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Tafsir: Reflections on Surah al-Baqarah

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Event Name: Tafsir: Reflections on Surah al-Baqarah
Transcription Date:Transcription Modified Date: 6/4/2019
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brand-new computer they just bought for

themselves when they see that somebody

needs it for the sake of Allah right who

can give that money that when the stock

drops right you get it's easy to give

your your stocks they were worth eighty

dollars now they're worth two dollars

well I'll just donate them to the Masjid

that's easy to do it's it's it's when

they were riding high well just wait and

then she have fun even if you want to

give he'll say no just wait they'll get

higher he wants to he'll work every

angle that's the nature of chiffon

because he's the conman he's the guy

that does the shell game right flipping

the shelter on the peas in one of them I

can see it I just I'm gone I'm going to

work this out that's what the shell game

is based on these guys that sit on the

streets and do the shell game it's based

on you watching him and you think I know

where the shell is you didn't see him

take the pee out it's not even there

it's sleight of hand

that's what shelf on June it's all

sleight of hand and then in the end you

get cheated all right that's what he

does and then what's he do in me buddy

of mine come

don't blame me let's hello morning no

one physical don't blame me blame

yourselves you got the message you heard

the warning you you were given all his

strategies you were told who he is now

the question is do you really believe do

you believe the book right do you really

believe this because it's there don't

think it's not there all of you have it

you all know it you want to give up what

you think I need that it's hard to do

you heard it you heard oh but you know

saving is it from Islam too so you'll

justify it you'll work it all out in

your mind make it all work why is it

then what people's Iman is is high they

give out why is that there's people that

won't give out and then their Iman

shoots up and boom they give out why is

it only when the Iman's high I mean

isn't that interesting why don't people

give out when the immense low these do

it I mean it's about amen and then you

find out when you give it out you didn't

lose it

right I mean I once I had something I

loved so much and I was in the most of

the provençal I tasted them and there

was an old Sheikh there and he just had

his eye on this and I really didn't want

to give it away but I think I'm in the

mosque of the Prophet his old man's here

I said this Mila I still think about it

every once in a while you know but

sometimes I think maybe that'll get me

into paradise because he was so happy

but maybe if I wasn't in the Masjid of

the Prophet I wouldn't have done that

really maybe I wouldn't have done it

maybe I was here I wouldn't have done it

just would have ignored

and then we walked away shot Abdullah

will dock man who was with me he said

Tama who shakeela because the man he

really wanted it from me it was mine but

he wanted me let me know he wanted it is

so that was his thumb right that that

wanted the pulse I you know what big

deal he was a poor man I could I could

go if I wanted now I could go get

replace it really most of the things

that you have you could replace if you

gave away your Lexus you could replace

it seriously think about that most of

the things you really have you can

replace them might take a little time

but you can do it so why the fear

because maybe I can't maybe I won't be

able to that's all well that's one all

right what a beautiful word well it's a

beautiful word one begins heart of Allah

it's a weak radical Wow

it's the weakest one Wow and then huh

coming from that empty source huh comes

from the Joffe right and then meme it

ends up nothing there and just close

your mount one lime is illusion right

that's what this this whole thing is

just a bunch of one everything you own

is one your own family's one your one

the whole thing really it's all one

right at one more who would he juggle

that is the veil all this illusion cuz

you're we're all gonna die we leave this

place it goes it it just we leave it

every single one of us there were people

a thousand years ago teaching pot on a

thousand years ago think about that 1400

years ago people reading this verse that

I'm reading now here we are today in

California looking at a verse there was

somebody giving tough shear a thousand

years ago telling people a thousand

years ago ship Tanya to come and

all right he was thought now they're all

gone they're all dead

there he was the world reminding people

look it's here it's true believe it

some did some didn't but they all died

so he commands you to fashio

because he's got you in that state of

anxiety if you're not in that state of

anxiety he's got no power over you

that's why he knows the first I have to

get him anxious then I can then I can

tell him don't give out because if he's

not anxious he'll just give out and ship

on has no power so his power is anxiety

yeah I do common a shipowner yeah

I did converter up we are monokuma

Tasha while lahu yeah I do come mother

Ottoman who but what is Allah promised

mother Pharaoh he forgiveness menu is

not just mother Farah it's men who how I

could have said well oye Takuma ferritin

that's enough in the Arabic language he

promises you forgiveness but he says

mother ferritin min who just to let you

know because hedeman multi right you do

Luana element martha the the vastness of

the giver indicates the greatness of the

gift mother Pharaoh from Allah

now what does see what a ship on

promising you he's promising you

something which is one do you understand

that yeah I do commit will you

become impoverished maybe you will but

maybe you won't now we know if it's

about sadaqa what is the prophets allah

i am say mana pasar malam means avocado

wealth is not diminished by charity

that's a promise

so if you believe in Allah his promise

is false but even if we grant the common

maybe you will become impoverished but

maybe you won't it's only probable now

what is it in relation to what is his

promise in relation to the dunya is only

related to dunya he's not promising that

you're going to be impoverished in the

Ankara that's what will happen if you

don't give out in the dunya he's working

on your love of dunya he's working on

your your love of being in the world

that's what he's what is Allah promising

mahira in the al-shara min who from

Allah SWA his wad is about acida is

about infinity it's not about finite

it's not about you know you're going to

lose a hundred thousand dollars you're

going to lose two hundred no this is

about infinity monofilament well thought

that I'm and bounty father in other

words you have bounty in the world as

well he's promising you that because

Allah is not promising you scarcity

Allah the the whole crux of this

sentiment in the Quran is that we live

in a bounteous universe we have a

bounteous Lord see there's two ways of

looking at the world there's the way of

scarcity and then there's the way of

bounty these people are all is all about

scarcity there's not enough water the

water tables are dropping right there's

not enough gas oil is about to go out

right there's not enough food there's

going to be great famines it's all fear

do you see this is what they're working

on it's all fear there's not enough jobs

to go around there's two overpopulation

there's not enough land it's all

scarcity that's what they do because

shelf on this is all don't think believe

that this is true Quran is telling us

the truth and this is what they're

working on they're playing on anxieties

right the topsoil is disappearing

all this fear it's all about fear fear

fear look at the earth there was a time

in America when when they said a

squirrel could go from the east coast to

Oregon and not touch the ground there

were so many trees they're all gone

right they're all gone the same is true

of North Africa people don't realize

it's North akka Africa used to be

jungles the word in Arabic where model

that has lives is called taganas which

means in Berber it means jungle it's a

desert now who made in a desert right it

was made a desert by the Arabs even

Hodgins had many he doubt crossed North

Africa like locusts see we're not the

only one I mean they think now these are

the only people that have ever been

guilty of crimes against the earth it's

an old old thing though the Romans the

Muslims did it we made our mistakes many

people made our mistake many people made

these mistake but look at how each at

each level when when what was the

primary fuel of the earth initially wood

woods all gone we're worried now about

what they're what's left if it's

produced enough oxygen for us then what

showed up after wood when all the

forests were gone coal who where'd that

come from hidden all that time why

didn't people discover it when there was

no wood and then coal started causing

all the problems and and and and

diminishing in number then what shows up

oil and how oils is going to go it's

going to disappear put everybody in a

state of anxiety why why is it that

everything man needs men gets provided

for his needs are met they've always

been met

they've never not been met we're still

here after all these millennia still

eating still drinking still procreating

but when you're not in a state of

devotion Allah will meet your needs but

they'll harm you

so our fuel is toxic we still get it but

it's toxic if we were doing the right

thing Allah would give us things that

didn't harm us but he does that why

LAN LAN LAN no mirrors your own maybe

they'll return to it maybe they'll enter

in the state of humbleness and beg for

help that's that is all done for a

reason so this is what share pandas well

oh yeah I Tacoma villa to Managua favela

well la wash your own allies vast Eileen

all-knowing chiffon is not vast Shelton

is not all-knowing now after all of this

what does Allah subhana wa dare to say

you would see in hikmah tomainia

but this is wisdom the people that are

able to understand this are wise people

and he gives his wisdom to whomever he

pleases the Quran is what the Quran al

Hakim it's the wise Quran woman you'd

said hikmah Tophet ot a high rank akhira

and whoever is given hikmah is given

great good Ramaiah DeCaro

illa allah al bab but only people have

innermost core remember this look lubicz

is the seed it's the pit people have pit

weighty people pity people waiting

people not empty people because human

beings are between Apple and hump alkyl

is intelligence hump is foolishness and

what's in between is soft so fief

that's why most people if you look out

there are in a state of hamako even the

intelligent people they're all in a

state of hamako stupidity because what

is an apple Allah says about the kuffara

whom Coleman they are people there are

people that don't use their Apple what

is often what does happen what is the

benefit derived from outcome is that

you're able to weigh things intellectus

in Latin means to judge between things

Alcon enables you to judge between

falsehood and truth in the mockolate in

the intelligible and right and wrong in

the more I'm mad at you have mockolate

and you have more I'm a net alcohol is

the ability to judge between truth and

falsehood in the intelligible and

between right and wrong in the

transactions so the human being has a

rational and a moral component both of

them are related to the intellect and

that is what the alkyl is the Alpha yaki

Luca and in balton it prevents you from

falling into falsehood we are kilkanin

haram and it prevents you from entering

into the wrong in your moral


that's what alkyl is so if you see

people out there no matter how

intelligent they are no matter how to

see jihad is cleverness what's called

dahab the Arabs have words for all these

things we used to a clever person is not

an out them for instance you know

there's Wall Street people Boesky type

people there's no doubt that they're

clever they're dajia they have to have

but it's not alcohol because their their

their cleverness does not prevent them

from doing wrong and does not encourage

them to do right so in the end like the

Arab say a potato hadaka

his cleverness killed him iemon tamiya

called one man he's one of the

philosophers he said vicki haru's icky

he was clever but not pure Vicky

he was icky so you want the anthem

that's what we want neither come to Peru

that's what this all is all about it's

learning to use the internet and the

intellect is trained by education first

and foremost you have to educate the

mind the mind is is the mind has amazing

innate abilities but it also has amazing

innate flaws and that's what learning

does it separates what's good from the

intellect from what's bad because the

intellect will trip you up just like a

napkin can stop you prevent you from the

truth as well they thought the thing

that the aqua can do that even has him

says that the majority of people have

this quality of soul they'll talk about

things of no benefit to them he said

that they'll desire things that can he

said the world is like this he said it's

like a wheel being turned by a torrent

you know like these water wheels but

there's a torrent coming down he said

you can't stop the wheel he said all

your wishes are empty wishes you're not

going to change things by wishing you

change things by engaging the world so

that's what he said you can spend your

life just talking about things and then

there's other people that go out and do

things they engage the world they change

things and they're easy to criticize

those people but the people that

criticize them are people sitting on the

sidelines that's what that's who

criticizes you'll always see the critics

are people on the sidelines they're not

in the world they're not engaging the

world they're just watching oh look at

that guy he's trying to do this look at

that person is so stupid this is madness

there's an empty life and then when they

die they just find out they just wasted

their lot he's had it better to have a

good opinion of everybody have good

feelings goodwill towards everybody he

said have goodwill towards everybody

desire good for everybody on the planet

why desire

evil for people it comes from an empty

source people that want the destruction

of another people people that want I

mean there are some evil people on the

world there's no doubt there are people

there they're just evil the majority of

people they're just their fence sitters

what you need to do is to tip the fence

over there's a low I'm gonna see the

muhammad's embodies and I'm