ago when I became Muslim i think

it was after a year that i found out

that Tia mone was not permissible if

there was water when you were traveling

in other words and I love forgive me

because I don't know how many if I

prayed with I can't remember but I

learned that time home after one year of

being Muslim with Muslims living with

them after one cuz

was initially thought if you're

traveling you have a choice if you can

do time one it's a rock site makes it

easier or you can do what I didn't know

that that was wrong until after a year

of being Muslim I had some people tell

me put your hands here some people

talking to put them here some people

some people told me move the finger some

people said no keep the finger still I

started becoming bewildered what's

what's going on here what what is this

teaching and I realized after a few

years that the only way that I'm going

to get any peace of mind is to find out

for myself and I realize that I have to

first learn Arabic because the

literature and there's more literature

now in English but at that time when I

became Muslim and city of the logic in

knows that this is true and other people

around at that time there was not a lot

of literature in english and they're

certain wasn't a book sunsilk to teach

you anything about film so i realized i

had to go and find out well at that

point the trouble begins because where

do I go where do I go as a young I was

about 21 years old and I decided I want

to seek knowledge and I said where do I

go well I got an opportunity from a

wonderful man sheikh abdullah ali and

mahmoud who was a man from sharjah

sharifa in the emirates and he was an

older man who remembered he actually

rolled by camel around the the niche i

mean that's that's the era that he came

out of and he was a puppy and he was a

very spiritual and and sincere person

and he met me in London and I had just

learned some words in Arabic I was

trying to put them together I got a

little book I was trying to learn how to

speak Arabic and I said tone cave AHA

Luca and a minute America is me Hamza

you know and I'm calling Hamza is

actually a letter it's not it's not a

name it's a letter so he just all all

hired on said you have to come and study

and I'll facilitate that for you

so he actually gave me an opportunity to

go to the Emirates and a study when I

got to the Emirates I was put into a

place called an emeritus Anatomy which

is in a line and by a good or bad

fortune I went to extremely good schools

in the United States I went to private

Jesuit school and so I was used to a

very high standard of education in the

West when I went to add mahady tsunami I

found and it was a good experience for

me because I learned a lot of words

immediately like yeah hey MA yeah hubby

yeah washy yak mauch you know and the

Arabs know what it means and most of you

who don't think ever no it means because

this is what the teacher used to say to

the students constantly Oh donkey Oh

jackass Oh fool Oh idiot so I learned

those words very quickly because you

learn things that you near all the time

now I had never seen that because I grew

up in a place where the teachers

actually respected you and I and and

really this is actually we should be

crying in fact because we know now what

what that type of attitude does to

children you see if you're always being

told something you come to believe that

thing and what I saw basically was a

gross parent invitation of Western

education it was really at the lowest

levels of Western education and the

school was started by a very righteous

man with very good intentions but

unfortunately the people with the best

of intentions are still encumbered with

the difficulties on the problems that

exist from the post-colonial trauma of

the Muslim Ummah and how we get beyond

that now after a very short time there

and I was learning Arabic more and more

rapidly I met a West African scholar

from Mauritania and the first thing I

recognize is the man had light on his

face unlike a lot of the people that

were teaching me at the man had they

actually appeared sometimes actually

dark to me and I went up to him and I

said that I have some worries from he

said mauritania I said you know I'm

looking for somebody who knows how to

teach this LOM in a traditional way and

he said well that's the way I learned

and I'm a movie at the

at the Sharia Court and you can come

anytime to my house that you want to day

or night that's what he told me he gave

me his number and he gave me his address

and I started going to this man's house

and he was he would sit there and he

would say what do you want to study and

then he I would ask him questions he

would answer them he would tell me this

this and this and he would say you

should memorize this because that's the

only way to learn and I noticed the

people in that environment other more

Italians coming most of the memorize the

Quran they knew fifth they were very

clear in our understanding of his mom

and I was very affected by these people

they affected me because I hadn't seen

people like them now the secret of these

people is simply one thing and one thing

only and I'm convinced of this now after

thinking about it for a long time these

are people that the Colonials actually

never got to because they were in the

middle of the Sahara Desert and

europeans tend to not like to be in

conditions where they don't have all the

perks that go was staying there and

Mauritania is an extremely difficult

environment to stay in and like sue

diamond yang dr. cinnamon yang says you

know thank God for the the malaria

mosquito because it really helped the

West Africans out a lot against these

Europeans that came now wherever you see

the Europeans went you will see a

dismantling of the traditional Islamic

education wherever you see them go you

will see this now what's fascinating to

me I do not in any way think that

mauritania is the end-all of Islamic

education I think there are a lot of

things lacking there I really do but I

don't like other places they have not

thrown the baby out with the bathwater

you see I mean there's there's bath

water there that needs to get thrown out

but the baby is still there as well if

you go to many other Muslim countries

now it all got chucked out and this was

a gross error by the Muslims than they

were tricked and if you studied I I

advise you to read a book called social

reform in Syria because it explains how

the Western people literally change the

whole understanding of the Syrian

culture about the place of traditional

knowledge in their societies

and it took engineering and medicine and

place them on as the highest thing and

Sharia became something that was really

insignificant of another era something

that we need to get beyond in fact this

is the very thing that's held you back

and that's why you conquered us and that

is that is a lie we were not conquered

because of traditional education we were

conquered in spite of traditional

education and we have to recognize that

we were conquered in spite of

traditional education and if you don't

believe that you have to question

yourself as to why they dismantled our

universities one by one until the last

one fell in 1938 in southern morocco in

marrakech you can see this it was

systematically done why because they're

very frightened of people who know their

Dean it bothers them now just to look a

little bit about the irony really of all

of this is that the western university

system is literally stolen without any

credit from the Islamic system of

training individuals and this these

studies have been done extensively by

several orientalists of the later

periods the early under Orientals

admitted there was some influence they

did not want to admit the extent of the

influence because it's very unnerving

when you're attacking of people calling

them backward and barbaric and then

having to admit that in fact the reason

that you have become civilized and

humanized is those very people that is

problematic if you have to admit that

the reason that you take baths is

because of Muslim cleanliness that the

reason that you have gardens to enjoy

it's because of Muslim love of reminding

themselves in this world of what we

expect in the next world because gardens

are uniquely Eastern and Western Islam

phenomena you find them in Asia also

amongst the civilized Asians because the

Asians were

far more civilized than the European

gardens do not show up in Europe until

they conquer Andalusia where suddenly

these Europeans walk into these houses

with flowers all over the place and said

this Exodus nice how'd you do that it's

called cultivating your garden they

never thought about they used to throw

their garbage god de loup means what's

your head from the thesis that they used

to throw out of their windows the plague

that happens in Europe as a result of

this now we don't know our history and

if people who don't know they've done

anything like easy matic Shabazz said

we'll never be able to do anything if

you don't know you've done something you

can't do anything you have to know your

history in order to become people of

history in other words in order for

those who come after us to say those are

great people you have to know that those

who went before you were great people as

well and we have to inculcate this

deeply in the minds and hearts of our

youth we have to recognize that we are

from a great tradition we are from the

tradition of thinkers saco de dino rossi

says in one of his books that he met a

Christian a keva an atom from the

Christians a scholar and he started

talking to him about what he believed he

said the man didn't have any foundation

for speaking because he didn't

understand intellectual underpinnings of

managua of a dialectic so he said to

this Christian he said listen I want to

teach you one thing and this is it it's

a kinda aplia I'm going to teach you

this and he said the fight he does this

the rule is this if you have a delisle

then you have to have a module if you

have an indication of something there

has to be the thing that it indicates as

well they go together there's a colossal

but if you don't have the Daneel it

doesn't necessarily mean you don't have

them at low in other words if you don't

have the indicator doesn't necessarily

mean the thing indicated doesn't exist

an example the world indicates Allah

subhanAllah Dada if there isn't a world

that doesn't mean there's not a loss of

Nana what

because Allah was before there was a

world so he explained this to this man

and he said I sure are a lazy can he run

for them as that matter what does AHIMA

ho he found is very difficult to

comprehend so I really worked on him

until he finally got it and at the point

he got it I said so let me ask you

something why do you say Jesus is gone

he said because I and Mota he brought

the dead to life and he said oh so

that's your deal that ISA is got the

module is that he need his God because

the Deville he brought things to life

that were dead and he said yes and he

said well that means then that you have

to say Musa is a God also because Musa

threw down a staff that was an inanimate

object and it became a living snake and

he said no no we don't say that either

why not didn't you agree with me that

this is a sound intellectual principal

and he said well I'm getting confused

pr4 boogie till daddy cough up that's

what he says Imam father says boo

utility company became because he won

him over and all at that point he just

has what's called Yahoo he has Jeff ooh

he can now at that point he'll reject it

but he knows it's true you see this is

Giroud and this is the essence of kufa

now imam sanusi commentating on this

story says the Christians really have

the most difficult time understanding

things so how is it that these people

who couldn't understand something I and

he was one of their scholars how is it

now that they are teaching fuzzy logic

that they teach you boolean logic that

they teach you these ugly-ass how is it

that they've learned these Sciences well

if you study how it is they got it

through interaction with the Muslims

Roger Bacon who was teaching in England

used to wear a Saracen road and a turban

and was accused by the Church of England

of apostasy because he was teaching that

the Muslims actually had important

things that we should learn this is a

medieval scholastic

the Pope was sending Christians down to

learn from the Muslims in and Lucia now

as you look at the university system

because there are no universities in the

west until they start looking at how the

Muslims are teaching their students this

is the fact the university introduces

the concept of Mencia dos ND which is a

license to teach a direct translation of

a 5th century 4th 5th century word each

other to therese a permission to teach

what was granted by adam who had studied

with an atom and given him ii jaza to

give to a student a permission to teach

and at that point he was called medeiros

doctor doctor is in fact someone who had

the license to teach but before he could

be given a license to teach in the West

he had to bring for the theses and prove

it before a group of scholastics now

where did they get that before somebody

would get a license to teach amongst the

Muslim set at ella's hard at the Pharaoh

we mean at other places he had to sit

before a group of scholars and he would

be asked question he would give a fatwa

and he would have to defend the fatwa

and if he couldn't defend it he would

not get an e jaza to teach because he

was not considered of a level in which

he could teach people you can see this

is right the chair they call it the

chair of a department where did they get

that from they're all sitting in chairs

in the university why call the professor

the chair because in the Muslim world

the students at on the floor and the

teacher sat on the chair until you had

the chair of metal Castillo never

concealed Phil Casteel terawatts Co Co

Co Co Co heavy and on and on I could go

on and on graduation where do they get

this down from because it looks a lot

like what our scholars we're in the

middle east it was called Jupiter 15 and

it's what you got when you got your each

other to Sydney's why is it that they

have that tassel coming off of it

because this was what was given to the

atom to remind him that Allah had him by


asja and that he should have fear of

Allah when he taught people because a

lot could seize him at any moment and

now we see these people come in with

their cap and gown to be given a piece

of paper which is false testimony now

she had at the zoo because it tells them

that they actually knows something and

it's quite frightened when you realize

that you spent 16 years and learn

nothing that's a scary feeling you know

if somebody tells you now you know

something you start getting a little

shaky because you realize what what

exactly is it do I know well let me it's

right here on the diploma says you're a

bachelor in arts what are the arts well

those are the liberal arts well what are

they grammar logic rhetoric those are

the three of the the humanities and then

you learn the four arts mathematics you

had to learn geometry you had to learn

astronomy you had to learn music those

were the liberal arts those are called a

duets and these were the things that a

student had to learn in the Islamic

madrasas system in order to be able to

study now just to look I think that we

had two extraordinary periods of

scholarship that are unparalleled in the

Muslim world and they are the first

period which is the period of the

prophet muhammad sallallahu Sedna the

greatest teacher who ever lived in the

Metro Moran Lima I was sent a teacher

from the light incident Allah will not

choose for His Prophet other than the

best the best of profession professed to

teach that's what a profession is to

teach profess to profess what you

believe the first period was a time of

the prophet salallahu them in a book by

evan haja who lived in the 15th century

by christian dating which is called at

asava feet amis of Sahaba accurately

measuring the companions he says

that out of twelve thousand forty three

persons notables amongst the Sahaba that

he gives us a biography of in order that

we can know who these people around the

problem or who were the human beings

that our prophet produced for the world

out of those twelve hundred and

forty-three 1551 or women 1551 mentioned

in the book we're not talking about the

women at home that we don't know about

we're talking about the women that were

known all of the sahabi ads were great

but because of the nature of islamic

modesty there are many names that we

will never know that allah subhan allah

tala knows now what happens then in the

second period the second group consists

of a period in the 13th and 14th century

there's a book written by even Haji up

in which 1300 women are mentioned in his

book that consists that he wrote 1300

women of the Ummah of his age alamat

even haja has imam asif ali out of

11,000 691 out of 11,000 691 scholars

that he considered to be the greatest

scholars of his age not looking at their

sex not looking at their mail or their

female qualities he's talking about who

the greatest scholars of his time was

out of 11,000 691 1075 are women 1075

I want to tonight to remember one to

remember one woman

there are names Omaha and she lived

between 1376 and 1466 she was born in

Cairo on Friday in the mid of Shaban the

blessed time and that's the time we're

in now she was born mid shot down in 778

and she died in Cairo on the third of

the day of Saturday the thirtieth suffer

871 Imam Musa how he says Oh mahany also

known as Miriam the Cairo in the chassis

is the daughter of nurudeen Alberta

Hassan Ali the son of the judge of the

man even informatics on her mother's

side she was the granddaughter of Judge

Mohammed bin Mohammed Al Hayat e she was

born in Cairo on Friday night in the

middle of the month of Shaban her

maternal grandfather judge little Fiat

II took care of her upbringing in 785 he

took her to audit hadith in Mecca

directly from four masters he mentions

the names in Cairo she studied with her

grandfather himself and many other

masters six names given she obtained

certificates of audition from a large

number of important masters 13 names are

given she married Muhammad ibn Omar even

putalocura advocate amore and had the

following children by him shuja OD

mohammed shah suri sayfudine mohammed al

hanafi fatima eunice al-maliki Mansour l

somebody her son studied and followed

the schools of law by which they became

known this is all manny

her son Mansoor hum buddy was brilliant

but he died young and it was said that

his intelligence killed him after her

first husband died she married a house

and even swayed the Manichean had her

children Ahmed and aziza by him when her

grandfather judge I as he died her

husband put his hand on her inheritance

and used it freely but then he died and

she inherited all of it with the money

she bought the great workshop famous for

its enormous size and many spinning

wheels so here's a scholar who's buying

a factory a woman in Cairo who's a

scholar the mother of scholars who's

buying a factory she's a working woman

buying a factory known as in shall I

come near beer cotton field maybe some

of the Egyptians here even know where

that is one of the descendants of the

original owner challenged the legality

of the sale in court but the ham buddy

judge must not allow ruled that the sale

was legal and confirmed her ownership of

the workshop so here's a male who's

saying this is my shop goes before a

judge on the judge rules for own Hanny

she taught hadith for a long time and

many eminent scholars heard it from her

personally everything I have learned

from her teachers I learned through her

yet I believe that she knew much more

than I was able to learn I'm miss Yvonne

so sorry this is not a simple person

we're talking about a great scholar so

this is letting you know he's letting

you know by that statement Who am Hannah

is her grandfather had presumably taught

her the rest of the six books of Hadees

and among nasha we r DS version of Sonia

vihari she was a good woman who used to

weep for fusillade when the names of a

lioness Robert were mentioned she would

weep she was consistent in her fasting

and night prayers firm in her religion

and especially concerned with ritual

purity which is an important point here

she was especially concerned with ritual

purity she wrote well and she was a

natural poet able to make up verse

spontaneously and the young woman she

had memorized the Quran

and Abu Shuja is Marcus are the

abridgement of sherry jurisprudence and

the mall half of Imam al-hariri in

Arabic grammar as well as other works I

heard her recite beautifully serratus

off she performed the pilgrimage 13

times often staying for months to study

and teach in Mecca and Medina as she

grew older she lost her eyesight but she

was patient and she lost the use of her

legs and became housebound her hannah p

son looked after until she died on

saturday while i was in Mecca she was

buried in burial grounds of her

grandfather near the mausoleum of our

Imam Shafi in Karratha may allah have

mercy on her and on us oh honey

now just just a look at what what's

being said here she was one of so how is

esteemed teachers of hadith her

involvement in the marketplace as an

owner of a textile worship workshop and

her close relationship to the Sun who

took care of her in her long difficult

ol days the extreme mobility of their

own ama comes across in her 13

pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina in the

fourteenth and fifteenth centuries women

figured prominently among the teachers

of famous male scholars even had yoda

himself when he went to Damascus he only

had four dollars of a hadith they were

all women these aren't made up things

are you sure this our heritage only

Hanny was only one of 68 women experts

on whose authority amongst our how he

recites in his own transmission of

hadith she's only one of 68 I we could

read other ones of amazing women one of

68 from one scholar an Egyptian scholars

even had renamed 53 women amongst his

direct authorities 53 women amongst even

Hodges direct authorities one of the

greatest whole amount that this woman

has ever produced and 53 of his teachers

are women and what's going on in salt

what's going on here think about this

really think about this now hear this is

important this renaissance of women's of

religious learning coincided with a new

assertive promotion by the suit the

Ummah of Shem and the ulama of Egypt of

Aisha the wife of the Prophet sallallahu

Sam there was a renaissance of Ayesha's

position during this same time this this

is not this is an important connection

because if you don't know who you were

if you don't know who you were in the

past you can do nothing in the future

the women were suddenly exposed to the

greatness of aisha as an edema as a

scholar and this created a design that's

only reason I'm mentioning on the head

she was that she was the wife of the

proper the daughter of the first Kelly

salamati said I'm what'll be alone on

you as the most foremost female source

of heavy she relates over 2,000

these an unrivaled source of hadith

concerning women in particular she was

acknowledged expert on ritual purity and

we can directly relate this to umm Hany

zone concern about the books of ritual

purity now the sad thing about all this

is the unique importance of universe of

Howie's dictionary becomes clear when we

recognize that for reasons which we do

not understand women practically

disappear from the Centennial biography

dictionaries that followed him they

disappear where'd they go where did they

go lsv who died in 1651 christian who

wrote about the 16th century included

only twelve women amongst his 1647

entries and mohit be in who died in 1699

christian included none in his

dictionary of 1289 biographies of his

century and more adi one who died in

1791 found a place for only one woman

among 753 18th century notables and the

biography of the biographer of the 19th

century ave afar found room for only two

women out of 777 person to women now I

think because you can see that the 13th

century anybody that studies Islam

recognizes the 13th century is the point

when it all starts to descend because if

we don't have women we don't have man

this as simple as that if we don't have

women we don't have men if we're not

educating our women then our certainly

our men aren't going to be educated and

one of the unique aspects of this age is

that the men are seem to be equally as

ignorant as the women and I think

there's a direct correlation now

whatever happened 1400 years ago that

we're living and tasting the fruits of

it to this day the joy that we have in

our lives because I have no joy in my

life other than the joy of Islam because

I knew life before Islam and I knew

was like and I think City abdallah you

agree with me the joy that we have in

our lives is the fruit of the labor of

those who went before us it's the fruit

of their labor we're eating the fruit of

their labor what fruits are those who

come after us going to eat from what

fruit of those who come after us are

going to eat from because we're eating

the fruits of those who went before us

one of the scholar said kasambara Teresa

cool Omaha wotty you some believe in you

some modification madara see the

hospital lan mianna thomas arrow rebate

in a diamond share article image Lisi

aveda hazardous Hepzibah diamond whose

area kula were had to somehow cool

democracy people are teaching now idiots

being called the great teacher the great

instructor so the people of knowledge of

this age have every right to use a piece

of poetry that was mentioned often in

the olden times this old hag is so worn

out that even its kidneys are showing

which means the the camel even the

kidney is so worn out that even the

kidneys are showing and every every

impoverished one has surpassed it what

he's saying is that knowledge is gone

now there's a beautiful hadith in which

the prophets a license says you will

remain in good condition as long as you

don't let at the shallow you don't

equalize equalization is the

characteristic of the age we're living

in everybody's the same if you go to the

masjid you don't see notables we don't

see notables in our masjid anymore we

see this kind of flat state of affairs

where are the lights that are going to

illuminate the people where are those

who have spent their early youth in the

acquisition of knowledge so that they

can guide this oma one and i'm going to

tell this a young

man a young man who was a graduate from

one of the top universities in this

country he wanted to go to Mauritania to

study fifth and jizz all had on his

father and his mother gave him

permission because they're honorable

people but she curses me because she

thinks I'm the cause that he's not going

to medical school we can't give one

person to the soma our mothers can't

give one son for this own mouth how many

doctors do we have how many engineers do

we have who's going to learn this beam

to give it to the people to come after

we have own am i dying all over the

place while I method of azadi him or why

he just died who's going to take his

place the Pakistani scholar hora Mora

braheem wawa a little Lyonnaise he just

died I was with him not that long ago

and he was asking me hello Deborah he

had pain and physical pain in his heart

while I was sitting with him and I said

some online are you all right he's at my

shop how are the brothers in California

how's the Islam how's the Islam is there

is yet is there increase what are you

doing what are your activities really

well who's going to replace them we have

asked this question what are our

educational system which provided for

them has been dismantled and we know

what Allah saw it wasn't what it's

become we know there's no more cuddle EE

there's an attempt now at reviving and

in sha allah give them success there's

no more zaytuna they tuna that even out

of that one of the greatest amount

product there's no more zaytoun is gone

where are the matter had where are the

maddest where were the cotati where are

they why are we so obsessed with dunya

we need for kaha we don't need doctors

that that I am been to a doctor in 10

years I need a puppy I could I

to my on the phone I need a puppy

everyday people ask me questions and I'm

like that poetry I just recited to you

people has me questions every day they

don't ask their doctors questions every

day people call me every day what am i

doing this situation somebody just died

how much we've got such in such

situation how do we divide the

inheritance I'm going on Hajj and I have

debts what do i do I did this in my

prayer is it invalid or dealt what do i

do I left the prayer for 10 years and

I've come back is it do I have to do it

do I not have to do it this is everyday

life because this is about worshipping

Allah subhanAllah Donna and either we

have people that can guide us or we

don't and the chaos the anarchy the what

i would call ideological tribalism that

exists in this own manam ideological

threat we used to have tribalism based

on blood now we have tribalism based on

ideology try we've got try going around

with names and they call everybody else

kaffir or or bond or bitter EE I mean

somebody was handing out CDI bloody we

know this story man somebody was handing

out man shot in London I it's amazing I

don't have time to Danny now Iman times

the use of his bond victory handing out

at the masjid botica logic i need a

house a nap I don't know abroad with it

I feel sorry for him I'm not worried

about me and that gives me encouragement

more has enough in the bank account but

get a life like the same California and

get my you know I mean if attacking me

is is is your idea of a good time where

you have a problem you know Subhan Allah

I don't like to attack Muslims i really

don't i don't want to attack muslim i

want to work with muslim really i want

to work with Muslims as far as I'm

concerned this being compasses a lot of

different opinions and one of the

beauties of his being unlike other

religions is we don't

one fixed opinion that if you don't

follow it you're you're out of the pale

of the teaching we don't have no we have

broad rod our way is am ahad Jeff

mahajan Arabic means a broad road a

clear bra road Mahad Jeff serafuku madam

editor bebeh late Oaxaca najadi huh now

is you want her in the Attic it's so

wide that if you deviate from it you're

finished because it spits on both sides

it encompasses a lot we don't make

sexier bye-bye even the UNA Matthew

study you know fifth which people don't

you study a camara de you know there's a

cam related to calling somebody a cactus

there's rules if you don't know them you

better shut your mouth you better shut

your now because the Prophet said

whoever calls a Muslim a Kaffir one of

them's Cassar and that's in sahih muslim

one of them's Kathy so if you feel so

secure in your email that you can go

around and afford to call other Muslims

non-muslim then good luck good luck I

wish you the best so we have to do

something we really do don't and I'll

tell you something the people of this

Dean intensive because this is one of

the strategies that that a group of

brothers conceived as an attempt to

start educating Muslims in some

fundamentals some basic fundamentals of

Islam that's all that was our intention

just to kind of cut through a lot of the

confusion and just let's look at what

our Dean teaches us let's look at it and

so that's one of the things we did but

my they invited me here and said we want

to do a fundraiser to help you in some

of the activities you're doing and also

to support some of the brothers overseas

in Syria I did not request that and as

far as I'm concerned give your money to

whoever you want give it to whoever you

want I'm not necessarily for it there's

other brothers and sisters that are

doing activities after I 10 11 model the

people in Toronto they have more right

to your money than I do but give your

money support activities be rejoiced

when a new

I stood open when a new method also

opens when people start coming into the

team because they're coming in now I'm

seeing this there are people coming into

this Dean now and we have to be able to

accommodate those that we have and to

accommodate those that are coming in

because it's happening we have a crises

in the American prison system because we

have so many Muslims I was there not

that long ago and i gave a talk six

people became muslim said Shahada after

it one of the ships that we brought from

Mauritania our community when and gave a

talk and can people become assume one of

the brothers askia Mohammed who is the

head of the governor's Commission on

drug abuse and a Youth Authority speaker

went to the Youth Authority gave a top

40 men under the age of 18 embraced

islam after his talk 40 men well what

are we going to do because it's not just

saying like I hey Lala mohammad rasool

allah there's all of this stuff suddenly

that we as a community are responsible

for these people and now there's people

at the intellectual levels that are

getting interested in some there's

people at really it's happening and

there's a point where it's going to

reach critical mass it will because this

is a deen of allah and we have a promise

from a lot that it will complete its

lights that it will be in every house

bez aziz and elderly ready it will be in

every house islam it already in a sense

is that's already starting to happen

because islam is the hot topic and

they're scared and the only people that

are scared like malcolm used to say are

the wolves that want to prey on the

sheep because islam is about protecting

the sheep it's about protecting the weak

from wool so those are the people that

are worried and they put fear in the

hearts of the sheep because they want to

eat them for lunch and the wolf eats the

one that strays from the flock so when

the Muslims are united we don't have to

worry about wolves and the only thing

that I've ever seen in the history of

Islam that's United us is knowledge when

there are a number to guide us

when there are focal at to give us

proper opinions despite their diversity

that they're true and proper and we

recognize that to make a monk are you

have to know that it's a moon you

have to believe that there's a benefit

in doing it and that the benefit is

greater than harm that might come about

from attacking the moon thought and that

the moon car is much maiale that all the

autumn are in agreement about it a lot

of people don't know those rules but

those are the rules that the altima have

given us but a lot of people don't know

this rule there's a time when you

shouldn't condemn amonkar because it

will lead to a fit my greater than what

you're condemning and you have

there's a time when you shouldn't

condemn among cut because it'll lead to

a fitment greater than what you're

condemning and you have next menu TV

level the higher ah you thought then

halted beam if Allah one's good for

someone he gives them understanding of

this Dean were in the mid advocate alum

knowledge is acquired painfully through

the acts of learning email mythology

says about this hadith and moved to them

my futon Sahaba in Arabic grammar the

move today is contained in what's being

told in the sentence was shocked muscle

until mushroom and the condition is

contained in what is conditioned so he

says a la hora de of higher his desire

for higher for somebody is based on that

person understanding their religion if

they don't understand their religion it

means a lot didn't want good for them

but I had to be left so we're asking a

lot behind with the other to give us

subtended deep to understand the Dean at

just the last thing and I'm done this is

from a book about the the whole Islamic

educational system its impact on the

West he says Muslim institutionalized

education was religious privately

organized and open to all Muslims who

sought it there is a young man came to

me the other day and said I want to

study where can I study I can't get in

to medina because they have a condition

you it has to be 24 that less under 24

di can't go this place because of this I

can't go and he asked me he said why is

it so easy to go to school here and so

hard to go to school in the Muslim world

well if you if you find out the answer

to that you'll understand why we're in

the conditions that we're in and why

these people are ruling the world if you

understand the answer to that question

you will understand why these people are

ruling the world and we're in the

conditions that were in I don't think

there's any other answers and I told him

the thing that breaks my heart is when

the UNA ma and the hell were teaching in

the mosque of this omas from Indonesia

to Morocco there halaqa was open and

anybody could sit in

they had students that would sit for 20

years but if you were a worker a labor

and you came in to praise the horse and

you wanted to sit in that halaqa and

listen to the words of that scholar you

had every right to do that you didn't

have to pay a feed you didn't have to

sign up for the course you didn't have

to put the conditions down fulfill the

conditions to get into the university

you simply have the right as a Muslim to

sit and learn your Dean and it was an

obligation on this oma to produce men

and women's the kids hid in that circle

and teach those people that is an

obligation it's a legend just as it's a

logic to learn it's a logic to teach and

just as it's a lot of upon us to learn

it's a word of upon us to spend from our

wealth in order to create privately

maintained institutions not government

institutions because we know what the

political agenda of our governments are

we know what they are and the

destruction of Islam begins with the

appointment of an official-looking

that's the beginning and it happens in

the 14th century the must be becomes a

political position and at that point the

ruler starts telling him we need a fatwa

you see so our institutions were

maintained privately why so that there

were no strings attached so a man was

free to teach with a clear conscious but

that comes from people that are

concerned with the whole process of

teaching and learning so he served here

it was in essence privately supported a

private individual the founder

instituted as walk his own privately

owned property for a public purpose that

of educating a segment of the Muslim

society which he chose in one or more of

the religious sciences and their aunt

Hillary's he created his foundation by

an act of his own free will without

interference from any authority or power

because it's the right of every Muslims

to start a Muslim institution to educate

Muslims that is a right a very Muslim

and you don't have to be an atom but you

have to find one that can teach the

people even when the founder was

County for photon or other highly placed

functionary he created his institution

in his capacity as a private individual

so even the soap on like the salon who

made the Milania nevah Modine he was a

great so far from from the horus on and

he set up a system of training of which

imam al-ghazali was a chief advisor he

did it not as the sofam he did it as a

private individual and gave them the

authority to teach what they saw did to

teach and he did not tell them you have

to teach digital TV satin sheets that

I'm that I'm a great ruler education was

directed towards religious ends because

this is the point of education even

training in medicine in engineering and

all of these things it is Authority vaya

and a Muslim should do it with the

intention to serve this oma education is

not to earn a degree so that you can eat

and drink and buy a house and get

married that is not why we become

educated so we can serve on lots of

behind were to add up as educated human

beings this is the point of education

this is why we're supposed to learn and

the book is that whoever learns

knowledge other than the sake of allah

that allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala will

raise him and expose him and say to

people on your map iana newsman learned

knowledge for other than my sake woman

took my meds some wahoo know who Yama

Piana the one who goes around saying

what he knows and doing all these things

Allah will expose him on your mccammon

say so-and-so look at him so and so he

learned knowledge to be called a learned

man the first thing that the fire is lit

for is a scholar who learned for other

than the sake of God and I'm telling you

that includes all the sciences because

they're all for aisle so if you learn to

hand itself or other than the sake of

God you should have fear in your heart

if you didn't learn it to serve this

beam because your money is to serve on

lots of Panama Tata in the LA ashdod

Amendment means I'm who soon well I'm

why don't young men own agenda he bought

you your wealth and yourself and the

deal the bargain is that you get Jenna

and we get your wealth in yourself

that's what Allah guess

and if I lies not getting his do you

have no right to what he promised you

education was directed towards religious

ends the salvation and eternal happiness

of a human being sad abadia we're not

here for very long some of us are

two-thirds of a natural lights lifespan

out of this world some of us are closer

than that and no one knows the edges

maybe it's today maybe it's tomorrow and

when there's no yo Murphy Emma one man

once my chick asked me to take him to a

english school in order for his son to

learn English very brilliant scholar he

wanted to UM to learn English and he

asked me to go with them so I can help

them he thought maybe they didn't speak

arabic i went there it turned out that

the man was an Arab I won't say from

which country and the man saw me always

American huh and then he said you know

they really don't know English in fact

let me show you he's saying this in

Arabic to the ship and then he turned to

these other students and he said here

work out this problem and Hum Dil I got

it wrong and he said you see they don't

know English I didn't listen and says

that would be gentle almond you know

rewards are according to action right so

let me you a hug honey so I have a

question for you I answered your

question now you answer my question what

are the fauna is it will do what are the

obligations that will do and I'll take

them on any of the format heads one says

for 1771 says eight to tell me anyone

I'll take for tomorrow and then I said

I'm going to tell you something see that

touched in English we don't have that

chest on the Omo kiama but if you can't

tax to pass my test you don't make it on

your mokey on so get your and I was

worried my shift because i was young man

at that time a lot of too much energy

hamas you know and and I was worried my

ship's gonna get mattress poor guy he

came to get his son into the school here

i am making this guy look like a fool

and when we went out he said just like a

baha'i daniela ready he said I may Allah

reward you my son you put that man in

his place he should be ashamed of

himself he said I was a benelli offer

him a little too it was directed towards

the announcement of a lot of government

on earth so it had an individual goal

this religious establishment had an

individual goal which is the happiness

of the people that learn in it and

studying it but it had a collective goal

which is to establish a large beam on

the earth the society at which it aimed

was one in which a lots of Hannah was

Diana was the hack him the culture it

aimed at developing was one inspired by

the Quran and the Hadees a culture

inspired by the Quran and hadith in the

pursuit of truth and its dissemination

it is insisted on each d HOD encouraging

the individual effort of the jurist

canceled the poppy it encouraged him to

strive to become a individual words of

understanding of an opinion not a

parroting person that had no deep

knowledge of his teaching and he goes on

I could go on and on so it was about

exile minute okok DiGiacomo mujeron was

that on my necks and welcome to my world