The Concept of Jihad in Islam

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Event Name: The Concept of Jihad in Islam
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After praising God and Praising The Prophet Muhammad and upon all his fellow prophets, he said I am NOT standing before you in order to defend and accuse. I haven't counted to defend and accused

but I've come instead to remind myself

and all of you about a great

responsibility and that is the

responsibility that the people of this

land hold because God has given them a

power and a capability that was not

given to prior people and because of

that whenever God gives people give they

are held account for those gifts or good

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Saadia happy la ilaha ila and the man

Yama who he learned of Hamidi he there

was a annamaria Vividh Bharati

they were hydrogen and he said that Stan

and it's difficult after he has seen

honza come and cause some pain to a

patient who are his people like a

physician causes pain when he puts a

needle in not to harm somebody but to

help somebody

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Nancy - Nancy what a serial rule in life

in Canada Halawa littered with the

problem but that the how one is a TT

Islander force in a fire limited in the

bush and what's happened this crisis

that we're seeing in the world today

that has become globalized is the

reality of crisis that is a result of

this world becoming divorced from a

spiritual connection with its Lord with

its creator and because of that you see

passionate reactions to events by human

beings that are in fact destroying the

ability for their intellect that were

given to them by God to function for the

reason that they were created a function

and so these passionate reactions that

occur from the cell in their reactionary

mode end up causing the intellect to

become servants of that which they were

created to rule over with the rebellion

and Anantha the drive with the term

military Philippine Legion definitive re

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mr. Danaher these are easy fact reading

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Apollo ha they were on the moon or

booster home so because of this

situation we have people that have

before them human history and instead of

using that human history as a way of

this discernment and taking lessons that

will help us to improve our world they

use history as a way of utilizing the

situation's of the past in order to

achieve the desire that their caprices

in the present I don't want to go here

Vania who that in time about the

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well yes Hama I want to define an

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brother Eli was having cafeteria table

of a rather nasty world and there is a

huge difference between people who use

principles and use history and use their

knowledge as a way of achieving the

desires of themselves and those who used

these things as a way of bettering

themselves of improving themselves as a

way of changing yourself well II had

regard America to Mary Beth Ann Marie

Buerkle hajima American was the woman an

American Fatima hematologist O'Donnell I

believe would say Arriba

li e JD of our academic and Latino high

data in Italian high a deity real

meaning and for that reason there are

two types of knowledge is one is a

knowledge that CERN and the other is a

knowledge that inducting serve the first

one the phenomena

that serve that is a servant of the

human being if that knowledge was the

human being users to help himself to

improve his condition to help the world

that he's living in well anyone was

doing what we live in young body and in

your hold an intern Laramie abuddin

Williamson hello and the ring will be

learn to turn it over to Hannah and the

knowledge that is served so there's one

knowledge that is serving it serve you

but the other you serve it and that is

the knowledge that helps you to

strengthen your spiritual bond with your

Lord with your Creator and any 101 and

the deeper ones hadn't had that freedom

on the world

well a commitment mcdoon who led some

errand I was hardly an artist Amalia

when hisagi got one and what you what

the Sharia when Sam and ma la yaani no

Vadim and Nevada and the theatre Hebrew

hadn't done you happy

so this first knowledge which serves

people is a knowledge that that has all

of the various elements to it that serve

the the situation of the condition that

people find themselves in and so it's

really a knowledge related to life to

the secular world to cars and planes and

bridges and these type things food

production and this knowledge that is

served is something that the people who

share the principle of Revelation like

the Abrahamic faiths they call this

enormous the knowledge of Revelation

they call it the knowledge of sacred law

like the Torah and the Sharia and then

the people who are secular monitor

don't believe in revelation they also

have a word for this knowledge they call

it ideals they call it principles they

call it those things that are held up as

standards for human behavior well he

balances at the end in Montana where

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yes Tallulah what a photo hiding in at

the end by only some water so all of the

religious traditions believed that these

this knowledge which is to be served is

a knowledge that those who adhere to it

are only considered true adherence to

their faith if they honor that knowledge

and recognize that that knowledge the

purpose of that knowledge is that it is

to be used by the adherent of the faith

as a way of elevating their station

before their creator as a way of drawing

themself near as a way of giving them a

knowledge that benefits them in their

relationship with their Lord and it

should never be used as a means of

achieving any worldly gain it is meant

to be used for the next world for the

other world and that is why anybody that

does use those then they end up

distorting the failure perverting the

faith and this is why the faith is needs

to be kept pure and that the principles

must be kept pure by the adherent in

recognizing that they should never be

used for selfish and we're usually in

fan detail a mean well they come at home

with salami

Allah yes I would insanity or death in a

carbon carbonyl carbon when 30 km/h like

in the Philomela tea garden Rama adenine

a divine acid water and nearly chelina

so no I would feel masala my eternal

love the deficiency anemia so this these

principles are universal principles that

are permanent in nature they cannot be

used to suit a particular situation that

you might be in so the principle of

teens which is a principle that

religious people for leaving this is not

in any way meant to be a peace that is

only to be used when piece suits you and

it should not be that you use war when

wore suits you but rather peace is the

permanently desired state and you will

do everything to maintain that state and

that is why in the religion that I

adhere to and that I was taught we

believe that the human being is meant to

live in a state of peace not just with

other human beings but with the very

earth that he walks on my lady I am sure

now let me Helena when Jesse do with our

problems that Emma our Quran teaches us

that the servants of the merciful the

servants of God are those who tread

lightly on the earth and when when

barbarous people speak to them they

reply to them peace well even in the

math Ian 30 was javelina body is the

mountain if you will at the ina Somalia

in a guy after him 1:01 to Suhani at the

animal proteins I asked him and the man

Courtney and I want design higher and he

usually puts money in a concern so we

are in a period of time that human

beings are in more need of a principle

than any other time and it is the

principle of balance because balance

creates the state of equilibrium and

tranquility in the heart and this is why

people should not remember themselves

and use these principles for those

things that suit them because it creates

this imbalance random and yet people in

Indiana it's that's a hold that for

magnetic periodic Alaska and Americana

there was not happy

ugly a person at the Abu Sayyaf Agra

forgiving leaf design was the illegal

element in robbing al Qaeda so whenever

people use this knowledge that they mean

to serve themselves and not to to be

served by an ant to help others and what

this does is it engenders a state of

consecutively m and it does not increase

the world in what the desired effect is

but in fact creates more trouble creates

more disturbance creates more data at

the cycle Librium

and results in the state of agitation in

air terminal where that amendment karate

tel aviv dystopia Hannah well judge

denied and in our artists I think he had

a violent and then if we look at all the

calamities that were following the world

that were doing right now and reflect

deeply on this and come to the

conclusion that behind every calamity is

the human animal episode and the fool in

karate who will in fact the end of war

had and the reason the

one of the proofs of this is that the

first creature to be harmed by the

calamities that occur is the human being

not the other innocent creatures

and that is because God is just well I

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told us a scenario that cool off Europa

are you doing that M&R; and is

probability half of a billion well being

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well in the metatarsal Hagen remember

name's Anna rather and perspective an

unfortunate minima body Somalia and a

few young Amelia Island actually

embarrassed so if we look for instance

at the industrial revolution that

occurred this great event for the

premium European history if you look at

all the applications that resulted from

that part of the basis of that was the

fact that there were people who were

using principles as a way of serving

their own selfish desires and they were

using those things that other people

looked on as the most sacred of sacred

of things that should be used only for

the sacred and because they were using

them in such a profane way it led to

this massive disruption to this massive

trouble but an iconic happy and McCants

identity return Hibernia and that he had

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immediately authority over the mechanic

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in America the issue other relative an

and so for this reason when we look at

the industrial

in spite of the fact that human beings

have benefited so much from it we also

recognize that a great deal of harm came

from it and the reason for that is

because if you go back to the origin of

the event the origin of the event was an

exceptional situation in which that was

created out of a misuse of this

knowledge and because of that the

tournament's at the beginning has been

maintained throughout since that time

and so much of the disruption that we're

seeing in the world is actually rooted

in that event you had that when I'm on

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and that he who are the go to inside

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and so because of what occurred at the

beginning of this which was a

confrontation with these two years one

view being those who are using the

knowledge which was serving and divorce

themselves from villains who were using

the knowledge which was to be served

there was a split in these two

worldviews and because of that original

split all of the imbalance that we are

experiencing now is a result of this

split and this is why there is so much

destruction in the world because those

people that have been using this

powerful knowledge that was meant to

serve human being as a way of achieving

selfish goals and selfish purposes and

not using it to serve humanity they are

in a very serious confrontation with

those people that are attempting to

serve the knowledge that they were given

for throttle year so they're the crises

that is creating this massive dis

equilibria in the world between these

two forces where either heaven Tara who

knew the man yet aware of them own charm

of still Assyrian family the Navabi will

rule in the teeth of people who dr.

bubay nobility he will read or morality

for people who he was giving you my

opinion you Elena so the only way that

we can achieve once again an equilibrium

in the world is when those principles

that we are known understand and those

acknowledges that were meant to serve us

in the world which is in our human

conditions and those knowledge and that

were meant to increase us in a spiritual

connection in nearness to our Creator

where these two forces once of will come

together and are working hand in

that this is the only way that a

spiritual and social equilibrium can be

returned to the healing state he got the

Bourbon Oh terrible

there's a body in the teacher Miss

America because she didn't obey Natasha

talented logic in reality there is not a

conflict between the heavenly principles

that were given to us to help us on our

spiritual path and those monologist that

we're given to help us as a way of

bettering our human condition that

there's not a conflict between these two

forces that thing that itself evidence

and he can he get that I won during the

time when I heard that one I happened

but the real disciplinarian and

disturbance until the human being that's

in how he or she is working with these

two knowledge --is with these two forces

in the world and what they're using them

for that is where the real problem lies

the hand of Allah and then he will need

Athena's elephant jihad let's go in the

max map manioc with Mobutu hakama I mean

Quran until grown in the back to Anna

okay Quran and the videos for the lava

you are in the center when they are we

happy for my oh my well guru Donati

we had a curriculum and this is why I'm

not surprised

unfortunately by what simple-minded

people or devious people do when they

take to my tradition out of context

and they use it and they take something

out of its context neither mentioning

what was before or after and using all

of their power and their force that they

have in their medias and in their ways

of disseminating these things and they

put these things taken out of context

and they say here's Islam this is what

their soon

and it's that what is the card I believe