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zaytuna knowledge resource presents an

exclusive club but patience takes

courage by shaykh hamza yusuf the handle

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Allahu super Hannah with the editor

Quran was there a noble somebody was

Salah in had a kabira tune in the other

hockey rink a las behind with the anna

says in the quran speaking about bene

sera el that among the things that he

told them to do was he told the Jews

that they should seek help in prayer and

patience mr. anal with somebody was a

lot and then he informed us that this is

a very difficult thing in the haka be

rotten like a baritone in Latin alhaji

in it is a grievous thing or a

difficulty in shop cartoon like the

Memphis your own or the people that may

come to and the Quran said it's a

difficult thing on the self to have

patience it's also a difficult thing

because some of them say that the

pronoun there in the Hoenn AHA goes back

to Eddie's Tiana and some say it goes

back to the prayer itself that the

prayer itself is difficult and some say

that the is Tiana or the seeking help in

prayer and impatience is difficult and

there are other verses in the Quran that

would confirm

the meaning is related to its Tiana that

it's difficult for somebody to take help

in patients because Allah super Hannah

with the ANA when he talks about those

in the Quran that Allah super Hannah

with dialysis women axonal photo me

mandara it allah when i'm in oh sorry

Hannah para in an imminent must be mean

he says who is better in speech than the

one who calls to Allah the Prophet

Solomon anyone who follows him and then

he says that the prophet salallahu CM or

rather those who call to Allah super

Hanoi to Anna and then say that we are

among the Muslims what a test area has

an ax to what I say yeah infidelity here

assen and good deeds are not like bad

deeds they're not equal you can't equate

a good deed with a bad deed a good deed

is much greater than a bad deed and then

a la soo behind with Diana says to repel

evil with good faith and avantika vaina

hidayatullah what do you and I mean and

you will find that the one who between

you and that person is animosity it's as

if he was a good friend suddenly by

repelling his wrong with a right you

will find that he becomes like your

friend now this is one of the things

that the prophets ilysm who is the

exemplar and really is the first and

foremost in this verse itself when the

national olin niemand dad it a lot

because the prophets allah i said him is

the best of us the prophet salallahu

auntie wassalam was somebody who was

constantly patient with his enemies

people that gave him the worst of times

once when he gave out some wealth one of

the hypocrites said this is had his

mattoon lay you out to be ha watchful

law this is a distribution that Allah

was not intended by it saying it about

the prophets Elijah them and the prophet

salallahu any wassalam was informed of

what this man said in 1 rewire one of

the on sod went to the prophet and he

told him he actually whispered in his

here he didn't say it in public he said

the prophet became distressed to the

point where he wished he had not

informed him and he said da da da Mousa

ahi Musa Akhtar Amanda the fossil Bob

they did those type of things of harm to

my brother Moses and yet he was patient

and the prophets allies him didn't do

anything about it so he himself was the

most patient and he would repel evil

with good this is something that he did

which is why one of his miracles is that

he transformed his enemies into his

allies he actually took people that

wanted to destroy him that wanted to

eliminate him that wanted to kill him

there were over 13 assassination

attempts on his life 13 between poison

and other conspiracies to eliminate the

prophets allah i am despite that even

the woman at haber who gave the Sheep to

poison him the prophet saw i sent

forgave her even though she attempted to

kill him he actually asked her why she

did it just to find out why she did that

so the Prophet SAW I said was the most

patient of those who show patience Allah

super Hanukkah anna tells him in several

verses to be patient bosmere guamazo

Broca illa billah be patient and your

patient is only through god what a 9am

don't grieve about all of these things

that are happening to you what ethical

feel betta mean IM karoon and don't be

constricted about their plots and that's

advice from Allah super Hannah with

Donna don't be constricted about their

plots in another verse Allah Subhan

Allah tiada says inta topple in toss

pillow with the taco lay adoro con que

to whom shia if you have patience and if

you have taqwa piety dutiful awareness

of your Lord and fulfilling his

obligations and avoiding his

prohibitions that you will not be harmed

by their plots this is a

promise from Allah super Hannah with

Diana it's a joomla sharply a

conditional sentence that if you do this

God promises you this if you show

patience and even in the command to show

patience when a lots of behind with the

Addison's when I'll captain for our

people be missing in my cock Krypton be

well and sober tomorrow Hyrule of

soybean if you should repeal justly some

harm that has come to you then do it

only to the degree that that harm was

done to you with the condition of

justice in other words if they mutilated

your people you can't mutilate their so

that that's what the condition of

justice in other words don't do what the

Jolly Arabs the zealot Arabs of the

pre-islamic period did which is when

somebody harmed them they would actually

increase the harm one of the wise men

was once cursed by a man chatima ho and

he said to him he said lat Qaddafi

happen Holly boo ha Chevron mimic

lloovvee ha I'm not going to enter into

a war the victor is worse than the

vanquished in other words if I curse you

I have to do a better job than what you

did to me so if i win the cursing match

the war of curses the victor in this war

is worse than the vanquished so I'm not

even going to answer or reply which is

called him forbearance which is a type

of patients in fact the commentators of

the divine names of allah subhanahu Tata

say the difference between us aboard

well halim is that Allah is patient of

sabor because he does not punish people

immediately when they do their wrongs

but his him or when he's Al halim is

when he actually doesn't punish them

because he's forgiven them but they're

related patience and forbearance are

similar so Allah subhanAllah donna says

about those who call to Allah

panel it's Anna if you call to Allah you

should know that harm is going to come

to you if harm comes to you should know

that a good deed is better than an evil

deed in other words repel evil with good

and you will find that the whole point

of your call which is to win people over

to the truth will be successful Allah

will give you success because you're

using principles that are divine

principles that allah subhan allah to

anna has promised will be effective and

when you don't use those principles you

will not get the results that you desire

you can get vengeance but vengeance

isn't something where you win people

over you just make more enemies that's

why war is so wretched because war

people might go into war good people but

suddenly the person next to them who's

their friend gets his head blown off and

all that person wants to do is blow

somebody's head off on the other side it

doesn't matter who it is that's human

nature that's human nature and that's as

old as human beings you can read The

Iliad written by Homer about the Trojan

War and that's all it's about is people

getting furious because their best

friend just got killed and they just

want to go out and find anybody to kill

on the other side that that's the

essence of jalia so Allah subhanAllah

data says that when I unify in ladino

subaru the only people that are capable

of doing this are people that have

patience woman unicaja in ladue hovland

Arlene and no one can achieve this

unless they have a vast portion because

patients is a vast portion there's a

hadith algebra useful email patience is

half of faith itself if you have

patience you've got half of faith what's

the other half Willia pino at Iman okulu

and European is all of faith but

patience is from faith itself and yuppie

nor certainty results in patients you

can't have one without the other which


Hannah with the other side with the

Andaman whom I am meeting yeah i doona

be a marina lam ma Saburo what canopy I

attina UT neun we made them Imams we

made them leaders in the earth the Bene

Israel from among them we made leaders

why because they were patient because

they had certainty about our signs so

patience is a virtue that is almost

absent from the modern world and the

modern world is in some ways designed to

drive you mad or to teach you patience I

mean that's the way it's set up because

you get on the phone and they say if you

want this wait for this if you want that

wait for that if you want this wait for

this and 15 minutes later you've

forgotten what you were calling for in

the first place that's what happens it's

designed to either drive you insane or

to teach you patience there was a

picture in the newspaper the other day

of somebody trying to get their passport

and the person was actually he had dived

over all of the other people it was just

a crowd around this little window and

this man had jumped over the people and

he was trying to get his passport in

over everybody else so the concept of

waiting in line just getting in line

creating a line I was at the Kaaba and

somebody there was this person South

Asian with an American accent trying to

convince people if they could just line

up they could all kiss the black stone

and they wouldn't have to harm anybody

else he was saying please brothers just

line up and people weren't doing it

because it snuffs enough see it's me me

you see what impatience and Mimi don't

go together because patients in essence

is actually it's a type of ether and the

Arabs in the beauty of their language

because our language is filled with

opposites contained in the same roots

very common in the Arabic language

like the school will accept justice and

injustice being in the root pasaba ASEAN

when mock certain parcel tone are unjust

Moxie open are just the same route if

you look at the root for deference to

others it's ether where you actually

prefer other people a lawsuit behind

with the other says about the ants are

where you do Donna Anna and foo see him

what L can it be him how salsa these are

people that prefer other people to

themselves even when they're in need

which is why they have such a high

station and Allah says in Quran Kuno

ansar allah be the helpers of God one of

the ways you help God is by helping

others because Allah super Hannah with

Diana said the best of you are the best

of you to God's dependence hi to command

panel community ya Leela but if you're

in the me me me mode the nav seen FC

mode and if you don't think that modes

increasing I'll give you one example in

a recent book which you can't buy in a

store because they don't like you to see

these book but I have to know somebody

that worked in the corporation that

published the internal document so i got

a copy of it but I wasn't supposed to

get that copy I don't know if it was

something I did wrong if it was a

stuffed with a lot but it was

interesting information it was called

the emerging consumer and there were

four new types of consumer being

identified the hedonist what which is

translated into arabic as shawana Yoon

right people that all they care about is

a appetite shawa the get-rich-quick

males and then the liberated females and

the last one were called aimless

teenagers el hawa NAT Morejon now what

was interesting is this was done on a

large study they'd actually interviewed

thousands of people to do this

statistical analyses and what they said

was the me me group was becoming

increasingly larger so that's the type

of world and the prophets Elijah said

whoever lives amongst you will see a

thorough that's the other word from

ether ether ah is selfishness that's

what it is it's selfishness when you

think only about yourself you don't

think about other people it's just about

me me me me myself and I some people's

favorite words once a man knocked on the

prophets dorsal ity he was sent them and

he said who's Danny said Anna and the

Prophet said Anna Anna Anna who carry ha

he just repeated Anna Anna as if he

disliked it don't assume I'm going to

recognize your voice or I know who you

are tell me who you are it's me that's

that that's a disease in Islam that's a

disease and the cure for it is one

patience because patients involves

actually thinking about other people for

instance if you're driving in the road

and you have to learn either patients or

you end up probably endangering other

people's lives which some people don't

really care about either but on the road

patients you have to learn patience I

was in Medina and one man cut off

another man he started honking over and

over again and I told him you know we're

in Medina is probably better not to honk

because it's it's dune at me Nina baad

municipal you know people that harm

believers and they didn't do anything so

the person next he didn't cut you off

but he has to hear the honking so you're

harming people that didn't do anything

to you as it is better not to honk

unless it's an emergency but just to let

him know you're angry make it to out for

him allaha deke I was in Jordan and a

taxi driver got cut off in the men

satellite yada batuk and I told him you

know you should change that dog because

Allah is answering that prayer Arab

houses are being destroyed all over the

place maybe it's because they keep

saying a lot you could have a tick and

they're getting answered why don't you

say a lot you had ich allow you to the


furama hula rahima kalaya are he

attacking laughs and muslimeen you know

there's other things you can say the

Prophet said hot Adele Muslim Couperin

was see Baba whoo-hoo soup that to kill

I believer is disbelief to kill a

believers disbelief but to curse him is

profligacy its degradation it's

something low it's a low thing so

patience is a virtue that is almost

absent in the modern world everybody

people get on the fax machine what's

wrong with this thing you know they

should upgrade this system it used to be

it took months to get a letter it took

months you just waited people just wait

it it's called stoicism the ReWalk the

urine the arabs call them Stoics people

that just our patient because they

realize it's just more intelligent to be

patient you're just expending all that

negative energy creating all these free

radicals increasing your age you know

aging process doing all these things

that are harmful for you the Quran says

that you just have to read the Quran

Allah super ani