The Power of Powerlessness

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Event Name: The Power of Powerlessness
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lathe and imam attic these are too much

that he doing at that time he said they

were his student teachers he said i

would have perished malik used to say

take this and leave that take this and

leave that so hadith is really not for

untrained people hadith is meant for

scholars it's meant to be read with

commentary in the same way that part on

should be read with with commentary is

very dangerous to - just because you

know Arabic if you studied modern Arabic

the Quran is very subtle

there are many subtleties in the Quran

there are many subtleties in

prepositions in hurdles the foul for

instance in the Quran Allah subhanAllah

data says yes whom want to come sooner

that we are the balloon of knuckle

mister unity circle you know that around

the kuru Naruto logic within jakkuman is

around remember the blessing of allah

when he saved you from around

and then it says you know he assumed

monokuma died that he gave you a

horrible punishment what that while

there WA you either be wound up now he

killed your your sons and he took

captive your women that Wow indicates

that that's not the AB the killing of

the sons and the taking of the women or

it or or or it's more than just that so

those types of lt's it takes a long time

to learn that I mean I've been studying

Arabic for over forty years now and I

really feel I'm just it's it's it's an

immense ocean of a language I mean I

feel blessed that I'm able to read I can

read in tough Sears and the books of

fifth and I had some really great

scholars but it's it's really a lifelong

study and just when you've got it all at

least you know I think it's time to go

so on that note last question last

question nautical of week earlier you

touched on speaking truth to power any

words on the suffering of the people of

Yemen at the hands of other governments

which leaves me feeling powerless how

can we help and could you please close

what they do off for this Ummah yeah

Yemen is a great tragedy of our time

among amongst many others these are

incredibly complicated situations

involving civil wars between Yemen's a

still a clan culture so you have tribes

you have cultures you have different

they're they're actually quite distinct

cultures in Yemen like ha Bellamy

culture is different from Michaela or

had them or or or or you know the

northern portion of Yemen it was once

actually two countries and they they

unified and now they're back to the

Civil War and then obviously the the

neighboring countries got involved

you had Isis or Isis like people al

Qaeda villages arrest Arab took over

quite a large portion

so it's just it's it's the fog of war

it's a horrible situation it's not easy

to discern it's very easy to point

fingers at this that or the other but in

the end these are fittin between Muslims

and we should just pray to Allah subhana

wa tada to remove these fitten from

these people the Yemeni people the

prophets allies him loved them there

were people that became Muslim without

having to without just by inviting them

to Islam they came he said like many

many he said then Imani Imani that but

there there's also unfortunately in the

whole Muslim world and here everywhere

you know Muslims have really departed

from the Sunnah of the Prophet Elias a

time from his Manoj and a lot of these

things if you read the Quran it's very

clear that the the Prophet says salat is

Adam said in Hadiya ma in had in in no

meeting unmet or mahoma my Ummah has

it's an Ummah of God's mercy and then he

said gorillas that will have he dunya ha

the punishment of my Ummah is in this

dunya so we also have to recognize that

when people divert and go far astray

from the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW I see

em and from the guidance that was given

to us and then the the sinfulness

becomes widespread and open that

tribulations will afflict us and in some

ways the places where these tribulations

are the worst are the places where those

people are closer to Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala in other words that the either a

below opponent of Tudela when a lot

loves of people he gives them

tribulation to elevate them or to remove

their sins and so we should pray for our

brothers and sisters do what we can

there's good organizations that try to

help but right now this is it's the fog

of war we're in the midst of just a very

tragic period for our Ummah we should do

our best to pray which council the

people that have the power to

to do what they can I think the kind of

belligerent attitude and what's

happening even for people that you know

and I have I have my own criticisms of

things in that region but I would

honestly say you know we should be

praying for these people we should not

this type of hatred that people have for

these governments and things like that

we should be praying for them you know

it's it's what comes without government

is actually much worse than what what

whatever tribulations governments bring

when you remove these government's when

you have anarchy this is the result of

anarchy we should be praying for these

governments our prophesy centum was

somebody that he didn't he didn't

disrupt social systems when he came into

Mecca in an Muruga Dada Hadoop area 10

of Sidhu ha which authorized it that

idea Villa the the Kings you know

tyrants and king when they come into

places they create these horrible

situations but the mostly on the people

of allah subhana wa ta'ala the prophets

they don't do that the prophesy him when

he came into Mecca he said man dakhala

beta ABI Sufyan

canna Amina whoever enters the house of

Abu Sufian will be safe he took the same

of the core age who had fought him for

twenty years and and he and he

maintained his dignity in honor because

he wanted to win his enemies over he

wanted to win them over when he wrote to

the Romans

Halima Rome to the great one of Rome

aslim taslam submit and and find peace

when he spoke when his if you want to

see the best lesson in dealing with

government I just look at how Jaffa

spoke with Anna joshie says stunning

testimony to the hikmah the wisdom of

these people despite the fact that the

new Joshi they were modify sites they

were actually a type of Christianity


believed in the divinity of Christ but

when I would have been an ass tried to

get them into a difficult situation the

the ayahs he quoted he just left it in a

way where he didn't compromise his

beliefs but at the same time he didn't

offend the beliefs of the of the of the

ruler that he was that they were guests

of and so just getting back to this

wisdom and trying to you know just

everybody is going to be judged by God

we're all gonna be judged by God these

rulers are gonna be judged by God and I

don't envy any of them most of them

don't sleep well the type of burdens

that they have people think that adavi

changed palaces every night never never

had a good night's sleep many of them

have to take drugs just to go to sleep

so it's not something that you should

envy or and and and we should just

really pray for them our tradition you

Mamta how he says then I am we don't

imprecate against rulers we should pray

for them there's a lot of people that

don't believe that anymore because we

have a kind of revolutionary Islam that

wants to tear everything down as opposed

to just recognizing we have to work with

what we have and try to make it better

so but you know everybody's doing there

is jihad and Yom OPM is gonna be a good

day we're all gonna see who's who on

that day

we'll see who's who it's better I think

to wait Tara bustle phonemic woman and

what'll be seen wait and I'll wait too

with you and we will see I'm on in the

body so you know community better but I

mean we're all gonna have to stand

before God and be taken to account for

our actions and for our lives so Allah

bless all of you bless your Ramadan

increase you elevate you may you forgive

us our transgressions forgive our

shortcomings may he may allah subhanho

wa taala inshaallah accept whatever

prayers we've been able to put forward

extra in this Ramadhan except our


quran allah subhana wa tada and shall

Allah give us visions of our prophet in

our dreams and may he may make our

prophet pleased with us when he sees us

at the hold inshallah may he give us

ease in our lives and ease if there's

anybody sick or depress me loss behind

without and remove your sickness or your


lots of behind without increase you

elevate you in the allah subhana wa tada

forgive any of your transgressions may

allah subhana wa tada

make this book of allah the spring of

our hearts may may Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala spoke something that we love and

recite constantly and act accordingly -

may allah subhanho wa taala inshaallah

give right guidance to the people in

power wherever they are

may he may he just we asked you yeah a

lot - not meant to sit down with the

episode am minka said I'm going to carry

just said I'm hanging out I've been

episode on the market with a detailer at

a tea would a crown your peace and you

love peace and and and so bring peace to

two places where there's war bring love

to the places where there's hatred bring

unity to the places where there's

division make us people of unity always

and we ask you to bless this Ramadan

inshallah and and and give us the

blessing of laser cutter and and

inshallah may you make seen many

Ramadan's before we leave this world

going back to you in a pleasing state

yeah or how about I mean was all aloha

and I seen the Muhammad well and you

know Sam you send him to see me kathira

super Honora bigger average city I'm

Iosefa no Sarah morale-boosting were

handling the harbor and I mean some

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