United we Stand: One Destiny

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Event Name: United we Stand: One Destiny
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ople today than to control a

million people in the past it was easier

to control a million people than to kill

a million people if having to kill a

million people is the only way we should

end the human project right now drink

the kool-aid get it over with

this is totally completely unacceptable

stop thinking about controlling people

that's the problem

learn how to work with one another

Alwyn we're a little bit early we'll

talk while come together that verse was

about all of us coming to there that

verse was revealed about the people of

Mecca who weren't Muslims work together

in what's good to Allen or a liability

with Dhokla work together this is what

we have to do as a people we have

incredible challenges incredible

challenges but this country is a

creative country it has risen to the

occasion many times before and I'm

hoping because hope springs eternal hope

is a bird with feathers that perches in

the soul I'm a hopeful person I've got

five kids to make me extremely hopeful

this is my country I love this country

it's my home

I love the hills around the Bay Area

that I grew up with I love muir woods

I love the redwood forests I love the

Sierra Madre that I went to as a child

and camped with my family these are the

places that I grew up with when the

prophet sallallaahu them left Mecca and

he met when he got to Medina there was a

man who came sailin high fari

and he said to the Prophet SAW I said

I'm said kafir I hit Tameka - how did

you find Mecca and he said oh the valley

has been filled with flowers through

Maha and he said and all of the cedar

trees were blossoming and I left the the

water was flowing and he began to

describe the physical he didn't say the

Kaaba or masha'Allah dr. Kutner he

described the physicality of the place

that the Prophet SAW lies who grew up

with as a child and the Prophet began to

weep and he said qu franca has

polka-dotted shalwick Tony don't please

stop it's enough you have made me yearn

from my home

he was yearning for the flowers of Mecca

not just for the Kaaba

he was yearning for the trees of Mecca

that he shaded under as a child

everybody loves the place they grew up

in her but what a minute

amen it's part of human condition it's

not a hadith but it's a basic fitness

statement so this is our country all of

you are here with every right unless

there's some illegal immigrants in the

hall now report yourself immediately to

Homeland Security and for those people

who came here who are going to report

back to your whoever that you report

back to because there's private

enterprise as well as public I would

just say this Imams Aid

I've known Imam David for many years now

Imams aide the lies that they tell about

this man just really bothered me

you know these right-wing people they

just recently wrote an article about him

Imams aides what grew up in very

difficult conditions but like many

honorable African Americans he joined

the United States Air Force to get out

of a certain situation he served

honorably unlike all these chickenhawks

Dick Cheney got six referrals right

seriously unlike these chicken Hawks

to talk about all patriotism in this

they've never served this country

they've served themselves they've served

themselves and he spearheaded this event

because he wants to see the best for

Humanity he's a universal man and he

loves humanity and that's what this was

about coming together to commune with

one another to share thoughts to be

together on a day before a very sad day

in American history but I want all of us

to remember the evil that came out of

the evil that occurred on September 11th

as well remember all the dead Iraqis

remember all the dead civilians in

Afghanistan remember those people

because they're nameless people we've

got now a memorial with all the names of

the people that died in New York

and in Washington their names are known

but we'll never know the names when I

read the New York Times it said six

civilians were killed yesterday in

Afghanistan they don't say Zana Hunnam

or BB Majid daddy or they don't give the

names they're just nameless people

nameless people they're not nameless

with God

so don't mind it come