Medicine and Islam: A Holistic Approach to Healthcare

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Event Name: Medicine and Islam: A Holistic Approach to Healthcare
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ion for a long time we were the heads of the caravan now others have taken it and unfortunately they're driven largely by profit we were driven largely by profits as well but we spelled the pr opa TTS they spell it PR o fi TS so you're either driven by profits or you're driven by profits and and you have to choose what's what's driving you and so it's really important for us as a community so I really hope that you take this seriously I would love to see the Canadian physicians do this I would recommend a few things one that you look at what woody the probate he did in Jeddah using extraordinary man he's a urologist I think from Boston he studied at it Boston University he went back to and he built a beautiful Islamic Hospital designed by Samian gallery the great Muslim architect from Mecca in a traditional it's one of those stunning buildings you ever see and he designed it based on on Muslim principles and it's really a beautiful building we were we are our ancestors built the most beautiful buildings in human history if you look whenever the Israelis want to highlight their tourism what do they put they don't put any singer synagogues they put the Dome of the rock Israelis they put a Muslim message it as a symbol of beauty in their country when the Hindus want the highlights coming to India during entice people to come visit India what do they put the Taj Mahal a Muslim building the Taj Mahal when when the Spanish want to highlight people coming to Spain to visit their buildings where do they put the Alhambra Palace we are civilization built the most beautiful buildings in human history imagine the people that built those buildings because it was the beauty that was inside them that brought it out of them you can't build beautiful things if you're not beautiful people and that's why so much to in today's world is ugly when you look around I look at those beautiful buildings downtown the thing early Canadians built and then next to them are these cancerous growths that are there it's just amazing so you look at that beautiful old city hall and it's it's it's got some gothic elements but it's actually got some Muslim elements to the the the those beautiful arches that have the the light-dark that was based on the night in the day right demon Arad then yet the cattle are at the shakoora that all not created night and day for people that want to remember that's why they put them in the messages to remind people that life is curvilinear we begin young and we end up dying but it's a transition of night and day and so you see that in ink in many of their buildings where they build these arches they took those from the Muslims the plates that Muslims ate on are now museum pieces just ordinary Muslims eating the clothes that they wore were always beautiful they were embellished they look at the honey I'm talking about honey peasants who wore these beautiful embroidered clothes that were stitched by the women by hand why did they they were just functional they saw closes not just being functional but it's declaring something about human beings that were people of beauty we love beauty and that's why our Hospital should be beautiful they shouldn't be Bauhaus he and functionally built architectural monstrosity 'he's that are so common in the modern world they should be beautiful buildings i read when i when i graduated from nursing they gave me a book called notes on nursing by Florence Nightingale and I read that book if you've never read it it's really worth reading she was so ahead of her time one of the places where I think she was inspired was she worked in a Turkish hospital and and she was so struck by the beauty of Muslim civilization but she said hospitals should always have open air don't close the windows they need fresh air she said put flowers every day in the rooms of the patients because this will brighten up their spirit these are taken from Muslim tradition when a bucket on rising wanted to build a hospital and bought a bag do you know what he did she took a piece pieces of meat and he put them in different parts of the city and the place where they actually deteriorated slowest is where he built the the hospital because he thought that the air would have been best in that place I mean these these people were just brilliant people truly brilliant people but bright colors being cheerful I'll give you an example you know I had a physician and he's he's a he's a he does stuffing which is used only in the Scandinavian countries for blood pressure again something our prophet taught and something that has been totally neglected by the allopathic community the benefits of cupping but it's used in allopathic medicine in the Scandinavian countries to this day and the Chinese still use it also in their hospitals but I went to this physician he's a Turkish man and when I went in he took my pulse and he was and I was feeling so rundown mashallah mashallah mashallah mashallah pulse Beautiful's good pulse and then he like got his stethoscope out he said mashallah mashallah la Akbar Marshall good heart good nanny this is my lungs mashallah Allah Akbar you know and by the end of it I was feeling so much better now you go to a physician they say boy you're in bad shape okay just call the undertaker yeah so you know just being positive with your patients you know reminding them that things are working you know it's you know unfortunately got a little problem here but overall your health is really good your lungs are working great kidneys are working great liver is great fantastic do you know you y'all you got you know a little bit of trouble here and you're in your urinary tract we can handle that yeah just really just ^ making people feel better but this is the thing physicians just smiling coming in and smiling you know I remember once I had a cardiac patient and I was telling him look the best thing you can do is is is for now is go go on and on I was giving these dietary guidelines and when the physician came in he said he said you know the nurse was telling me that I should change my diet and eat more plant-based and do that and that that would help reverse his cardiac disease and the guy just literally said rubbish he said look there's fats lipids and proteins you know it's that's all there is whatever you eat whatever accommodation just you know how balance between fats lipids and proteins and you'll be fine yes you know just really sad that this is the this is a training that a lot of these people have an arrogance to is they're you know it's I mean physicians need to be confident you'll want to go in and have this guy kind of saying I'm sure I just yeah I wish I knew you know they want that conference and but you don't want cockiness and you don't want that over companies you want confidence with the humility you know never give a patient a prognosis of you know a death sentence it's just you know it's just such a horrible thing that some physicians do you know they told my mother that if she'd not get her breasts removed that she would probably not be alive after a year that was seven years ago and she chose not to have her breasts removed you know and her oncologist said you know you're just like a walking miracle that might be an anomaly but it happens and you can't judge four people you can people have reversals that same doctor mad he told me that he had a patient that he was brought in for the cardiac problem and but this patient had cancer of the throat he couldn't swallow and they wanted to put in a tube and they really thought that he wouldn't live much longer so they told him then I heard this firsthand from dr. Medina he's a brilliant physician he was the Kings physician cardiologist in Jeddah and and he told me that they sent the man home thinking that he's gonna die and usually in Saudi Arabia physicians call the families and give tazzie and things so he literally called this family to give to Zia like condolences about a couple months later and they said no no he's fine he said what are you talking about he said he's he's fine you know he's really well he's eating he's I said not you that you know his he said yeah can I come visit and he went there was no the cancer was gone he could not believe it and he he asked him what do you do he said well I told him that he probably wouldn't live very long so he wanted to go to Mecca and so he went and all he all he would do was he used to drink through a straw Zeb's em and every day I just started getting smaller and smaller and and then he started feeling fine so miracles do happen it's it you know I wouldn't give people false hopes but I would always allow for the possibility that we do believe in miracles we do believe in reversals and but whatever God wants as your this as you and we can't avoid it but we should always allow for that possibility of giving hope our religions and religions of hope we should always look at hope so I'm really hoping my hope hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul it's something that really keeps us going and this is a very hopeful project and my hope is that you grow I'll put you on my facebook hopefully get some more drive some more traffic to you I would love to see your organization grow and become really strong I'm really happy to see so many young physicians in here and not no offense to the older physicians but we're transitioning out you know our replacements are here