From Protest to Engagement

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Event Name: From Protest to Engagement
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the race so Habra won so what was the

bet a hundred camels so they first said

give me a hundred camels because you

lost and then the people told him no we

saw the ambush he didn't lose you lost

you cheated give us 100 camels they kept

on and on and on finally johanna even

apace got so angry he killed the brother

of Hadassah he threw a spear at him

killed him that started the war between

ABS and Vivian you know how long that

war lasted forty years over a stupid

horse race

forty years that's how long the war

lasted now what happened was and this is

a very interesting story much later

after many many people were killed from

- to the point where Zuhair even a pace

you know what he ended up doing he went

to a man became a Christian and spent

the last days of his life weeping over

the war he started because he said he

could never look at anybody from his

tribe because he'd caused so much

suffering and bloodshed amongst these

people so what happens there's a man and

a hadith an obscene how does he been out

this man he asked his cousin Khadijah

Vinson and he asked him which tent of

the Arabs do you think would not let me

marry his daughter and he said

definitely ossify he'd never let you

marry his daughter so what's he do this

is typical male problem he gets on his

camel and he heads for this guy's tent

to ask for his daughter

of all the

the thing that he can't get that's the

thing he wants this is the human problem

so he gets there and this man house

comes out and he says I'm so behind I'm

so bottom good morning good morning he

said what are you doing up here yeah say

that I don't he said I want to marry

your daughter he said get the hell out

of here I mean really that's pretty much

what he said this made out how did

furious he takes off with his cousin and

they're leaving so what does house do he

goes into the house his wife says what

happened what just happened who was that

he said it was it was a hadith then I'll

say that I don't and he said what did he

want he wanted to marry one of my


she said if he's the say that out of why

didn't you marry one of the daughters to

him and he said that's a good point it's

just he got me off guard and I was angry

and she said well go make amends he said

I can't what's done is done

she said what do you mean what's done is

done you mess everything up and then

you're not going to go fix it go out

there and he says what do I say he said

just tell him you got him in a bad mood

and and tell him come back and we'll

work things out so he goes and out how

did the initial he's angry he comes

what's he do he says I want you to

choose one of my daughters I have three

daughters the first one comes out she

says I don't want to marry him

this is right Arab women had no rights

she said I don't want to marry him he

says why not she's first of all I'm not

that good-looking I'm not his cousin and

I'm and he's going to take me far away

and he'll grow tired of me divorce me

and then what so he says good point

bring the second daughter she comes I

want you to marry this man what do you

say look my first sister is better

looking than I am and I don't have any

talents and I don't want to go far away

from you because who's going to protect

me if he gets feisty with me good point

finally the hope is on the last daughter

the little one her name bahasa she comes

in and he says listen that hadith wants

to marry you

what do you say she said well give him

that I'm the most attractive of my


I'm extremely talented and I have a most

distinguished father I don't see how he

could refuse me and then if he treats me

badly God will definitely let him have


so she said he says great he tells her

they get married as they're moving out

they set up a tent next to the house he

goes in to consummate the marriage and

that's a nice word for things people do

on their wedding night so when she gets

in there when he gets in there she says

what kind of a woman do you take me for

we're right next to my father and my

brothers No let's go so they get on

they're driving a little ways out

they're always out he tells his cousin

listen you go up ahead and I'll catch up

with you later

fine he stops by the sets up to 10:00

and she says what kind of woman do you

think I mean this is the way people that

take women in wars behave take me to

your home slaughter sheep make a big

festival and he thinks this is a

high-minded woman so he takes her and

then his cousin says hey listen did you

do what you wanted to do and he said no

and he explains them and so they get

back he does a big festival when it's

all done he comes in how's things now

she said I want to ask you one question

what kind of a man are you because I

thought you are a man of honor but I

want to ask you one question

how is it that you can delight in women

when there are people Arabs right now

killing each other over a horse race she

said go out if you want me as a wife go

out and spread peace amongst these men

and end this bloodshed and so he goes

out this tells his cousin and he says

this is a high-minded woman and she will

give you great sons so let us go out and

do this they went out and they

determined the Absinthe Viviane agreed

that if they would count all of the dead

whoever had the most killed they would


camels blood rit these two men from

their own wealth three thousand camels

to end this war and this is when Zuhair

wrote his Maranatha in praise of these

two men for what they did but I think

it's body said that he should have

written a waterpot about because that is

where it has to come from it's the women

in our homes they're the ones that can

change this situation more than anybody


our women need to to be like Malaysia

and get our men squared away and I

really mean that

you are the vice-chair of God and

extremism is here to stay folks this is

the most extreme Society and I'm talking

about the whole globe right now we're in

the most extreme conditions in human

history we've got extreme eating you

know what we drink now for a in my when

I grew up small was like this medium was

like that large right now the that's

medium they caught a big gulp that's

extreme eating the plates they give

really in restaurants it's enough I used

to eat we remember we used to have ten

people around a plate like that and

they're all walking around they can't

even control themselves anymore

seriously they're having to take out

Victorian seats in the theatres of

England because the American fat behinds

can't fit in them anymore

this is the reality of art really were

extreme we're eating extreme

we're extra look at the extreme sports

in this country you know what Skyy says

you know sky Sky television

it says if your religion is football

then worship with us you know they call

us idiots because our community killed

people over what somebody said about the

Prophet Mohammad's a lie Sam they kill

each other because some football team

beat another football team seriously

these are sofa ha everywhere but what

really what is more stupid to kill over

a stupid football game or to kill

because the greatest person in your life

has been desecrated denigrated they're

both wrong but don't call our people

fools and not call your own people fools

seriously this is extremism in its worst

qualities they have look at the

pornography that they have the

denigration of these poor women you know

the word in Arabic for oppression is

related to the word for prostitute

because processes are the most oppressed

human beings on the planet and there's

sexual slavery all over this planet and

some of the biggest downloaded things on

the Google search engine according to

their own statistics the pornography is

in Muslim countries so what's happened

to people really think about this

we're in extreme conditions we have to

we have to we need the admonition from

our nuts this is real you know the Arabs

say horrible abdomen well I'm sure my

gonna you know that this the the free

man is a slave as long as he desires

other than God and the slave is a free

man as long as he's content this is real

abolition this is what William

Wilberforce his movement needs to be

resurrected but we need liberation from

our own egos Jews Nakamura ma Ferran

it's been an honor

I love you I love this country I want to

see good for this country really and

this government there's there's there's

much to say about the the bad things of

this government and and you know my

criticism I'm against the war in Iran I

want the war to end

I want these British troops home I don't

want them over there I don't want the

American troops over there I am against

this I have always been against it

really I'm completely against it on both


they're both unacceptable it's terrorism

on both sides

they're both terroristic conditions

you're terrorizing people in their homes

really using cluster bombs in Lebanon

this is terrorism and it needs to be

condemned as terrorism and I condemn it

I condemn it really we all condemn it

all of these people condemn it so we

need to recognize that but this this

government has much good in it and and

and our teachers teach us in quinta

phenom it infer AHA in and morality to

zero now if you're in a blessing watch

out you better guard it because once you

lose it it's gone and disobedience is

what causes it to be lost and the Arabs

say that Allah subhana WA Ta'ala he said

that which Dan and Aaron right

Itamar aretha you know an interim if you

don't recognize them then then and now

you are fo kabhi ha you know losing your

blessings is what teaches you your

blessings so before you lose them count

your blessings winter doing a mala net

so ha the sacrum about her and we'll sit

on my little marshmallow