Our Family An Institution in Crisis

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Event Name: Our Family An Institution in Crisis
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first what to say I'm honored to be here

in all seriousness partly because I'm

very honored to be part of what's

happening the youth these dedicated

youth in Toronto and I think it should

give us a spark of hope that Islam does

have a presence in Toronto and the

presence is not a temporary one and I

heard a story once of some Muslims that

fought them off

it was actually a synagogue and they

wanted a Hamas and they were very happy

but the mom who gave the talk on the

first day that it was open it was like

the opening ceremony mentioned that we

should be wary of being happy about this

cause and the reason is is that this

mosque before it was a mosque was a

synagogue which means there were people

in here of another faith who were

worshiping their God as they saw fit but

the point is they sold it which means

that there weren't people to sustain the

sick body anymore and so that should be

a warning to us that the losses that we

build Islamic schools that we're

building that if there is not a

generation to come after us to fill

those losses and to commit themselves

Sonam and to send their children to

schools that are being established then

his son will be in these lands like it

was for the first generation of Muslims

that came here a lot of people are

unaware of the first migration and if

you've heard city magnetic dr. Singh

magnetic empower talk about the first

migration it's very enlightening to

realize that in the first migration that

people who came from Lebanon the people

who came from many places in the Muslim

world Bangladesh one of the first mosque

in California was in El central

California and I happen to live in that

area and I met a lot of people named

living at Mohammed and John Syed and I

asked them how did you get these days

and they said our fathers were our

grandfathers were Bengali farmers who

came to this place and they married

Mexican women and they built a moss care

and I said well what are you they said

we're Catholics you see because the

grandpa died and the grandmom maybe

never seen she never became a Muslim and

she raised her children Christian and

now there's no moss there there's just

Christians who have last names that

reflect a Muslim heritage

there are many Arabs now living in these

countries that don't speak Arabic

anymore and they say well my gran

Araki or my grandmother was Lebanese for

my father was Egyptian or my father was

Palestinian but I don't know Arabic

quite yet right this is tragic because

it's a it's a separating from their

identity and that's partially what I

want to talk about tonight but before I

get into that and I'm I I want to cover

some some areas so I'm going to be going

a little fast because the time is

limited it is an awesome talk topic but

I will say what I'd like to do and I

used to don't do this but what I would

like to do so it would keep me on track

maybe because I would like to look at

what's happening in the West because the

problem or the or the great tragedy of

the modern world is everybody who's

following these people so they're 5 10

15 years 20 years ahead of the rest of

the world but the world is desperately

moving towards catching up in everything

the good and the bad because there's

good in these societies there's no doubt

the traffic system works and we hope

that Cairo left behind the other places

are going to catch up right to the way

people drive here but there are many

other things that are actually quite

frightening and I just want the first

date don't think there is not an agenda

don't think that this culture does not

have social engineers we all

we all know about engineers right

engineers think things out they plan

things they draw drawings maps and they

show people this is the most efficient

way to do it and here's my diagram and

everybody gets the point they have

people in these cultures that are called

social engineers they work in think

tanks that are supported and funded by

these governments and Canada has its

social engineers believe me America has

its social engineers the United States

they look at what's going on they

examine it and they give you plans now

the thing about these people is we often

don't find out about the plan we just

begin to see them implemented in the

public schools and just to give you one

example of a social engineer Plant

Values Clarification

Values Clarification came about because

of the new migrations and also because

of the new world order george bush's new

world order and it's not his but he was

the first one to literally come out with

it and say in his famous speech there is

a new world order plan and part of the

plan is people have to live according

his new world order and what is called

the international community right the

international community now in order to

do that the Americans or the Canadians

have to start getting used to the idea

of having

international police force in other

words a Canadian working with a karate

on or a Pakistani and soldier in the

United Nations peacekeeping force so you

have to begin to see other people now

somebody can say well that's interesting

that's a good isn't it that we get to

know each other a lot says we created

people nations and tribe so we can know

each other so that's positive well you

have to understand how they're

presenting it they're presenting it that

first of all the problem is the word

values and unfortunately the Muslims

have started to use this word it is very

alien to the Arabic language is alien to

the Muslim tradition we don't use the

word values the word p.m. in Arabic

canal is used because it's a loanword

from 19 late 19th century and 20th

century English they act writers in

Cairo and Beirut and Damascus

translating newspapers and things like

that began to use the word values and

they look well let's look it up in the

moment or something like that and what

do they see Oh value clima and so they

say okay

pema we have now the Muslims don't have

that there's no such thing as I am a

tsunami young Islamic values we don't we

have tiwari we have rules we have back

town we have my body we have a flop we

have these we have words we don't have

to borrow words are our language the

Islamic language

bitch but we borrowed this word now the

interesting thing about values if you

look at another word in Arabic which is

favela which is translated using as

virtue if I say to you well I have

different values than he does

that sentence worked very well in the

English language but if I say to you I

have different virtues than he does

suddenly it sounds strange I have

different virtues than he does why

because we have a general idea of

virtues virtues are not relative virtues

are shared by people and understood

objectively they're not relative whereas

values are gratitude they become

relativized so well his values are not

my values but everybody's entitled to

their opinion so what values of

clarification is in the schools is to

teach people yes you have these beliefs

and these values but he has other set of

values a set of values so truth becomes

relativized and everybody has their own

individual truth now I have to take a

course by law in the state of California

to clarify my values so the state is now

clarifying for me my values in other

words what he's telling me is they're

just yours they're not universal don't

try to

impose them on other people so when you

see a homosexual you have to recognize

he has values too and they're different

from your values so don't condemn him

and this is what they're doing in the

school this was socially engineered and

the words are engineers etc etc so I

want to look quickly very interesting I

think at what is the agenda well the way

to look at the agenda is look what's on

the menu

look what time when you're going to have

some an event you look on what's on the

ceremony that what they're going to talk

about well let's look at what the United

Nations in the 1990s have had their

summits on the UN summit on biodiversity

the UN summit on the Family the UN

summit on population control the UN

summit on sustainable development the UN

summit on the Rights women the UN summit

on housing the UN summit on the

environment the UN summit on education

the UN summit on global warming there's

an agenda there and the agenda if you

look at that at the centre and at the

heart of these summits is the family

because they have one on biodiversity

the family

in control related to what we're going

to do about this problem of

overpopulation not in Germany where

they're encouraging and paying money to

have children because they're so worried

about their little population but the

ground people that are proliferating too

fast right they're not talking about

population control in the industrialized

countries but they're talking about

publishing corn other places in the

world so this is the agenda now just to

look at there is the agenda well let's

look what's happening and what's a

result of the previous agenda because

they've been doing their social

engineering for some time

Pleasanton is a city in the Bay Area

it's got one of the most affluent parts

of the Bay Area very wealthy people

upper middle class - rich people and

they did a study there Pleasanton teams

detailed drug use sexual activity seven

percent have tried suicide in Pleasanton

seven percent and suicide now for the

first time there seems suicide in six

seven year-olds prozac is now thank god

we've just discovered a drug that works

in children is prior to that

antidepressants do you work for little


right now prozac is being tested on

children so we don't have to worry about


we can just give them drugs now this is

a very interesting study used marijuana

during the last month Los Angeles 21

percent San Francisco 18 percent of San

Diego 27 percent is right next to the

border idea one that's where the

marijuana a lot of it comes from 25

percent in Pleasanton and the u.s.

overall 25 percent of teens between 8th

and 12th grade that's was one out of

four so if your children are in these

schools right one out of four of those

children are using drugs by their own

estimations in Los Angeles

attempted suicide during the past year

16 percent between 8th and 12th grade 6%

in San Francisco 10% in San Diego 7 in

Pleasanton 9% over on the UX that's

their estimation 9 percent of teens

between 8th grade 12 have attempted

suicide had sex in the past 3 months

Los Angeles 30 percent San Francisco 23

31 36 u.s. overall 38% 38%

now obviously you boys tend at that age

they'll lie about things like that

because it's it's a big thing in

American culture to brag and boast right

and people who've gone to school here

know about that so

we do take that I mean all statistics

you take with grains of salt certainly


they say there's lies big lies and

statistics right so smoke drinking

episode 25 percent overall us 33 percent

snip or inhaled intoxicating substance

you asked 20 percent right it goes on

it's quite frightening now where did the

Muslims fit into this well believe it or

not we have our own problems in our

communities and as somebody who deals

with these things that gets all normal

phone calls quite considerably

concerning these things I know very well

that within the Muslim community we have

a lot of premarital sex going on with

our Muslim youth we have drug use

we have alcohol use we have a lot of

parental abuse and in America they have

by law in the counties child abuse then

they have adult abuse they have agencies

for adult abuse and a friend of mine is

a Muslim works as somebody who's a

counselor an adult abuse dealing with

parents that are beaten by their

children so there's a lot of rage there

so this this is what we're seeing now

you will notice that all these

statistics radically changed when you

have religious families in the United

States as well these statistics

radically change when you begin to look

at the Christian surveys when you begin

to look at the Jewish surveys not an

exaggeration I'm talking about people

that are practicing their religious and

have religion at the center of their

households now unfortunately for many


this was USA Today are you a Christmas

and Easter Christian one of the priests

says on Christmas and Easter it's good

to see you by the way we have a church

together 50 weeks out of the year now

this could be Vicky's mom on the eat

somebody call nice to see you by the way

we have a Masjid and there's actually

five prayers count on one two three four

five prayers a day you have an

opportunity to pray five times a day in

the Masjid right so there are now what

we call these Muslims somebody who put

it in a good classification you said

there's Muslims you see every day in the

Masjid there's Muslims you see once a

week in the message it

there's Muslims you see twice a year and

then there's Muslims you see once in

their lifetime where you do for tuxedoes

right and these are the categories of

Muslims you just break the janaza and I

mean I've been at janazah prayers where

those people didn't even know they came

the family didn't even know what to do

they said our Father

I'm just happened to me in centrica our

father was a Muslim we don't know how to

eat - what do we do how do we

did is there a ritual do you have like

something you do they don't know there

are Muslims like that in the United

States and in Canada and in the West and

there's Muslims like that unfortunately

in many other parts of the world so we

are have a very serious crisis on our

hands now if you look at what's happened

in the breakdown of families the first

thing to remember is that the

disintegration of community is one of

the primary factors in destroying the

family the disintegration of the

community one of them is migration

moving corporations now control people's

lives they approve people there's very

difficult times people have in

establishing communities because they're

moving and changing jobs constantly so

neighborhoods are not established

neighborhood is part of the community

and so the destruction of neighborhood

which you still find in many parts of

the Muslim world is collapsing in these

countries television has had a profound

influence in radically changing the

nature of social intercourse not only in

the West

now all over the globe people prefer to

spend their nights watching television

than social intercourse with the family

itself and most Americans are eating

their dinners at one time that they have

to spend with their families watching

television with the television arm there

are people that don't talk

one study did they said most people now

in the United States have five minutes

of meaningful discourse between them

during the day

this is serious very serious stuff going

on and people have to realize that and

the Muslims have to realize that if we

bother them in their behavior we will

share the same symptoms of their disease

state and this is what's happening now

just to look if you look at what what

Islam has done how to get out of this

mess right

the first thing boosts hub in the Arabic

language means to bind it relates the

word Assyrians prisoner and Ostra is a

binding factor if you look at the Quran

itself Allah subhanAllah to Ana one of

the most important things in Quran is

the run the are ham everyone thought

that the prophet saw horizon gate when

he married people hospital hospital as

the watch the prophet Elijah included

the ayah yeah you had asked a table of

optimality haha Kapoor - Anita betrayed

you from one soul O Hara a man has

and he made from its mace right so fear

Allah we took the law and the deed to

say I'm gonna be welcome in Ramadi

Jonica did on when he sat and he spread

forth from those two many human beings

men and women spread out all of the

growth it's amazing to think that we

were come from two people

everybody in this world comes from two

people we have an original source and

their own material sciences have reached

that conclusion like I'm not making this

up they're all material sciences have

reached that conclusion through their

own studies of DNA that there was one

father and one mother of the human

species that's what they believe now and

why have you heard that why isn't it

front-page news why is it on time in his

I saw it it was only a very small

article in one of the side pages of Time

magazine about the father there's a book

out called in search of Eve which was

talking about the fact that they

recognized there was one mother but they

did not understood that there was one

father so we came from two people Allah

made us undies and then Allah said with

tucked along and he says that I don't to

be he fear of I have taqwa of Allah the

one who you ask each other chain belong

here or be many by all I'm asking you

Salafi Savini now imagine viola what

about him and have fear of the arch and

have taqwa of their hand of the reach

that by the Jews which are from the moon

is the women who bind us as a family

the whole the

comes from home the only is the source

of the mother's body does and this is

why our nasty so physical removal the

most those most deserving of your

companionship or your mother's it is the

mothers that unite us and that bad is

there even are the young with the

element which is we will be called by

our the names of our mothers the names

of our fathers we will be called by that

so we have to recognize the importance

of our has placed in the room itself and

the secrets of the womb are many the

greatest as far as I'm concerned is that

Allah says in the hadith Qudsi that the

prophet Elijah taught us and Allah

welcome a rock man I am Allah and I am a

rock man shut up tool it's me I have

derived the womb from my name this is

something very powerful the room itself

is derived from an attribute of Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala which is right now it

was a writer that he created us it was a

writer that Allah created us he tells us

consciousness he made us into peoples

and tribes that we might

another he is a writer from Allah the

greatest of right now is the prophets

Elijah who came to guide us the enemy of

me the mother he's coming with the one

who gives MA

he's coming out of this room this

blessed world this is the Prophet who

gave us a magnet for all the world and

the world is a romantic we have to guard

and the prophets over - and important as

he said in the sunny lion agenda out

there he will not entertain now the one

who severs the room and the ulama say we

will not enter it with those who enter

from the first with the Sabbath thing in

other words it's from the kuvira

it's a Kabira it's not Kufa but he will

not enter with those who enter from the

first people the fact that he disobeyed

a BA and cut his world ties his kingship

bonds did prevents him from entering

into general with the people who enter

into Jenna subhanAllah

so the womb itself must be guarded what

chuckle la fere our mob with our ham and

have couple of the round of the bite of

the fed why because the community is

based on the cells that make it up the

body is only as healthy as the cells

that it is composed of if the cells

begin to deviate it becomes pathology

pathology is literally studying disease

cell tissue in the body and as one cell

begins to become diseased if it is

allowed to spread out and proliferate

this becomes cancer and it will destroy

the body so cells are uncontrolled

growth will literally take over and

destroy the body and deprive it of all

its nutrients and nourishment so then

the body itself dies the social body is

destroyed by the cancer and the

destructive breakdown of the society one

of the interesting things that doctor

clearly pointed out about the Arabic

word for the nuclear family and push

that I know where we are

right the nuclear family you know where

we are

I know are we that is nuclear power it's

toxic when it's split and a family that

becomes split becomes toxic and the

poisons are spread throughout the the

the community in the society itself and

this is what we are suffering from we

are suffering from the toxic result of

the split of the family the children in

these in these cities that are killing

people with the rage they don't know why

they're killing people they're filled

with rage it's an age of rage and the

purpose of life that I've said one of

the sign at the end of time the opponent

I don't know paint our children would be

filled with rage when mother will paisa


would be acidic and we're seeing it with

our own eyes we're seeing acid rain fall


rukmi is turning into acidic the lane

that alhasan dumped by what by what our

own hands have made beam a press event

ID comb well yeah a foreign khadiyah he

forgives so much of what he could do to

us by what we deserve so the destruction

of the family is happening we as muslims

know we have to guard our our buns of

the room now if you look though when

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says about jihad

about people turning away from jihad

that I hate them in through a laser if

you turn away from jihad what will

happen to you on to see do for others

what's up that one hammock room you will

Stoke eruption in the earth and you will

sever the ties of bonds of kin this is

one of the result there is a cause and

effect results here this is one of the

results of leaning struggle and it's not

simply the struggle of the alpha enemy

but it's the struggle of the inward

enemy the mujahidin of the soul of

recognizing that you have to show

kindness to your hand one man the

Prophet Elias Adams asked about he said

a man who his merrie is good to him and

he is good to them he said that's what

Katherine that's a person who is doing

what the other person deserved he said

and while the one who is tired

the wounds of the bun they said people

cab in it's not the one who just used to

the people what they have they treat him

and lawsuit the one who is uniting the

kinship bars is the one either attack

from a wolf was holla if the if the King

bond if the person from the family cuts

him off he continues to show respect and

kindness that is the Raza

that's the one guarding the ties of

family and I know many and there's

people in this room and you know

yourself there are people in this room

that have severed bonds with their

brothers with their sisters with their

mothers with their fathers with their

cousins with their ads and with their

uncles it's happened because I hear it

all the time I hear it from you so I'm

not talking to you I know brothers that

pray in the same month they don't talk

to each other why why because there's no

agenda and the best of you are those who

begin with the sonam so we're in a

crisis we're in a serious crisis the

womb must be guarded the mother must be

protected the environment that she

exists in must be an environment

conducive to the nurturing of a family

because she is the more abiy

she is the one who is nurturing the

family the only man that I said at the

time attention don't fight you but our


the woman is the first teacher and if

you prepare her right you will prepare

a people that have deep roots in other

words they're powerful like an old that

has deep roots that go deep the tree

that has superficial roots can be blown

over and this is what happens so the

bonds of the family are absolutely

essential and we have to be nurturing

this in our children so if you look a

lot has bound us together with our

families we are you saw where the post

Robinson are which is the highest post

are in the men multi-unit it well the

word in Arabic Allah is familial we are

one family because our belief is one our

belief is one our Deen is one the D is

one the Prophet Elias Adam said that the

Anthea Abu who wanted while mahat away

Scheckter their father is one or Vanunu

and lads they're better and that they

have one father but they have different

mothers in other words their father is

too he and the mothers are the different

Shia the different laws that they come

with but the father is one we are value

with the father of tawheed and the

mother of the Sharia we this is what

binds us and this is what makes us the

family of a man in the minimum in una de

Foix foster conveying an apple a clone

what's up Allah not know to what tour

have only right now there has to be a

right now between us but this is based

on the Russian bond of Touhey that we

come out of the matrix of Touhey we are

believers that we are one family

now the believing family cannot be sound

it's social level if the community is

not sound in other words if our

communities are not sound

we cannot be sound as an omen the own

that cannot be sound if the communities

are not sound the community cannot be

sound if the families if the

neighborhoods are not sound in other

words the neighborhoods that compose the

city you'll even if they are not sound

then the entire city is not sound and

even in these cities if one neighborhood

is out of control it affects the whole

city people have fear they live in fear

they have difficulties because of one

area Oh that the biggest problem we have

in the city and people know those areas

in their cities the city has to be sound

the city is not sound if the

neighborhoods are not sound the

neighborhood does not sound if the

families are not sound the families are

not sound if the relationship of the

members of the families are not sound

they are not sound if the individuals

that compose those families are not

sound and the Arabic word for sound is

Sofia Sofia and it's a word related to

CEQA to help what is health in Islam

health is believing right now is Allah

and acting according to that Allah and

Allah by believing chemical sous la la

and acting according to mohammad rasool

allah marketing SMM and this is the

believers there are those who have a

love and is measure you to decree

something they follow that we are

severing our ties we're not training our

children the way Allah has commanded us

to train them we are not treating our

Allah has commanded us to treat them our

women are not treating their husbands

the way Allah has commanded them to

treat them there was a breakdown at all

levels and we suffer from it each one of

us suffers from it

the community suffers from it ultimately

the Ummah itself suffers from it the

Prophet SAW when I sent him on his


what did he say on his deathbed his last

words according to the hadith in Messiah

on his deathbed he ha before he leaves

this Allah will see how to the people he

loves his ummah of salah isola and i've

seen many people die I worked in a

critical care unit I watched people die

their last words are not words of advice

to other people

his last words are so I ask Allah guard

your prayer guard your prayer when I

meditate and monochrome there too can be

fooled by our people and those who the

right hands possess don't burn them more

than they can bear your servants treat

your sons and those below you treat them

well and we saw Allah decide this is the

last hour

they'd be gentlemen tada

you have made these rooms that they

possessed allowed by the word about

master panowitz Atta because we marry

with the head of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

and then he died the last press of our

messenger these were the words he said

prayer the poor and those lower than you

treat them well and the last thing your

women why because they are the secret to

the society if you don't have women if

you don't treat your women well you

won't have children if you don't have

children you have no society you have no

Society because they are the next

generation Allah

beginning with the prayer and ending

with women if your women are not praying

in the houses your children will not be

praying and I know many people who came

back to the prayer because of seeing

their mothers when they were young

children pray reading the Quran I've

heard this for many Muslims they

remember the righteousness of their

mothers and I know one man he was a

physician he went to study Ireland right

before his mother

she said please pray please pray

don't leave your prayer and he told me

he could never forget those words and he

left the prayer he was in Ireland but he

said he's used to say the Fatiha every

night for his mother and he holds up as

he went back to the prayer he was

fortunate and a lot of you taken before

that but it was from his mother this is

what we have to recognize we have to

preserve our women we have to treat our

women well we have to treat our newest

rectum we have to teach them the Deen of

Allah the right from the responsibility

they have rights and they have

responsibilities look at the one I in

the Quran but in my room

they have the same rights or

responsibilities they have the same

rights that they have responsibilities

in other words the same rights that men

have women have and then it has to be my

role in other words in a good way it's

not just giving them their right here

here's your knife aha no you treat them

with respect you treat them well and

then Allah says anything that dollar job

but the men have a daughter over women

now this many men in the Muslim world

they think well there you go

we have a double shot you see I have

this daughter ciao Allah gave me this

dollar she'll tell you two things about

dollars in the Quran it's a very

dangerous word dollars there are two

types of damage and damage at 2:13 and

that is it to technique that is what the

technique is based on a gift that Allah

gives to certain people with the

prophets to whom he pleases he raises

some over the others garage at the

highest is our prophet's Almighty sent

and that without a doubt but there is

another type of dodge' in the Quran

which is based on a bowl in other words

that Allah says those who make it up and

struggling the way of Allah have hired a

chef than those who didn't make each

other and didn't do the mujahidin

what is that based on in the men I'm not

open yet it's not basically I'm doing

the act it's based on the actress for a

line it was accepted by Allah now the

other Khadija is technique man have

attack leaves Rijal Allah madad Anisa

men are caretakers and maintain errs of

women because Allah has there's tough

deal there of technique and the anima

say many times you say the technology

has the technique of amana well then

where's the jihad now where are the men

doing jihad and where men

establishing the scene alpha therefore

where's the direction where is the

father where is it you show me amongst

the men where is it the prophets of I

said I'm said in a hadith to one of the

women she's called blasted Anissa

in the sake she came to the province she

said Yiannis Kouros now we see the men

what they do in Jihad and they have all

this answer what about the women the

women have sent me to ask you this

question and the Prophet SAW I am said

to warn tell the women who sent you and

whoever you see from the women that if

they are

average their responsibilities in their

homes that they will have the same as

jihad Aphrodite and in another wire

metal minute exactly happy beautiful not

to the day you had it with anything

what are you doing the work of the

domestic work that domestic work will

achieve the bank of the jihad of the

people making jihad why because those

who need are protecting the floor the

outward the whole there are project they

are protecting the boundaries of the

Muslim country but the women in the

houses are protecting the others the

wall which is the boundaries of the

youth so that these insidious ideas and

ideologies and misunderstandings and

misbeliefs don't enter into them it is

the women who will give to tell theme

and I can see it sometimes my boy he

says thing and I know too I come in from

my wife but I want not there when she's

telling that he says thank I said hi

mama why because there's tell me there's

constant tell theme you see I said to my

six-year-old the other day he when he

came into my room and has a lot of books

and he says he said daddy I love your


they're so beautiful can thought of my

Arabic could have a lot of nice gold and

think and I said you know when I die

they go to you and then he said to me

and when if I he dies when I died they

go to Ibraheem that's his little brother

you see children understand if you

okay in them these things he's six years

old but already he's beginning to

understand this thing we have to teach

our children Lisa grab the ankle kick in

them that they will die that they're

responsible at the time they reach

puberty they are responsible now if you

look at other aspects I mean I could go

on about these things and the times

limited so I'm going to finish this in

fact because I really want to see these

slides I think profound and beneficial

the last thing I want to say and I want

everybody after they hear this just to

say there is a verse in the quran in

surah that is in which of us shall Allah

Tala says it's the prohibition of

adoption and Allah subhanAllah data says

Allah did not make those who you claim

to be your children your children in

other words they did not come from wombs

that you inseminated Allah did not make

them your children that is just a word

that's coming out of your mouth it's all

alive while lovely opponent out in other

words it is not true a lot clarifying it

so before then doing that the hooker was

not clear so when the Prophet SAW I sent

under said say given to Muhammad SAW

what line is that him he was not lying

don't misunderstand that but Allah now

is clarifying the hokum you can't say

this and now he's no longer sadieville

Muhammad you say they go had he done the

Prophet called him Zetaclear homhead he

adopted him and that was something that

the Arabs used to do before this


clarified the matter now the Orientalist

has always used this if you read

Orientis literature

they always use this as this they want

to get in there and dig a little bit

right about this issue of Zeta and Zeta

big deficit

very interesting why is this so central

and important Allah says after that

woman is severely he's guiding you to

the straight path

he's allies telling you this not because

he doesn't like it he's guiding you to a

straight path that will make you upright

call your children by their fathers a

rule called they're not your children

call them

Leah back him who opted subtle and go


this is more just with Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala and Hustle is about giving things

that do so and then Allah says for in

them technical but you wanna come 15 if

you don't know their fathers they're

your brothers in the Deen their Dean is

their father the deen of islam is

they're happy in islam that appendix to

our seminar fantasy

my father is islam I have no other

father but Islam we don't know who

Salman even boo

we know he must sell

fantasy why he's not Islam he's a

policeman policeman that is well all our

stuff Adobe I said what tomini

even if the Arabs boast about my

father's based on my father's to me

my father is Islam and when the prophet

Elijah heard that he said Sally Mally

Midna having been said - from my family

my family of people of D so Allah says

if you do that right if you don't know

that they're your brothers in the Deen

normally come when they say they come to


I'm about to be there's no wrong action

in the mistakes you made in other words

before this problem was clear

there's no ISM there because you didn't

know the hokum but now the hokum is

clear what I can write a method to

become accountable for Hima but what

your hearts intended I just want to it's

very interesting this is a brilliant

article by John Taylor Gatto he's very

very interesting man wrote dumbing us

down about modern schools I recommend

everybody reading and he talks about the

American pseudo family the destruction

of family in the United States and at

the end of this he talks about family

descent disintegration is it receiving

or accelerating the American adoption

foster care business larger already by a

factor of four it's four times

factor of four so how many whose

mathematician a kid someday I know

there's engineer's in yes it's larger by

a factor of four it's four times yes

okay four times so it's larger by a

factor of four then all of the world's

competing adoption businesses combined

there's more unwanted children in the

United States by four times than the

rest of the entire world we live in what

that is is news for the future because

everybody wants to be just like America

now now look what he says about this for

25 there is this he said there's a

bright LED danger signal flashing for 25

years a substantial fraction of our

total population has been engaged in

ridding itself of family or wildly

scrambling to add a child of a stranger

to his nest making mother life dangerous

a dream of many minds since play-doh

social engineering we don't want mothers

to raise children anymore we want the

state to raise children so we can

indoctrinate them so we can tell them

what's good for them because mother love

is very dangerous it's dangerous if

mothers if their children their love

they don't go seeking for it from other

places they're secure and themselves

when mothers don't give their children

love they go looking for it everywhere

else and sometimes it involves doing

crazy things like becoming so

promiscuous that they end up spreading

horrific diseases like this young man in

in New York

Isis article and usually it's a fine

product of our national hysteria about

immigrant families from southern Eastern

Europe who did not

Northern Europeans right in other words

Northern Europeans very cold suddenly

all these southern Europeans start

coming and they have these mothers that

were very nurturing this is not a joke

now Muslims also have nurturing mothers

by and large Northern Europeans don't

like that really they don't have

families many American families they

don't hug you don't know how I'm not

making this up

you know many Americans that have not

been hugged or rarely hugged by their

families really I'm not making this up

people find this hard to believe but

it's true now look at this when real

families disintegrate or transmute into

synthetic families children are exiled

from the only home nature will ever

allow them to have Christians always

talk God nature whatever appearances to

the contrary they become Wanderers

numbered among the homeless and

wandering lost they wander eternally who

they are now Campbell Joseph Campbell

wrote about infant exile move Saturdays

to them but mooses mother wants him back

right there's a reunification it's very

important the prophets a lot incident is

also an orphan don't forget that he's

the greatest orphan that ever lived

so Elizabeth Katie ma I wanna meet you

Katie my fan Allah he found you a teen

who raised him at the venire are be

vaccinated baby

Allah raised the prophets a lot except

he was raised by a loss of cattle in

Thailand now the social cost of pseudo

family are seen clearly in pathologies

arising from America's synthetic family

secret let me include these musing about

pseudo family with with an inventory of

byproducts generated on a stranger

adoption stranger - who was invented by

the Americans in 1851 previous to that

people did not adopt strangers they

adopt you know a community if a person

they would take care of the child

stranger adoption is where you don't

even know where they came from you have

no idea

keep in mind almost all adoptive

families are prosperous steady people

with a good record of community

stability right many people who adopt

are actually very they're wealthy

they're stable they tend towards Social

Work the ideal possess in many text book

called ease supposedly predicting

successful Parenthood the that preamble

should make the following short list

more compelling evidence about the

mythology which teaches parenting can be

made authors are both evaluating family

background of children who later achieve

distinction as adults noted with

curiosity that absence of adoptees on

all lists of distinctions there was a

book compile showing distinctions from

people right they couldn't find any

adoptees that had distinctions in

different fields

now listen to this or friends they

declared showed up moron list of famous

adults than there

in other words there were a

disproportionate number of orphans who

had extraordinary distinctions in

societies than there were there were

none at ease so what's the secret what's

the difference between an orphan

an orphan is somebody who knows that he

doesn't have a father an adopted is

somebody who's being lied to and given a

pseudo father and a pseudo mother that's

the difference and that's what a lot has

made how long now listen it raises the

question where the authors as for the

reason for the absence of unusual

achievement amongst children who never

knew who their parents were it is a

question as far as I know never answered

orphan voyage and adoption research

organization is frequently asked for

help and compiling this of famous

adoptees because as the Los Angeles

Public Library put it may seem

especially difficult to find the orphan

boy that's replies to such requests the

same way 35 years of operation have

failed to turn up sufficient names for

such a list doctors Crowley and Laidlaw

a Royal Hospital New York received 5,300

sponsors from psychiatrists asking for

their experience with adoption it was

overwhelmingly negative as one

psychiatrist put it the maladjustment of

adopted children is so extensive that no

one wanted they should be allowed to be

born science magazine reported to a

Danish government study of nearly 4,000


adults that concluded with these

spectacular numbers the adopted group

showed 41 criminal convictions for every

100 adoptees 41 criminal convictions for

every 100 adoptees Christopher Jake's

the well-known sociologist in a letter

to the author stated that number that

number was about three times greater

than for the non adopted population

recently child psychiatry reported that

21.2 percent of all first admission

psychiatric patients were adoptees that

is more than ten times they're commonly

estimated numbers in the population the

two leading mass murderers in US history

were both adopted as children the

bestseller and the band played on

fingered an adoptee Gaetan Dugas as the

typhoid mary of the AIDS epidemic Dugas

dove patient zero by the Center for

Disease Control in Atlanta start with

about 2,500 sex partners many after he

had diagnosed contagious it's my right

to do what I want with my body he asked

when asked by to desist by doctors in

the middle 1970s three small European

states once leading adoption nations set

out to make mother love a little less

dangerous by asking circumstances of new

mothers pleasant enough to convince them

not to abandon their babies in ten short

years Sweden Norway and Holland

cut the rate of domestic adoptions to

nearly zero because they saw that

adoption was having disastrous effects

on the adopting this is this is catching

up with the forearm 1,400 years later is

a little late and this is what it is

catching up with the pond 1,400 years

later we've been on the wrong path


dear in the life of a nation it's no

time at all the real discovery is can we

turn the clock back that will require

our government default epatha

Sweden Norway and Holland have done and

it will probably require our corporate

economy to recognize that emotional

rationality is considered more important

than accountant rationality only then

can it begin to reorganize to produce

human quality by keeping families intact

instead of producing maximum material

profit by destroying them up to Allah

sent us guidance 1,400 years ago

told us don't do this do that why now we

do you have to have non-muslims telling

us why breathing why did Allah say don't

call them by pseudo you're not you're a

pseudo father it's not real and so you

don't call them their organs did you

take care of them so before any and I

just want to go through these if you can

just turn the lights if that's possible

this place is a an extraordinary place

it's one of the only places that the

did not get to in the Muslim world and

I'm not making this up they really and

you can see why I mean who wants it

right but we my friend ghali who's a

professional photographer who took the

pictures said he felt like he should

have a spacesuit on because he felt like

we were on the Voyager just landing on

Mars here and you can turn it anyway

this place here is in a place called

Michaela and if people know come with a

mean machine family she's a famous

commentator on the floor on that we're

of a large tough spirit called a blonde

I am in this center of the Quran the

Quran which has been published in keep

this where he grew up and studied

piranhas he wrote about it it's almost

15 volumes tough steel next one that's

actually a student housing that can

quite literally this is shift of the

commodities a musty who works for the

United Arab Emirates and that's also

where he grew up and he was just

visiting this may be one of my teachers

and he's the son of Malcolm had two


this is a black man praying this is a

guest house for the school we visited

there and then the tent was down it's

usually higher it was very windy that

day next one this was a man welcoming us

that's like one of the students that

memorized upon next week

these are all students are studying if

you notice on the the north here is is

the traditional way that they write and

they write all that they learn by

beginning with the fog and then studying


and had they memorize it when I asked on

this field why even though they have

books and paper Widing they still do it

he said mm they don't had my whole

because Allah used otherwise when he

wrote using a bore oh that's right

next on tablet you can see there is my

driving on the species there are all

students next one this is a ship come as

a preset descendant of the purpose of my

sound he's one of the teachers there he

studied was had his first time ago

first Passport