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Tafsir: Reflections on Surah al-Baqarah

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Event Name: Tafsir: Reflections on Surah al-Baqarah
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Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says in Surat al-baqarah which is ayat 60 to 67 he says, "O you who believe ...".  whenever Allah says ...give out from the good of what you have

earned you see again this is Allah subhana WA Ta'ala is honoring Bani-Adam he's saying give out

from the good of what you have earned

how did you earn it

how did you earn it Allah give you the

Quadra he gave you the end he gave you

the Papa he gave you all the means by

which you earned something so did you

really earn it if I've empowered you to

do everything and then you do it after

I've empowered you to do it

do you really feel like you did it or do

you feel like this person is the one

that enabled me to do this had it not

been for him I couldn't have done it so

in reality that father Leo delayed the

the real benefit of it goes back to that

person but Allah is saying I'm filmin ie

Betty Mecca Septim give out from the

good that you have earned the kiss is

your livelihood right but this can be

you can extend this beyond that because

you can say your knowledge is acquired

unless you're a prophet your knowledge

is acquired right prophecy is rare muck

hyssop you don't earn prophecy it's

given as ammo HEPA from Allah but there

are knowledge is there are there are

more hey blue dunya

there's gifts from Allah but there's

also things that you have earned Imam

Ossama says leonardo alma mater al PLN

Caspian kena omaha bia

it lobby didn't what i been wished he

had that the one attempting seeking

knowledge will not acquire knowledge

whether it's crispy or webby those are

the two types of knowledge whether it's

something you earn or something given to

you as a gift it won't be given to you

without effort even if you look at the

prophecy the prophets will i said i'm

before his message came what was he

doing what was he doing he was

meditating in the cave he was going up

and he was fasting and he was in his

cave and he was meditating he wasn't

sitting in his house he was out looking

for for god

the prophecy wasn't earned he did not

earn it because he was meditating but

you don't even what's given to you as a

gift is given from something that's the

nature of the gifts of Allah subhana WA


is that they're given with effort so was

well-being Caspian can aloha via that's

how you get either one so though you go

out and you earn things now this verse

is same my give at America symptom from

the good of what you have earned what

does that mean what's what does that

mean if you have in in in in when you

look at verses in the Quran you can also

look in many of the verses at what's

known as the moham and mahadeva right

which is the opposite this is the

mephone here monopod key tab here allah

saying give out what you have earned so

what is the what is the opposite of that

what's them of whom and mahadeva if it

says give out from the good then what

does that what is understood there don't

give out from the bad don't give out

from the bat we as yeah I don't even let

him Iook at home they give to Allah what

they don't want for themselves that's

what people do you see people will give

their Dean what do they give to their

Dean it's like somebody in in the East

he said my first son he's brilliant and

he's going to medical school

my second son you know he's good student

he's going to engineering my third son

he's not very intelligent we're sending

him to the madrasah to learn Sharia

that's that's not exaggerated there's

people that's what they do the the now

the people that go to Sharia college are

the people with the lowest grades we do

anything that he might cut a home they

give to Allah what they don't want

that's what Muhammad Rock Azadi the

Egyptian scholar or him oh Allah there

was a brilliant young boy who was blind

and they put him in the allows her

traditionally had a place for blind

people which is beautiful in this

culture what did they do with blind

people they had to beg in the Muslim

world they used to they had special

sections in the Islamic schools for

blind so they could become a dilemma

right and the and one of the things that

blind people Allah gave them real

openings because they don't have the

fitna of the eye they don't look at the

haram so their hearts remain pure but

this young boy went and he was brilliant

student and but they did an operation

and he was cured of his blind because it

wasn't a it was a blindness that could

be treated and he got his sight back and

he was so brilliant they took him out of

the Sharia school and they put him in to

another school to head towards medicine

and Mohammed offers share has that when

he heard that he's a wage I don't even

let my acara home they give to a lot

when he was blind they gave him to Allah

when he got his sight back he goes for

something else so when I lies and give

from the best give from the best of what

you have earned where did you earn it


Allah gave it to you in the first place

one you matters up an alumn you and

Filan from what we give them they give

out so give out good don't give out the

rowdy and this comes from a hadith when

a man came he gave something worthless

as charity and the Prophet said it's

bitsa Mehsana what a terrible thing he's

done right this is not sadaqa this is

like a rummage sale at church now even

some of the mosques in America have

rummage sales would eat what a rummage

that you know the rummage sale is is

when people get the worst things in

their house that they want to to throw

away and they go and donate it to the

church it's just an easy way of dumping

stuff most of it they just throw out so

they give it to the church instead right

that's what they dress a rummage sale

you rummage around look at things you're

not using things that you don't want


people when they're going to throw away

things they all will donate it go donate

it to some I mean people donate mosses

get computers that are you know 186 or

something like that if they even have

that one now it's I don't even know what

it is but they give them these old

computers oh we want to give sadaqa to

the message keep your sadaqa really keep

the sadaqa it's garbage that's all

you're doing you're just getting rid of

your garbage and maybe you want to feel

good about getting rid of your garbage I

don't know but that's not what that's

not what Allah is asking us to give out

he's saying give out Parvati Mecca

symptom from the good of what you have

earned now look at the beauty of the

Sharia when why Adam and Jabbar was sent

to Yemen the prophet sal i said i'm told

him first call them to let it I hate

Allah that's to heed and that's all are

we yet when you go to somebody you don't

say you know what you have to give up

drinking you have to give up fornication

you have to give up he might be enjoying

all those things and then then you tell

him because later I hit a lot G and then

he says when I can't give up all these

things why are you doing that to that

person telling first la la hey la la if

he accepts that he's a Muslim

Laila Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah now

he's a Muslim he can be a bad Muslim

better a bad Muslim than a good cat feel

really is a better to be a bad Muslim

than a good cafe not in this world

right in this world you would prefer a

good cafe to a bad Muslim because of

Mohammed you know you'd rather when if

you have a choice between dealing with a

bad kaffir a good kaffir in his mama dad

he's honest he's upright he's and you

have a bad Muslim you're going to choose

the the good calf here because that's

for dunya but for akhirah that bad

Muslim has better chance right so let

let him in it's like a

she odd Allah said Abdullah from he was

from camera islands he was a scholar

that I met years ago but he was once

somebody one of the Imams at the Central

Mosque asked him to go meet this doctor

English doctor and he went and he said

I've been talking to this man but we

have a problem so he said he went to the

English doctor and he met him and he

said what's what's the problem he said

oh I am is amazing I've been treating

Muslim patients and I really I've read

about it and I just realized that this

is the truth and and there's and he said

humbly lat then you're a Muslim and the

amount was him no no tell him the rest

what you told me he said well I have

problem he said what's that he said you

know I work I'm a physician I do

surgeries I have that praying on those

times is very difficult I just I won't

be able to stop doing things isn't that

he said yeah and what else tell him more

what what else did you tell me he said

well the zakat is fine I don't have any

problem with that I can do that but that

fasting I'm diabetic you know I can't

fast and he sit around it and they said

what else he said what has also he said

I have agoraphobic I don't like to be in

big crowds and idea of going on Hajj is

just too much he said what else he said

well I drink glass of wine every night

you know I've done it all my life and

just and sure how dollar he listen to

all that and then now you can't put

stipulations on coming and slob but

what he told him he said you know what I

can take you around the Muslim world and

introduce you to thousands maybe tens of

thousands of Muslims that don't pray

they don't fast they don't they even

drink they do think but they still

they're Muslim because if you say Leila

Allah Mohammed also by you're Muslim and

that's mr. al Jenna don't let you know

don't put barriers in people coming to

into Islam let them

come into Islam and then let them work

it out that's what the prophets Eliezer

him did there was Sahaba Sahaba that did

not they still kept drinking alcohol

Sahaba it's in sahih bukhari say no Omar

Omar even at her table did the HUD

punishment on his own son for drinking

all might have been a hot Bob a Muslim

can do things that aren't right they're

wrong he's still a Muslim

we're not collage people want the Eman

of angels you know they're Muslim now

they expect if somebody becomes Muslim

they have to be an angel why why you

expect that from somebody just let

people come into Islam and don't expect

anything from them other than Leila hail

allah mohammad rasool allah because if

they believe that according to the

hadith they enter Jenna sooner or later

so he's when he said this man he told

him call them to let you lie hit a lot

why them in German and then he said if

they answer that tell him Allah followed

either him come sorrow what phenom Allah

has made five prayer this is only we had

prioritising now you talk about prayer

he's agreed to tow heed now you Tom

prayer for either add a book if they if

they come to that these are people of

the book he said that you're going to

meet people such as up give you Coleman

a Dickey tab you're going to meet people

that are from the people of the book in

Yemen meaning Jews because there were a

lot of Jews in Yemen call them to this

columns then he said and then if they

answer that tell them that Allah

followed islands ikata

unwary him to Hado min Avenue yah him or

Trudeau era for Cara him what Yakka

baccarat Amy I'm wali him what Yakka

Walker i'ma I'm Wally him and woe to you

in taking the best of their wealth

don't take the best of their wealth

that's why in zakat in the rules of the

count when you learn zakat you take the

middle you don't take the worst and you

don't take the best you take the wassup

of the animals you don't go in and take

the best bulls

they have you don't take the best camels

they have you don't you take them the

middle you don't take the worst we don't

need that he may occur on they give to a

lot what they don't want for themselves

you're relieving them by taking their

weak animals their sick animals no you

take the middle that's what but when

Allah asks us to give when you take you

don't take the best that's right now

from a lot but when he tells us to give

give the best give the best of what you

have for Allah Subhan Allah to ana right

meant by abetemarco septum one in

maharaja Naraku minute are and what we

have brought forth from the earth for

you right that that means as a cut of

harlot the green the the giving zakat of

grain giving zakat of of dates I mean

there's a kidnap a behind for Adela and

said you give zakat to everything that

comes out of the earth and that was his

proof from this ayah the other amounts

have Hadees that they believe hustle so

you know the the hadees' hustle set that

ayah because the eye is am you know the

Amma is a it's general I give out from

what we have brought forth from the

earth for what I am mammal hadith and

don't seek out the foul minho to

amphipoli now what else don't be a seedy

he you wouldn't take it yourselves

don't give out what you yourselves

wouldn't even take right because people

they donate computers that are pieces of

junk they wouldn't take them if somebody

offered them to them why are you giving

it if you wouldn't take it yourself

that's what am i saying why are you

giving something you wouldn't even take

yourself right

what estimable heidi he allah and doe

camille both e and as you overlook it so

something could also the haram if you

give something that's Haram there's

people that take their their uh you know

things that are haram profits that are

Haram is Haram there's hot on profit

they give those out right if you knew

what it was you wouldn't do it but

you'll only take it if you overlook it

if you you know some about a means to

close the eye so that's what Allah

saying that you wouldn't say it unless

you close your eye you know it's like


you know they bribe they take it from

the back kind of like not looking right

close the eye so that's what I lost you

to handle it the other sang-hwa demo

another half anyone I meet a lot is any

see again he's reminding you I'm not

asking this of you because I need it

don't think I'm

enos of you see you have to understand

this message that Allah has sent from

this is from allah subhana wa ta'ala

this message Allah doesn't need any of

this it's for your benefit not for the

poor people even when you give zakat

don't think you're benefiting anybody

it's your benefit and that's why the

Sunnah giving zakat is to put your hand

under and have theirs over because

they're better than you see now people

look at it like contempt you know

looking down on people no you're

supposed to actually see them as they're

doing you a favor you're not doing them

a favor why hookman embody him take from

their wealth this this charity why

because it purifies them you're

purifying yourself and giving charity

that's what you're doing so when you're

giving this poor person that's his hop

when you give somebody their rights you

don't feel better than them you don't

feel better if you're getting somebody

their Huck it's a right that's a right

that Allah has given that person so all

you're doing is fulfilling a duty when

you fulfill a duty don't feel that

you're doing something you're just doing

the bare minimum a man came to the

prophet Elijah he said Jana suit Allah

I'm cleaning my mother now she was old

and decrepit in her bed

he said I'm cleaning my mother the way

she used to clean me is this bitter

is this what Vidal Valley Dana is

showing them righteousness and he said

no this is equity this is this is took

you know this is Makaha you're just

doing for her now what she did for you