Patience takes courage

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matronic commanded the

Prophet many times what's good anime

afternoon be patient about what they say

to you what's become a Sabra una de Esme

minoru son be patient like the allele as

me from the prophets before you were

paid and the Prophet himself used the

most patient of people but he's being

commanded to patients just to be patient

to be patient about other people to give

people the time of day to actually just

do some ether to prefer other people

when they're in line or trying to find a

parking place really this is something

that the Muslims have to inculcate in

themselves and according to the Quran

Allah will not elevate a people unless

they show these qualities it's one of

the conditions for Tim keen for

establishment it one of the one of the

set of asked has an adversity what is

better Tamkeen or sovereign and bella

what is better to be established in the


or to be patient with tribulation he

said the second one has to precede the

first in other words you won't get the

first one if you don't have the second

one and that's why if you look at the

first 13 years of the prophets life it's

all just being patient not doing

anything dealing with the situation by

showing kindness being patient with

these people sabado in jamia well on

most and the beautiful patience is one

where there's no complaint and some of

the elements say that that verse

indicates that if you complain but are

still patient it doesn't negate your

patience so patience is one of the great

virtues some of them place it under the

category of courage in the moral virtues

what the arabs call omaha thoughtful vol

the matrix's of the virtues where all

the virtues emanate from the moral

virtues the patience is a type of

courage because it's courageous to show

patience is it's an act of will and

that's why the prophets Eliza time said

al sobre and the submental una patience

is when the calamity first happens it's

not later when you have time to think

about it it's when it first happens in

the opposite of it is physical is where

you lose control you completely lose it

like they say in this culture you lose

it and one of the gifts of those who

show patience in this world is that they

are freed from a facade iqbal in the

next world when everybody else is in a

total state of anxiety and dread before

the ominous reality of Judgment Day

these people are in a state of sakina

they're not troubled by it because Allah

so behind with the other promise them

that so this is one of the gifts there

are many other gifts that allows you to

handle it to a no promises Allah says

espero el salvador what are beautiful

what's up a la nada come to their home

have patience and have masala vada the

Ummah differ about what that means some

of them say that Mosab era is where its

patients towards an enemy outside of

yourself for instance shell

bond or a marshal enemy somebody trying

to conquer your lands that you have to

show patience because victory doesn't

come immediately it takes time the

prophet saw how bauvais no no venom

sajjad war between me and my opponents

is one of attrition one day for them

another day for me without key betulin

what a pain this is what this promise

even if there's no victory for the

people of righteousness in this world

there promised victory in the next world

somebody might live their life and never

see that but in the al-qaeda their

promise that so anybody that attempts to

go out into the world to make the world

a better place not for themselves

because you can just go into is that

you're going to retreat but actually for

other people for your children for your

society you're going to come up against

people that don't want that because

there's people that benefit from those

things that are harmful out there

there's people that benefit from selling

arms the provençal I said I'm said by

eros cylia and that fits in a team alone

the one who sells armaments during

conflict periods of conflict is damned

to hell it's a curse person because it's

an evil and odious thing to do that to

sell arms when people are suffering

armaments is the largest industry on the

planet so if you start opposing

armaments you want to see that change

because I'm in this country has a seven

point seven trillion dollar deficit

people don't think about what that means

a lot of it is because over half of the

budget is going to armaments what's

called a Ministry of Defense it used to

be called before World War two they call

it the Ministry of War but when they

started trying to collect money we need

more money for war it didn't sound good

so they changed it to defense seven

point seven trillion dollars deficit the

children are going to inherit that every

American is thirty-five thousand dollars

in debt and it's it's rising every day

so if you go out and say you know what

we should be spending this money on

education on elevating people we can win

lots of friends if we actually help


not drop bombs on their heads and you

want to get enemies that's the quickest

way you can do it just harm people

that's the quickest way you'll gain

enemies just go out and harm people

that's why the Prophet slice em with his

enemies he actually was constantly doing

good to them but i'll be on one of his

worst enemies hurts baby no tobira when

he came to me said yahuwah need he

called him by the name that he loved

it's a term of endearment she's one of

his worst enemies but he didn't say yeah

it's bah he said yeah Vova lead it's a

term of respect he was commanding in the

port on to say to those people that he

was debating window ukunda era hudon of

Ebola and mubeen one of us is guided and

one of us is is a stray let's talk about

it let's see who's guided who's a strain

he used out in that as a way that's

called edible enough when you differ

with some of your trying to get to the

truth of things so you're willing to

listen to the other person even if you

think they're wrong you might learn

something that's from patients you can't

do that without patience you can't do

that the problem was the most patient of

people and he taught us patient and he

had a long-term vision he wasn't short

term he wasn't short term he was

thinking about the end of time he was

thinking about the last people he was

trying to protect his people from the

latter days he gave us counsel that was

not for his companions it was actually

for us it's not for his companions there

are hadith that have nothing to do with

the Companions they're clearly for

people that would come later because he

was thinking about other people that was

all he did he thought about other people

for the sake of allah subhana with donna

and that takes great patience being

patient with people it's one of the

great gifts of islam and that's why we

just finished ramadan it's called cheryl

subah the month of patients supposed to

teach people patient when you stop

eating when somebody gets you angry errs

was it aloma india saw him

that's to teach you how to deal with

people who make you angry instead of

being somebody who's a victim of button

pushing like one of my boys I heard this

crying and I went in I said what

happened he said I pushed his buttons

and I was glad to at least he knew

exactly what he was doing there's a lot

of people don't know that and that's the

type of self-knowledge so even though I

didn't like the fact he was pushing his

little brother's buttons I was pleased

that he realized that's exactly what he

was doing because there's people that go

out there and they're just pushing

people's buttons and they do it all day

long you'll meet people all they want to

do is get in an argument with you has

nothing to do with you because it's

saved on a motor Abdullah it doesn't

matter it's just social pathology so

he's using the world as an arena to

express his social pathology and the

world filled with people like that

people without any self-knowledge any

critical introspection where they have

to look at themselves think about their

behavior think about how they're

responding and the Quran is a mirror it

holds itself right up to humanity and it

says find yourself in there because I

guarantee you you're in there you might

be Pharaoh you might be high man you

might be our own you might be hacia you

might be the abused wife in a bad

relationship you're going to find

yourself in the Quran you'll find

yourself I guarantee you you might find

an amalgam I've got a little bit of that

I've got a little bit of that because

the archetypes are there but you will

find yourself and that's what the Quran

is there to show us ourselves that we

might change ourselves in order to

accord with divine revelation to be a

Muslim to be one in submission to Allah

super Hannah with Diana and the path is

arduous and it takes time and patience

kuroko tijada was tough little blonde


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