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exceptional is faith it

really sees itself as a new and

universal for all of humanity but

despite that muslims must respect other

religions and the right to reject

because the word in in in islam for

calling others to Islam is Dawa which in

Arabic means an invitation an invitation

is only valid if you can reject it okay

I'll stop you right there we'll take a

short break and we'll be right back stay

tuned to let's talk


welcome back to let's talk I'm sure on

with me I shake hands are yourself he's

co-founder of Zaytuna College we're

talking about religion its place in the

contemporary world it seems to me like

some of the discussions we had here

about religion and especially extremist

forms of violent extremism that

sometimes is referred to is also

intertwined with nationalism right and

identity policies I do want to ask you

though I mean and there's a bit of Chris

is not there in the world about you and

that has to do with what seems to be a

shift in your position that you have

been in the past especially in that kind

of post 9/11 scenario very critical of

autocratic governments in the Muslim


you yourself referred to the 911

hijacking as an act of mass murder and

so on and so forth but in recent times

you seem to become much more comfortable

with particular regimes the United Arab

Emirates in particular there's a there's

a case reference to Egypt in this turkey

how do you take this criticism that

you've now become much more willing to

give autocratic governments especially

non democratic governments in the Middle

East for instance some leeway you've

actually defended them well I mean I

first of all I think governments are a

blessing from God I anarchy is a

horrible thing and I think there when we

see failed States like we see what's

happening in Syria Iraq Yemen and and

many other places Libya is a tragedy

government to me is a blessing but it's

also a tribulation and and the best of

governments are governments that tend to

respect their citizens or subjects

depending on what type of government is

and the worst are those that disregard

the sensibilities of their own

population I'm not happy with tyranny

I'm not happy with abuse of populations

but I also understand the complexities

of the world the world is a very complex

place now one

could argue that the best position is to

remove oneself completely from the

apparatus states but that also then you

have the problem of who's going to

actually give these people advice about

how to deal with things if I had an

opportunity now to engage the Chinese

government I would because I feel like

they need advice about handling the

problem with the wiggers and things like


you wouldn't say well we need to

actually isolate China because of its

alleged poor you know human rights

record well John I mean China is a very

complicated place it's a very difficult

place they're dealing with

unfortunately the Muslims traditionally

were actually a community that had in in

some ways they were exempt from a lot of

the the problems in China like the

one-child policy they were allowed to

but because there's been terrorism and

things like that

emerging they've overreacted and it's

horrible what's what's happened and you

know I would oppose it but I I think

governments need advice and this idea

well I think like I said the Gulf states

for instance like the UAE the vast

majority of the population is fine with

the way the government is running things

and and I know that for a fact of just

interacting with the people there are

dissidents undeniably and and in all

these states maybe there's some

heavy-handedness about dealing with

dissidents but they also see what's

happening around them in other words the

collapse of these states so like I said

it's very easy for us to be armchair

critics I tend to I I believe in in in

building i I think criticism is

important but it's also can be very

dangerous when there's no constructive

criticism it's just simply tearing down

everything that we have to work I mean

we I could criticize the Malay

government I could criticize the

American government but in the end of

the day these are these are what we have

we have to work with them we have to

work towards making a better situation

for people I mean we I want to see the

the best situation for people I'm

against violence I've always been

against violence nobody can

anywhere where I've promoted violence

I'd like I said I do not like tyranny I

don't like I don't want anybody would

you be something I actually like

constitutional monarchy as a form of

government I prefer this is interesting

because I've always said that I've never

been residual like I would have probably

been a loyalist in the American

Revolution although I do have answers

within the American River to Britain


probably even though I'm Irish mostly so

yeah but again like I look at the Irish

situation you know the Irish were tribes

that were fighting each other what the

British did to the Irish is horrible 700

years of terror but in the end of the

day the Irish now are using Roberts

rules they have a parliament they're you

know I mean these say you have to look

at the positive okay also you know be a

monarchist it's fine I mean it's it's

not no I just I like I like stability

and I like the idea of having tradition

I like the fact that that you have a

family that represents something that

transcends time okay but what about this

right so if you go back to Islamic

history and the caliphates right is this

where it comes from is your is your

sense of the stability the importance of

monarchy in the continuity geological is

it about the cow the calyx is it about

that early tradition in Islam of the I

know I don't think the Provos always

have established a form of government I

think he established a government but I

don't think he established a fixed form

of government

I think that's left for the people

themselves to decide how they want to be

ruled or you enter into you're born into

a covenant so for instance if you're

born into a monarchy there's a type of

covenant and it's these are these are

offenses that history tell us it's often

betrayed I mean look at the Ottoman

Empire and what your Ottomans were

amazing generally I mean they they're

probably one of the most extraordinary

pre-modern governments in human history

I mean I I they have some they have axes

they had some very strange practices and

they had some terrible thing there's no

government the United States we have

extrajudicial killing you know the

United States assassinates people we


exactly you know we have we every

government has dark downside that it's

just not possible in fact I'm done magic

even Marwan said that government is a

tree that must be watered with blood I

mean this this is something that and

that's why I wouldn't want to be in

power I wouldn't want to have to make

those decisions but these are very

complicated human beings are difficult

we're complicated we're not easy as a

species you know and and and so I think

in a place like Malaysia people should

thank God for the government that

doesn't mean that there aren't things

that need to be rectified that need to

be redressed and and again from the

Platonic perspective there there is a

view that you get what you deserve in

the United States if we look at the

United States we've become a consumer

culture that's very superficial

we don't have an intellectual tradition

per se anymore like the I'm talking

about the majority of people so in many

ways Trump reflects a culture he

reflects a type of attitude I mean look

at lifestyles of the rich and famous

look at American Idol look at look at

our popular culture and and what it says

about us as a people and that's not to

deny that we have amazing thing we I

mean we we give the world the the Center

for Disease Control if there's an

outbreak anywhere we're the first people

to work on it and try to provide cures

for these problems so much good comes

from America but also much harm as well

I mean this this is the world that we

live in it actually is and unfortunately

the world and what you know comes great

television is a superficial medium so

this is what Sheikh Hamza Yusuf he's a

American Islamic scholar and co-founder

of these.i tuna College this has been

let's talk

I'm sure I could an only natural