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out man shot in London I it's amazing I

don't have time to Danny now Iman times

the use of his bond victory handing out

at the masjid botica logic i need a

house a nap I don't know abroad with it

I feel sorry for him I'm not worried

about me and that gives me encouragement

more has enough in the bank account but

get a life like the same California and

get my you know I mean if attacking me

is is is your idea of a good time where

you have a problem you know Subhan Allah

I don't like to attack Muslims i really

don't i don't want to attack muslim i

want to work with muslim really i want

to work with Muslims as far as I'm

concerned this being compasses a lot of

different opinions and one of the

beauties of his being unlike other

religions is we don't

one fixed opinion that if you don't

follow it you're you're out of the pale

of the teaching we don't have no we have

broad rod our way is am ahad Jeff

mahajan Arabic means a broad road a

clear bra road Mahad Jeff serafuku madam

editor bebeh late Oaxaca najadi huh now

is you want her in the Attic it's so

wide that if you deviate from it you're

finished because it spits on both sides

it encompasses a lot we don't make

sexier bye-bye even the UNA Matthew

study you know fifth which people don't

you study a camara de you know there's a

cam related to calling somebody a cactus

there's rules if you don't know them you

better shut your mouth you better shut

your now because the Prophet said

whoever calls a Muslim a Kaffir one of

them's Cassar and that's in sahih muslim

one of them's Kathy so if you feel so

secure in your email that you can go

around and afford to call other Muslims

non-muslim then good luck good luck I

wish you the best so we have to do

something we really do don't and I'll

tell you something the people of this

Dean intensive because this is one of

the strategies that that a group of

brothers conceived as an attempt to

start educating Muslims in some

fundamentals some basic fundamentals of

Islam that's all that was our intention

just to kind of cut through a lot of the

confusion and just let's look at what

our Dean teaches us let's look at it and

so that's one of the things we did but

my they invited me here and said we want

to do a fundraiser to help you in some

of the activities you're doing and also

to support some of the brothers overseas

in Syria I did not request that and as

far as I'm concerned give your money to

whoever you want give it to whoever you

want I'm not necessarily for it there's

other brothers and sisters that are

doing activities after I 10 11 model the

people in Toronto they have more right

to your money than I do but give your

money support activities be rejoiced

when a new

I stood open when a new method also

opens when people start coming into the

team because they're coming in now I'm

seeing this there are people coming into

this Dean now and we have to be able to

accommodate those that we have and to

accommodate those that are coming in

because it's happening we have a crises

in the American prison system because we

have so many Muslims I was there not

that long ago and i gave a talk six

people became muslim said Shahada after

it one of the ships that we brought from

Mauritania our community when and gave a

talk and can people become assume one of

the brothers askia Mohammed who is the

head of the governor's Commission on

drug abuse and a Youth Authority speaker

went to the Youth Authority gave a top

40 men under the age of 18 embraced

islam after his talk 40 men well what

are we going to do because it's not just

saying like I hey Lala mohammad rasool

allah there's all of this stuff suddenly

that we as a community are responsible

for these people and now there's people

at the intellectual levels that are

getting interested in some there's

people at really it's happening and

there's a point where it's going to

reach critical mass it will because this

is a deen of allah and we have a promise

from a lot that it will complete its

lights that it will be in every house

bez aziz and elderly ready it will be in

every house islam it already in a sense

is that's already starting to happen

because islam is the hot topic and

they're scared and the only people that

are scared like malcolm used to say are

the wolves that want to prey on the

sheep because islam is about protecting

the sheep it's about protecting the weak

from wool so those are the people that

are worried and they put fear in the

hearts of the sheep because they want to

eat them for lunch and the wolf eats the

one that strays from the flock so when

the Muslims are united we don't have to

worry about wolves and the only thing

that I've ever seen in the history of

Islam that's United us is knowledge when

there are a number to guide us

when there are focal at to give us

proper opinions despite their diversity

that they're true and proper and we

recognize that to make a monk are you

have to know that it's a moon you

have to believe that there's a benefit

in doing it and that the benefit is

greater than harm that might come about

from attacking the moon thought and that

the moon car is much maiale that all the

autumn are in agreement about it a lot

of people don't know those rules but

those are the rules that the altima have

given us but a lot of people don't know

this rule there's a time when you

shouldn't condemn amonkar because it

will lead to a fit my greater than what

you're condemning and you have

there's a time when you shouldn't

condemn among cut because it'll lead to

a fitment greater than what you're

condemning and you have next menu TV

level the higher ah you thought then

halted beam if Allah one's good for

someone he gives them understanding of

this Dean were in the mid advocate alum

knowledge is acquired painfully through

the acts of learning email mythology

says about this hadith and moved to them

my futon Sahaba in Arabic grammar the

move today is contained in what's being

told in the sentence was shocked muscle

until mushroom and the condition is

contained in what is conditioned so he

says a la hora de of higher his desire

for higher for somebody is based on that

person understanding their religion if

they don't understand their religion it

means a lot didn't want good for them

but I had to be left so we're asking a

lot behind with the other to give us

subtended deep to understand the Dean at

just the last thing and I'm done this is

from a book about the the whole Islamic

educational system its impact on the

West he says Muslim institutionalized

education was religious privately

organized and open to all Muslims who

sought it there is a young man came to

me the other day and said I want to

study where can I study I can't get in

to medina because they have a condition

you it has to be 24 that less under 24

di can't go this place because of this I

can't go and he asked me he said why is

it so easy to go to school here and so

hard to go to school in the Muslim world

well if you if you find out the answer

to that you'll understand why we're in

the conditions that we're in and why

these people are ruling the world if you

understand the answer to that question

you will understand why these people are

ruling the world and we're in the

conditions that were in I don't think

there's any other answers and I told him

the thing that breaks my heart is when

the UNA ma and the hell were teaching in

the mosque of this omas from Indonesia

to Morocco there halaqa was open and

anybody could sit in

they had students that would sit for 20

years but if you were a worker a labor

and you came in to praise the horse and

you wanted to sit in that halaqa and

listen to the words of that scholar you

had every right to do that you didn't

have to pay a feed you didn't have to

sign up for the course you didn't have

to put the conditions down fulfill the

conditions to get into the university

you simply have the right as a Muslim to

sit and learn your Dean and it was an

obligation on this oma to produce men

and women's the kids hid in that circle

and teach those people that is an

obligation it's a legend just as it's a

logic to learn it's a logic to teach and

just as it's a lot of upon us to learn

it's a word of upon us to spend from our

wealth in order to create privately

maintained institutions not government

institutions because we know what the

political agenda of our governments are

we know what they are and the

destruction of Islam begins with the

appointment of an official-looking

that's the beginning and it happens in

the 14th century the must be becomes a

political position and at that point the

ruler starts telling him we need a fatwa

you see so our institutions were

maintained privately why so that there

were no strings attached so a man was

free to teach with a clear conscious but

that comes from people that are

concerned with the whole process of

teaching and learning so he served here

it was in essence privately supported a

private individual the founder

instituted as walk his own privately

owned property for a public purpose that

of educating a segment of the Muslim

society which he chose in one or more of

the religious sciences and their aunt

Hillary's he created his foundation by

an act of his own free will without

interference from any authority or power

because it's the right of every Muslims

to start a Muslim institution to educate

Muslims that is a right a very Muslim

and you don't have to be an atom but you

have to find one that can teach the

people even when the founder was

County for photon or other highly placed

functionary he created his institution

in his capacity as a private individual

so even the soap on like the salon who

made the Milania nevah Modine he was a

great so far from from the horus on and

he set up a system of training of which

imam al-ghazali was a chief advisor he

did it not as the sofam he did it as a

private individual and gave them the

authority to teach what they saw did to

teach and he did not tell them you have

to teach digital TV satin sheets that

I'm that I'm a great ruler education was

directed towards religious ends because

this is the point of education even

training in medicine in engineering and

all of these things it is Authority vaya

and a Muslim should do it with the

intention to serve this oma education is

not to earn a degree so that you can eat

and drink and buy a house and get

married that is not why we become

educated so we can serve on lots of

behind were to add up as educated human

beings this is the point of education

this is why we're supposed to learn and

the book is that whoever learns

knowledge other than the sake of allah

that allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala will

raise him and expose him and say to

people on your map iana newsman learned

knowledge for other than my sake woman

took my meds some wahoo know who Yama

Piana the one who goes around saying

what he knows and doing all these things

Allah will expose him on your mccammon

say so-and-so look at him so and so he

learned knowledge to be called a learned

man the first thing that the fire is lit

for is a scholar who learned for other

than the sake of God and I'm telling you

that includes all the sciences because

they're all for aisle so if you learn to

hand itself or other than the sake of

God you should have fear in your heart

if you didn't learn it to serve this

beam because your money is to serve on

lots of Panama Tata in the LA ashdod

Amendment means I'm who soon well I'm

why don't young men own agenda he bought

you your wealth and yourself and the

deal the bargain is that you get Jenna

and we get your wealth in yourself

that's what Allah guess

and if I lies not getting his do you

have no right to what he promised you

education was directed towards religious

ends the salvation and eternal happiness

of a human being sad abadia we're not

here for very long some of us are

two-thirds of a natural lights lifespan

out of this world some of us are closer

than that and no one knows the edges

maybe it's today maybe it's tomorrow and

when there's no yo Murphy Emma one man

once my chick asked me to take him to a

english school in order for his son to

learn English very brilliant scholar he

wanted to UM to learn English and he

asked me to go with them so I can help

them he thought maybe they didn't speak

arabic i went there it turned out that

the man was an Arab I won't say from

which country and the man saw me always

American huh and then he said you know

they really don't know English in fact

let me show you he's saying this in

Arabic to the ship and then he turned to

these other students and he said here

work out this problem and Hum Dil I got

it wrong and he said you see they don't

know English I didn't listen and says

that would be gentle almond you know

rewards are according to action right so

let me you a hug honey so I have a

question for you I answered your

question now you answer my question what

are the fauna is it will do what are the

obligations that will do and I'll take

them on any of the format heads one says

for 1771 says eight to tell me anyone

I'll take for tomorrow and then I said

I'm going to tell you something see that

touched in English we don't have that

chest on the Omo kiama but if you can't

tax to pass my test you don't make it on

your mokey on so get your and I was

worried my shift because i was young man

at that time a lot of too much energy

hamas you know and and I was worried my

ship's gonna get mattress poor guy he

came to get his son into the school here

i am making this guy look like a fool

and when we went out he said just like a

baha'i daniela ready he said I may Allah

reward you my son you put that man in

his place he should be ashamed of

himself he said I was a benelli offer

him a little too it was directed towards

the announcement of a lot of government

on earth so it had an individual goal

this religious establishment had an

individual goal which is the happiness

of the people that learn in it and

studying it but it had a collective goal

which is to establish a large beam on

the earth the society at which it aimed

was one in which a lots of Hannah was

Diana was the hack him the culture it

aimed at developing was one inspired by

the Quran and the Hadees a culture

inspired by the Quran and hadith in the

pursuit of truth and its dissemination

it is insisted on each d HOD encouraging

the individual effort of the jurist

canceled the poppy it encouraged him to

strive to become a individual words of

understanding of an opinion not a

parroting person that had no deep

knowledge of his teaching and he goes on

I could go on and on so it was about

exile minute okok DiGiacomo mujeron was

that on my necks and welcome to my world