The Power of Powerlessness

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Event Name: The Power of Powerlessness
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assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu alhamdulillah

Brothers and sisters first of all I want to thank you for taking your time spend some time fwith me here online at

home data were in the last days of

Ramadan this is the 25th today so this

is live the the month Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala says I am and my dudettes that

these are a yam in Arabic is how there

was an ephod

it's called Hilda it's a it's a plural

of pal city in other words these are a

few days so if it feels like they went

fast they intentionally are there to do

just that because this is an opportunity

that we're being told not to squander

it's an opportunity of time in our

tradition we have the concept of Baraka

which is in Arabic the word actually

means to descend so you have a camel

Baraka Tanaka to like the camel alighted

descended on something and so Baraka is

something that rain is called Baraka

it's something that it descends and so

in in I think the closest equivalent in

the Western tradition is the idea of

grace that you bless things thank you

people say grace before their meal

that's to to add in that Baraka and so

in our tradition we have we have Baraka

that in here's in time we have Baraka

that inheres in space and we have Baraka

that in here's in people and so the

buttock of time for instance there's an

hour every day that is an hour of st

Jabba and Allah hides these things it's

one of the things that he hides in in

his in in time so that we pursue it for

the woman estimate what would I get

he'll wrote I said are they to hurry is

to really fervently seek something to

seek it out and so allah subhanallah

donna has hidden that time that of

barakah of immense barakah in the day

and then monday has a blessing and

thursday has a blessing

the problem was asked about fasting on

monday he said fee he would it to on

that day i was born in other words it's

a day of blessing too because of the

fact that he was born in it gives it an

added blessing or barakah and the same

is true for Thursdays because Mondays

and Thursdays are the times when the

actions the Angels take the actions of

the servant and so when you're fasting

they're taken in in a state of

incredible obedience because fasting is

one of the most rigorous types of

obedience that we do and then you have

the the idea of Juma which is extra

Baraka and Friday and then the the

Baraka of the Milazzo more the season so

for instance the Hajj is an immense time

of Baraka and then you have Baraka in

Ramadan you have Baraka also according

to some not everybody agrees about this

imam mattock differed but the people of

sham the new shot ban what they call

chevy bharat is considered to be a night

of barik and there is a he laughs so

when you see people say oh i don't

celebrate that that's fine they don't

have to celebrate it and and and those

opinions stand but the majority of

scholars have seen it as of less at

night and that's why in most places

especially in south asia that they have

their own term for chevy bharat it's

it's a very important night for them so

it's these are times when there's an

immense amount of Baraka and so again

you have Baraka also in years and the

17th of ramadan is a day of barakah

because it's a day of Bedell and

traditionally Muslims would do the vidya

so this period that we have these last

10 days are considered to be an intense

period of blessing

and it's difficult to translate the the

word late or other it's it's often

translated as the night of power but

it's actually the night of decrees it's

the night in which allah subhanallah ana

you adieu and that's that's the dominant

opinion that it's called laila terrified

that because allah what is going to

happen in that coming year and there's a

lot of difference of opinion about when

it is in fact some of the scholars

actually argued that it was at any time

during the year and for that reasons

they said that really that the people of

highest him and they consider every

night to be possibly the night of Kedah

and but the the the common understanding

is it's a night of power in other words

it's a powerful night which that is

certainly true and so i want to talk a

little bit about power and the and the

secret of powerlessness in our tradition

Hodari allah allah Dehesa demócrata idea

there are many words used to describe

the different aspects of our laws power

that Allah has absolute power we on the

other hand have power that is granted to

us and there's differences of opinion

about whether that power in hears in as

or is it something that is purely from

allah subhanho wa taala and all we earn

is the is the action itself through

kissably these are what they call

difficult column the the the particulars

of column and I was speaking last night

with the great scholar Sheikh Saleh

horseys really one of the great scholars

of the element Kahneman we were actually

talking about this issue he called me

from Turkey and and I because one of our

students actually did a paper on this so

the idea of power of human beings having

power we actually in the end we express

our powerlessness by saying na hoona

what apple whatta in bila there is no


no strength to hula like you have would

do to make any changes or to actually

affect anything there's no strength or

power except bila through the means the

divine enablement this is the ISTE ayah

that imam about how he mentions in his

book that he grants us and so it's very

important for us not to see power even

in the world to see nations with power

that there's actually they don't have

power in reality and the people that

understand this are actually they're

they're they're the freest people

because they're not afraid they're not

afraid of people that are in power

they're not afraid I mean obviously we

behave with the S Bab so we're not

foolish people in that way the Prophet

SAW I said I'm said and Menelaus the

Lughnasa that a believer should never

humiliate himself and so Syrians are

okay and others mentioned that they

should not ever put themselves in

situations where they will be humiliated

and mizerock said Leia Tyrell dotes upon

that they don't oppose government in a

way that the government will in turn

humiliate them put them in jail and do

these things he said that was a type of

either lad that that that they did and

in fact in the famous hadith about the

highest Shaheed which is the the man who

goes to unjust power and and speaks the

truth and is executed for murder

Mohammed all day long on who actually

said that that he shouldn't go knowingly

that he's going to do that that if that

happens that's a shada but he shouldn't

put himself in that type of position

these are again he left issues but but

the important point that I really want

to drive home is that powerlessness is

our state it is the actual natural state

of the servant of Allah we are AB and

the thing about the AB then the AB is

Aja's he's he or she is powerless a

stabbed in the EMA that they are they

only they do what they're told by their

mola which again doesn't mean that we

don't do things we choose things in the

world we do all these things but we live

with this alignment with the divine in

other words we restrict ourselves to

what Allah subhana WA Ta'ala has

permitted us to do and in that way we in

a sense are handing over that freedom

and in doing that by entering into Islam

by entering into a state of submission

we actually become free so there's an

immense power in powerlessness and

there's an immense freedom in

powerlessness and this is something that

the early Muslims really understood well

they understood this in a very deep and

powerful way the prophets Elijah them he

said Bhavani Monteux Allah fear a demon

Casa Luba lamento other theoretical

bobba some of the commentaries say that

Doba is a tree in Paradise there are

many Hadees that use this term boba it

also can mean blessed are the people but

but some say it's actually a tree with

immense shade and fruit in paradise that

that will be for the people who do these

things so he said Mantova feel a demon

cosa who humbles him or herself without

monk pasa without there's no deficiency

in them in other words like a wealthy

person that's humble despite as well an

intellectual highly educated person

who's humble despite their education and

their understanding that's what it means

to be humble and it's something that we

have to struggle with there's there's a

there's a type of Toa though if you

actually look at the the morphological

form of it it actually has to do with

like you actually do it with a knowledge

that you need to be humble because in

the end at cabrillo Lila at a llama -

Lila would keep it out really laughs

that that magnin the the vastness the

greatness the grandeur the glory and the


all of these are attributes of allah

subhanho wa taala they're not attributes

of a servant and so the servant should

be humble before a loss of a hand with

an and this is why the prophet Isaiah

said mental that Leela or a fowl

whoever is humble before Allah subhana

WA to Anna

Allah will elevate that person and this

is something that we have to learn as an

Ummah that in in in many ways we tend to

forget this important metaphysical truth

that Allah will will elevate the people

who are humble and ladina let you read

una alone

no one fil ardi whatever said those who

don't want to be exalted in the earth

they don't want it Larry Doudna aloooone

fil ardi what F asada and that wow there

indicates that these are two separate

things they don't want to be elevated in

the earth

affarin Allah says Aleph a tarp and a

frown he he he exalted himself he puffed

himself up in the earth and so it's very

important that Muslims should not want

to be in those positions of power or

authority to be no in fact the Prophet

SAW a time said whoever seeks positions

of authority or power they should not be

given them well there goes elections so

so it's very important that we remember

that allies the one that you makin that

he's the one that gives Tim keen but he

gives Tom keen with conditions for the

people he loves he'll give Tom keen a

lending in mecanim fedora what do they


economist Allah you know they establish

prayer they pay their zakat they fulfill

the obligations of being in that

position if they don't have that ability

if Allah loves them he will not give

them he will not establish him in the

earth and so powerlessness is an

incredible Sunnah that I believe it's

actually a cinnamon SIA it's a forgotten

Sunnah of our prophet slice at him he

before even when he was forced into

jihad and and it's very clear even

Tamiya makes his clear and many scholars and if you haven't read Juan Cole's book, Mohamed The prophet of peace, amidst a class of civilizations, It's an excellent book. 

I mean I recently read it and I actually had a meeting with the author and I was just so impressed with how he showed clearly that the Prophet SAW was far from a warmonger which we know that he really was constantly looking for avenues of peace.

The Prophet SAW

said I'm always wanted to find an avenue

of peace in the 29 battle they're called

battles they're not battles it has oweth

our military expeditions they're not

battles but they're often translated as

bad as a mistake because in those 29

there's again difference of opinion 27

29 but in those 29 battles fighting only

occurred in 11 and in the greatest

battle in terms of numbers which was the

hon duck less than 10 people died and

there were tens of thousands of people

involved in that 3,000 on the Muslim

side 30,000 it was 10 to 1 numbers the

despite that less than 10 people died

and when I did a study of the number of

people that died during the prophet's

lifetime we're looking at less than 400

people it's it's quite stunning and the

Bene apart a that which is clearly an

exaggerated number and the the book that

Barakat Ahmed wrote Muhammad and the

Jews is I think a really important book

that that really shows that the numbers

were grossly exaggerated much later so

so this idea of development wada if

you're a demon cosa well then F&F; see

him in of AD Masada and he he vel F

see he he in his own self he he deems

himself insignificant and this is

another really important quality is to

recognize not only are we all expendable

as de Gaulle said that the graveyard is

filled with indispensable people that I

mean one of the things about life is

that when you die most people are just

going to oh you know if they knew you

they might say Oh

mashallah and indeed anyway now they had

a job if they were close they might send

condolences to the family think but the

people that are really gonna miss you

are your direct loved ones those are the

people they're gonna miss you other

people won't really miss you

that the world goes on and we've lost

greats when even majore died who was one

of the greatest scholars of morocco the

man who buried

him who was his student wept and just

said I knew this world was insignificant

when when a man that had this tongue

because he taught his whole life and and

he was just a master of all the sciences

one of the truly great ease of

of Moroccan history and he said I just

knew that if worms could eat this tongue

this earth was work that this earth had

such insignificance in my eyes and and

this is the nature of dunya we're

passing through it it's important and

we're people that love the eylem because

it's a large creation but we we despise

the dunya and the the distinction

between those two is very important

between eylem and between dunya Adam is

this incredible theophany it's this it's

this amazing theater of enlightenment

it's this incredible manifestation of

divine attributes the actions of God

that I love God it's stunning with with

its stars in the heavens all of these

galaxies this extraordinary sky the

blueness of the sky and its reflection

in the ocean the wonders of the see the

incredible spectrum of flora and fauna

on this planet we're all now we're

living in a time where we're discovering

all these micronutrients and all these

amazing foods from all over the world

these these that aspect of the world is

something to just marvel at and to feel

joy just about being in it but the dunya

is reputation it's you know he said she


King Lear there's a wonderful scene at

the end of King Lear where he tells

Cordelia you know about how we're gonna

be free now from who's in and who's out

at the court you know we can live life

now without having to worry about

because he has a realization an

incredible realization in that play this

is part of dunya as you get older you

will see more and more how empty and

vacuous the life of this world is higher

to dunya Mattel material or its

the it's a deluge a delusional pleasure

in the teleportal that's all it is it's

a delusional pleasure "I've been with the poorest people on the planet and I've been with the richest people on the planet.  I've seen the inside of palaces and I've lived in the huts of some of the poorest people on the planet and some of the most extraordinary people I've ever met are the poorest people" that I've met

and so I you know this is dunya we have to

we just have to understand the nature of

the abode and what it is and and and so

you have this sense of your own

insignificance one of my favorite

stories of all the stories in the Sierra

which is in a sahi collection also I

share the beloved wife of the Prophet i

sat empty when she went when she was

slandered so horribly when she found out

about it she her hair fell out she

stopped eating

she went into a horrible depression for

a period of time and