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xt generation to take over

all your children they're your

replacement that's all they are

look at them they're there to replace

you just like you replace your fathers

and your father's replace their fathers

and their fathers replace their fathers

all the way back to Adam that's all

they're just replacement you're looking

at your replacements and just like when

you're working in a job and they bring

in some young whippersnapper and they

give you two

mentor him what do you think they're

doing they're preparing him to take over

your job and you can either resent it

and feel angry or you can recognize

that's the nature of dunya I'm 50 I'm

not 20 I'm not 25 I'm not just out of

college with all the latest information

raring and ready to go that's what they

want young energy well that's what Islam

wants as well his mom wants young energy

it wants new energy the youth have to

come in and take over the job of the

older people and that's mentoring so he

said you claim you love paradise you

don't act for paradise it dary two men

to come to hub on an odd one empty

harrybo minute you claim to fear the

fire but you don't flee from it and this

is where humans are very strange easy

because if you take an animal any animal

out there and if they see a fire they

run the other way if you ever saw a film

called Bambi I saw his when I was a

little kid I haven't seen it since but I

remember very vividly a scene in there

when all the animals are running because

man has started a fire they're all

running in what in the same direction

away from the fire that's why they're

animals they have intuition they know

it's instinct they're all ready and

there's a point to stop and that and the

little deer says to the the mother deer

the DOE why are we running said because

man's come into the forest started a

fire that's what animals do they run

away from the fire right humans they

don't let's take a drive up and check

that fire out that's what humans do they

want to go see it's like my son was in a

grocery store and there was a lady

smoking a cigarette and he looked up it

was probably one the first time he saw a

cigarette he looked up and you could

tell he was in shock and she looked at

him and she said whatever you do don't

ever do this you see that's the human

condition it's people acting against

their own best knowledge against their

own best interests and that's why Allah

says in whom Kelly and I am they're like

animals Belt

Huma but they're even more astray

because animals will not act against

their own best interests

animals will not do that if they sense

danger they will flee the other way but

humans know we eat too much we drink too

much we sleep too much we waste too much


we prefer things that are fleeting for

things that are permanent we prefer our

appetites and delights over difficulties

that have much greater rewards that's

stupidity that's all it is that you have

to call it what it is you call a spade a

spade you have to call it what it is it

is stupidity and that is the question

are you a napkin or not because I've had

a taki noon I may ask that question in

the Quran don't you use your internet

after that's afternoon it's right there

in the Quran aren't you using your


just think about it think about what

you're doing with your lives and whether

they're useful or not and then he said

at the a - Menasha planner I do a locum

valois - moot you claim that

Shaitaan is your friend or your enemy

and then you do what he says

right and chiffon is a trickster Wakasa

mahoma in need Akuma lemon and mousey

him and he sworn oath to Adam and Eve I

am giving you sincere counsel at the

locum Irish aderholt Vulcan letter blah

blah blah can't I indicate you how to

gain eternity and a Dominion that never

perishes he sworn oath Fidel ahumada

heru-ur he led them astray deluding them

that's what she found out and you can't

say you haven't been warned Allah warned

us in the Quran he told us who he was he

gave us all his characteristics his

descriptions he even told us what he

says in secret everything we know

everything about chiffon the only thing

about chiffon that is our disadvantage

is we can't see him and he can see us

you can't see him but he can see you so

that that's the disadvantage now chiffon

swears an oath right

Llewyn Nome ajma'in vias etiqa he swears

our oath by there is of

God by the exalted nature of God he

swears an oath I will lead them all

astray Allah Eve addict a minimum and

Mahalo scene except those who have

sincerity among I don't have control

over them and that's why I share pond

when they all go into hell share pond

says to them what god I found a lemma

odl Amaral when the affair is over but

it won't fill general available to shot

you right that's it

a group in hell and a group in paradise

hardship on Walker - upon lemma OD an

Amur innallaha Kunwar that Huck what

were I to come far left to come Allah

promised you a true promise and I

promised you a false promise that's what

he tells just he has a hope in hell and

all the denizens of hell are there

present for that whole but and that's

what he says to him Allah promised you

the truth everything that was in the

Quran it was true everything was in the

Torah it was true everything was in the

gospel is true all those prophets spoke

the truth he gets all of them that

harvest of humanity the whole lot that

disobeyed Allah subhana WA Ta'ala are in

there and that's what he says to them he

said I Allah promise you and I promise

you you believe me you didn't believe

Allah I betrayed you and then he says

mcanally I did come in so far

I had no authority over you Allah and

out to confessed a joke to me the only

thing I could do was invite you to sin

and you responded I could invite you to

be miserly I could make you fear just

like if you go to a family planner you

know he's going to say to you he's going

to say what are you going to do when you

die what are you going to do you know

did you know that 6% of people will have

a major illness did you know that before

they're 50 you're 45 there's only five

years left you could be and that's what

they do that pawns game fear put

aside put aside you know go up you'll be

on that's what white penny for a black

day put aside Sheth on that's what he

does a lot and outfits to dip to many

fellow money volume or unphysical don't

blame me just blame yourself

manna be mostly calm I can't save you


well not until be mostly and you can't

save me

that's what Chevonne says to everybody

well study llamada see the Mohammed wah

daddy wasabi will send him to sneem and

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