Who are the rightly guided scholars?

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Event Name: Who are the rightly guided scholars?
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Emma Allahu super Hanwha to anna says in

the quran historial de línea de mundo

allodynia Leia Anna moon with charcoal

Joe ABI and he'll be any little L me be

a la super Hanratty anna says are they

equal those who know and those who don't

know and according to the people of

rhetoric this is known as a rhetorical

question the answer is known and it's

simply to make a point an emphasis along

Hannah with anna says in the quran your

fella who ladina amman were lady new

tool and maiming come da rajat Allah

raises those amongst you who believe and

those who have been given knowledge

degrees and even in knowledge there's a

degrees or focally the Edmund I leaned

over everyone who knows something

there's somebody who knows more and

ultimately even the most knowledgeable

human being who was the messenger of

allah salah lighter Atticus NM and the

prophets after him even over them is

Allah who Hannah with Hannah so over

everyone who has knowledge there are

those who know more but according to our


you have to have some degree of

knowledge before you can speak about any

subject related to Allah and His

Messenger now the reason for that is

very obvious the people of the South

Asian community they have a proverb

named Hakim hopper Egan nemaha te men

half a doctor is dangerous for the body

but half a mullah a scholar is dangerous

for the soul in other words if you go to

a physician who doesn't know medicine he

read some books about how to do surgery

and he put up a little shingle that he

does surgery and you go to that person

and then you put your life into his

hands then you're a fool because that

person will do more harm than they will

good well the soul is infinitely more

important and infinitely means exactly

what it means because the body dies but

the soul does not the soul is infinitely

more important than the body and so

putting your soul in the hands of

ignorant people or half educated people

is extremely dangerous and we'll need to

untold harm to your heart and possibly

to your future life because you have a

responsibility the chimay adavi monitor

midi which is a book about the profits

of licensed noble qualities and

characteristics he ends that book with a

statement of even serine or of the law

on whom in which he says in had a llama

Dean this affair is about your

relationship with your Lord fell yang

Gor a hadouken am on yahoo Dina so let

one of you think deeply about the one he

is taking his religion from now

unfortunately here in America we have a

situation where the only prerequisite

for speaking about religion is that you


you see you don't allow that in any

other subject you won't have a professor

of mathematics giving a lecture on the

human heart and anatomy and physiology

nobody would go to a lecture like that

in a university you won't have somebody

whose degree is in cardiology giving a

lecture on economics it's simply not the

way things work why because human

knowledge by its nature is very vast

well my OT two-minute enemy in la

patilla you have only been given a

little bit of knowledge human knowledge

is very vast and it takes a good deal of

time to acquire expertise in any subject

Under the Sun in any subject and that is

why you have people that study specific

things and Allah sabahan wadada inspires

them to do so so that knowledge

continues on and goes on now knowledge

of the Dean is the most important of all

knowledge a--'s and yet we in this

country do not reflect how serious a

crises we are in the fact that we have

thousands of hot buzz all over this

country many of which are being given by

completely uneducated people people who

read pamphlets or read books on the

weekend or buy books in a library in a

bookstore some of them have some Arabic

some don't and even those who have

arabic simply because they were born in

an Arab speaking country does not mean

that they know Arabic in the same way

that you have people here that grew up

here they went to school but if you ask

them to explain to you a poem by

Shakespeare or even by Robert Frost

which is not that difficult most of them

would not be able to do it because

they're not trained in literature

they're not trained in the intricacies

of the English language they don't know

the difference between on behalf of and

in behalf of there's a difference they

don't know the difference between


principal you see that that's the

reality of it but in the Arab world

because somebody speaks Arabic they

think they can go into books that were

written a thousand years ago without

seriously studying and that they can

derive the meanings of what they're

saying they think that they can read the

Quran and because it sounds like words

that we use and I'll give you one

example if you look in every single

translation of the Quran into English

that I've seen there might be one or two

that I haven't seen that might not make

this mistake but you look at every

single Quran transition I'll give you

two examples one of them allah subhanahu

Tata says lays a committee he Shay wahoo

was semi-arid Vasya nothing is like

allah subhana wadada and he hears

everything and he knows everything is

the way it's always translated and he

hears and knows everything that wow in

Arabic wahoowa samia at bossier is a

specific type of wow according to the

grammarians there are many types of well

one of them is called how fat which

means J as a drama they came and then

Omar came there's no indication which

one came first if you use a while if I

said Jay as a farmer then it's 430 first

they came and then amer came this is the

way the arabic works that wow is called

wow it is too dark or is that enough

according to the air so what it means in

English is and this is only an

interpretation there is no thing like

God yet he is all-hearing and all-seeing

not and yet in other words in spite of

the fact there's nothing like God God

hears everything it sees everything why

would Allah say use that type of wow the

Arabs knew what it meant because it

wouldn't make sense it would be a

contradiction to say nothing is like God

and he hears and sees because people in

the world here and see

but the point of the verses his hearing

and his seeing has nothing to do with

your hearing and you're seeing and

that's understood in the Arabic language

another example well what did the

Kabbalah Fajada everybody who reads that

thinks what Judah here means he found

God doesn't find he's not looking for

anything finding implies that you don't

know where something is and then you go

after and look at what most Arabs who

grew up in Egypt and heard people say

what got the huella lad did he find it

or not you see that's what they're going

to assume that it means it doesn't mean

that all of the commentators are an

agreement that it means that a lima a

lima who Bala and even the word ball

does not mean a stray according to the

mofa suit on but if you haven't studied

Arabic if you haven't studied with

teachers if you haven't studied

seriously bond in the Arabic language to

most Arabs means astray and he knew that

you were astray and guided you bond

means also that somebody is completely

enamored in love wandering around in a

state of love that's one of the meanings

there's many interpretations of that

verse so people think they can pick

these books up read them and come to

conclusions and then go and preach them

to others without studying with people

nobody in the history of Islam has

accepted this the word for hadees that

are taken without teachers are called we

Giada and most of the Ummah are in

rejection of using Hadees that you did

not take from a teacher but people by

their elbow Hari they buy their sahih

muslim and then they go and start

telling people what elbow hottie said

and what muslim said and there's things

in there that will lead you astray I

guarantee you there's things that will

completely lead you astray and that's

not my statement as if I o Yanna one of

the greatest mahad Athene in the history

of Islam who said the Hadees are sources

of deviation for anyone who takes them

from other than their people even

losses in the perineal Billu bohica

thira he leads many Australian so what

ensures you that you stay on the right

path by staying with the rightly guided

scholars and who are those rightly got

it's called they're well known we know

who they are but even they make mistakes

so how do you know when they are making

a mistake or not from scholars that

followed them just to give you one

example Imam no aware of the alon who

mentions a hadith in sahih muslim it's a

sound Haddie in which a man asked the

prophets allah lightest and where are

your parents and the Prophet sallallahu

Eddie was adam said India be what Ibaka

for not my father and your father is in

hell that's what the Prophet SAW Isom

said it's Asahi hadi the Senate is sound

now the owner man looking at that hadith

because it's a sound hadith they

differed on what it meant and came to

different conclusions all of those

scholars and they are the minority that

felt that it meant that specifically the

Prophet SAW item was talking about his

own parents never ever spoke about that

hadith in any other way except with the

utmost Adam that was their opinion and

they put their opinion but the majority

of animal rejected those minority

opinions and came to very clear

conclusions now to go into why they did

that would mean that I would have to go

into adults or a lesson about o soul

because there's people in this room and

you're not required to know this but

there's people who don't know the

difference between I had narrations and

muta wat are narrations they don't know

the difference between multiple

transmitted narration they don't know

the difference between solitary

narration they don't know the difference

between de la capilla with di lavanya

they don't know what those things mean

why because they didn't study the

science and why should you be expected

if you go to a cardiologist to know when

he says well unfortunately the mitral

valve has some problems there stenosis

there he's not going to say that because

he's not going to assume you know what

mitral valve means and he's certainly

not going to assume you know what

stenosis means he's going to say well

he'll bring a little model plastic

model but some drug company gave him and

he'll show there's these two little

valves most educated people know what a

valve is and the valve gets hardening

and unfortunately because of that it's

having a difficult time opening and

closing so you're having fatigue well

there's certain things that we can do

and then he explained it that's what a

physician does that's his job to explain

to ignorant people what's wrong with

them and he doesn't assume they should

know he knows that people are busy if

you're a butcher you're a butcher be a

good butcher nobody likes to eat meat

with a bunch of sharp bones broken up

because if you get somebody who doesn't

know how to cut the meat he'll hack away

at it and they'll break little bones and

then you bite into it and the bone goes

into your gum that's a lousy butcher

nobody likes to get a carpenter and then

you have your whole kitchen done with

new cabinets and you open the door and

it falls off you want somebody who knows

how to put hinges on nobody likes their

bread to be under baked everybody wants

those who do things in the world to do

them well because if they don't you

suffer and I suffer the consequences of

their poor laborer it's true or not you

in the same way you certainly don't want

a scholar who doesn't spend all of his

time making sure that he gets right what

he's teaching the people because this

relates to your relationship with God it

doesn't relate to whether your bread is

undercooked or whether the cabinet is

well-made or not it's not even as

dangerous as whether or not the surgeon

really is as good as he says he is

because this is about your soul so if

you look at that hadith the overwhelming

majority of scholars said it certainly

can't mean what the outward means so

what does it mean well some of them say

that you never take a verse of Quran

which is all of the quran azimu tato in

other words multiple transmitted there's

no debate about the Quran

but even the enema differ about the

dalada so the there's two types of

catania catania too rude which means

that it comes without any doubt and

comparative dalada which is the meaning

there's no ambiguity it's not more oh

well it's not more per year that's not

much man there's different ways in which

you interpret Hadees so the owner must

say that allah subhana wadada says that

Allah subhana Allah McKenna lahu munh

record para hetalia bother the Omaha

Rasool Allah doesn't destroy people

until they said he sends a messenger

Allah super Hannah with data says womack

una mujer divina hutton up after Azula

we don't punish people until we send a

messenger now the majority of anima

agree that the people of what's called

cetera which are the people that are

between messengers or people living in a

time in which a message has been so

corrupted it's no longer recognizable

they say that those people are not taken

to account because they weren't given a

sound message to either believe or

disbelieve in it and this is the opinion

of our scholars and that is why the

rudiments say that the people before the

prophets Eliza became on the Arabian

Peninsula are not people in the fire and

they interpret those had these there are

several hadith which indicate that some

of them were and they interpret them and

some reject them altogether because i

had hadees are sometimes rejected awani

for delano rejected absolutely sound

100% sound hadees he rejected them why

because they were solitary narrations

and they went against quranic principles

and according to his o Sole his

methodology you do not use a solitary

narration to constrict a quranic meaning

and he's a rightly guided imam so nobody

can come and say a bhajan Aoife doesn't

know what he's talking about and this is

our teaching now the other element

disagree with him about that imam

Maddock takes sound a hat and he will

restrict the meaning of a verse based on

that but these are differences of

opinion that are considered sound and

rightly guided and when the UNA must say

things traditionally they

I not mention that depending on the type

of people if they were talking only to

Hannah fees who are common people that

are going to go into what Yuma Matic

said or Imam Shafi but in a mixed crowd

where you have people that traditionally

had Hannah fee or shafted efek they

would have to clarify these differences

why because somebody said the Imam he's

saying something different from what I

heard from my shape and then he'll start

having either doubts in the imam or

doubts in his own shake and that's a

problem so it was binding on the teacher

if it was a mixed crowd if he gave a

position of one Imam to clarify that

that was only the position of that Imam

which entails a great deal of study of

knowledge of effort but this is the way

the traditional Muslim world lived and

that is why they had a cohesion that

does no longer exist because you have

all of these people coolum and hobbled

up everybody that can walk on two legs

speaking because they read a pamphlet

and telling you what the position of

Sheikh so-and-so or so-and-so is

without clarifying that it might be a

minority opinion it might be even a

deviant opinion so the element were very

clear about this any mom suit they wrote

an entire book 'let proving beyond a

shadow of a doubt that the Prophet all I

said I'm according to the majority of

our allama that his parents were both na

gianni based on the ionic una mujer

divina Hatena baccarat sulla that's one

proof there are several other proofs

Allah Subhan Allah Tata said yah Kahina

tapu mo with blue polka face a GD and he

sees you when you're up trying at night

he also saw you when you were moving

through your ancestors and he calls them

sajid inna people that were in a state

of prostration the prophets allah

lightest and I'm said that the people of

phil para the people of tow he'd have

always existed on the earth since the

time of Adam until the end of time there

will always be people who understood

that Allah was one and he said saw the

light incident that Allah chose him from


best people on the earth in other words

his parents his grandparents his

great-grandparents were the best people

on the earth now if they were machete

Coon and there were other more he doing

on the earth he could not say that they

were the best people and the Prophet

said Anna nebula kadib and even though

I've been McCaleb I am a prophet and I'm

not lying and i am the son of abdul

muttalib the Prophet would never boast

of being the child of a mushrik and this

is the dominant opinion of our scholars

poly abu bakr terminar auto be one of

the greatest scholars in the history of

islam considered authoritative in his

opinions about the quran by consensus of

the people of sunnah was asked once what

do you say about something who says the

prophets parents are in the fire and he

said how the melon this man is cursed

militant move anorak mati left he said

why because Allah subhana matata said in

laveen a zune a la jara Sulu who learn

animal lava dunya walay Shara those who

harm Allah and His Messenger they are

cursed in this world and the next what

are you add an album min on your food

Leah hadn't Ibaka Finn not what greater

harm would you do to a man to say your

parents are in the Hellfire because even

out of a dub you don't say that to

people and the prophets Liza min the

hadees in sahih muslim some of their

anonymous said one they reject the

narration even though it's in the sake

because it's a hat and it goes against a

verse some of them say no we accept the

matter because there's two types of

criticism in the science of hadith

there's criticism of the Senate and

there's criticism of the text and so the

Senate can be absolutely sound and the

text considered rejected and in other

cases the Senate could be unsound and

the text considered sound and this is

well known in their Obama's tradition

where they will say senator who died

even what I can mine now who saw here

the chain is weak but the meaning of the

hadith is absolutely sound this is well

known in the books of Hadees all the

great scholars of heady for Adina

Ozzy but of the line of one of the

greatest commentators of the Furon said

that the Prophet sallallahu synonyms

parents are absolutely no Gianni and

there shouldn't be any debate about it

and nobody should mention otherwise and

even if it was mentioned by the ulama

who did follow that opinion look how

they mention it I've seen their books

they do it with utmost edit and most of

them will also have tet we let because

we know also coined evil ha jealous

badani the great commentator of Sahib

Bihari who believed also that the

Prophet SAW license parents were in

paradise said that on the oma p.m.

according to several hadees the people

of feta will be tested by Allah super

hanawa to Anna and there will be those

who pass the test and he said the

prophets parents will pass the test even

a bad sort of deal on who said about the

ayah in the Quran that Allah super

hanworth Dada's yotaka hataf la he will

give you until your content he said it

meant your intercession in your family

and the prophets a licen him says who

amongst you is claiming that my

intercession does not benefit my family

who is claiming in another rewire who is

claiming that my relationship to people

does not benefit them we even know that

I will lab which is much more and there

you can't deny the Quran turpitude abida

hub we even know that according to the

prophet sallallahu serum that allah

subhana daddy gives him relief in the

Hellfire because he freed a slave the

day the prophets Elijah was born just

because he was happy that the prophets

allah lied it was cinnamon was born

despite the fact that he spent the

prophets prophetic career harming him so

this is just one example but these

things were known amongst the ulema and

they were known amongst the common

people nobody would listen to these

things a hundred years ago but this is

the age that we're living in is a age of

pamphleteering it's an age of weekend

Muftis it's an age of people giving

khutbah that should not be giving

khutbah hawa asaba he has sinned even if

his opinion ends up being correct

because you can be correct if you look

a verse and tell somebody what it means

but you didn't take it from a scholar

you didn't learn it and aloma can make

their own independent interpretations of

the Quran but they have to study they

have to know what was said before they

have to study the arabic language and so

i really suggest that people especially

those who are in charge of the mosques

they're responsible ultimately before

allah subhanahu tada and I feel sorry

for the people that come to the Juma's

and listen to people that are deviant

listen to people that are astray listen

to people that don't know what they're

talking about and some of them become

confused other ones become angry and

resentful because they know that it's

not true and yet they have the a dub to

sit through unfortunately something that

is completely incorrect and wrong but

the majority of people are called ahead

assume nieuwe jumeirah and we have

certain beliefs that we're in agreement

upon that's called normative Islam and

every religion that is considered a

universal religion has that aspect to it

we have a Creed and that Creed is what

the majority of Muslims follow and the

prophets Eliza time said annika miss

Sawada album be with the majority of

people lentes de mer almighty allah but

Adam myoma will never agree on error and

deviancy so we have something called

each man we have something called jim

hor we have something called motiva

palais this is the scholarship of our

great scholars who protected this

religion and the prophets allah i am

said llamado hadenman kulakarni no dulu

almond kulich arnon radula who that

those in every generation who carry this

knowledge are upright and just people

and so it's carried this is tradition

means handing something on carrying on

it's not taken from books every book

that you study with a true scholar that

scholar has a chain of transmission he

took it from somebody or he was given

permission once the scholars recognized

that he had the ability to read books

independently because you can reach a

level where you can read books

independently but first you have to

study with scholars now there are books

that you can benefit

House realizada he was written for

common people and that's why you won't

find these difficult hadees in them the

Hadees of rio dulce de xin are largely

hadees that relate to macadam at a flock

and the same is true you read the Quran

for two up would you don't read it to

derive a camp rulings that is not your

business a lawsuit Hannah with Diana

says for Sarah analytical in kuntum

latta any moon ask the people who know

when you don't know it's an obligation

to ask people of knowledge animal who

should either or even the prophets of

the lyceum had a teacher even the

prophets on the lightest Adam had a

teacher you cannot take knowledge that

has any import or weight in this world

whether medicine engineering you don't

want somebody who wrote books to build a

bridge for you he read books and he goes

down and builds a bridge that people are

going to drive across you want some new

studied in a university with qualified

teachers so that he doesn't do more harm

than benefit so this is very important

for people to know and I really stressed

that it is the people that are in the

committee's on the mosques they'd have

to make sure that they are bringing

qualified people to speak because this

is a trust it's a sacred trust the

mimbar is the mimbar of the prophets it

is a sacred trust and at the time of the

prophet saw lights and very few people

there were only seven people in all of

medina that gave fatwa out of the tens

of thousands of Sahaba seven people that

gave fatwa because it's a weighty matter

and asking where the Prophet SAW license

parents are in the next world is a fête

way you're asking something related to

the al qaeda of the Muslims what they

believe and the same is true for even

people who have never heard of Islam

there's people that condemn them to the

fire who are you to condemn people to

the fire when according to our own AMA

even even refer I one of the great

scholars said that there are people on

the earth who are casual hook man lamb

and they are kaffir by ruling but they

are not Katherine meaning and this is

what we would call in English a non

Muslim and non-muslim is different from

a disbeliever why because it's somebody

who's never heard a message to reject or

accept why would Allah Subhan Allah to

undertake a person to account who was

never presented a message and one of the

proofs about the prophets father

occurred Imams you p is he was only 18

years of age when he died he had just

reached the age of adulthood and he said

he had no time to seek out the truth

even if we are assuming that he was not

a mile because we know that abu sufian

fought the prophets a licen for 20 years

in battles and after 20 years a lot

grazed him with faith you think Allah is

so unjust that he would not expose

somebody to the truth even one time and

that person dies without ever being

exposed to the truth and then takes him

to account for that that is not any

understanding of the Lord of the Worlds

has he presents himself in the Quran

allies just raumati was he at KU dhashay

allah subhanahu donna says in the quran

what i did an allele a and dad and

mountain kalamoon don't setups idols

with God once you know it's called

joomla heylia in other words you are

aware of what you're doing so even by

that the Ultima said even the idolaters

are not thrown into the fire if they did

not receive a message and some of them

said those who are thrown into the fire

are the ones who all of the ayahs that

were all of the hadees that indicate the

people before islam are in the fire

relate to those who introduced these

ideas like i'm going to hey the first

one to bring idols to mecca that's a man

we know his name he introduced idolatry

into Mecca and because of what he did

he's cursed that is an opinion of

any of the scholars so this is a very

important point and I hope people

reflect on it and recognize the absolute

need we have for sound knowledge based

on the majority of our scholars in our

party de is well known there are three

acceptable Creed's in the tradition of

Islam the what's called the ëthe area

which is the Creed of email at the Howey

which is a very simple basic Creed and

then there's the Creed of the people of

Alison awhile jumeirah he is at a Sunnah

wal jama'a but the one the the majority

of people that go under that who are the

followers of Abu Hassan a shoddy and

also abu mansoor and maturity and this

is the overwhelming majority of scholars

of our own aroma after the fourth

century are an agreement on this and

this was the what was taught and Al

Azhar it was what was taught in the near

la mia it was what was taught in as a

tuna it was taught in a wee een and all

of the colleges of Islam all of the

scholars of India whether do band or the

hanafi scholars of Afghanistan of Herat

the scholars of Horus on all of them

were studying the creed of imam and

nessa fee well known so well known Creed

and so those people that come and

suddenly begin to change what was known

for the last thousand years in this

enlightened period that we're living in

suddenly we've discovered the true Islam

but for a thousand years the OMA was in

darkness enveloped in the stupidity of

misguided scholars I mean that is sooo a

one be led as a bad opinion of Allah

ippudo cotija de was tough little body

with a community sir hamdullah was

hirato assalaam o Allah Rasool Allah

Allah most ileana see the Muhammad water

they say Mohammed allahumma innaka hotel

who could happen in a la hoja matter i

got--whoo you son una ADA newbie yeah I

you her latina no son no aunty he was

selling EMU tasneem allah huma suddenly

was selling mubarak aniseed in a

Muhammad a decedent o Muhammad come al

solito a seldom to embark tyrosine

Ibrahim while Addison ibrahima

dominica hi Madhu majid Aloha geyser is

Ramona muslimeen rock debris caffeine

alarm up similar name and her she ought

to come at uhuru banana venema LC woman

a party met below gonna be hidden

ethical manatee apini matter who will be

here dinama saw ebit duniya walmart and

I be as mean about Saudi now Athena

avidin mijita with Alan Ackerman bottom

and one son Adam and Adana Aloha

meditate on muzy Burton f ed Nina

mohamed atta and mozzie Bettina fede

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allah allahu allah allahu akbar ahem

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