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according to some commentators the last

verse that was revealed in the Quran or

ayah which is really a sign not a verse

I am inside was the ayah that says to

convene oku

today I have perfected your Deen and

when that I was revealed according to

some it was revealed on the day of

jummah in Mecca on the day of Arafah and

when the prophets of I said I recited

that I will become of them on a web

because he knew that that meant the end

of Revelation

what I'd like to do inshallah I wasn't

planning on doing this but I think the

best things are left one is - inshallah

look at some of the verses the ayahs the

signs that were recited by the body in

surah Rahman because they're they're

extremely important and they're very

pertinent to the time they were living

in that everybody knows that the Quran

is divided into mekin chapters and

Medina or medinan chapters there are 86

Metron chapters and there are 28 coming

being revealed in Medina and we have a

total of approximately 6,000 239

and this chapter comes it was revealed

because the the Quran revealed a chapter

that said actually an ayah that says :

the Rahman and the Machine King the

poverty is the people worshipping idols

didn't know what that meant

what is so they asked my apartment

what's the right man now in Arabic the

the words come out of root words you

have a stem root like Rehema which means

to show mercy and then from that root

are derived words or nouns the Rahman is

what they call a serum of a lava or it

is a verb that is shows some and fatica

nature it's a very strong form of saying

merciful we would say in English very

merciful extremely merciful that is the

way you would say that men men and so

the answer what is arrive man and from

this it was revealed by men in Medina

Allah the merciful and then we're told

who the merciful it this is the first

definition that Allah according to the

Muslims tells us the nature of the

merciful that he animal for an now an

llama in the Arabic language means a few

thing it comes from a root word which is

anima to know and from that we get the

word eylem which is a passive form which

means the world in other words that

which is known and ayalim which is the

active noun which means the knower

because the world is what we as human

beings know so to to move in

- this anima which is a second stem it

then becomes to teach but there's

another meaning of annum which is a sign

a sign we say a high Lama is a sign and

we also say annum is a sign in the road

for instance or Madeline is a road sign

and so the foreign animal Quran can mean

he taught the Quran it can also mean he

made the Quran a sign the Quran is made

a sign it is a sign from Allah the

creator of the heavens and the earth to

human beings of the veracity of this

teaching that this is a true teaching

why how do we know that it's true

because of the nature of the book what I

can answer but most people don't know

yeah Adamo navaja on metal hyah that

dunya Ohama Anna asked Allah to whom

afternoon they know the outward of this

world but as for what is real an era

which is Poppaea it's going on it is not

fannia which is temporal in a state of


it is valkia as for what goes on what is

real what is worthwhile they have no

knowledge so outward knowledge which is

really in fact if you look historically

at most civilization you will find that

the the so-called periods where outward

knowledge becomes intensified are

actually periods of decay you can see

this in every single human society on

the earth with the exception of the

Islamic civilization and the Chinese to

an extent if you look at the Greek

period of great intellectual pursuit of

scientific pursuit this is

actually already asked toward the end of

Greek civilization the same can be said

for the Roman and the same now is true

for the European civilization you see

this massive expression of our knowledge

is really a sign that something has gone

wrong which is not to say that Islam

negates our knowledge in fact one of the

fruits of Islam very clearly was outward

nosed and that is why I said that the

exception historically is the Islamic

civilization which had approximately 700

years of scientific pursuit from it's

very inception and then it moved into a

period where the scientific became less

important and you saw an emphasis more

on spiritual pursuits artistic pursuits

and really a redaction or looking again

at what the people who had gone before

them the earlier Muslims what are called

the center what they laid down and so

what the Muslims after about the 9th

10th century begin really to to make

commentary really didn't add a lot of

new information what they did instead is

expounded on the already existing body

of knowledge now in the Muslim world

many Muslims now unfortunately believe

somehow that at the point the Muslims

lost this scientific pursuit this is the

point where they began the civilization

began to decay and before you know it

the Europeans have conquered the Muslim

world and they've gone into a state of

colonialism and the results of what you

see in reality the Muslims were were not

colonized because of any technical

inferiority that was a really distant

untruth historically the British for

instance rule

India was less than 150-thousand at any

given time 150,000 in a country of at

that time 250 million 300 million people

150,000 people are and in many places

really a handful of people so it was

something else it would be akin to when

Cortez arises or Pizarro is even a more

interesting example

Bizzaro arrives use the Spanish


he arrives to the South America the

Incan civilization and a people with 500

men he destroys a nation of over a

million people and that nation was

extremely scientifically advanced in

astronomy mathematics what they've left

behind is it is a good example of them

so this is an illusion really it is an

illusion to believe that technical

superiority is what enables people to

overcome other people it is a historical

fallacy the reality of it is you have

what Manik Vanilli called the deal it is


what this means is that in the same way

that you your immune system becomes weak

and you become susceptible to certain

illnesses that if you were in a healthy

condition you would not be susceptible

to them so his point was the Muslim

world had reached a point where they

were susceptible to the state of

colonialism to subjugation you see the

word in Arabic in the Quran Allah

mentions that the reason one of the

reasons that he has made peoples in a

hierarchy in this world

Asuna vanakkam management area the dunya

we have given different livelihoods to

people in the life of this world

Leah Nevada so Korea that they might

one son from others work in other words

they employ them the word used for

employing them is so Korea which if you

just change it to South Korea and change

a diacritical mark the exact same word

now becomes to mock them to humiliate

them to exploit them by one slight

change in the same way that you have

Lisa is called a messiah the de ja the

Antichrist is called and Antichrist is

really a bad translation for that job

that job literally means and it's used

in Arabic in any Arab knows this it

means imposter it means somebody

pretending to be something he is not if

you say that job to do an error about

somebody he will understand that that

person is an imposter in other words he

is presenting himself as something and

in reality he's something else

so the Messiah who is a visa the Messiah

in the last manifestation of the people

on the earth there is this dead job who

is an impostor Messiah he is called

Messiah that change is literally one dot

on the form of the letter had you put a

dot on it and it goes from being Messiah

to Messiah a monster and so this is the

nature of the world you see that very

slight changes of perception very slight

changes in human nature for Sophia and

Sofia can radically alter the

transaction between human beings when

Allah says animal Quran he is telling us

that he taught the Quran to the human

being through the problem

and then immediately after that to give

us a clear definition about right man he

says horrible in San now Hanukkah is a

beautiful word in Arabic it means to

create out of nothing when we are

talking about Allah if we say cut up a

mob somehow through an arc we say Allah

has created the heavens and the earth

out of nothing if he created them out of

something we would save sawara fashioned

them formed them from an already

existing material when we say hahaha

when we say Allah is a harlot what we

are saying is that Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala has created this out of nothing

not from his own self this is not an

emanation from God

lemmie ended when amulet he did not

produce anything he did not give birth

to anything nothing came out of him

when i'm--you luck and he came out of

nothing he did not come out of anything

Allah always one Allah was and nothing

was with him and he is as he was in his

absolute reality because we are

contingent our existence is based on a

laws existence we are not absolute

reality this is not absolute reality

none of this it's contingent on that

Allah has made it out of nothing and at

the moment that Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

decides he can again return it to

nothing as it was now if you use the

word Holika for a human being it means

to tell a lie or to tell a lie because

we do not create in Allah in al-bayhaqi

the prophets on the line I am said in

Omaha hi-lo kulia sonic was on a TV

allah created every sonic which is a

maker of things that already exists he

makes something out of them he has

created every manufacturer and that


manufactures so allah subhanallah donna

in reality has created the airplanes

he's created all of these wonders that

we see through the means of his creation

but he is the creator and he is the sole

creator human beings are not creators

they manufacture out of material that

Allah subhanAllah Donna has facilitated

them to use Allah Subhan Allah - Anna

it's like in Mauritania where I studied

in West Africa they're very simple


Bedouin people and yet they have very

sophisticated understanding of things

because of their simplicity they tend to

see things as they are simple people are

not stupid by any means simple people

are often times much more insightful

than clever and complicated people and

we were once talking about airplanes and

this Marie tanyon said to me a little

piece of poetry

he said the airplane is no big deal in

other words it didn't impress him now

this is a man living really in a Iron

Age culture still I mean literally the

only thing that they work with are very

simple tools that they make themselves

they have no sense of factories of

modern civilization at all and he said

in that Watterson philosophy IDT ugd

here of Granada mapa de Caballero hazel


your tailor will eat a banana surah he

said to me that this automobile

traveling around in the desert

it's Allah that makes that thing go and

this plane that's flying up in the air

it's a love flying it not the Christians

and this is to heat this is the

empowering perspective of Tahiti you see

if you are invited then nothing ever

nothing can diminish your worth before

our last panel time

nothing if you are the simplest man or

woman living the simplest existence

with the simplest of understandings and

yet you are Moorhead you understand the

concept of Tahiti

which is the most empowering concept

ever given to humankind not fire to heal

that this concept alone when it when it

is firmly established in the heart

enables the human being to exist on this

earth with dignity with a dignity that

can never be taken away from him by any

technical means by any punitive measures

none of that can diminish the human

dignity that allah subhanallah Donna has

given then he added one have any atom we

have a noble

the children of adam' by the fact that

we are adenine that we walk on the earth

but by the Moorhead in particular so

Allah says he had a pal in San now the

human being in San is a beautiful word

it comes from a root word which means to

be forgetful nasiha

he forgot when even our best was asked

about it he said mission in San Ophir

Suniya in Santa this is why he forgot

because this is why he is called in Sant

because he is forgetful the human being

by his nature is forgetful written a

system for kuru if you forget remember

this is why the Quran itself is a vicar

it is a reminder of something that we

already know we already know in our

hearts dwelling within our hearts is a

reverberation of a primordial world

which is alleged to be a beacon am I not

your Lord and the answer came back Bella

in affirmation this resonates in the

human heart this is a resonance that the

human being cannot put aside and and the

human being will be in turbulence until

he recognizes the source of this inner

turmoil which is that he has not

consciously regained that remembrance

the method that he took with his creator

in the unseen world when he said sure

that you are my lord the world has never

Muslim as slim to means to give up if

you look in the any dictionary as slim

to means to give up to abandon what you

give up is you give up illusion you give

up all of these false gods you give up

other nuts and you accept that you are

the Abdullah that you are the amateur

law and this is the message of Islam it

is a reminder to humankind

yeah you are not o mankind all humankind

yeah you are not this is a kabob it is a

declaration from the Lord of humankind

to humankind to remember who they are

and whose they are to remember who they

are and who they are to whom we belong

in the land

what you know you later are doing and

this is the message and it does not go

away because the questions do not go

away the Quranic questions do not go

away and they're not simply they are

only articulated in the Quran but they

are questions that are firmly rooted in

the human heart they are firmly rooted

in the human heart relationship is there

doubt in Allah this is a Quranic

question a philosophy is there doubt in

a Las Terrenas where then are you going

this is a photonic question where then

are you going you have to ask yourself

this Allah doesn't say where did you

come from because a lot of people don't

have to ask that question if they don't

want to it's behind them it's the past

but everybody has to

that question where are you go where are

you go these are the Quranic questions

and so Allah tells us that he created

math our lemma one day and now the human

being has been given this unique aspect

this unique element though we can

recognize communication amongst other

life-forms on the planet we can see that

there is communication

I mean you can see communication of you

if you spent any time watching an

anthill you will see extraordinary

communication going on between the ants

birds now we know that they communicate

bees the queen bee does advance and lets

the other bees know which direction to

fly towards the honey and she's never

even seen the place where the honey is

and this is still something they don't

know where she gets this information but

we know because Allah says in the Quran

oh we have revealed to the bee and this

revelation is in the Quranic terms in

Han inspiration that bee is an inspired

creature so the human being has this

unique element which is that we can

articulate and we are aware of our

articulation we're not simply like

creatures that communicate on a gross

level but we communicate on an abstract

level we move to that abstract what this

allows us to do is to understand the

abstract now the greatest abstraction is

an understanding of the concept of this

is the gift that Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

has given the human being which is to

recognize the essential unity of Allah

subhanAllah data through the

means of his creation of Allah's

creation now in the Quran says Samuli

him I had been at that I thought they

were film who seen him we will show them

our signs in themselves and on the

horizon until it becomes clear to them

that this is the truth and isn't it

enough for them that your Lord is over

all things witnessing is over all things

witnessing this silence now our and this

surah is a beautiful example of this

these signs are unfolding at such a rate

that there are not enough intellects to

interpret the information coming in that

is how fast information is coming at

this time at this at this juncture in

the human saga there is so much

information coming in to the astronomers

to the biologists to the geneticists to

the psychologists to the geologists all

of these different fields that they

literally cannot synthesize it but what

you will see an underlying threat is

that each in each one of these fields

they are singularly recognizing

fundamental truths that the Quran

articulated to the human being and this

is an uncreated book articulated to the

human being through the band through the

clarification 1400 years ago

so then there is the merciful who has

taught the partner created the human

being and taught him articulation

the human being is placed between these

two things or arm and the ability to

understand the partner if either one of

them is not present then we don't call

this creature a human being we call him

less than human if a person does not

think he is not really a member of the

human race because this is what has made

us human the ability to think you know

Descartes the French philosopher said I

think therefore I am

and a German phenomenologist much later

came along and said no I am therefore I

should think the fact that you have the

ability to think is all the more reason

that you should and yet we live in a

society that is absolutely Bennis it is

bent on preventing people from thinking

and this is an extraordinary thing to me

because they think at a very high level

in this society they think very deeply

they really do I mean you can see it if

you go and look at the stuff there

they're researching what they're

thinking about and yet there is an end

if I was paranoid I would tend to think

that this was really a conspiracy

against the human race that's what I

would think if I was of a paranoid

personality I would definitely think

that there are actually people that

don't want human beings to think they

want to keep them dumb like animals they

want to keep them literally chained in

their own minds

in their own minds like chickens in

Turku I mean this is what one would

would suspect if one looked objectively

at the media at the educational system

in this country there's a beautiful book

that I'd recommend all of you to read

it's by John Taylor Gatto is called

dumbing us down and it's by a man who is

given the award of the Teacher of the

Year award in the state of New York City

one of the toughest states if not the

toughest to teach him and he was given

teacher of the Year award and in this

book he says very clearly I am NOT a

teacher we do not teach we indoctrinate

this is what we do this is what the

educational system is it is a process of

indoctrination it indoctrinates you into

the logic of this system you see now

unfortunately what happens when you come

out at the end of it and for all of you

students I'm going to depress you

when you come out of it at the end you

see you have three choices well one of

them is not really a choice and you make

this choice at some point in your life

you can choose to become what they call

a professional go into malls go into

medicine something like that a

professional field or you can choose to

become a technician go into the

technical fields once you do that when

you make that choice you have chosen to

be co-opted by a system and become a

servant of that system this is it is a

choice that you make it is a conscious

choice that you make to be co-opted by a

system that is bent on exploiting other

people it's bent on

on the continuity of human suffering and

this is not I'm not just making things

up I mean it's all documented I mean you

don't have to look very far to see what

you know the foundations of this society

and that the basis of this society in

the United States of America in

particular and we are in the heart of

darkness I mean this is it we're in it

that this society is in the words of the

Hopi Indian language alikat see it is an

entity that exists by sucking the life

out of others this is how does society

sustains itself by sucking the life

there if you look in creation and Allah

constantly tells us to do this

there are basically three forms there's

more but I'm going to just give like

very rough there are three forms major

life forms there's what's called my

forms based on predation which is

preying on weak and then there's life

forms based on parasitism where they

they're parasites they don't kill the

thing they just suck the life out of it

and use it now some parasites are more

harmful than others you see I mean

somebody you can call for instance

somebody on welfare

many people have made this analogy that

this is a parasite on but see that a

welfare recipient in this country is

like a little mollusk on a whale now

there are big parasites they're called

CEOs and nobody ever talks about them

nobody ever talks about them about how

they suck the life out of the society

they exist and that be that's because

they own all the parents you know when

you own all the parents you can have

anybody say the Arab poet said it


he said he said imagine Ana so he

descended in Memphis aha

well he that their hands money wonderful

thing it can ordinate men and make them

look honorable and Noble

it's atone for the one who wants

eloquence and it's a sword for the one

who wants killing things don't change

until perspectives change there's what

you call untested feasibility this is a

beautiful concept a Brazilian educator

articulated which is that there are so

many things that are possible in this


they're feasible that people can move

together as we have historical precedent

that that humans of many diverse colors

and cultures and ethnicities have moved

together in a mutual society where they

actually help each other where they

actually don't exploit one another I

mean we have had this and those people

that tell you that that that is altruism


never existed they are lying to you and

they're lying to you because it's very

frightening to accept that because of

how ugly we have become so this this

second type of the third type is where

people actually there's mutuality the in

creation you see this I mean Darwin said

it was all survival of the fittest

that's that's like predation everybody's

out to eat everybody else well that is a

false view of nature that is not the

whole picture that is partial there are

many creatures in nature that actually

help each other but they work together

many creatures and any biologist or

ecologist can can tell you that now

after our lives told that is we've lost

this the four iron or our thinking our

cognitive element then we fall into one

of two categories we fall into the

category of Kufa Kufa which is too rigid

to to reject thinking I mean that really

is what kufur is which usually

transcendence disbelief but it is not

disbelief Cooper is rejecting thought

because according to the Quran if you

think you will come up with the same

results with the same conclusion then

Allah says that the result of this

reflection is super Hanukkah not cut off

the head about the other you are perfect

and you have not created this in vain

this is the result of deep reflection

that you can see that this now there's a

beautiful ayah in the Quran that I think

articulates this perspective so well

when allah subhanho wa taala swears by

moaka and the jewel

there are two more Bmore I swear by the

positions of the stars

this is a great oh it's a deep oh it's

not a superficial oh allah doesn't swear

by superficial things I swear by the the

positions of the stars now the beauty of

the Arabic languages that also means the

positions of the ayahs in the Quran

because Lu Xun is revelation ledger

metal ayah means that ayah was revealed

so Milwaukee and resume is not simply

the constellations of the stars but it

is the positions of the ayahs in Iran

itself and this is what Allah is

swearing by and this is a vast oh and

then this is a generous pour on lamisil

in Makaha room the only people that have

access to this book are purified people

who purify themselves through Flickr and

Vicar reflection deep thought and the

remembrance of their Lord they go

together that the remembrance of your

Lord will change your cognitive capacity

it will enhance it it will give you

inspiration it will give you the ability

to see things that you would not see if

you are in a state of what's called the

Buffalo or heedlessness

now if you look take any city child

right and we have millions of them now

take any of them out to to campsite in

say Yosemite to go not too far away and

you can see the Quran says that even

know me Seth when the when the stars are

put out you see they're put out and we

don't even see the stars anymore go

outside right now it's dark you look up

in the sky you don't see any stars Tony

said they're gone now when you go see a

city person literally grows up in that

environment they don't even know the Sun

of those from the west to the east or

that milk comes from a cow or that I

mean really basic things that people

used to reflect on many children in

cities don't even have that perspective

so you take it

it'll look up at the stars and it'll say

wow man check that out city boy

what does it see it just sees chaos I

mean that child won't see any patterns

you won't see constellations you won't

see the Big Dipper he'll just see a

bunch of bright lights up in the sky

now the Nostromo comes along he can stop

pointing out to you see here's the Big


and there's three of these and there's

the North Star and now watch there's a

constellation coming up within the next

hour how does he know that because he's

observed it he's watched it you see and

human beings have been watching the

Stars for centuries one of the earliest

human occupations

watching the Stars because they're

fascinating there must be yeah Allah

says their light into the sky was a

gymnast Emma we have ornamented the sky

jinn and we'd love to look at ornaments

so that young child will then begin to

see patterns that he had not seen before

now if you look at the Quran the Quran

and this is a classic thing that Western

people do they open the Quran visit me

this is all jumbled it doesn't make any


it starts not talking is in the first

verse and then it moves to the second

person and then it moves to the third

person Allah says I he says untie me

there's no there's no god but he all

this chick and they say what's this mean

and then they said there's no pattern I

can't discern any pattern here easy

because he's like that city boy looking

up at those stars those ayahs up there

and not seeing any pattern but if a

teacher comes if an astronomer comes

because there are astronomers of the

Quran there's people that have studied

the stars in the Quran and they're

called the dilemma and idea and these

people when they look into the

Quran they see something infinitely

deeper than that they don't see

confusion they see absolute harmony they

see perfection they see a proof of the

truth of this book and this is why I

want says that only the people of

innermost core of loop loop is innermost

core it is the thing in the the fruit

like the apple seed is aluminum and this

is what the human being who understands

the Quran is called looping a possessor

of innermost core but it takes

reflection it takes work thinking is

work you see I mean many people go

through their lives and never think

about anything and it's a it's a mines a

terrible thing to waste

immediately after this and our closes up

himself immediately after this of myself

assumed so what I'm the first man the

Sun and the moon which are creational

opposites are in absolute reckoning they

are where they should be everything is

as it should be

don't mess with it human beings are as

they should be

the deccan and the ones are the male and

the female this is a creational opposite

which they're they're balancing each

other they eat each other one is not

greater than the other but they're not

equal they're opposites we don't say the

Sun is equal to the moon but you need

the moon in the night just as you need

the Sun in the day you can't do one

without the other

this is not the nature of creation and

you need one to know the other you need

a heart to know cold because we haven't

as yet they're upset by opposites things

are known so we know ourselves as a man

I understand myself to be reflection in

woman and this is why the prophet saw my

son and said hopefully better yet that

hath him in dunya I have come to love I

have been made to vote in the passive

form I have been made to love three

things from your world a plea when we

said is Allah sent and women actually

women and he says will be an incense and

the prayer now on one level you could

look at that is that the Prophet Elias M

is articulating the nature of the

greatest physical pleasure that Allah

has made for the human being is in the

mate that Allah has made for them the

Toscano alaihe that you find this Sakina

is tranquility in your mate for the male

in the female for the female in the mail

in spite of san francisco now

if you look when the profits of my

sentence is this what he's saying is

between these two between the most

extreme physical pleasure that Allah has

given us which is an act of worship for

the Muslim if you are a Muslim even that

is an act of worship because everything

is missing now everything is with a

sacred understanding and then to the

other extreme the most spiritual

pleasure is prayer with Allah the most

the greatest physical pleasure is union

with your mate and the greatest

spiritual pleasure is your spiritual

union not any type of union with Allah

but a spiritual connection with Allah

through prayer and between the two is

sent which is a beautiful metaphor

because scent is it has a spiritual

element and a physical element it

elevates the soul but it's also pleasing

to the senses and this is why scent is

always associated with the prophets at

Pajaro massage ethical give sent to your

messages he said we're sent on the day

of Jummah and he wore sense all the time

because it it reminds the soul of

general you see it reminds what I had

but often what it Hanna generous is

succulent and and sent for beautiful

sense and so this

when legible was scheduled yes to Dan

and thus far the ornaments of the

heavens prostrate to Allah and the

ornaments of the earth the foliage of

the earth prostrates to Allah this is

the creational balance the heavens are

in submission to Allah and the earth is

in submission to Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

was an and this heaven we have raised up

and we place this absolute perfect

balance between these two opposites

don't destroy this balance don't destroy

the balance by women becoming men by men

becoming women don't destroy this

balance by exploiting people that Allah

has given you as a Rama that you can

hire them that they can do labor for you

don't destroy this balance by charging

interest on poor people that are in dire

straits and Allah has given you the

means of money to facilitate exchange

between you and you use it to create

money you take a means and make it an

end don't destroy this balance this is

the message from Allah Subhan Allah Tala

to humankind in surat ar-rahman don't

destroy this balance that we have set up

this is a divine bond that was set up by

the one Allah wha-hoo lovely for Kabir

doesn't he know the one who created this

thing and he's the all-knowing be all

aware don't destroy this balance don't

upset this balance what opinion wasn't a

better person and established this

balance with justice now just as this

word this has to do with portions giving

people their portion this world if you

look at the sea this planet economics is

based on I give scarcity scarcity is an

illusion it is an illusion the only

thing that is scarce on this planet

with Islam that is the only thing that

is scarce on this planet because if

there was a sarong there would be an

abundance of everything there would be

an abundance of everything the rain

would pour down from the skies as a

mussel panel without it says in what it

was if they would just be upright in

their way we would pour down from the


copious rain and this means not simply

the physical rain but the spiritual

nourishment to make life harmonious to

make life beautiful to make life

continue and so unless the panel of town

is telling us there's not scarcity he is

no woman and Arlene the possessor of

overflowing bounty overflowing bounty

his bounty knows no hands because I knew

somehow I do what I can to Allah is the

storehouses of the heavens and the earth

but the hypocrites have no knowledge

they have no understanding these people

that go out and save in their hearts

what they say with their tongues what

they don't believe we want equity we

want to a see this the world manner it

goes around telling people that we want

to set things right

even that's what you do for other when

it said to them don't sow corruption in

the earth they say even a man that when

whilst at home we're just setting things


we're just rectifying we're putting

things straight

that's all we're doing that's why we're

giving you a five-year plan that turns

into a ten-year plan that turns into a

20-year plan and before you know it

people that were once living with human

dignity are now an absolute subjugation

and humiliation so allah subhan allah

tala is telling us that he is the

possessor of overflowing bounty but you

have to

even you have to breathe out in order to

breathe in if you don't give out don't

expect to receive if you don't want to

share the good don't expect to get any

good that is the nature you see the word

for miser in Arabic also means

constipated you see a miser Otto

intoxicates himself you see in other

words because he won't let go of that

foul matter that was good when he when

he swallowed it it was beneficial but

once it's in the bow you have to let it


or it's gonna kill you you see but they

don't want to do now it's not for

nothing also that the Arabic word for

pure gold is the same word for the

people matter of the child when the

purpose of my son was offered as a cat

he said Benny Hashim doesn't take their

cut because it's an ass

now all that in the Arabic language

means it's the wealth that have you have

to let go of it in order to get relief

in order to be healthy in order to

maintain your health and so this is what

I want some kind of diners telling

people follow these things and you will

get all of these wondrous things in

return so establish it with us giving

people their proper proportion there do

what is due to them well that took

several me Zack and again reiterating

don't destroy this balance and we have

placed this earth for every living thing

and nm is everything that has a war

according to Imam Khamenei everything

that has a rule and we are Khalifa we

are responsible for this earth we are

responsible for the life-forms on this

earth we are responsible for maintaining

the balance of this earth and Allah


I said in this forearm in this chapter

that he raised up the heavens and then

he tells us that he placed the earth for

a living thing and between the two is

the museum the balance and he has told

us don't destroy the museum