From Protest to Engagement

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Event Name: From Protest to Engagement
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what I mean people have been here a long time we lost some people they just either had to go and catch the tube or they had something on the tube they wanted to watch or something I don't know but I wanted to make a few remarks.

First of all I I want to address a few issues that I think are important and perhaps not for most of the people in the room but for other people and I would like you to convey this to the other people there are people that have been talking about the work that's being done by Floyd Nettie by a Brahman by Farina by the other groups that have been involved in this effort that this

is a government propaganda that this is

Stooges of the government of England etc

etc many things I'm sure some of you

have have heard some of these things so

I want to say a few things about that

first of all there's a verse in the

Quran that is very interesting to me and

probably to most of you and Jenna who

does said to me for Jenna ahem if people

incline towards reconciliation inclined

with them whatever canal Allah and

trusting God in know who was similar I

mean when you redo any of the oka for in

the hospital law that incline when they

want to incline towards peace you

incline towards peace and if they want

to deceive you if there's some hidden

ulterior motive God's enough for you

don't worry about that that's not your


peace is so precious that anybody that

reaches out for peace you should reach

out with them for peace and another

thing I want to say about this

government who do you think this guy

is there called civil servants who do

you think pays their money where do you

think this money is from that the

government had it's from the pockets of

the British people who pay taxes there's

2 million Muslims in this country paying

tax they don't want a little refund no

seriously I mean I I'm just amazed at

this Omaha if I said I could oh I'm well

that go far beautiful and yeah is you

the wealth of the non-muslims if they

want to give it to you it's permissible

to take it

now I sat yesterday I will to write an

autism share Abdullah bin about yeah I I

didn't want to come here I'm gonna be

honest with you I was in California I

have my wife is a brilliant cook really

I I don't

there's no hotel food that compares to

her food it's not why I married her she

learned to cook after I married her but

she's a brilliant cook her food is very

good its nourishing I feel good when

when I eat her food and she cooks it

with love you can't get that in a

restaurant I can taste the anxiety in

their food I can taste the anger of the

cook when he's going through the thing I

can feel it my my cells feel it but and

I also have really good tea I come to

England to buy the tea I take it back I

have big supply my tea is much better

than the tea they give at any hotel I've

ever stayed at I learned how to make tea

from of that Adam Sanders excellent tea

maker if anybody's ever had his tea

they'll know what I mean so but why

leave the comfort of my home because my

chef asked me he said this is an

important thing so come so I came I'm

tired so I'm gonna be whenever I get

tired I get more open because my

defenses are down I'm going to tell you

some true things I used to not like the

English people

seriously I thought they were cynical

you know the English go the way they

roll their eyes there's a certain way

that you know that there's a smirk that

comes on their mouths when you say

something really very subtle things that

you notice about the English you know

there's a cynicism that's particularly

angled Saxon in its nature and and and

it's it's really interesting but I'll

tell you something I have come to love

these people and for a number of reasons

and I and I want to talk about this

because it's very important for all of

you who are living here this country is

an amazing country it has done many

wrongs and we could bring an Irish

person here tonight and they could talk

for hours about what this country has

done we could bring Welsh people they

might not be as eloquent as the Irishmen

but they could also talk for several

hours about what the English have done

to them and you could bring some of my

tribe from Scotland really you could

bring some of them down and they'll give

you with a nice brogue they'll let you

know what the English did from Edward

Longshanks on or even before that

seriously they'll tell you about the

English but each one of these people has

been challenged to learn to live with

the English really the Scots are very

civil they some of them want

independence quite a number of them but

how are they going about that

independence they're not blowing up

things really they have other ways of

doing it the Welsh de-evolution is have

been a longtime though they say that

Welsh are the Irish that couldn't swim

you know it's been a long time since the

Welsh have been occupied much longer

than Palestine but the Welsh are gentle


I love the Welsh also really and I love

the Irish but it's taken me a while to

really appreciate the subtleties of

these different cultures

and so I really want to say there's two

ways that you can live in your life one

way is the way of personal one it's

having a good opinion and the other way

is the way of Sullivan and years ago my

shaykh abdullah bin bayer we were in a

gathering and he doesn't tolerate vibha

it's one of the things i love about his

modulus is he doesn't tolerate me but

you can't say anything about anybody

even people that you should say things

about he won't let you say things about

them and somebody mentioned something

about jimana Dean and Ronnie who died a

long time ago last century two centuries

ago and somebody said something and she

Abdullah said a word I never forgot it

he said yeah Arsenal unban Mota Jenner

of Nassau of one

he said have a good opinion of the dead

we've tried having bad opinions we've

tested it as a way of being in the world

and our Prophet SAW lyceum had the best

of opinions whenever the chorus reached

out for him he reached out for them

morale yeah we know in the Arabic

tradition they called Shara moralia the

the hair of Moria wow he is one of the

most brilliant politicians in human


he's a case study you could do the

leadership secrets of Mallya and it

would be a best-seller while yeah they

asked him and he said if there was a

hair of relationship between me and

somebody else Eva's death if he pulled

on it I would release if he released I

would pull a hair of relationship just

to keep that that opening there that

potential now I met yesterday and you

should be thankful that you have people

like Maqbool Ali inside the Foreign

Office because I have a good opinion of

that young man he's a bright young man

and he has good intentions and he's

there he's representing your community

you live here you pay taxes this is your

government you this is not Rawalpindi

this is not Karachi this is not Cairo

this is not some funny place off in the

middle of the Muslim world where if you

say anything against the government

suddenly you're in Chains being dragged

away no this is a country that you are

citizens Larry will be Javed but it

wasn't a kingdom if you had a better I

swear by this land and you are a lawful

citizen of this land you are citizens

this is not subjection you're not

subjects except in in a very you know

the British are citizens and subjects

but this is it's something superficial

the Queen can't just arbitrarily send

you off to the prison and we should be

wary of some of these laws being passed

because they're against the essential

nature of this country and we have to

remind the English you're the people of

the Magna Carta you're the people of

habeas corpus this is your tradition you

gave this to the Western world you're

the people of John Locke you're the

people that brought these things and you

are the people of John Wesley who this

Hall is named after this glorious Hall

was named after John Wesley one of the

greatest reformers in Western

civilization who worked with William

Wilberforce and we're in the year of

William Wilberforce and I want to tell

you about William Wilberforce

this is a man who from the early 20s was

with a group in platform and I hope I

pronounced that right he was in a group

and there was an event in which a

hundred and thirty-two black Africans

were discarded thrown overboard on a

ship called the song it was a slave ship

coming from West Africa to the Americas

it was an English ship a hundred and

thirty two black people were thrown into

the ocean and drowned and this was

considered legal by the laws of the land

and these this group of young people who

still had that spark of hope recognized

how despicable this act was how


this act was and they started a small

group of abolitionists to end the slave

trade at a time when almost every single

member of parliament was was supported

by the slave Lobby things haven't

changed all that much but Wilberforce

did not give up he worked the day and

night he was an incredible connector he

connected with people all over the

country he got people to sign things he

brought these in as a member of

parliament he worked with beautiful

people like Hannah Moore and several

years ago I suggested to the Muslim

women in this country to start the

Hannah more benevolent society because

you should know Hannah more you should

know who Hannah Moore is she's a

beautiful English woman she was

stunningly beautiful in her looks when

she came to London she took everybody by

storm she was a playwright she was a

literary figure she was a poetess she

was all of these things but in the end

she had a spiritual conversion and she

became one of the staunchest

anti-slavery spokespeople in this

country she started night schooling this

is one of her great contributions this

is England to me England is not the

tyranny of Ireland that's the worst of

human nature that you find in every

civilization that's not England to me

England to me is these incredible ideals

embodied by people like Florence


I love Florence Nightingale I studied I

read all of her all these different

works she'd written I told my wife

you're the only woman I know who's

jealous of a woman that died over a

hundred years ago I fell in love with

Florence Nightingale Florence

Nightingale said England needs to go to

the sufis this is she wrote this in her

book she said England needs to go to the

sufis and Florence Nightingale entered

the soap on Hassan mosque where our

Grand Mufti gives the hot bath and she

said for the first time she's fishy

found what she was looking for she said

I never found this in the Church of the


she said I found equality and I said Oh

what that there was a place for women in

this religion you know they chased her

out with a stick and she said I don't

blame them she went to a louse hog

she was struck by the spirituality and

she says in her diary she said I've

heard in my heart something telling me

turn to Mecca face Mecca face Mecca all

of humanity is one we are all under one

God and there is salvation for all of us

I kept hearing in my heart there is no

god but God believe in the one true God

she was a Unitarian she was not a

Trinitarian this is Florence Nightingale

one of the great icons of the British

people and she saw the beauty of Islam

this is a woman who was given a colada

this extraordinary medal by the sofa and

I've got a Majeed of the Ottoman Empire

because she came and served the Turkish

soldiers that were victims of the

Crimean War as well as she served the

British soldiers because she didn't


she didn't differentiate between people

this is England to me this is the

England I want to see this is the

England I want to remind these people of

who they are they forgotten who they are

these are the people of the great

reforms of Western civilization and we

of all people should be reminding them

we share these things with you you've

forgotten who you are like we've

forgotten who we are this is the age of

senility we're all in spiritual dementia

really were in spiritual dementia this

is this is the old age the dotage of of

humanity and we need reminders we've got

collective Alzheimer's disease and some

of us has some timers disease we forget

and then we remember this is England to

me and and it flows in my blood

I have ancestors from this land this is

my home yeah call me this is what every

prophet said to his people all my people

weren't they weren't following his way

they were fighting him they were

opposing him yeah call me in the aerosol

by alaykoum yeah call me might be a

surfer huh

no I'm not stupid he didn't say been

entombed sofa ha I'm cuckoo far I'm too

mafia and to Mihama a doctor oniy he

didn't say this might be a thief aha no

you're wrong I want good for you in

order to Allah is raha mr. fats you know

I just want to help as much as I'm able

to this this is this is our teaching to

go out and to engage these people and I

want to end because it's been a long

night and you have somebody's I was on

an airplane and this man came up to me

he said he said brother

you know I loved your work and I was

like mashallah thank you so much he said

no no really it's just so I mean it was

it's just so amazing what you did it was

incredible and this but let me ask you

one question I said sure so why did you

give up singing

so after I sang in a few bars of peace

train one of my favorite song I told him

I lost my voice now I said I said that's

use of Islam use we have the same

there's three uses tonight it's use of

Moe cab you know use of to the third

power so but I want to end with a story

about one of my favorite people and this

is who can tell me not from the ulama

but who can tell me who say now Omar's

favorite poet was people say say no more

like poetry didn't he just listen to the

Quran the favorite poet of Umar ibn

al-khattab was zuhayr IBN abas ummah

Zuhair even a Bissell man who is Zuhair

even a besom he's the father of cab even

Zuhair the man who wrote the border he's

the father of also his younger brother

Cobbs younger brother who became Muslim

before zu head before cam so hair did

not meet the Prophet he died one year

before but I want to tell you a little

bit about why Zuhair wrote is Malacca

and then I'm done and I want to use this

as a metaphor for what we need to do

there is a war the Arabs called

something I am and out of a youngin out

of our the days of the Arabs that's why

a lot changed I am it out of - I am ela

well they killed whom bi yeah Mila

because the Arabs had their days Allah

has his days the days of the Arabs were

momentous things that happened to them

they say a shepherd would be wanted out

of them they used to write their history

in their poetry there was a war called

Haru budahas how about that has you know

who dad has is it's amazing we know his

name yeah this was a horse it's called

the war of - the horse and and that his

was owned by a man who was so hair even

apace and I'm see he owned a horse

called Deus he had a friend who was from

the DPN tribe who they thought bin Malik

he had a horse called a bra

now who they felt was very jealous of

datas the horse of kudzu hair so he

asked him to race so he asked him to

race so the two horses they decided they

raised a hundred arrow shots they shoot

one time two time for a hundred times

and then they race well the horses

started out and Habra was winning but

once it got into the heavy sand

Dacus took the lead well there was a

group of the beyond the beyond Knights

who were hiding in ambush and they

ambushed - and stopped him from winning