Medicine and Islam: A Holistic Approach to Healthcare

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Event Name: Medicine and Islam: A Holistic Approach to Healthcare
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Actually a RIS / MAC speech


I mean the Islamic spirit is something that I've been coming to now for over a decade and I really have always every time I come to Canada I wonder why I'm living in the United States that's that's another matter I mean you have Trudeau we have Trump you have maple syrup we have that phony corn syrup that they call maple syrup but I was very heartened by what I saw here because I've actually been for a very long time asking more some physicians in the United States why don't we have a teaching hospital and it's actually really bothered me that we have so many physicians in the United States in fact we have the number of physicians in the United States is such that if they all left to join Isis we would have a major crisis in our health care system in the United States and that's simply a fact when David Letterman can say on national television I went to my physician and he said face Mecca and cough and everybody in the audience laughed you know that people are experiencing Muslims as the primary health care physicians it's amazing that they can be frightened of Muslims and think that they're out to get them and then their their their surgeon is a Muslim who's actually cutting them open with a knife and anesthesiologist is a Muslim saying I always say don't tell them to count to 10 backward but rather say repeat after me a shadow and my shadow on Allah because it might be the last thing they say hopefully it won't be the you know I was looking at the he said we make an easy transition from the hospital to the cemetery I hope I hope you don't promote that when you open up your hospital yes I think that'll scare people hopefully it's an easy transition from the hospital back home not to the cemetery by way about Janaza prayer that must shit but I really it's really I'm so happy to see Muslims actually envisioning this because we know that when we want to accomplish something in the world the first thing we do is imagine it one of the one of my favorite Hadees of the bones Line Cinema's cannot all sort of ISIL I said I'm an ominous now that word means that he was the most forbearing of people but some of our tradition they take what are called Essure odds meanings that that aren't really intended by the literal words but that you can take from the words and one of the meanings that I get from that is he was the greatest dreamer that human s can also mean the one who had the most dreams that our prophet saw I said him he looked at the world and he saw something different when when Babolat complained about the persecution he said the time is coming when a woman will go from in a veeraiah when a woman will go from Syria to Yemen and fear nothing but a lion or a wolf on the road in other words he imagined a world of security for women this was something he envisioned in his mind and something that he through revelation gave us the means to achieve that to protect the weak to protect the the helpless the most table phone these are the dreams of our prophets Allah is to them he really did see a different world when he looked at he never looked at anybody as his enemy but he always looked at people as their potential allies and friends this is the way he looked at people when he saw Abu Sufyan he didn't see an eternal enemy he saw a potential friend and he fought him for 20 years and in the end I will sofyan embraced his his path and this is our prophet he sat with him who bit into the deliver of his beloved uncle he sat with her as a sister in Islam because he didn't hold rancor in his heart this is who our prophet Elijah time was and so the first thing is to envision something and and and then to share that vision because when we begin to share a dream it becomes a reality and the most dangerous of people the most dangerous of people if somebody sleeps at night and has dreams you just call him a sleeper but when people have dreams when their right away those are dangerous people because those are the people that transform this world and and that is what you're envisioning here you're envisioning a dream of something that should not be one or two or three there should be a Muslim teaching hospital in every city in Canada every major city we should have a Muslim teaching hospital in every major city in the United States and and we should treat the poor and we should treat the the needy one of the most important institutions in the United States is the Mayo Clinic and Bill and Charlie who were the founders of this clinic 30% of all their patients were given their bill with paid in full because they actually donated 30% of all of their medical practice was volunteer because they believed that a physician was first and foremost a servant of the people and not somebody who gets rich off the calamities and trials tribulations of people everybody needs to make a living and there's no reason why you shouldn't make good livings as physicians but medicine is a vocation from the Latin folk are a are calling and and and if it's not as something deep in your heart you really shouldn't be a physician because physicians are meant to be healers our prophets and I seen him once fell off a horse and he hurt his back and a man came to see him and he said who are you he said I'm Appa Beebe I'm a physician he said that anta Sheffield you're not a physician you're a compassionate person God is the physician it's such a beautiful statement of how he looked at the world the prophets of Lies to them one of the intriguing things even Halden said that the prophets lies him did not come to bring us medicine he came to bring us a revelation to draw us near to our Lord and to be able to be in the world with intelligence but he said but he brought the principles of medicine in fact in the verse in the quran qaloo Rishabha whatever city foo in whole a hybrid ma city Fein when one of the Greek physicians heard this verse which says eat and drink but not to excess for surely God loves not those who do things to excess he said your prophet didn't leave anything for Galen lemmya took maybe I am a jelly' news we know now that 80% this is according to the National Institutes of Health that 80% of illnesses are directly related to what people eat what they imbibe when they smoke when they drink when they overeat when they eat foods that are bad for them and yet so little of our medical education is directed towards Dietary Guidelines very few physicians have more than three units in nutrition and yet nutrition is so important to the health of a human being why have we neglected that aspect one of the quickest ways to reverse cardiac disease is to go on radical diet for a period of time which is largely a plant-based diet and this has been proven at the the finest institutions medical institutions in in America so why isn't this being prescribed why do we do they say oh that's too radical and yet sawing a person sternum open taking a vein from their leg and sewing it onto their heart is not radical the idea that people are helpless and they can't comply non-compliance you have to teach people teach people how to eat teach people how to live our prophet sallallaahu said I'm once a man came to him and he said ashtec you saw the Reata sort of luck he put his hand on his chest and he said in the commode you have a heart problem it was amazing it's like he scanned his chest and he said you have a heart problem he said it had been had it been cutted that they know your table go to an hadith live in Canada because he knows how to treat these things so he referred him to a cardiologist right how determinate pehle that is the one who said and because the profit sector who cut me because the Prophet said this it's as if it's a hadith and it's recorded in our tradition as a hadith the Prophet sallallaahu Sam was reported to have said and married her to make food that will hemithorax adhara the stomach is the source of illness and diet is the basis of the cure this is this is in our tradition the Prophet ate very little he was not somebody who ate a lot he actually had a semi-vegetarian diet months would go by and they saw no cooked food in his house this is well known in the Sierra say now Alma during his period he actually prohibited eating meat two days in a row he considered it to be unhealthy this is in our tradition we now know that meat is actually not good for you constantly to be eating meat and it's actually good to go through periods of hunger we know now that the body was designed to go through periods of famine and hence Ramadan is a time when you're actually supposed to cut down on your food you should lose weight and yet Muslims gained weight in Ramadan I mean these are these are the contradictions of our community but our prophets on the lot is to them in Inadi and there's two hobbies in the more about meat one of them is in our mother said yeah cumin lamb sayin allahu akbar ala Cabrera with a family we were meat because it has an addiction like the addiction of wine the people get addicted to it and then they can't eat anything if it doesn't have meat in it and yet our prophets a nice and I'm a very little meat he was not known to consume a lot of meat he never ate beef meat he actually said that the meat of cows is is a disease and in its milk are is is a cure this one of the most chill Hadees in our tradition because it's Asahi hadith but he never ate beef there's no hadith where he actually ate beef although the EO is mentioned in the quran because ibraheem adham revealed to to give to the person so our personal Ison was very concerned with health in fact in in the book of Nibiru of Imam and therapy he mentions that Aisha actually was so knowledgeable in medicine and her cousin Hisham asked her where did you learn all this medicine she said I used to listen to the prophets discussions with the doctors so the Prophet was very interested in in healing and the Quran talks about the Shifa the sheaf as is part of our tradition we know now the benefits of honey I'll give you one example and I'm not opposed to allopathic medicine I think allopathic medicine is one of the great gifts that that humanity has achieved but it's so abused it's so grossly abused because of the profit factor there's so much in research and development that simply goes to to these drugs that they can make money from so all the orphan drugs are never studied because there's no money to make it we know now have a you know something that's close to a cure for hepatitis C and yet it costs tens of thousands of dollars and so we have all these people in sub-saharan Africa with hepatitis C that will never get that cure the vaccines also an incredibly over used I mean now we have if you look at the vaccine schedules for children it's unbelievable to give children vaccines for for STDs I mean why are we doing that right why are we doing that instead of teaching them absolutely to be abstinent and to be chaste why are we giving them recombinant genetic material from pooled serum of blood of really the lowest dregs of society and not fully knowing what this stuff is doing and that's the truth we really don't know because there's so many variables in these Sciences that are very difficult and again I'm not opposed I think the aspects of vaccine the Muslims were the first people to use vaccination the Ottomans actually the the English vaccination everybody thinks Jenner discovered vaccinations no lady Montague who was the wife of the Turkish ambassador and you can google this on Wikipedia lady Montague who was the wife of the Turkish an ambassador from England we used to go to the bath houses and notice that none of the women had popped skin and it was so strange because in England it was very common for women to have the effects of smallpox and she asked women don't you ever doesn't anybody get smallpox here and they said oh no we treat our children and she said how do you do that and and they took her to somebody that did it and they used to take from the pox and they would give the child the smallpox and they would get this this mild version of it and then they would have immunity to it she was the first woman to get English children her children were given these vaccinations and then she took them back to England initially all of English physicians were opposed to it but eventually it caught on and so the Muslims actually were the first people that were practicing vaccinations but if you look at the vaccination schedules today it's beyond belief what they're giving children you know so many vaccinations and this is a multi-billion dollar industry and and there are many other aspects and so I really feel like the Muslims we should be at the forefront of looking a lot of these alternative dietary things we know in New Zealand and I did these I had I got in contact with the man that did these initial studies on manuka honey in a burn unit and the incredible healing properties of honey for burned patients actually using honey that their recovery time is much faster than using traditional breeding the wounds and also using certain toxic elements that that end up actually prolonging the healing process but honey is this incredible gift for years I suffered because whenever I get tired I get bronchitis it's just you know for years I suffered from this and I would have sometimes a cough that lasted three months and I had an internist who told me you have to do something you're gonna damage your lungs I don't know put you on steroids because nothing was working and somebody gave me a remedy that she got out of her but never we very simple it was honey and tumeric and cinnamon I now travel with it and I have not had a cough since I started using that really and I wanted to actually bottle it and sell it because there are no good cough medicines on the market I don't care what you say they don't work but this thing is amazing it's - 2 tablespoons of honey get good honey local preferably 1 teaspoon of turmeric and half a teaspoon of cinnamon it's amazing that came out of one of these books the age of people knew I'll give you another example there's something in Saudi Arabia like I discovered this they caught the end look you know it's like it's a gum that they chew and I have a friend he's he's a MD from Harvard the best in the west no offense to any of your medical schools but it's probably Johns Hopkins but Harvard is up there graduate of Harvard in cardiology and I thought I discovered this thing they sell because I went to this shop of herbs in Modena and he was explaining all the medicinal properties I said what's that one good for he said that's good for acid like if you have an acid you just chew that and it'll go away and so I bought some it was amazing and so I asked my friend dr. Mandy about do you know about that she said about what then he said everybody uses that I said for what is it antacid I said listen one of the billion dollar industry in the West why don't you package this you know it's just such a simple thing you know you chew this thing and swallow the juice and it alkalizes the stomach and people feel better so there are many things in our tradition we had a great tradition of medicine and obviously there's a lot of the past that was the limitations of their time and place but there are many many things that are based on wisdom and intelligence your grandmother's had cures and remedies for things that really do work or they were or they wouldn't have lasted for centuries but we should always be open to these things but a lava Thea is a great gift antibiotics is one of the greatest gifts that's ever been given to civilization it's it's saved so many people and yet it's so grossly abused it's it's given for ear infections that are viral it's given for it's just so grossly abused and now we're getting all of these horrible drugs I wrote a paper 25 years ago called when antibiotics failed because I'd read a book by a researcher from Mark lepay he's a biologist from Berkeley and he wrote a book in the 1970s called when antibiotics fail warning about the overuse of antibiotics and the great crisis it would eventually cause so we have these people that know these things and yet we ignore these things and this is the stupidity of our race because we're so driven our species because we're so driven by greed and our religion is a religion that that recognizes greed as a disease of the heart that's what that's what it is greed is a sickness in the heart and we have to struggle against these things in ourselves so our profit lies to them hid that care that he took for his body he walked every day we I was with a physician I was with a friend of mine from Saudi Arabia who supports diabetes research because in in Saudi Arabia one of the greatest epidemics if they have is type 2 diabetes because people don't walk anymore and they drink sugar tea all day and so if you're over 40 invariably you will have diabetes in Saudi Arabia and increasingly young people getting it because of the obesity crisis that we're seeing in the Gulf states but we were with one of the leading centers for the study of diabetes switches at the University of San Francisco and we met with the top researcher there he is a Hindu American physician and this man asked him what's the what's the most cutting-edge thing in type 2 diabetes he said how did if I tell you you're just gonna laugh he said what he said walking 10,000 steps every day he said that is the best thing that you can do for type 2 diabetes just go out and walk 10,000 steps so just as an experiment when I was in Mecca I took a step counter and I did ohm Roth it was ten thousand steps I'm not making this up he's just amazed me it was ten thousand steps and we know that the body is designed to walk 10,000 steps a day that's a couple of hours it's about a hour and a half of walking and yet people don't walk if you walk walking is one of the best treatments for depression especially walking in natural environments like amongst trees in mountains just walking you will begin to feel better Kierkegaard said I never was depressed except that I took a walk and by the end of a long walk I felt so much better these are the things that we know this is called binary therapy in some traditions of just walking Aladin IAM shunted out of the hona those who walk humbly on the earth this is how God described who a bad or a man the servants of the merciful who walk on the earth humbly the Arabs say Allah Allah to the Raul a yachty that brisk walking is a treatment that will never fail I had one of my teachers in Mauritania was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes he took that proverb seriously he started walking every day for a couple hours because he didn't want to take the medication and he was he was cured of his type-2 diabetes these are these are realities that we need to educate people about we need to do research on these things so there are many many things that I feel like the Muslims should be at the cutting edge we should have more things like there's an ophthalmologist here we have something called Ahmed shunt right which was discovered by a Muslim we need more Muslims doing research instead of just being physicians doing getting start doing double-blind studies about things that that you can see for yourself there are a lot of things that you can do and we should be contributing this is what the Muslims are were contributors to civilization we took civilizat