Tafseer of Al-Fatiha

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Event Name: Tafseer of Al-Fatiha
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I found in any shop emotional animal him

Osama Mohawk and I said you know

Mohammedan the shot of an MBA one more

study and in the anonymity cinema

cassabi Hannah Anna alumni animal I am

the owner

I live in Milan Panama or of these in

the enema and in the hospital at the

island since the book of allah to

prophet mohammed salah diem and in a

hadith the terminally relates the hadith

eternity relates and Ali was with the

portal and the portal I said and said

sceptic oh no fit alone Coppola and

Muslim that though there will be

tribulation by portions of a dark night

and in another transmission he said

corruptive about eruptive obama hawawa

that one fitna will make the other one

looks very easy and so Sydney probably

law and who or caramel Allah who said

woman colosseo Mohini Allah for Allah or

man nagaraj Allah is in yellow for Allah

what is the way out

on that day in the father like I said

I'm said to have a lot he he never Omaha

blue comb or hovered over at the comb

would help him on my vehicle he said the

book of allah subhana wa to Anna that

that was the way out and he said in it

is news of those who went before you and

also of those who will come after you


oh ma public Omaha bro methodical and

the the way that it's news of the people

that will come after us is that thus

women of our loss of the anna wa ta'ala

don't change so any group mentioned in

the quran that i mentioned not for

historical purposes

forever because the Quran is not a

history book although it has history in

it its function isn't to teach us

history its function is to teach us the

sunan of allah subhanallah diana so that

we can apply that Sunan to any situation

that we find ourselves in because

situations only change in terms of names

places and people but in terms of wealth

or the states there they never change

they're always the same boom is born in

whatever language whatever country

oppression is oppression thrown is a

historical figure but it's also an

archetypal embodiment of a a behavioral

pattern which is oppressive by nature

and so this is what the quran is laying

out and then I'll love the Hannah with

the Anna gave us a book within the book

because in the Quran Allah says it that

he gave us this vast Quran but also

these oft repeated or sub out the sub

and Mitani the oft-repeated dude one or

coupled verses and those are the verses

of surah al-fatiha so what I wanted to

do was just look a little bit about


and just maybe look at it from a

slightly different perspective than some

of us have been used to looking at it

that Fatiha is in the Arabic language

called issome sign and it has to do with

action it's not a it is translated

sometimes as the opening but it actually

is the opener it's an active form it's

it's doing something

al-fatiha is doing something but the Hat

yes tell the whole fact at home the

Arabs would say that it has feminine

because flora is feminine so it's sort

of an Fatiha

and there's difference of opinion about

whether it was a Mecca nor a Metheny

surah we know

most of the Meccans photos deal with a

cottage and things like that and the the

Metheny soul does tend to deal more with

the icon and things like that but the

Fatiha itself is a summation of the

Quran of the entire Quran this is what

it is in seven ayah and it's one of the

characteristic that merges at are those

disempowering elements of the Quran

because the Quran is a book that

completely disempowered creation to come

with the likes of it and the majority of

the people of Bulava are of the opinion

that the incapacitating nature of the

Quran is that it is not within human

capacity to come with the likes of it

linguistically or with its meaning

either one and certainly not the two


the Mozilla believes that it that Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala has just made it made

the creation incapable of doing it and

some are shoddy and others actually

considered that the eloquence it wasn't

that it was incomparable but that human

beings were just unable to come with

likes of it but it's not that's really a

weak opinion so exactly how opens up the

book and it tells us what the book is

about and that's why it begins and

there's difference of opinion again here

at this point because Imam Shafi

although everybody is in agreement that

the disorder has seven verses everybody

because the Quran says that and the

forward soul item said it in the hadith

but the difference of opinion lies in

whether the bismillah nama hain is a

verse from the Quran me mom at Aqaba

Lana did not consider the bismillah I

remember him from the Quran they

considered that was what they call

philosophy Bennis or it was just

something that was a

delimiting the the soap the sewer

themself or breaking them so that we

know where they are

and that's why in the the rewrite of

NASA which is the revived the people of


they don't recite the bismillah nothing

when they move from one surah to another

the other opinion which is amongst a

phrase or the line is that it is a it is

a I affirm the fatiha

and this why even share a considers it

wiser to read this phenomena hain in the

in the prayer and in ematic actually

considered at macro to read it that's

the his his opinion most of the people

the oedema from within his school

consider it good to read the this

phenomena he for a principle little

circle called Mariah xxx where you if

you have a difference of opinion about

time then the Imams tend to say it's

better to do that thing to get you out

of the ass that's why there's a

story of an imam who used to demand that

he lead the prayer which is unbecoming

really of a scholar to want to be

leading the prayer and and some people

asked him about that why he always

walked demanded that he'd be the one

that read the prayer and he said that if

he if he prayed behind the imam and he

didn't read the fatiha out of Omaha nifa

school because our hanifa says you

shouldn't read the fatiha behind the

imam whether it's early or a Gerry

prayer and he was worried that when he

met them on yon Okayama that Imam Shafi

would give him a hard time you're a

typical because he didn't read the fat

ass and he said but if he read the

fatiha he was worried that his Imam Abu

Hanifa would be upset with him that he

left his so he said I worked out that

the only way that I could please both of

them is if I led the prayer

then I read the Fatiha in any case and

they're both agreed upon by that so

these are all variances but in my shadow

above the line considered it begins with

this men outnumber him and this man I'll

remember him is literally beginning with

the name of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala now

this is important in turn of the one the

hadith that says Kudo ammidon vidalin

then you've got the bismillah and I

already this milla organ hamdulillah

there's another ey but I'm doing that

for up top or edge them or there's

different 3-wire but they all have the

basic meaning that any action of any

concern that doesn't begin with

bismillah r-rahman r-rahim has no its

uptil it has no barakah that there's no

good can come out of it so the idea is

that every action that the movement does

because all of his actions should be you

know to abandon

should be worthy of being done that he

does if this mean that and that's why

the photos of myself would say bismillah

constantly his actions were in the name

of Allah and the first revelation we


Okara and then this miracle lady Hana

so even the acara is in the name of

allah the name of our lord the one who

created so the quran begins then with

this Malaya white manual Wahine it comes

with Ishmael gelada which is almost

piano at the Anna and Eastman gelada is

a name that indicates the essence of

allah subhana wa ta'ala it is not an

attribute of name

there is no attribute related to it and

the dominant opinion the most powerful

one is that it is a proper name that has

no oyster pop because we know most of

your arabs if not all of you then in the

arabic language names come out their

derivatives and depending on whether

you're a crew from our bus run in the

grammatical schools whether the Muscat

is from the world

or from the noun is going to you know

change how you how you proceed that but

the point is is that the name of ma who

some especially the most racially thing

the audience's like to say that Allah

came from and Allah and obviously you

can see the Michele akka of Eddie

Flemming ha in Le la and they'd say it

was either arm that you got the

annexation of the the lam and then it

becomes Allah but that really oh they

can't hear they should just the prophets

of lisen he had people sitting this one

alright I'll try to speak up where were

a little is mention Allah Allah subhana

WA Ta'ala is a name that really does not

have ish to hoc a derivative in some of

them say the Quran itself is not a step

up it doesn't it's not derived out of

some say it comes from afar in my

Monsieur he was at the opinion that it

was like a torah or injeel that it was a

proper name and did not it wasn't a

Muscat of Cara but Allah is unique in

that that lamb is the only lamb of to

fame in the Arabic language

it's an emphatic lamb you say Omar and

you don't say a laugh which normally

that's the way the Arabs would pronounce

a word with the lamb but here they say

Allah and that caffeine is in order to

because of the what those tough team

letters do the emphatic letters is that


they give a grandiosity to the world and

so allah then this this beginning in the

name of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala now the

name actually is moon is interesting

also because this is what Adam was given

is that the ability of symbolic thought

which is what the essence of naming is

naming is taking a symbol which is

linguistic and applying it to something

which is either material or empirical

that we can feel or it's abstract

animals can't do that animals cannot use

symbolic language human beings have

basically three dominant modes of

symbolic language we have linguistic

which is the highest and then we have

mathematics which is under linguistics

the 20th century or really the Western

civilization is a civilization which has

elevated mathematics over language

language has taken a secondary place and

even one of the unfortunate travesties


our age is Muslims trying to prove that

the Quran is a mathematical miracle you

see I mean this is something based on

this feeling of inferiority before the

god of science of modern science which

is mathematic and this comes from

Descartes and Newton and all these

people that elevated mathematics as the

only real way of knowing reality because

mathematics was precise and exact when

all those people didn't know Arabic

because Arabic is exact and precise in a

way that language can't come close to

and this is why the Logies of the quran

is a linguistic where Jesus the Prophet

said in psycho-emotional Metin Omiya

land approval what an axial we're an


that does not right meaning the elves

were divided attorney general sulla he

sent from among the unlettered a


he's a nano lady who Allah left to go we

don't calculate and we don't read and

for this reason the alumni traditionally

did not like mathematical formulas with

the Quran because you can go insane

looking at the objetive right every

letter in Arabic has a leaf is one that

is - every letter has a numerical

equivalent and there's whole animal hold

which some other maga involved in its

like Jewish Kabbalistic writings that is

really even a dust when he was asked

about surah in the enzyme now he laid it

for Qatar he said that it's almost 27

tonight and somebody asked him how and

he said because the letter here which

lailatul coded as a feminine here is Val

Merrill and one net it's the feminine

pronoun and here is the 27th letter in

the surah and constantly says how the

momentum relation maneuver and this is

salt that goes on knowledge and it's not

real sound knowledge this is just like

it's interesting but it's not something

that we should go delve deeply into

hurricane both are not they own so this

whole number 19 and the proof of it is

the man who started that whole thing

literally went completely crazy and lost

his whole balance and declared he

actually took I is out because they

didn't fit into his computations and

things like that so the issue in this

mean that there is in the name of Allah

right there is how it begins because we

know our loss of the anima Tana through

the power of symbolic understanding we

cannot know of us of Hanna wa ta'ala as

we know things we cannot know a lot as

we know a tape recorder if the

somebody that knows electrical

engineering or how we know the world

that we're in what grass is the texture

the color the qualities I mean essences

are hard to understand even with things

but without loss of Hanover to honor the

only way we can know Allah is through

symbolic language and this is why I was

behind without a forbade what are called

Kim fad and I feel if Raheem's question

he asked and what are these can idea I

had to hit the Matthew he asked him what

are these Timothy lanta microphone I

they have that you're assiduously

observing now Tim pal in Arabic means to

represent something else in other words

the origin of idols is not that people

worship the idol itself the idol is only

a concrete abstraction it's a concrete

symbol for something other than the idea

itself and this is the beginning of

idolatry is that people want to make

something lyokha Ramona you know Maha

Zuffa just something that will draw us

near this is what the aircraft or even a

fan and this is why Allah strikes about

a ballon netherland see Megan is a an

analogical symbol for something we know

to let us know something we don't know

if you can understand something that you

already know and then the person can

explain to you how it's similar to this

thing that you don't know you say oh

I've got it

it's like this this is what all the

strikes in it but they say committee he

shape and this is why that Tim tile is

impossible for Allah Allah has forbidden

people to make analogies of Allah

subhanAllah Donna but Allah allows

linguistic analogy in the Quran Allah

strikes many similitudes within light

Metrolina Allah has the highest

similitude Allah is called mini Kiyomi

Deen the king of the Day of Judgment

mimic we

and the concept of merit because of

human being laser committed in ishe one

who was Samia Lodi Oh Samia and Vasya

there is no thing like Allah subhana wa

tada no thing because a thing in itself

is comes out of non-existence and Allah

did not blame me I did what I'm you that

he did not come out of non-existence a

thing in itself comes out of

non-existence if you look at the word

thing say it's the must bar or the

verbal noun of shyah shyah shyah in

other words allows mushiya is what

brought the asha into existence and that

is why they succumb it to the shape

there is no thing like Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala and the eye is crucial and height

equal in the ledge up that in that is

called a stiffener because it's

different from Stefan Erdmann

effect is different from is definite and

muscle in the Arabic language in the

English language you can't say that if I

say everything he was perishing except

the witch of Allah in English we

understand that the wedge is like it's a

thing from amongst the thing in the

Arabic language you have a certain type

of a stiffener exception that is broken

it actually breaks it's not from the

Jin's like our law says that he

commanded the angels to bow down to Adam

fest as you do in that you breathe now

we know you please scan a minute Jim he

was from the team he wasn't from the

angel this is what they call it is

stiffness and want to put that so this

is why Allah says they all said it with

melee attack lemmy and all of them down

but in that you please didn't make sense

depth because we say I'm alone in let

him out the people got up except the

donkey the don't you not from the people

but this is a type of linguistic City do

sink recede that the Arabic language has

that other languages don't have and so

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala is not like

anything but yet Allah has has given a

similitude in the Quran so through the

insert and in some if you look the

sorceress some man you send me this is

how we name the root is the same way we

get from the center from the summer

because the Samara from the summer is

where the power of symbolic articulation

comes Allah says are what men howl upon

in San a lemon for a rock man a lemon

for on Hanukkah in scent and level will

die and the merciful animal Quran he has

put this pot on down as a a lava but

also he taught it

it's an emits a sign in itself but also

he taught it to the human we ha upon in

San he created the human being out of

nothing that's what I need out of

nothing there was no thing almost

Vanuatu under created the human being

and there Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says

and remember who died and Allah gave us

the ability to articulate this is animal

I'm gonna adamant as smart he taught

Adam the Ozma the ability to

differentiate because differentiation

comes from white from our sanatana or

else we would just be like of the Heian

who cannot differentiate except on a

very crude materialistic level but we

have this ability to do send me but

allah has given us his name

this moon laughs and then al rahman al

rahim we move into the attribute how do

we know a lot we don't know Allah s ins

Abu Bakr was severe Orellana said and

Angela and Iraqi he ever aku well

however he quitted aloni Ishihara qu our

inability to comprehend Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala is our comprehension about my

family and all are ignorant

at speaking about the Coon of Allah the

nature of Allah is a shock that is

Association because whatever we say

about Allah it's incorrect then I

thought that I'd be valid in sand for

now see that without it anything that

occurs to the human beings mind

intellect comprehension or lies other

than that this is why the Muslim stops

the names of Allah or culturally Theia

in our Arpita we cannot give a lot a

name that Allah has not given in himself

we cannot say that our bias for instance

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala is whatever

cruel we cannot say allies cruel even if

the human existential experience of a

lot is that he's cool because I end up

on Eid ve I named the opinion of my

slave if the slave believe that our

lives cruel then I love will confirm

that for him he will he will confirm


remember paella in the particle Malcolm

your fire is with you you see the people

they were taking fire by your radical

we've taken about Amin from you

hi Erica Malcolm your fire is from you

digits are projected from your own nuts

it's not reality and so your fire is

with you the same way if Allah if people

perceive Allah if they believe that all

eyes crew like the Jun's think that

Allah has done all these terrible things

to them you see this is what they say

that's why they have a hundred upon them

because they curse a lot limit Allah

they say his hand is tied on place they

say that all must banana without his

head they say about Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala this big on and on I don't want

to get into what did you say but but the

point is is that we stop where Allah has

stopped we nice bits now all along super

handle with the other FINA see who fear

the idea will he see that eg when I

could one already I'm riding that number

will be higher

I don't want idea I don't see that to

hear while accretion we start where

Allah has stopped we don't go into

investigating the

each of our minds essence the nature of

his attributes so I watch other then

this Manoa Manawa him that the man is

this this is his Universal attribute of

lagna among Vanuatu anna has all and

this is important in terms of

understanding katakana and shall argue

to this that over a la semana rita

Anna's her Bob is his heart now mcdougal

Allen us serve all eternity

Oh Oliver trauma Tijara be the Rama Rama

is over his anger now anger album and

then shall all get to this anger is

about justice and now and I want to

return to that theme when we get to

Raven monk do the illusion but Allah

says now if we want to understand the

essence of Rama of human Ozma where does

Rama come from the essence of human

right now is from the Russian Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala toward the Russian

itself the womb and this is the

archetypal womb from which all the

wounds of women come from Allah told

this or ahem I'd shut I'd shut to add

shikaku is meki

mean is Nia Rahman from enokitake apart

to who I have taken your name Russian

and this is a proof this hadith is a

proof that the Arabic language is tell

PT a-- also some of the early my

considered it was most allah honey it

means that people just kind of agreed to

call something a married out or a who on

or a minbar or to whatever what the the

soundest believe is that the language

itself is from ye that these Allah has

given this language in there and Zen

al-quran and out of here Nanako taka-kun

Arabic has a unique capacity in

igniting the intellect by its nature

because of age as because of habit

because of on out all these different

elements of their decline which that are

not found particularly in the European

languages like English I mean Arabic the

chloride demands that you think it

doesn't let you off easily the Quran

makes you think by its nature in Arabic

this thing you can't understand without

deep contemplation and the proof is you

just open up or on a tuxedo and then you

start seeing where did they get these

meanings from you see because Tufts ears

don't end they just keep going on and on

because the nature of the Arabic

language the more you reflect on it the

more meanings alive you see and Fatiha I

mean just reflecting on Fatiha it's just

new meanings of murder

out of these 7-iron so Allah has made

the Latin the source of Rama almost the

Hamilton says we're talking Martha

because I don't know be what our ham

this is one of the few times what Allah

says because it's our law and something


I'm not mention there's only two times

in the Quran that I know of one is

concerning the parents unless crudely

while you validate this is Laura Bush

Hanukkah which is very rare for a lot to

mention something with his name is that

we thank Allah and we thank our parents

and then in this one that we have

conscious awareness of Allah and we have

conscious awareness of the our home the

home if you see if the insomnia is not

nurtured in the house amongst our

relatives then there's no way it's going

to be exists outside you see if we're

all treating our own blood our own flesh

and blood that have sitteth around and

this is why it's one of the worst things

in the Islamic tradition after a while

again and then up a lot this is one of

the worst things it's mineral kebaya to

do these things is remove you are to cut

people off that have a blood bond with

you why because if you

learn how to live with these people how

can you live with the rest of people

that don't have this bond with you

except that it's a distant bond with

Adam at a setup

I mean how does it if we're not

humanized in the house then how can the

society function where will Ratner come

from if it's not amongst our own flesh

and blood

how can it extend out to the rest of the

society and so this is a Rahman al Rahim

not that shitty that they are now it

doesn't have these actually al Rahman al

Rahim this is the first two essential

attribute of Manas Universal rakhna

calamity was he asked allah sheikh al

rahim is specific mercy was a to 100

lavinia typhoon and allah specifically

decrease it for those who have taqwa

everybody has a la siroque not the rain

comes down the kaffir drinks the

movement drinks the assi drinks the

fires up drinks the well he drinks the

iron injury everybody drinks that's a la

Rama verse the Roma of the Asura Allah

has written it and defeated for the

muttaqeen Canada mock me Nina

AHIMA he is a Rahim they mock me not

with the Catherine so he gives us the

rock man for everybody and then the

rahim for those who believe in him a

hundred in that hair of the enemy we

have time to pray I'm doing


so then our last banana with Diana after

bismillah ar-rahman rahim begins by

handling the ire of the iron mean the

hand is the reason for our existence

that we were created to place our master

panel Diana this is the purpose of human

existence maharaja nanda maharaja didn't

would inter alaria a boon the only

reason that allah says this is theirs

for some ownership for the stem are in

the oven for civilizing the earth and

for nostra million for alvaro sort of

who to see who gives victory to a

Mustang with an ax into his messenger

and here the fundamental purpose is to

worship Allah subhana WA Ta'ala and the

way Allah is worshipped is through and a

hand and a handle here is absolute all

praise al-hamdu the alif laam here is

for mr. rock all of faith Alejandro is

that so even the ham that we see an

individual has if somebody is worthy of

faith the photolysis called muhammad

which is a passive form of that which is

praised and he's also a module from the

superlative form there's some trouble

I'm Eddie and he's also handed our

weather Hamid him when were to add

burden and he also might move and how

good as my little I mean my homemade are

over there all night without Hamidah so

the hand itself is tena it is to play a

lot of handle at the Anna and even if

the creation is praised that it's

praised only found that Allah

subhanAllah diana has manifested some

attributes or characteristic in that in

that person worthy of praise and that's

why it always goes back to our loss of

the handle with

that the Muslims if they're amazed at

something within an individual they say


or masha'Allah or let how lower our

water is that is that and these things

protect from what other line because the

prophet Elijah and said and I know how

the iron is true it's in the more

thematic is Asahi Hadi that the evil eye

is true and so the evil eye comes from

praising something or doing and this is

why in my magic hat on the door of his

house masha'Allah now for what the

eleven that because he was a Jew but he

was an amazing human being and he didn't

want people going in and being amazed at

him and giving him the line so he put

down on mixture when they went into his

house they said ma sha Allah aku what

they ended up and so the hound is what

takes place on the tongue and in the

heart there is a sense of each lab that

comes from the heart or each valve where

somebody is inspired to pray and then

the hand moves up from the heart onto

the tongue and it articulated sugar is a

type of help but it is the hand of the

divine in other words thankfulness this

is why we say alhamdulillah wa

shukrulillah and ham just to Allah and

sugar is to Allah sugar is when the hand

moves to the limbs in other words it's

not simply lip service it's not on the

tongue is actually becomes manifest in

the actions of the human being and this

is why the for instance sugar Nana the

lion is rubber bottom that the lion is a

blessing the eye itself is a blessing

and the sugar at the eye the way that we

praise Allah for the eye is to lower us

from the muharram to not look at the

Muharram those things that Allah has

prohibited so the sugar of the eye is to

lower it from Muharram the sugar of the

ear the thankfulness or the gratitude of

the ear is

listen to her on the he but the new me

Matt the good tan these type of things

and level and lovino home and in that we

body both those are the mantra noon

those who when they hear the home they

just turn away where you the heart of

women jolly we're not honest Adama when

either of people speak to then they just

say peace we don't want to partake in

this I mean this is the attribute of the

moment so this is an a manifestation of

sugar that they go away from level from

vain talk from vain speech from these

type of things the sugar of the hand is

to work work them in the avada of Allah

in what I was behind with a displeased

with Imam Shafi all of the one who said

I learned two things from the people of

Peshawar he said one of them was a

stuffer Allah o Muhammad our society he

said one of them was if my hands either

a man shut up - yeah they yellow hair

shall let me be shocked if I don't

occupy my head in good they occupy me

and evil when walk to say from either

I'm sucked I be here attack and the

other ones that time is the sword if you

don't cut with it it cuts you but the

first one is that if the hands are

occupied and good they'll occupy you in

evil that's the nature so sugar up the

hands is to occupy them in good and

Allah will ask this about that and the

hands will bear witness the eyes will

bear witness there is everything bear

witness against the human being in

living in Santa Anna Nessie bashira well

my idea the human being knows what he's

up to

even if he starts giving excuses so

either if they say the other off bat

minute them the excuse is uglier than

the thing that was done wrong because we

all have excuses life is just filled

with excuses and so the sugar is the

manifestation of hand in the actions and

this is why laia Allah the prophet

Elijah called it without again now the

key to protect when he said when he

kingdom of satin as man every key

it has teeth it's not just the key you

have to have the locksmith filling the

teeth and all the fridge that fits a


you can't just take a key I'm a fat and

go try to open up son and ask Nana

bloody name Allah is acting according to

it is acting according to it is entering

into the Daiya of the people of la la

Haine robot because it's a data that

leaving Nephi leaving hypocrisy all of

these type of things this is the sugar

so alhamdulillah to Allah Lila now this

according to the majority of the ulema

is actually the highest praise there is

a hamdulillah her of the enemy

it's higher than that in a head number

there's a hadith that says and it's in

the sahi after opponent marcado in the

unit macabre the EDA in the law the best

thing that any piranhas when the bunam

and hardly said is like that Allah does

I think but the the way the element or

attack is to mean that because it

contains two heat at home routine idea

of the dial and mean also contains the

heat but it also contains the position

of the move of the maroon now you know

hey mo ba has no mention of Makhlouf but

the rube here is the creation of Allah

and I mean ahem duty now praise be to

Allah alone of banana means the Lord of

all of the world so now we move into

another attribute again Nina and and

Rudy that like the first one gets me

laugh and then a rock nella Brighton how

do we know a lot here and ahem duty that

praise be to Allah how do we know a lot

of gala Hannah me the Lord of all the

work now that is an interesting word

that has different derivations according

to that limit but many of them say it

comes from the word of by U of B

thar be attend not be the one who

nurtures the sustainer the one who

causes things to grow that Allah subhana

WA Ta'ala this is the Tavia of Allah

like one of the poets he said hurry Tony

Falasca Janina acutally table where

Isaiah the hadith

for the hash had Janina you nurtured me

in my room will consider object bad idea

a lie is the first of the of those who

your beak in the last whoever would ask

you the parrot is an interim or being

the mother and the father that's why

sugar goes to them because they're in a

place of tar BIA and through via over

you we call the mother of Bertram ensign

and the fathers are amended this is why

in the surah in the Quran I uh but I

would have been as MIDI keen as he died

he knows a lot begins with of the nest

because everybody anybody can be allowed

we're all wrong

you see if you live in a house and you

have people at your rebel men's if

anybody can be robbed but then I'll

Ruggles the next step

Marikina the king of humanity the lot of

humanity but many of you are up the king

of humanity only a few are kings but

then it I him s that's the white denier

that's the third year of a loss of a

note on that he is the unique and only

God of humankind there is no other god

that laugh you know Allah at a hundred

in dire of the enemy and I'll I mean and

I love is the issue in the throne when I


Adam is what who the one who knows the

one who knows that the item is the one

who knows and you can know many things a

human being can be Adam of one thing and

Jacqueline of another thing Allah is

island with absolute knowledge of

everything the human being knows Allah

through the I am the the iron

is the indication of the island and this

is the way the Muslims have always

understood we believe in allah subhanho

wa taala because of the overwhelming

proofs you Judah who like even answer

says woohoo the who Danny no father had

written food hider to cooling like that

in the asana no header that mean FC had

acquired the stamatis how you were rich

Hanna that this existence has an

absolute proof of our loss behind

autonomous existence that every created

thing needs a creator yet that could

look like that the adjutant era not did

Kula island the adjutant Eli Allen or

else it kept the island nothing can

exist in a passive state nothing can

exist in a passive state and therefore

the world in how we know Allah subhana

WA Ta'ala that he exists his true movie

at all taken at how to do Lelaina hunger

Organa is an asari like the Bedouin Imam

Shia as he lived with the Bedouins 17

years with Bennett Ameen studying the

Arabic language Imam Shafi this is what

the cross living with the Bedouin eating

the Bedouin food for 17 years in order

to master the Arabic language in the

Battle of miss and this better when he

hasn't came out of tar abduch and he

said I've got a to tadoule island back

here Rollo's that whatever Allah hey Mia

well answer I follow to the island

Mercier has him out with that to abroad

well good that to see judge well I put

on that would unwise and I love what

people have you this bedroom and he said

the camel dung tells me there was a

camel there the donkey down tells me

there was a donkey there footsteps in

the in the sand tell me that there were

people walking by or something walking

by he said so

look at this guy with all of these

perfect constellations and the earth

with all of these valleys and Travis's

and places to traverse and this ocean

with all of these ways

doesn't this indicate that leave the

Xavier this is East Atlanta this is how

this simple human being understood that

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala existed and many

it's only very arrogant people yeah I do

behalf you see they they reject it but

they connect one person their own selves

know the truth of it you see for L knew

that that he wasn't it enough in one of

the counter is a teacher chef mapa

hydrostan within Mauritania he said that

so I didn't like the fact he had to go

to the toilet because it wasn't

befitting he said an Arabic Allah Allah

I'm your were the Most High and so he

brought his physicians together and said

how can I get out of this I've got it

and they said eat the most bananas so

they said he ate bananas for forty days

and then he had a big problem so the

human being gets arrogant the Atheist

becomes arrogant eight years of there's

a type of arrogance because they're

rejecting something that is the most

obvious and fundamental aspect of their

existence that they were created I

cannot say I wasn't created now if I say

well my father created me and his father

before him created him and his father

but that's what they called oh you see

it just to censor it just keeps going

back and where do you stop now they

admit there was a first man they're

calling him Adam recently they published

in the scientific journal they realized

there's a first man will meet this old

news for us

can we welcome to the with a new world

order you know this old news what a

Muslim and then before that they said

there was a first moment where we knew

that is wrong because it doesn't take


realize exponential growth factor that

they are then their statistic love to

talk about this growing population where

did it all start with to human being

that's it that's where it all came from

kabukiman atom-by-atom in 12 and all of

you are from Adam and Adam is from Torah

so our muscle panel at the Anna is more

of all the world and these world are the

indications of our super hanumakonda

this is how we know allah subhanallah

diana and this is the blessing the

intellect was given to the human being

to identify his war but we need a way in

order to get us on the right path at

home did not help the enemy this is the

first thing to know your mom in the

world your station in the world to know

who you are

you are more who you are created you

will die you will be raised out this is

the Mahad of knowing that you are more

rule and this is the mom of the

Ahmadiyya of knowing that you are not my

food but the round wants to be my group

there are people out there they want to

be worshipped they want to will kiss the

hand they want the people to gobble at

their feet and these are the people are

Allah says them that your mince colitis

and them clean your just from some chain

of dirt of mud and water mixed together

remain Mahim from a riot fluid you came

out meléndez up who do you think you are

a lot tells these people get down off

your high horse

in your Roger Brian is the one Nigella

I'm Pharisee he he comes down off his

high horse and gets to the earth puts

his feet on the ground doesn't get

raised up above the earth where he came

from from the dust that he came up

that's all Roger and all these other

people just playing games trying to be

aware trying to be aware and eyelashes

know being a Roger

be a many Adam be either mean don't we

think that your God think that so this

is accepting the no harm of ellebra

enemy once you realize out of the

Lahaina mean and thirteen years a coruña

few hundreds an hour to an hour forty

back in there

how they reflect on the creation of the

heavens and the earth and the create and

the changing of the night and the day

when they do this then they realize by

your kuru milwaukee Amanda Holden a

legion of employers typically town where

all the waves the President Bush where's

Gorbachev or whoever they were the kings

of this world where are you now where's

your power where's the Red Army to save


where is their 16 where's the Marines

that are going to come in and make

everything better

who's the king today this is the

question that alive who's the king no

answer comes back because allies in a

minute allies many too young me Dean and

then the young me Dean is the day of

days the day of deaths the day of death

allows day yawn

this is called being this is our

transaction with Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

Kodama - veno - Dan how you transact

with others so will you be transacted

era am emphysema amended of the atomic

memphis sama have mercy with people on

the earth and Allah will have mercy into

heaven how you treat other people

Allah will treat you that's why there's

one man on the Omo fiamma the only thing

he ever did he used to lend people money

that was what he did he was like a

moneylender and those people usually

generally kind of bad people black

hearted people but when his servant he

would send him out and tell him to go

collect the money he would find the man

has do as Hawaii is having a hard time

the servant would come back and he'd say

forget about it so on your family this

man comes he doesn't have any Asuna

except that he used to do that Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala says will I leave him

to be more generous than me

he used to forgive people and now I'm

not going to forgive him and this is to

teach us about the nature of Lima which

is what we're going to get to at the end

of this surah MIDI key young needy the

day the debts fall due the day of


Yoma he sad is another word for it

because that is the accounting your

reckoning the profit that has he will

pop that into a house a blue one of them

said why violent or what about a

particular morning Adam didi was sorry

that man if I don't help you do much

reflection about what's going to help

you be serious in this world and how

many to action because your life

disciplines it goes will fit to be

awkward a reality that email combative

initiative will analyze any from Sabu

and think about this

yomo P anima think about it all the time

the progress of mellitus and I'm said

think about now XT Roman decree had him

and let that do much remembrance of the

of the destroyer of delight the

destroyer of pleasure which is dead the

prophets all of ideas that have said ed

to us and do on whose Akuma nos haven't

for more consider yourselves already in

the grave be ready now for your death

because it comes for the attend it comes

without any warning the angel comes and

takes the soul when this acted Cobra

rips it out and this is the reality of

life and so the Prophet SAW hasn't told

us to do these things and he says this

poet said reflect on the bat we're going

to be raised up on the initial will be

gathered together by allah subhanallah

donna one more and one more zine from

Sabu and these balances that will be set

out the has an ad that will be way the

say Yap that will be way at a


and ruthless man Athena weathermen

Daenerys Corolla the one who has nothing

is the one who has no dinner and their

ham with that the prophets of Iceland

said and will assume an Ummah teaming at

iupi Arabiya as an auntie he cajeta

Mahad our guru bahasa Wakita ala hada

the one he comes with his asana and Jana

Piana he hits this one he cheated this

one he lied to this one he struck this

one he died bided against this one all

these type of things

fatso huddle Manasseh happy his ass anot

are taken and given to those people that

he was doing things bad to and then when

he has no one has a nap he has to take

their side yes this is because it's

young indeed it's the day when the debts

Paul do is you're mad as hell and so

this is a recognition a deeper once you

realize this is yeah can a Buddha I'm

only gonna worship you if I have to

stand before you on your Mocambo Yomi of

the moon natural Leo behind I mean one

of the human Elena Allah Adam one of the

early set up one of the Emir's came into

the mission of the Prophet and everybody

got up except even Elena I think it's

him Aloha and somebody asked him why

don't you get up because p.m. did

Khurram and all these there's fat wads

about this if even the Imam and nori has

a fatwa about getting up for people but

the point is he said I was about to and

then I remembered Allah saying yo Mia

for - you know about the day that we

have to get up before the Lord of all

the world who is this one like a

so then the while he was called happy

without one of the most eloquent of the

Arabs they have a myth they say Ottomans

took them

that's how eloquent he was and he was in

the presence of Maori and the while we

asked him to give a talk and he said

bring me a stick a staff and the had the

Chamberlain said what my battle could be

also a man Ameer al-mumineen what do you

need with outside in front of the mirror

and what we need and and he said nobody

knows have you also I'm not going to add

I mean where does Moussa need a house on

top of the Lord of the world so this is

an analogy a metaphor that people they

go in presence of the king they have hey

Bob you see Kings have hey Bob if you've

ever been to emerge this and I hope you

never have to but if you've ever been to

a measure of an ear or one of these

things like I was in a car and went into

the mud seas and same in Abu Dhabi and

these are like oon a wound I mean

they're not real I'm your girl like

little Amira but you go in there and you

see people really nervous hearts beating

people really ready to jump why Eva

they have Haga when laid yeah yeah even

really and they he relates them walking

on manic he met up doc Nana Dasha

but Leonard Apple was a grave

Amira's called Socorro Qureshi and he

had he fled from the vineyard Basia when

they took over he went to Angelou SIA

and he starts a new Sonata of animal

mania but he his message was very full

of Ava and he was a righteous man when

when Chris is used to visit he had a

special way at one of the Christian

ambassadors who wrote his chronicles

about this visited him there were 100

soldiers with their sword over he had to

under and then when he got there he came

to the palace and he kept going through

the highly these small chambers until

vana got to a big room and then they

went out of that room outside and there

was a small little hat and then he went

into this hat and there was a man there

sitting on the ground and he had the on

he had a fire and he had a sword and it

was an empty room and he came and he

said tell him through the translator he

said tell him this is the amudha must be

mean this is the Amir of the Muslim he

said tell him that we have a simple

method we call people to this book if

they don't want to follow the book then

we tell them that they pay as jizya and

we protect them if they don't want our

protection then we take this up and we

fight them and he pointed to the sword

he said if we fight him with this they

have a big problem if they died because

they enter that and he pointed to the

fire and then without documents very

simple very clear yeah even Yaya said

when I went into the mud Gees of

Maradona meh it too I hadn't come here

batido who he said I never felt so much

Hema and there's something Allah gives

people not just King someone I have a

hater like this people get afraid of

them he said when I visited Medina and

went in traumatic smudge this he said

what why Estrela to make this I'm an

adult under madacorp the lon then he

said I did ice the measures of aback

Nana doesn't became little in my eyes

insignificant when I saw Manik that was

the hang of the element of ie mama is

called Amy remote means and hadith and

this was the haber of islam as if it is

now so I want to Vanuatu anna says then

yeah and I will do to you alone we

worship to you alone we worship this

value is to Allah subhanAllah

alone and this is what frees the human

being Jelena Adam body taco ceases di

Bernardo apparently Hideki emulous

ocarina Vasudha occupy yourself

with Maya Dada with my worship and I

will fill your vest with wealth and I

will take care of your poverty and

another ID says mandala whom o muhammad

why then couple bahudha who sat on who

moon the one that makes his anxieties

one anxiety of meeting allah subhanallah

donna Allah takes care of his worldly

anxiety so this state of a gigantic

Buddha this is the mo bomb of the one

who is fearing the day that he has to

stand before allah subhanho wa taala

more of all the world the one who allah

subhanallah donna is his lord that is

the one that everything is his servant

and the one who is the servant of dunya

then everything becomes his Lord this is

the paradox of creation if you take a

lot as abroad then everything becomes

out for you but if you take everything

as a rug any creative thing as a rug you

become the slave of everything and this

is the worst type of existence the one

who has fear of Allah doesn't have fear

of creation they don't fear their

provision they don't fear the king the

Malou any of these type of things so a

yak and I will do what you can destiny

then the is Dianna is to Allah subhana

WA Ta'ala not just the worship but the

is Tiana and this is again the - a

double aah we seek refuge in Allah we

seek Allah we seek the help from Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala

this does not negate a lot of it as well

the Prophet SAW Lyda slam he took short

off from his people he broke the hand up

he did all of these things these are as

bad but the difference of the one who

has is Tiana with Allah his hope is not

in the ASVAB Athena

and wa tada he takes the ASVAB the means

the causes but he doesn't place his

pepper in the US bath he placed his

pepper in the Messiah who is Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala the one who causes

things to happen and this is why over

the Dakota ATM Lancome Allah can prevent

them from finding you even if they have

power you see Allah can get Bosnian he

can have the Serb start fighting the

Croatian and all I can do whatever he

wants so the s Tiana is with Allah and

with nothing other than Allah yeah and I

will do what ya can dust I mean once

this is sound then we need how then do

we worship Allah and how do we seek us

out it'd be no cellphones the people

guide us on the sell out on the stock

team which is the middle way kadai

Takeda an Akuma Tomas Appa we have made

you a middle old man now the neuroma is

between two things like saying Annie

said Al Haig Elena shall raign good is

between two evil if God were tough real

too much and too little and this is

where the majority of Muslims fall into

that either doing too much which in

these days is very few would they call

Hulu 15 the people that go to the

extreme and the D language said the

Heather Dean adam-11 Allah so yes pseudo

whether to ask you no one will try to

take on this whole Dean all the aspects

of it except that he'll be wiped out

it'll overwhelm him so just make it easy

for people and don't make it difficult

for people and that's the Sunnah of the

Prophet Allah I said he was me yes sir

and he wasn't more as hell for people he

did not make things hard for people so

Allah subhanAllah to Allah says then a

hedonist are often stuck in this middle

path this hair off and Mustafina

it's based on easter hama the prophet

sala item was asked a man he said give

me some counsel he said full and I meant

to be dying to mr. allodynia faloona or

gonna love them as per farmer those who

say our Lord is Allah and then

ugh right there people of the scarf and

mr. Payne

so those are the people who have success

in the next world and this is the army

is based on two things it revolves

around two fundamental elements in the

deen of islam Salah and zakah all of

these tianmen revolves around Salah and

zakah if you're doing sold out properly

and and I emphasize properly in most

erotic and in fact shot will make up so

lot by its nature prevents people from

doing that thing so if the armor is

foundational in the prayer that it's

being done right one man they came to

the pole and he said so-and-so prays at

night and then he cheats in the daytime

he said certain hell the prayer and the

night will prevent him if he keeps doing

it it's going to prevent him or he'll

leave the prayer but the two don't go

together but this is real prayer this is

a mechanical automatic robotic prayer if

the prayer was just with the body then

we can get a GM or something to make not

just alarm clocks but like prayer prayer

robots that you contain them you can

even give the whole time for the same

every like computer program and then

they just go through the mechanical

motions if not all prayer was then who

needs prayer if it's just these

mechanical motion the prayer has to have

a rule it has to have a spirit so this

and then the Zeca your individual

responsibility without loss of Ana with

talent in the purification of yourself

the essence of purifications itself is

impaired at Ischia and then you move to

the purification of the society which is

embodied in zakat so this is antennal

Sabbath on the stopping then Allah goes

into a beautiful exposition of the two

ways human beings go astray

Rayden moldovia dirham shut up and

Libyan an entire a him mañana de no

sadef inertia halal slaughter and that

is the one of the prophets and the right

and the martyrs and those two-for-one

then Allah says Haider mahabodhi I need

model body the later model beyond even

this is min Janet a default these people

go to an excess in their pickiness and

their embodied archetype early in the

Jewish rabbinical syndrome the rabbi of

the one who just condemned everybody

else you see this is the rabbi he

learned all the laws so that he can find

fault in everybody's Dean you see an

even Tamiya a similar law said that our

our people go straight to a the people

of Islam go straight to ways like the

Jews were war the Faja who don't

practice what they preach that's the one

way that's like the rabbi the

who's telling everybody what to do and

he doesn't do anything and not having

knowledge and not acting on it and then

the other one is the abbot you ignorant

worshipper which is embodied in the

archetype of the Christian fall upon me

so the first one is the fatty Laden

MacDougal or the rabbi or whoever you

see it's the spastic element in the

human being that wants to learn all the

rules so that they can terrorize other

people with them you see now waiting

room is fundamental the the reason that

they do this is that they want if you

ask them why do you want people to

follow the rules so they say so they're

destined because the essence of law is

the establishment of justice the essence

of justice is humble you cannot have

justice established without the other

this is why their mobile enum you see

what the what the Jewish syndrome in


if you read their own look because

they've recorded their own they're

always complaining about everybody else

you see the Germans terrorize them these

people tonight the Arabs here and I

found this the Europeans everybody is

always everybody else they never look at

themselves maybe there's a reason why

people don't like you I mean when the

whole rule given see they think that

this thing what they call anti-semitism

is some irrational thing in the human

being like human beings are just create

an anti-semitic I mean why did

necessitate that we reject that idea you

know I mean human beings aren't that we

have many irrational aspects but I don't

certainly don't think that this idea

that we're somehow human beings are

don't like Jewish people is not it's

just not feasible so they're asked by

Allah to look at themselves if you don't

want to look at yourself but you want to

condemn and curse everybody else this

brings on the wrath of Allah that will

be a health Amendment Allah you return

with a anger from Allah so behind

without it because you're condemning

everybody else and you're not rectifying

your own self this is the Jewish

archetype and I'm not saying that all

Jewish people fit into this or there's

you know I mean I'm reading a book now

by this man is Haqq is far

Ian which I would recommend to anybody

called Jewish history Jewish religion

this is a man of very high moral

conscientiousness and the prophets Allah

I said I'm praised Jewish to some Jewish

people at his time and we know that some

of the rabbi's became Muslim and

admitted the truth of Islam but some of

them didn't one of them fought in the

Battle of Akkad and the Prophet said who

hate Oh home because the rest of them

they didn't go out Allah says in the

Quran that some of them that they will

give if you entrust them with a trust of

a power of money or something and und he

like you know you can trust them then

you'll give it back to you and other

you have to be right there with them all

the time well there's a lot of Muslims

like that I mean that's not good you

don't have any monopoly on that I mean

there's people that do so the point is

not to say you know this blanket

statement I will talk about is

archetypes that's what we want to

understand here is that this is embodied

in the Jewish archetype and the Muslim

can certainly be like that that's why we

the forward said I'm to mesh Muhammad

indeed that is Aria you are the most

like bunnies are ear of all the women

that's a heavy sigh we're the most liked

video so I am and he said that today in

the home had we not even a leaf pattern

Academy Melton or any other Kahneman

omitting them sana as a Dakota mapa even

if one of them you will follow them to

such a degree of one of them he has some

physical relation with his mother that

there would be somebody from my Ummah

imitative just to the idea I mean so

he's telling that don't condemn them if

you are like them what superiority do

you have if you're behaving just like

them and say over there dude and I'm a

Muslim no that's not justice that's not

justice or superiority ISM to havea and

it where the same in Messiah the

hanahuna like Omar said you just Elena

the Messiah huh then I wasn't a no Dada

gives victory over of our enemies over

us because our hotel is not in a worldly

thing it's in otherworldly think that's

in our is the armor so this embodiment

of this all of it is about the bottom

now if you look at home retinol haha

alright even our Hawk are for the Muslim

we would say if you want to think of

those two things that really symbolize

Alma we would say a hobbit and Hayden

honor is known for his daughter he gets


easily and so many stories in the

tradition we're all mothers getting

angry but he's also known for Adam

because that you you will not establish

justice if you don't have indignation if

you don't get angry you see if you just

sit around and say you know nowadays

boss hip-hop doesn't really matter no

big deal who's going to get up and

change the situation but the limit says

I still along then you can't do that you

can't just steal that from him you can't

cheat like that you can't that you get

angry and that anger becomes bad that's

why the movement the are probably not he

becomes angry for Allah and that's why

Allah has two characteristic attributes

that are written on his throne aroma and

huh because the hubbub is about justice

that Allah wants to rectify and make

things right and that's what your Medina

is about we're Genesis established from

the hollyball Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

but Allah reminds us if he's going to

get angry at them do you think he's not

going to get angry at you do you think

that you're so perfect that you're so

outside of this situation or behavioral

patterns that you won't also incur the

wrath of Allah so this is the danger of

entering into this more arm of MacDougal

'him is that once you begin to criticize

everybody else and forget your own self

you incur the wrath of Allah

evening of all of your pious items all

right if anything you criticize is

correct you can be absolutely perfect in

your criticism but if you're not looking

at yourself then what benefit of it is

then the next thing what about me now

this is the other way that people go

straight which is embodied

archetypically in the christian

according to the hadith the mausoleum

are the jew and those who follow them in

their way and their behavior and Valene


Christian nobody mean or people like the

abbot there people who don't have they

don't have knowledge but yet they act

they do whatever they want the prophets

of light is that I'm said for even why

doing a shed to either shelf on demand

and fear abot one puppy is worse and

more harsh with chiffon than a thousand

worshippers because the worshiper you

can lead him astray that's why he was

barley now what is the essence of

Christian religion what is the essence

of it you mean tell me somebody what do

they say anyway on their tongue no no

not from an ideological perspective from

the experience of Christian religion you

know I would say that it's love you see

why do you agree with that this is what

the Christians talk about love love

everybody forgive and they never do it

but they talk about it all the time love


forgive turn the other cheek love your

enemy even you see now if you look at

the world I live in the Arabic lines one

of the meanings is to love excessively

you see like in the Quran it says

village is like a barn Tejada one of the

interpretations loving Allah and so

Allah guided you loving a lot without


to worship Allah so Allah guided you so

the bad lean are like the anagen who

loves Allah subhana WA Ta'ala so much

but he doesn't know how to worship Allah

he is just doing that from his own you

see and this is what the embodiment of

the Christian now they can say anything

they want because they don't even have a

academia anymore and the Christian

religion get up and say you know

paradise is an 18-hole golf course and

whatever they want and nobody's going to

argue and no you can't say that and with

it where does it say in the Bible but

you can hear minister saying things like

that you know he's probably on the 18th

hole right now with the Archangel

Gabriel I mean they say stuff like that

why because that bar name they don't

have any Mirada

they have no clue they have no Hawaii

they have nothing's that they base the

religion on this is Marlene now if you

look at the Muslims of how they go

astray our tendency is to go astray like

the Jew model the Iranian not like

LaValley the environment of it is I

would say in this this dialectic between

two fundamental elements within the

Islamic historical tradition the one

element is the Sophia or the motifs

Erica who tend to move towards love you

see there they're teaching it about love

my habit you have to love Allah their

emphasis in our garage are not on hope

and then the other element is the pop

AHA whose emphasis is on hope they want

to warn people they want to get people

to fear Allah the Surya want to get

people to love Allah the foot behind

once we get fear Allah so they act

according to Sharia if you love a lot

too much you'll be get lacks in the

Sharia because you love about someone

how can Allah punish me I love our last

home look a Christian thing Allah will

never punish him so this is the tendency

of the of the severe to move towards

and many of them have went off the deep

end it was a group one of the great Sufi

and a great puppy as well he's called

the maxima to another area

that's his lockup with the ulema the one

who's you know the quality assurance of

the ulama and the Hadiya he's taken care

of both sides because he was a asobi but

he was also copying and he used to say

don't be so feelin puppy the puppy

wounds will be you know that the

emphasis should be on that the Sharia to

protect you so you don't go astray and

he said octoroo staticky having a pariah

Halle crew the majority of people that

take the path of Tazawa they end up

getting destroyed because they go

straight like the abbot they get two

months they get lost you see and then

they say outrageous things they do

because it's fun burrata it's from this

intense valve so you have some of them

saying the most outrageous things called

schiappa hat and then you have the

he over on the other end trying

to pull him over there voted at extreme

the middle way of the Prophet SAW

melodia said now you see the middle way

is that the Dean is not dry Scholastic

book learning that was not the way of

the Sahaba they were not scholars of

books they were men that many of them

only knew a little bit but they

practiced it they implemented it and

they took it out to the people then they

wanted without ayah take even one verse

of the Quran and teach it to people this

was the way of the Sahaba so the animal

distances himself with his books and he

forgets the people and many of the Ummah

this became their characteristic trait

they couldn't even sit with people

because they can't bother themselves

with their petty questions and their

stupidity and their inability to

understand the subtleties of Miami and

Vidya and our old and all these

wonderful things that they spent their

life studying you see and so they do

and this is why within the OMA there had

been two groups of people one group

wonderful kaha and one group from the

severe that they join in this middle way

and they make rectification they become

people of self and stop him and these

people are like in Manila we not doing

no harm who-who was a island of the

people but he was also a man of Rohan


he was a man of deep spiritual intense

spiritual awareness and this man he

wrote books for the masses of people not

like many other who only wrote books for

a very small select group of people he

wrote books for that today are then in

every Masjid in the world I mean look at

this man who was yeah yeah another way

of the alone I mean who was that man who

died at the age of 43 and look what he

left behind he left behind books that

every every righteous Muslim has his

books in his house and I've called every

Nanoha Weah

Ryoga father he shall hawala Imam Muslim

and Moni I unbelievable human being and

a 100 that oppose any or belong a

revival of the Deen these are the people

that came and and reunited and brought

people back this with what these other

who did be do the people that renew the

religion shall at man than polio in the

19th century he renewed the religion in

Africa he was a man of deep spirituality

but a man of England a fifth of

understanding in the Deen now if you

look in the Muslim world now our

tendency is to be where people age right

now we're full of bubble because there

injustice everywhere

I mean muscles are angry seriously

they're angry you could spend some time

in the Muslim world and they're angry

and I need you now

look at our duty now it's unbelievable

and this is from rain it's from huddle

and in many places that's how the

Muslims are just feeling this is too

much we can't take anymore

how much more pleasure that Allah wants

us to remind us with the source of it

with the source of it once you realize

that the source and then and Mahara

where did all this come from all this

must hide for you only

India was equal then your own self in

the line that you wear you know my

deformity layer may be elusive

once we realize that we move into the

momma black man you see and that's why

the right now some up a typography

here's a right now is perceived his

other you see and this is what the

Muslims need to revive in our Deen again

that Allah said the Prophet admitted

that an amine as a mercy to all the

world you see is he is a mercy to the

Jew that you live in the Muslim Ummah

for centuries as a productive human

being wrote books where doctors were

professional people why because they

were under the the boundaries of the

people are limba they were protected

within the Sharia is not the Christian

was the same even the Hindu and the

Buddhists and all these people you see

but the Muslim this is our role is to

establish equilibrium to establish order

and this is what the district on the

stuffing is about is that is the word

equitable in between the Hubble the

model of uranium whoo-hoo become the

ultimate victims and everybody's wrong

except them or the vile mean who become

just people that nothing matters it

doesn't really matter the world's full

of oppression and just this is what the

Christian does they want just to feed

the hungry not get to the source of

oppression why are there

why are there people starving in Somalia

and we don't send rice bags change the

situation I mean this is this is what

other makes you do but if you all might

have better and let's just feed them and

send rice back

you see so this is just a little short

look at the meaning of sort of the

Fatiha and some I'm gonna end there and

tell my boss forgive me if I said


incorrect and yeah maybe I'll take the

same buddy has one question or a vomited

from the system

man I'm conventional assistant I borrow

action and the sister all right one

question from there one or comment I

don't know was it fun sir has other

commitments who have to go we don't

question doesn't - Leila

oh the Alamo

all right maybe

well the the milk is you know it must

seem enactment of the one who asked

about juvenile Rome the juban the cheese

of the people of Rome because they make

it with the hanya with the thing from

the intestine of the animal and he said

that their food was family children

family history little buttons are

located on a URI bouquet domina Arabic

oh that's a beautiful fighter his nan

leave what gives you doubt for what

gives you certainty but about the milk

there was some concern though that I saw

and so I called because they got me

worried I start thinking oh you know

this kosher milk

that means the Jews aren't drinking this

milk then there might be a reason why we

shouldn't drink it and I called the

dairy and the lady told me that well

they just put that on there it's a

Jewish dairy and they put it on there

but they were going to have a rabbi come

on sir I said well is the other milk not

kosher and she said well not really but

we just put on so they're just using it

to sell business you know so it's a

little problematic for me I mean that

need some investigation about what

exactly it is that

are you know there's a principle in

Hannah peacock of esta holla when when

you know the dog falls into a salt yeah

it becomes the salt right and so there's

a lot of thing like that

I mean toothpaste any type thing people

can become extremely neurotic if they

begin to get into all these detail on

the other hand there's something called

one which is the scrupulousness of being

concerned about this the focus of like

him he was asked what is the best way to

make our do I mr. Depp he said like your

phonic you stitch up do I that makes

your food pure and your pair will be

answer that a crochet he said that the

Sami were more concerned about food than

they were about praying at night you

know it was a real major concern for

them in the Catawba zone of the Atma

Devan hanbin but all day long he was

asked a fatwa was it permissible to eat

honey from these that were living in

daughter health and you know it really

wasn't a joke or he wouldn't have

mentioned it in his so he took it

seriously his point was that there were

people that really have what a fear of

Allah that eat they were concerned about

everything that went into their mouth

and he said naturally that he didn't

have problem with that but you know I

think we have to find out for me the

problem with the meat and the milk in

this country more than anything else is

all of these things that they put into

it it's not idea it's not pure they put

hormones there's trace and is the odd

in the milk in this country the cows are

treated I mean really if you go to the

huge dairies and see they they're

getting constant in sections of their

others they're giving them antibiotics

they also give them growth hormone now

they're trying to use these artificial

high measures to increase the milk even

though they don't need increased

production of milk there was already an

overproduction of milk so then you ask

why would they want to give hormone that

they know are going to increase the rate

of utter infection which means

increasing the anti die well the biggest

people behind the lobby to get that

growth hormone legalized was crack you

see that and the reason is because they

can wipe out a lot of competition

because a lot of the smaller dairies if

once they're over production of milk

then milk lights go down and the smaller

dairies can't compete and they go out of

business and the big multinational

corporations get bigger and bigger so

you know for me that's the problem you

need their hormones anymore the errors

here that move to this country they're

avid Arabs like five eight five nine and

one of my surprises when I went on

houses I was towering above a lot of

people like here as American I'm small

you know because I'm only about five

eight and a half five nine American 6263

they were all me like that they'd just

been putting these hormone growth

hormone into the meat and things like

that so people here come here they moved

here the immigrant people come here and

their children come out six two and then

they're saying or must be good nutrition

the village attrition

this one Palatine really is more than

using food in the world

you know rioting blowing up because they

eat all these hormones so seriously is

growth hormone this has been proven

there's a lot of books written on this

the same when they introduced meat into

the Philippines they all grew your

parent chain saying Japanese or small

people by nature now they're all big

giant because American putting their

meat all over in Europe they don't allow

us meat imported in in the common market

because of growth hormones that they

think are dangerous that haven't been

fully studied they think it might be one

of the causes of cancer

there was one researcher in Los Angeles

that actually thought that the increased

homosexuality in this country was due to

the estrogen hormones that they're

putting in meat you know and a low idle

I mean to me a loss and lack of Divini

health in death that Matt is called the

an egg is a it's a command do not change

the creation of Allah I think all that

manipulation is changing I don't think

that you know Muslims have a point where

we stop

we're not anti science we're not anti

progress all these that but we have a

point where we say whoa wait a second

you know but let's think about

manipulating DNA let's think about

taking out hormone taking out DNA

strands that cause bruising in tomatoes

right that is thinking that we can

perfect the creation of Allah Allah says

math amendments of Health you won't see

imperfection in the creation of Allah

you see so I mean Muslims I'm Muslim

scientists I don't believe would have

ever done any of those things this is

just ignorant people playing God in

their laboratory and and that we're

going to suffer from it they're already

killing these from making cross between

African being Brazilian be they're


they're that they've developed from

their own overuse of antibiotics and

things like that so personally you know

I think we have to be very careful about

the food in this country and in 4-iron

sort of the cap when he commands him to

go ask him to go get the food he says

that milk if he wishes the earth come

the purest of the food and found there

what could have been an olive a he said

it means pure and all things the one

that has no harm and also the purest in

content things like that so Muslim

should we should be concerned about with

what we put in our body you know so I

but in terms of you know allowed and

unfortunately I'll tell you and and this

is not RIBA there was a brother in who

was selling the meat without the halal

milk with very good intention he got all

of these because the people doing in Los

Angeles he went and got all of these

customers and then and did a lot of work

and then the whoever was selling the

milk down and I'm not saying this

because I know this for a fact that the

prisoner was selling the milk down in

Los Angeles contacted the people that he

had done all the work giving and he said

let's cut him out of the picture right

and so I'll give it you cheaper price

you see and yeah so to me that tells me

that the man is not have Amana and so

maybe he says no additives Allah on them

I don't know people you know I don't

trust people like that

so I don't know

definitely by the concern Oh

disagreement that the women stat without

any barrier between them the protocol

Dyson put between them to chill the void

the young so beyond that's who we put

between the women now later it was

introduced the Maccabiah they were like

wooden type things put between them and

a lot of that has to do with people not

having adapt you know looking at the

women or something like that now in

Morocco still the willing to go to the

messages in the east in India Pakistan

plays like that it's almost you know

women just don't go to the Masjid where

I was in certain types they just don't

go and in Saudi Arabia sometimes they're

actually prevent they don't like them to

go to the Masjid now the hadith says let

them allotment men and massages do not

forbid the maid servants of Allah to go

to the massages now there's a tradition

of a ie shuttle villain who says if the

COBIT was alive now and it says in this

ayah the proposal was alive today than

he would have pervade them but really

that that she was expecting mobile AMA

because the Prophet knew what was going

to happen you see he doesn't his outcome

is not for some time inflate his problem

is till the end of time and so the women

should not be forbidden to go to the

misogyny if they want to go to the

massages that's a command from the far

left um now is a name the don't prohibit

the women's were going to the massage

especially today because in those days

men were knowledgeable they went back

and they taught their women now a lot of

men don't know anything and and if they

don't know anything and there

don't know anything dasn't we're just

going to stay in this wretched condition

of ignorance you know so I mean there's

a lot of people get into a lot of

debates about these things but well I I

think especially in America to me

there's almost it's at the degree of

absurdity because people going outside

if you want to look at the hard-on you

know you've got plenty to fill your eye

with out there you know you don't need

women walking around in baggy clothes

you know to enjoy your view or something

like I mean something seriously wrong

with you know somebody's a fearful to be

a model you know one of the means of

buzina that they love Xena it's a

disease in the heart that's their

problem if that's your problem

don't don't project it onto everybody

else well in Meineke v which I study and

I don't really I know a little bit of