The Praised One (SAW) in World Scriptures by Hamza Yusuf

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Event Name: The Praised One (SAW) in World Scriptures by Hamza Yusuf
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from themselves from the arabs and the good news of
and the jesus of my mother she saw a vision when she's when she gave birth to me this is
the day that she gave birth to him she saw a vision
this light came out of her alba atla
this hadith struck me as so strange that it said
because of that light from her the palaces of the levant of sham palestine syria jordan and lebanon
will give light i just i thought that was just what does that mean
and then it just this purely happened serendipitously i opened a book when i was thinking about this and this is what i open to
michael the elder jacobite patriarch of antioch writing in the latter half of the 12th century
could approve the decision of his co-religionists and see the hand of god the finger of god in the
arab conquest even after the eastern churches had experienced of five centuries of muhammadan
rule this was written by a christian after recounting the prosecutions of heracles
he writes so this is from michael the elder the jacobite patriarch this is why god the god of
vengeance who alone is all-powerful and changes the empire of mortals as he will ut you give
you give dominion to whom you please giving it to him so ever he will and uplifting the humble beholding the wickedness of the romans the byzantines the christians
who throughout their dominions cruelly plundered our churches and our monasteries
and condemned us without pity these were orthodox christians what they were doing to the minority christians of the levant brought from the region of the south the sons of ishmael
to deliver us through them from the hands of the romans and if in truth we have suffered some
loss because the catholic churches that have been taken away from us and given to the chalcedonians
remained in their possession for when the city is submitted to the arabs they assigned to each domination the churches which they found it to be in possession of so they restored the
stolen property to the church they didn't take them as mosques this is a this is a christian
testifying and at that time the great church of amesa and that of haran had been taken away from us nevertheless it was no slight advantage for us to be delivered from the cruelty of the
romans their wickedness their wrath and cruel zeal against us and to find ourselves at peace
the palace the rulers of syria because of the light of muhammad restored justice to these poor persecuted christians
in conclusion i really want to emphasize that we have to respect
just all of these amazing religions
because our prophet sam he came to teach us tolerance and respect in al buhari when the jewish
man and they were they were at odds at that time when the jewish man was being led to the graveyard
and the prophet saw it he stood up and they said to him it's a jew o messenger of god
and he said nafsa isn't it a soul
going back to its lord
this place is confusing and all of these religions have given this incredible solace to people
and even though we believe our religion is a final religion that it abrogates this is our conviction
but we also recognize that not everybody sees the clear and convincing proof that you or i might see
and so we have to respect people where they're at we have to wish good for them the jewish people
are our children of prophets do you think their fathers would like to see them astray
they have an incredible religion they have an amazing tradition the hindus have an amazing religion they have an amazing tradition it fulfills their intellectuals
the buddhists have an incredible religion they're all amazing and allah subhanahu wa ta'ala says
we have reviewed you this book that says the previous books were were also true
and as a guardian for those previous dispensations
so judge with what god has given you and don't follow their ways
from what god has given you from the truth
each we have given a sharia and a minhajj a a law and a way
and had god wanted he would have made you all one nation walakin but
to test each of you in what in what he has given you fast survive with one another and virtue
it's amazing no other book that i know of has this teaching
be virtuous compete in virtue don't let us don't even curse idols of the idol worshipers
and if i've ever done that may allah forgive me don't ever curse idols of the idol worshipers
and then allah says
we have made every community appear what they're doing to be good allah says that
and he intended for all these peoples to be on this earth and we have to live together so
we have good news all people of submission of islam we have the providence we have a rook and
a pillar that can never be destroyed when our lord called our caller to his obedience by calling him
we became this dignified nation amongst the nations only if we follow what he taught us if we don't um
here's the conditions to be the best ummah you enjoying good you forbid vice you believe in god
and had the other dispensations believed it would have been better for them